Fuck it – I’ll be 37 in February.

January 7, 2009

I have been transitioning from Myspace to Facebook and WordPress for the past few months. I flirted with Twitter but the mobile interface sucks ass. And I have to admit, when one tries to microblog, the result is never good; even with the genius I possess. 

I am not quite sure when Myspace got old. I liked that I was able to have one location for blogs, video links and photos. But as time wore on there was a marked decrease in activity in both items posted by my friends and ‘friends’ as well as my output. Part of this was my losing interest in producing anything because of a feedback lack, I wasn’t looking for approval but I did want suggestions – critiques of my writing as well as topic suggestions. 

I eventually realized that even if I couldn’t write or if the videos blew, people still looked. I figured, “Hey, I have their attention, maybe I should try to keep it toward some end…” But the end never came. I just had an online box full of peoples’ public lives like so many ideas, notions and reasons that fill garages, junk drawers and closets. This had become just more clutter in my virtual life. 

On November 30th, 2008, I wrote a blog on Myspace entilted: webdesign for the scrapbook set and after that the logins got far and few between. 

I had set up a Facebook account over the summer and never really logged into it, instead using it to send people to Myspace. But as I began to use Facebook more, it felt like a better fit as it is geared toward individual networking as opposed to a community; the exact opposite of Myspace.

I found a ton of people that never appeared in any Google search (or Yahoo search back in the day) let alone Myspace search and I really noticed a lot of activity, carrying on multiple conversations that other people can get in on appeals to me. 

I set up my wordpress account on December 16, 2008 and reposted about 19 of my blogs that originally appeared on myspace.com/falafelandhamas. I added the url to my about me at Facebook and while I do not get nearly the traffic I did for a Myspace blog, I really cannot say I care. I’ll readily admit that a lot of Myspace is about trying to get stuff out there to see what might come out of it, no different than publishing a zine back in the day to get action from Factsheet5 and MRR reviews. But now, it is way too easy and there is way too much out there. 

I choose meaningful conversation and relationships to some drive for something more.

Fuck it – I’ll be 37 in February. It ain’t gonna happen.


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