Neighborhood drama

December 16, 2008

So, my 10 year-old next door neighbor got hold of a can of yellow spray paint and painted “Sam Lives Here” accompanied by a tombstone emblazoned with “RIP” on the street by the island. Sam is actually Samantha, the 15 year-old neighborhood; she’s an emo/punk rock chick. She wears the uniform typical of kids her age into Hawthorn Heights. She no longer sulks around the neighborhood because she hangs out at the mall. The 10 year-old may have a crush on her or he may just be trying to bust her chops – I’m not sure. The 10 year-olds family is Catholic and they got real freaked out by a big dorky Goth kid at the mall last summer. The kids were scared because he looked at them. Hearing them tell the story made me laugh and cringe, “They should arrest people like that!” What? Arrest people that are dumb enough to wear a trench coat when it is 80 degrees outside? Chalk it up to what it is – a teenager.

Anyway, this scrawl has been out there for a few weeks now. Sam has a little brother, Jake, who plays with my son almost everyday. As we  were walking Jake home the other night, I looked down at the grafitti and thought, wow, time to fuck with Sam. I said to Jake – “Tell your sister not to vandalize her own neighborhood. The cops were up here today taking pictures of that crap and it is obvious who did it because she put her name!” 

See, my wife told me when the 10 year old neighbor spray painted this mess that Sam had called her and was all freaked out about it. I totally forgot it was there until I looked down and saw it.

Today, my wife gets an email from Sam totally freaked out. Telling her that her dad is gonna flip if the police come to their house, and pissed of because the 10 year olds mom didn’t paint over it like she had promised. I laughed and told her that she should reply and tell her that the police were back and were more closely examining it as well as the tree in the island. 

Flash forward to this afternoon. After a grueling morning of meetings in a hot ass training room. I take a call from my wife. It seems that Sam’s mom called the next door neighbors and told them that the police were investigating. John, the dad of the kid next door went to talk to Sam’s mom, Amy. Amy called my wife to tell her that John was going to the police department to accept responsibility for the ‘vandalism’ but he was stopping by our house to get more details before he went. 

My wife met him in the driveway and explained that this was just a joke that I was playing on Sam that blew up out of proportion. He half jokingly said, “We are setting a good example for our kids.” Sort of letting on that he was annoyed. But if look at the bigger picture here, it was his kid that fucking ‘vandalized’ the road!

I love it when a joke just spirals out of control and takes a life of it’s own


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