You can eat animals but piercing them is going to far?

February 19, 2009

Gothic Kitten

Gothic Kitten

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. (AP) – A Pennsylvania dog groomer has been ordered to stand trial on animal cruelty charges for selling “gothic kittens” with ear, neck and tail piercings.

Holly Crawford’s home outside Wilkes-Barre was raided Dec. 17 after the county Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals got a tip.

A prosecutor says Crawford inflicted pain on the cats, which were listed for sale for hundreds of dollars on the Internet. Crawford’s attorney says state law says nothing about piercing cats or docking their tails.

At a preliminary hearing Tuesday, Wilkes-Barre District Judge Paul Hadzick called it a gray area that needs to be decided by a trial judge or jury.

Charges against a second defendant, William Blansett, were dropped after Crawford admitted she pierced the cats.

SO let me get this straight: if you have a Doberman Pincher you can crop its ears and dock its tail to meet kennel club specifications. Same goes for that Poodle you’ve been eying. If you have a cat, you can get its claws removed and some breeds get docked tails as well.

If you have a cow, a Rabbi can cut its throat and chant as it bleeds to death over several minutes to make kosher corned beef. If you have a duckling you can jam a tube into it’s throat to force feed it, fattening its liver and then chop its head off on the wood stump out back to make foie gras.

But pierce a cat’s ears, nose or tail with 18 gauge jewelery and attempting to sell it on Ebay for hundreds of dollars makes you public enemy number one!?

When this story first broke last December, I thought, “Wow – what fucking retard wants to buy a Gothic Kitten?” The story faded and I forgot all about it, figuring there’s is no case here with all of the wacky shit people are currently allowed to do to animals. I should also mention that this happened in Pennsylvania where up until a few years ago bestiality was legal.

Seriously, how is this criminal when we modify animals to meet a specification? When we kill and eat them and at one point in this commonwealth, were able to fuck them? While cropping docking and sexing are not my thing I love to eat meat and fowl. If a 35 year old dork wants to save a few months worth of earnings from her job at Wendy’s to buy a Goth Kitten to keep her company in moms basement than so be it. What kind of asshole dropped a dime on Goth Kat creator Holly Crawford anyway? Probably the same fucktard PETA member who thought it was a good idea to get us to think of fish as ‘Sea Kittens’  in a sad attempt at stopping fish consumption. I’m so tired of people that snoop around to turn in their neighbors; assholes that have no life, trying to have some say in ours. Maybe the informant needs investigated – it’s usually these upstanding types that hide the most sinister of passions. Remember John Wayne Gacey?

I remember a similar uproar when people got hip to Twisty Cats back in the late 90’s. Vickie Ives Speir began selling them from her Karma Farms operation in Texas. For the uninitiated, these are cats breed for a specific deformity, polydactylism. Basically a cat body mutation that results in tiny forelegs which force the cat to sit around on its ass and hop like a kangaroo or walk on all fours like a rabbit. There was a lot of heated discussions on messageboards and even TV shows about this abuse. I remember coming home one day and flipping through the channels and landing on Oprah who was showing videos of these chimeras hopping around to the audiences gasps and groans. A lot of people tried to have it outlawed but a Google search reveals that they were still selling them as of December of last year. Again, if someone wants a deformed cat – than let them breed a deformed cat. Stupid people continue to pass their bad alleals on and nothing is done about it. It is encouraged and they are formed into voting blocs like the Religious Right and labor unions. Why do you think that there is a tag on a hairdryer telling you not to use it in the shower? Because some dummy, who is a bakers dozen short of the ‘less than normal’ IQ points range tried just that and unfortunately survived to sue, winning a bunch of money in a structured settlement and then having more stupid progeny.

Come to think of it, that is probably the same progeny that would spend hundreds on a Gothic Kitten.


2 Responses to “You can eat animals but piercing them is going to far?”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    It’s heinous!! The animal will inevitably get caught on something…Tearing something off, ripping at some part of it’s body. And no, not all pet owners take their animals to the vet for proper care & medication…What about infection??? ‘Skippy’ can’t say, “Hey…My tummy REALLY aches & BTW…my ears is green & smells bad…Although my sense of smell is 40 times yours…” And there are the idiots that get a cute lil’ animal & never lay eyes on it again…other than to feed it…Your cat has earrings…wow. What a f*cking waste of money…Yes I eat animals. I’m a human. I linger around the top of the food chain…At leats on land & in the suburbs…I don’t agree with how a lot of our food is slaughtered…But I can’t change that & no one else seems to care (except PETA)& I’m not that crazy about anything, except my kids…However we, as a society, have made Skippy & Fluffy cute & unedible. Cows, chickens, & fish were not lucky enough to make the list. Other countries eat dog & cat & I’m not about to make an arguement against another countrys customs &/or survival in some cases…But we here in the good ol’ US of A have deemed cats & dogs as pets…Not food. So, having said that…It is our duty to keep them safe, warm, loved & fed. They are cute enough without bells & whistles, cell phones, earrings, nose-rings, t-shirts, hair clips & allll the like. If you want a pierced pet following you around the house, then get a stupid boyfriend (or girlfriend) and take them to the mall & tell them piercings make you really hot!!!Donate that couple of hundred bucks (OUTRAGEOUS!!!) to your local shelter.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    yet they crop dogs tails and ears. Cut them right off to suit the owner or breed. No one seems to care about this? Guess it doesnt hurt. i’d rather have a piercing then a hacking. just saying.

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