Time Capsule

December 16, 2008

I’M not sure if other people have archives or not. I know some people have scoffed at such a notion and others have thought it genius that every day people collect archives of the artifacts that they have produced and artifacts collected.

I have a sizable archive of a lot of things associated with the three zines that I had published over the years – this includes the master copies and unused artwork, alternate covers and photos. I have the Factsheet 5 (if you don’t know than google it) issues that I was reviewed in. I also have the newspaper article that sums up the reason that I quit my last zine – definitely prematurely. I had a lot of really good feedback from regular subscribers and super good reviews. This was back in 1995when a lot of zine writer/publishers were starting to get paid.

ENOUGH reminiscing – I sometimes think that is the biggest reason that I get stuck in a rut. My mom is moving from the house that we moved into during my senior year of high-school. I lived there for a year, moved out for almost two; moved back for four and then out for good. In that time, from 1989 to now, 2006, My parents bought the house; the family dog died; I moved back – I moved out; my parents got separated; we got pregnant; we got married; my parents got divorced and we bought a house. Thus, I am sure that you, the reader, can relate to the collected artifacts left behind as you grow up and move from your spring to summer years.

You, the reader, can also attest to the dread that accompanies the delivery of such things. It has been my experience that my mom is totally clueless when it comes to items that have real value so a lot of the stuff tends to be shit – crappy books that were never favorites, old school papers – a box that just goes from garage to curb on Monday.

BACK to last Wednesday. My mom shows up with six boxes I had managed to clean out the garage the night my AVM popped – five weeks prior to that night. Space wasn’t an issue; the problem is with my mom’s foul dog. She emits a very distinct odor of puss and she managed to impart this wonderful aroma on the goods. Needless to say, I was glad that I had space next to the various cans of gas because this is the only thing that gets rid of the stink.

SATURDAY morning comes and I notice that the smell seems to have dissipated so I start to peel through the contents to see exactly what she brought. For me, it was a fucking treasure trove! The first box has a couple of deflated footballs – I guess if people come over and have drinks during games this fall we can have some half drunken halftime fun throwing them around in the front yard.

The other stuff truly made me giddy. I found:
All of the missing zine templates that I used to publish Debaser as well as correspondence from fans and hate mail as well as advertising fliers. This really completes the zine archive. I may digitize excerpts and make a compilation with a new user on a different networking site. I might instead just decide to do something completely new. Where my last zine was polished and conceptual, the new effort would be rougher – hand layouts and color photos. Photocopied and produced in a limited number with the hope that those are further photocopied and passed along. Could you get someone to pay to produce it?*

An F-105B Thunder Chief airplane model by Revell in unassembled conditiondate 1958! I paid a buck for it at a flea market in 1993 – currently going for eight bucks on Ebay. My son really wants to build it so I’m not going to sell it – we are going to build it.

A set of Russian Alphabet flash cards from 1957. I think I paid two bucks for them back in 94. There is a set on Ebay (minus the instruction insert that I have) starting at $79.00! I doubt that they will go for that much but I’m sure that they are worth way more than the price I paid for them.

Two sets of United States Army training cards dated 1977: one is for armor, the other for aircraft. They are not worth much but they were free.

A ‘Battle Map of the Pacific’ from WWII produced by the Duquesne Brewery. I have no idea where this came from but it seems to be worth a few bucks. I think it might look good displayed.

My entire collection of viable tapes from when I was a teenager – from the Sex Pistols to Joe Tex; the Pixes to TMBG; and crazy old school rap tapeslike fucking Audio Two!

Crazy photos and negatives, going back to 1988. Highschool days skipped and captured on film; a Rave in Brandywine MD and a blitz tour of Virginia where I ate a lot of speed and we hit every major city in a 48 hour period. I thought about naming names. But I would rather digitize these images and surprise some of my friends in their comments. I totally forgot about some of these people until I saw them in these picturesand seeing them again led to me finding one of them on myspace.

My first two Swatches; Christmas bulbs (like 200) from the 40’s; a 1″ by 1″ Bible; crazy collections of stock photo disks and TT font disks.

Fifty copies of the worst music sampler ever – it was produced by the CCAC newspaper which I briefly attempted to write for, but promptly left because the staff were complete twats (although I did manage to take this book of diskscause everything counts in large amounts)

Jerky Boy bottle caps emblazoned with JB slogans: “Frank Rizzo” and “What’s Up, Sizzle Chest”.

A couple of my favorite books from when I was about six, and I still have a box to go through.

THAT was the first three boxes. Three more to go.

*I also have a huge collection of diverse magazines from the 50’s through the 70’s, specifically for the ads. I have everything from Look Magazine to Popular Science. I definitely think that I could probably produce two sizable books of ads. I would also be cool to include come of the articles. I have a Popular Electronics from, I think, 64, with an article titled “Build Your Own Theremin” accompanied by a complete schematic. You could spin off the kits once you published the booltoo involved. I’ll never do it.

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