Jim Skelton out at ShopNBC?

October 12, 2009

UPDATE 03/28/2011

UPDATE 12/12/2010

IT has been over a year since I published this blog, and it appears that Jim Skelton has or is very close to signing another contract.

I have no problem saying that I was wrong about my expectation that Skelton was getting bounced.

This doesn’t change the facts.

Skelton’s odd behavior, as detailed below, did happen and was corroborated and documented on watchfreeks.com by site moderator TV Dinner. Tim Temple did make a big deal about ShopNBC personally contacting him and extending an offer stating that he was the only reliable source ad posted on timetechtalk.com.

IN a year that revealed a new Invicta flop on an almost monthly basis – from the design flawed OQ SAN III dive watches contained in a case that was subject to a patent infringement lawsuit and had some unspecified Chinese mold; to the Great D-D Debacle of 2010 and the admitted Manmade “Natural” Sandstone dials. Least we forget the falsely advertised diamonds that were really crystal and Invicta even admitting that their Swiss labeled watches were actually Chinese – Skelton remained through it. He was noticeably absent for weeks at a time. But there were valid medical reasons that included both a deviated septum and a sprained jaw from eating large sandwiches. Both incidents coincided with absences from his own site under the guise of recuperating. So it was really interesting when betterskillsblog broke that he was busy trolling a knife forum flowed by watchlords breaking his trolling on other knife forums. The no shows, documented trolling and weak excuses further fanned the flames: it really seemed that he was bought out of his contract as he bragged about all of his acquisitions of cars, watches and knives. He seemed to be gone at anytime.

But like herpes, he was always below the surface, flaring up to attack this blog as well as the moderator of the watchlords forum on the air with the inclusion of a whole lot of sexual innuendo and really corny humor funny only to him – evident by his hands shaking in the camera shots.

Like Pavlov’s dogs, the hardcore fanbois dialed in and bought yet another iteration of the same model that they had bought several times before. And when some began to wise up and complain on watchgeeks when their brand new Reserve piece lost it’s hands, the sites moderators and yellowshirts ran these guys off too.

SO what do I think now?

Maybe ShopNBC figures that only a limited set of eyes will see the revelations and host behavior.

Or maybe, ShopNBC really doesn’t give a fuck?

Caring less about perception and only profit no matter the cost. Skelton literally has people that think he is their friend from online communication on watchgeeks and so they buy whatever he is selling. This has made Invicta the networks cash cow and has helped the management team finally succeeded in turning around a decade of losses on the back of mislead customers regarding the quality and origin of their products.

After all, CEO Keith Stewart owns 7.39% of the shares so he has everything to gain by a pumped up price so I guess he doesn’t care how he gets there. From Stauer to Steinhausen and all of the other Chinese and Swinese offerings in between, the network clearly has moved in the opposite direction of quality, heirloom pieces to future junk drawer contents.

Where it goes from here is anyones guess.

Further research as well as Skelton’s on air performance last night, leads me to believe that he will be out at ShopNBC by years end.

In Tim Temple’s original tweet he mentions being asked by senior management to return. On a post that he left on the timetechtalk forums, he made it clear that it was not the otherway around. The post also dryly states that any other source is hearsay. I believe that was in regard to the post that Jim Skelton left on the forum that he co-owns, watchgeeks.net, where in he suggests that Temple has returned to pick up off hour shows. Someone graciously added that post to my original blog, Tim Temple Returns to ShopNBC. I never believed that for a minute. This is retail – it’s all about sales and if ShopNBC management is going after Temple, there is a problem.

Tim Temple also alludes to his building of a watch program on ShopNBC on the forum post. One hopes it includes Avi from JTV.

Last nights watch presentation added more fuel to the fire.

The Outfit. Jim is usually impeccably dressed, even when he’s dressed down. Last night he looked more the part of craft services than on air talent. From the old pullover to the painfully tight, circa 1988 nut hugger jeans, he looked terrible. Believe me, I didn’t want to look at his giant package; but he seemed to be positioning it in the shots of the 24 slot winder box that he was airing, seemingly looking at angles in the monitor and re-adjusting to maximize the effect.

The Tattoo and The Set. Mr. Skelton appears to be solidly a company man. It is evident to anyone that watches his presentations for any length of time that he is heavily tattooed. And on the odd occasions that his ink ended up on the air, he would quickly hide the exposed art. But not last night. Viewers were treated to long shots of the huge Celtic knot on the back of his neck as he turned around and openly mocked the Christmas tree that was on set behind him. I believe it was the 6′ version of the tree that the network was featuring all weekend. His tone was very mocking and cynical which is very uncharacteristic of his on air personality.

Contract Talk. My wife was watching with me and believed I was reading too much into it, but when he made the comment that follows, even her eyebrows raised. He was advertising a show that he was doing later in the week and said something to the extent that he didn’t want to be there but was contractually obligated. That was a jaw dropped.

And those callers. Normally viewers do call in and stroke the host and brand rep if they’re cohosting. I’ve often wondered if all of these calls were legit, because some of them are clearly staged. But last night, the calls were too over the top. If you’re a football fan and the proverbial “man’s man”, there is no way in hell you’re flipping away from your favorite NFL or NHL team to watch a guy hawking watches. I might just live watches more than 98% of the watch collectors out their, having started collecting with a Swiss Made Bradley Big Bird watch when I was 7 (Which I still have), but I’m not leaving the Steeler game to watch Chinese made Stuhrlings! It’s just not gonna happen. And that is exactly what last nights callers alluded to! Nearly every one of them; so going so far as to suggest that they’ve bought 2 watches every few days. Skelton played up the loyalty bit, saying “loyalty” nearly 50 times as well as reiterating the high sales volume. It was easy to see where he was going with that.

So what went wrong? Skelton would continually predict sellouts that never happened. Thus, sales for sometime have not been great. This is probably exacerbated by the downturn. I really don’t remember that happening to Mr.Temple and I’m sure it isn’t just me that notices. I don’t dislike Jim Skelton but do find his involvement with designs for various brands a bit over the top and “too much”. It also presents a problem for ShopNBC management because any quality issues or bad customer service experience related to a particular watch brand are now synonymous with the network as Skelton ties the two together. He is ShopNBC to most viewers

Add to that the continual marketing of his side project, the watchgeek forums. He is openly competing with ShopNBC. There are sales forums and the bulk of the membership is ShopNBC viewers which means some of those individuals will buy from ShopNBC and then flip the watch in the forums at a discount to other forum members who are not buying from the network.

Pride is also a big part of Mr.Skelton’s problem as I think it was for Tim Temple and any popular shopping channel host. They forget that at the dnd of the day, they are salespeople and not truly media personalities. The show will go on without you, no matter how popular you are. Sure, you can pull people to other shopping networks, but a host is only part of the reason people are watching. They want quality merchandise and as the failure of a few startup networks over the last decade illustrates, shit products will sink a network. Tim Temple learned that lesson the hard way, and the proof is that there are current diehard viewers of ShopNBC who have no idea who he is.

UPDATE 10/16/2009: Read all of the comments, and then my response to all of it: https://betterskills.wordpress.com/2009/10/16/these-are-clearly-not-my-people/

UPDATE: 10/19/2009 The Return of Tim Temple: https://betterskills.wordpress.com/2009/10/18/the-return-of-tim-temple/

UPDATE 1/29/2010: SNBC announces the hiring of a new President who oversees on-air talent and Jim Skelton announces that he’s leaving for several weeks in late February for a nose job. Has the hammer dropped, Read his comment in the blog as well as my response: https://betterskills.wordpress.com/2010/01/28/shopnbc-names-multichannel-bob-ayd-as-president

UPDATE 2/03/2010: Tonight while hosting with Larry Magen of Stührling watches, Mr. Skelton mentioned that he is designing a line of art deco inspired timepieces. Interesting in light of his announced hiatus from hosting on ShopNBC AND watchgeeks.net for a few surgical procedures. Might he never return and instead surface as a watch designer for Invicta?

UPDATE 6/8/2010: SO Jim Skelton has been AWOL for a few weeks now, most recently missing last nights scheduled show. Is he gonna show up for the NYCII jewelry show? In the past he’s made statements eluding to his exclusive watch hosting duties. So what’s up with this? He completly missed presenting and was not even in the commercials for the Must Watch Event. He hasn’t been responding to posts on Watchgeeks.net and he has posted on his Facebook page that he recently bought a Dodge Challanger. How much paid vacation do ShopNBC employees get? It cannot possibly be as much as Skelton has already taken. No, there seems to be something going on. It’s really close to the 9 month mark of his contract…


169 Responses to “Jim Skelton out at ShopNBC?”

  1. Ken Ahearn Says:

    You are one Classless ass who does not know what he’s talking about

  2. betterskills Says:

    How is what i wrote classless? An name calling too? I could play that game with you Mr. A-hole, but what’s the point? You’ll see, Mr. Skelton is a dead man walking.

  3. maliasuperstar Says:

    I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from, but I can assure you that Jim Skelton has a HUGE following and if he were to ever leave the shop, there would be A LOT of unhappy customers. And as a matter of fact there are quite a few members on WatchGeeks that I communicate with on a regular basis that will stop watching a football game & switch over to the shop to catch Jim’s show. So I do not believe for a second that any of those calls are staged as I have recognized some of those voices of callers from the WatchGeek community.
    Everybody is entitled to their opinion and this is all it is, your opinion. Doesn’t appear to have any fact based information to support your opinion.

  4. Bigjimzlll Says:

    Sounds like another Malcontent. Your obsession of all things Jim Skelton borders on physchotic. Get some help…really.

  5. Rick Donahue Says:

    I think you are dead wrong. And i think you will be proved wrong.

  6. Jim Skelton Says:

    I was pointed to this blog and would like to assist in setting the record straight if I may.

    Firstly, thank you for your obvious concern about our watch programs at ShopNBC. If we’re being talked about at all, it can;t be a bad thing 🙂

    Tim Temple is indeed back “home” at ShopNBC and we are all very excited about this, myself included of course. But this is not a move to replace myself, or anyone else on our host team. It is a result of our ever-expanding watch program which now dominates our program schedule, and becomes more demanding almost weekly. Suffice it to say that the schedule is so daunting that neither myself, nor our original “Watch Host” Shawn Wilsie could possibly fill all of the additional hours. So it makes perfect sense to bring in ‘reinforcements’, especially someone with Tim’s obvious experience. Now our shows can continue to grow more easily.

    Just last week I was fortunate enough to have signed a new contract, so any rumors of my departure, are simply that… rumors. I would not be leaving on my own as this is my home, and I love and respect those that I work with. Since our shows have grown tremendously year to year over the last 5 years, (and we have even grown this year during this unfortunate economic downturn) my performance has never been in question. I am blessed to work with an incredible team at our network, and it is the team effort along with the outstanding product and pricing that allows us to keep growing.

    As to WatchGeeks.net competing in any with our website at ShopNBC.com, nothing could be further from the truth actually. WG sells absolutely nothing, and is not a website for profit in any way. WG was built by myself along with my two good friends Bruce and Michael to be a place for watch lovers to congregate and enjoy themselves. It also allows me to directly interact with all of our viewers as well as provide sneak peeks of upcoming products through my photography. If WG impacts ShopNBC in any way, it is in a positive way as you can certainly view my sneak peeks as marketing for our shows.

    As to the comments about loyalty (in reference to our viewers), I do make this comment a lot because as I often say; I am very thankful to all of our viewers because without them, we cannot exist. I came from the online watch community long before I was a host, so I have spent a good amount of time on the consumer end… and I feel it is important to always recognize HOW & WHY these shows are successful. The viewers make it all possible, and none of us, certainly myself, have forgotten this important fact.

    So again I thank you for your concern & commentary, and I hope I have answered your questions so that some of these rumors can be put to bed.

  7. bob Says:

    I dod not see your name, so please publish who you are. I think you are a poser and a troll, one who isn’t a watch collector and one who just wants to stir thinks up by spreading factless falsehoods. Were is your proof? The fact that Shopnbc finally hires another watch host instead of the bumbling non-watch hosts they have doing the shows, other than Jim Skelton?? What are you watching anyway?? If you would not turn the channel from a football game to catch a watch show, then you are not a collector, just a poser. It’s takes a big man to make up crap about people, maybe you should just call yourself Rush. You have no idea what you are talking about and cannot support any of your claims. As the English would, take you opinion and piss off!!!

  8. bandanapeg Says:

    Well friend, you did a very nice job of carving up Mr. Skelton. I like many other members, would love to know where and from whom you gathered your information. Did it ever occur to you, that perhaps Jim was not feeling well, or was called in at the last moment, and did not have time to dress for the presentations. I think your critique was unfounded. I like Jim, I enjoy his presentations and have gained a lot of knowledge.
    If he leaves, it will be SNBC’s loss.I would suggest you stick to facts, and not “yellow” journelism.

  9. The Rev. Says:

    I think you are a lovestruck fanboy who realizes he has no chance of love with Jim, since he is happily married. You realize this fact as you stare at his “BIG PACKAGE” drooling. Knowing you will never have it you now lash out in hate. There is someone out there for you. I promise.

  10. ricard75 Says:

    Hey Betterskills,I think one of your worse skills is journalism as you are making biased remarks about which you know nothing. Jim skelton got me into watch collecting and for that I am thankful, Jim is a knowledgeable host who displays the product in such a manner in which I (the consumer)can make an informed decision on purchasing or not. I am confident that Shop NBC knows this as well he is the best home shopping host I know of also he indeed cares about his viewers so much he probably works an additional 50 hours a week answering questions and helping anyone who needs it. I think in the future you should get the facts before you start a blog about someone I also think you should seek a psychologist for looking at someones “package” and claiming you couldn’t help it.You sir need help…seriously.

  11. Scott Says:

    Apparently you must be some sort of “armchair” Shopping Network CEO.

    I guess the good thing for you is that there are plenty of other shopping channels, as well as, other hosts on ShopNBC. Wait, I forgot fashion critic too.

    As you know, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. It seems like maybe you should take a break from ShopNBC or at least jim’s shows for a while. Now I understand how empowering the keyboard must be for you. But have you ever heard of live and let live???

    Just curious, because you come across as someone that is just wishing bad things on someone, and during this trying time for our nation, as well as the rest of the world, with incredible unemployment, and the constant failings of our finances ir would be sad to wish misfortune on another. Instead of coming across as a “keyboard commando” maybe you could use this medium for good. Just a suggestion, do with it what you will!

    Best regards!

  12. Creepy La Beef Says:

    Who the hell is Jim Skelton?!! Who the hell still watches shop-at-home TV?!! The whole SAH business has been built on selling re-furbished, discontinued,overpriced crap! Many a shut-in Grandmother has been screwed out of her social security check by these deceptive networks, shame on them!

    Years ago some loudmouthed jag-off was hustling baseball “collectibles” on one of these shows, I think his name was Steve Reynolds! A couple of my buddies tried to get the phone operator to put them on the air. Their plan was to give a phony credit card number for two autographed Mickey Mantle/ Joe DiMaggio baseballs. They wanted to get on air and talk up the dipshit host convince him to sign his name right next to Joe D and The Mick! After the balls were signed on the air they were gonna laugh and hang up! Of course they never got on the air because all the callers were scripted, but think how funny it would have been if it all worked out!

    You rule Betterskills!! Keep up the good work!

  13. Trouble Ariza Says:

    I saw the show you wrote about and must say that I only saw a watch box that Jim was selling. The only thing that you saw was Jim’s package that must say something about you. Did you ever make an advance toward him and he shot you down? because he doesn’t swing that way and now all you can do is write negative things. get a life fruitcake.

  14. Trainer Dave Says:

    Bigjimzlll, It must be nice to hide behind a computer and talk trash about people and to other who post on here! What’s funny is that I know something about you that not to many others know! It all starts with your manhood. You are a little weak man that has a problem with a Woman and not with a men! You get sexually aroused by a man and not a woman. You find yourself wanting a woman but always waking up next to a man. Every time you look at your penis you just get more depressed on the extremely small size and lack of function of it. When you are intimate with a man you feel free to be who you really are deep down in side ! ! ! You are just a weak little man who talks way to much trash. So before you respond to my comment in a rude way just think about it first. “This is all True” Every time you are with a woman you truly wish you were with a man… It’s ok to be GAY! ! This has nothing to do with your post about Jim S…. This is just something I know about you and thought I would comment on it…

  15. Scott Says:

    I’m glad you saw the humor in my post and it didn’t get wasted.

    As far as your statement about “Fanboys”, you may want to reconsider as Jim is a personal friend of mine, not merely some TV personality that I would blindly defend.

    Out of curiosity, what is the intended purpose of this whole thing anyway? You only addressed one of my comments. Do you wish to see Jim lose his job? Are you unhappy with a purchase of an item from ShopNBC, did you have a bad experience on the forum that Jim is co-owner of? It seems like there is some embedded venom (no, not an Invicta model reference) in your observations.

    I guess it just strikes me as odd that someone would take the time to write this stuff about as you referred to him as: “A glorified Billy Mays”. As far as functioning in REAL LIFE, I know I personally do real well. What strikes me even odder is why I felt compelled to acknowledge this, but like I said before, I would do the same for any of my FRIENDS!

  16. Eyal Lalo Says:

    You are all suckling at the teet of Skelton…Suckle it, suckle it….ahh the Koolaid of life for the fuzzy bunnies

  17. Dave Blast Says:

    Wow, all this trouble over a half-ass watch show on ShopNBC and the best thing that anyone of you could come up with as a rebuttal are “fag jokes.”

    If you guys took a few minutes off from rubbing your dicks through your watch bands you might realize how lame your lives have become. Then again most of you are probably the same guys buying comic books and baseball cards for exorbitant amounts of money while the six year old that they were actually designed for cries in the corner. Do you idiots realize that all you have accomplished is pushing this blog closer to number one in the ratings… Suckers!

    betterskills this shit was hilarious keep up the good work.

    Jim Skelton I can’t believe you took the time to get involved shouldn’t you be banging ShopNBC interns or something.

  18. Marcus Says:

    I find this whole thing very interesting. The OP made a comment about a show he personally watched. As for where he obtained his information about Mr Skelton being let go is unknown, but no where in his post did he say anything derogatory regarding the host other than he wasn’t dressed to the nines per his usual. He didn’t bash Mr Skelton anywhere in his blog. Even Mr Skelton was courteous to the OP. But then Mr Skelton’s loyal fans visciously attack the OP!! Why is that? I have visited Watchgeeks and never joined because this seems to be the norm there. If anything Mr Skelton does is questioned or someone has a complaint about a ShopNBC watch brand…they are unmercifully belittled by the members there. Now I’m sure that you will all decide to verbally abuse me as I have not jumped on the band wagon to verbally assault the OP. Will you prove me wrong? I doubt it.

  19. betterskills Says:

    TVDiner. First off – I’ve never heard of or visited your forum, so what would I give you credit for – watching the same show I did and making all of the same observations? You should be giving me props then.

    Something that all of you nutballs are ignoring is the first sentence of the post, “leads me to believe”. I never eluded to anything as fact; it’s easy to admit that it’s all conjecture, and regardless of Mr. Skelton’s response. Sure, he signed a contract, but you do realize that he can be paid to not be on the air? Right? It’s a ploy often used to lock up talent that may be competition and keep ‘talent’ locked up. With all of the wacked out responses, WG shows that Mr. Skelton is indeed a serious threat if let go. You ‘geeks’ should be this passionate about what’s going on in DC – just my opinion.

    If some of the private messages I have recieved are true, than Mr. Skelton is a short timer and a few of my points were dead on.

    The blog was not reporting, it’s an anonymous spot out in the wilderness where I publicly formulated a premises.

    I’ll keep repeating it until it sinks in – you people found me.

  20. Marcus Says:

    And to Bob who states,”If you would not turn the channel from a football game to catch a watch show, then you are not a collector, just a poser.” With all do respect watch collecting started long before Mr Skelton and ShopNBC were around. I am not knocking the Shop but there is a great many watch companies out there…not just the ones on the Shop. And many true watch collectors do not find the brands sold there to be “collectable”. Have you ever visited any other watch forums? Try it some time. There really are a great many choices out there and many of them have the same movements or better for less money. And not only that, they are brands you can buy at an AD.

  21. betterskills Says:

    Right on Trainer Dave – BigJizimill must also be a prick on the WatchGeeks forum as well, you must have some inside information on him. Good looking out and speaking up instead of being a follower of a salesman!

  22. tomgautoone Says:


    Why are you checking out Jim’s “package”, bro?
    And you seem enthralled by his ink.

    Sounds like you have other issues to deal with.

  23. betterskills Says:

    Yet another fucking moron who gets turned on by talk of cock. Let me explain it to you one more time. ShopNBC obviously has an anti tattoo policy, which is why your Christ, Savior and wet dream, Jim Skelton, doesn’t wear short sleeves and quickly covers them up if they show up in the monitor. He made a point to stick it in SNBC’s face on Sunday night. As for his package – Helen Keller could have saw it. I know a bit about tv production, and to me, it seemed that he was positioning while looking in a monitor.

    Jesus Christ, if my fans were this stupid, I’d go into hiding. I’d be embarrased that I appeal to such a brain dead crowd…

  24. Watchgeek Cock-knocker Says:

    I love that all of my faggy boyfriends from WG are posting here!!! YEAHHH….Maybe we can have a watch Party later where we all stick Pro Divers in our asses and run around the backyard…

  25. geek-killer Says:

    fanboyz and kool Aid drinkers one and all. Their god walks on water even though so much of his hype is mis-leading.

    Never again will you see these prices!

    I love this watch!

    I have this exact watch! ( his collection must number in the thousands by now )


    Made in the best chinese factories with under-paid labor in the world

    Hell, he even has some freak posting a play by play of his shows.

    Get a freakin life geekers.

  26. Jaime Skeleton Says:

    Well said beterskills….Most of the responses here are from new WGs that have not open their eyes yet..The old members already open their eyes and left on a hurry to a new forum….Watchfreeks is another place for Jim Skelton worship and ball kissing…Cmon people OPEN YOUR EYES

  27. Scott Says:

    Sounds like you all need to get a life.

    Skelton is a good host who knows his shit. Period. If he leaves, although he states he just signed a new contract, then he leaves. Good luck in whatever he decides to do.

    I’m not sure why some people on this blog seem to have ill feelings toward a man that they have never met. Get an fing life.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    What a bunch of douche bags

  29. Creepy La Beef Says:

    If Skelton “knew his shit” why would he be hustling people to buy mass-produced, machine made shitty watches rather than individually made, hand-crafted timepieces? I wonder what experience he actually has in fine jewelry?

    Fuck that guy! he’s a snake oil salesman!

    He’s such a good hustler it looks like he hustled the cock-sock right out of David Lee Roth’s pants!

  30. Marcus Says:

    Scott, you ask why some people have ill feelings toward someone they have never met. What I can’t understand is how can people be willing to verbally attack and accuse others….for someone they have never met. Most of the fan base act as if Mr Skelton is a personal friend of theirs. All they know of him is what they see on TV. Things that make you go Hmmmmmm.

  31. Jaime Skeleton Says:

    I don’t need to know JS in person to see that he is a scamer and an idiot!..Posting pictures of Maria Shriver on WGs and telling to his co-horts that she is ugly is a coward and vile thing to do.
    You (SCOTT) participated on the JS Skelton stupidity and less than honorable fun!
    You and him are idiots an little men!
    I still have copies of the posts after you erase them…Imbeciles!

  32. geek-killer Says:

    Jaime Skelton, you should post those things so everyone can see them. Might take the wind of the sails of geeks. The loyal kool aid drinkers rush to defend the master of deception.

    you geeks need to get a life far away from the internet. It is frying your brains. Do you really think skelton or any grifter selling cheap watches on a tv station is your friend?

    Do some google searches and look up skelton and what he has done to friends of his in the past. Geez dudes, move on. Buying 100 invicta watches does not make you a collector. It makes you really gullible.

  33. geek-killer Says:

    I wonder why Skelton bothered to pop up here to begin with and why he deleted the thread with this site from his forum?

    Is he afraid of something or does he have something to hide? If you read some of these responses they are truly amazing in venomous content. Are these people who wrote some of this stuff nuts or just kool aid drinkers with no life and in search of a leader.

    Hitler would have a field day with some of these followers of St. Skelton

  34. Koi Baiter Says:

    Hey Geek-killer, the fucking threads not deleted. Putz. Don’t you have to be in court soon? Fucking head case.

  35. betterskills Says:

    I never thought much about the whole Skelton Army; I mean, I saw it from time to time on the various messageboards and chalked it up to superfans that were expecting free watches for their loyalty – fucking idiots. The types of overweight, cigar smoking self-styled sophistics that probably think Guy Fieri and chunky mens jewelry are cool. But Jesus – it’s like Jim Skelton Über Alles! You fanboys are complete fucking idiots! ‘Koi Bater’ is on here all of the time with several posts, all from the same IP. Are you stroking off to this bullshit?

    I’m starting to think that Jim Bob Skelton is sanctioning this behavior…

    Watch Geeks… You should call yourselves Skelton’s Cumdumpsters.

  36. Jill Sommerstein Says:

    C’mon boys. Play nice.

  37. geek-killer Says:

    to Koi Baiter whoever you are,
    WTF are you ranting about? Why would you go to court because of this blog? Headcases is right about these guys.

  38. Jaime Skeleton Says:

    betterskills…yuo are not far from the truth…WGs is like a JS cult…They do wathever JS tell them to do…Even when a Invicta watch have terrible flaus, JS tell them that the watch with the flaus is good like a collectors item due to the flaus…AND THEY BELIEVE HIM!
    Poor souls…What will be next!

  39. betterskills Says:

    He’s another Internet tuff guy. Believe it or not, I have ppl sending me all kinds of stuff and it’s been suggest that he’s SeanCM who is apparently a moderator over at WG. These ‘Watch Geeks’ are a funny bunch – it’s like L. Ron Hubbard creampied Amway and accidentally got it pregnant. Ultimatly the love child was given to Jim Jones to raise in a South American Wal Mart. It grew up to be one of the Watch Geek SS. If I were JS, I’d bounce these ass clowns; what a poor reflection on him. They can’t even tell the difference between conjecture and a slam, and really – who the fuck cares: YOU MORONS DON’T KNOW HIM!

  40. Jaime Skeleton Says:

    Jill…You are a class act lady…Keep it that way
    It bothers a lot of people when Jim S make sexual comments on you prescence..He acts whorst than a 15 years old kid..He has no respect for the host (YOU) and the audience (US)
    He thinks is a comedian, and maybe he is , but a very bad one!

  41. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    Your thoughts are pretty much spot on. I also believe Tim will be relieving Jim of his duties before years end. Shop is tired of his bullshit website, the litigation brought against him, and the constant childish sexual innuendo that he performs on air. Classic case of someone who got to comfortable in their position and someone better waiting in the wings.

  42. Hunter Killer Says:

    Really all of you are crazy! If you don’t like Jim then move on to another forum or whatever. If you like watch collecting and like watching Jim on tv and being members on his forum good for you! I have been a watch collector for years and don’t buy alot of Shopnbc watches but still like watching the shows. Jim knows watches. If you don’t like Invicta or any other brands, don’t buy them. If Tim Temple coming to Shopnbc changes Jim’s future that will be up to Jim and Shopnbc. Hey 100 years from now none of this will really matter anyway. I think you should just enjoy what you like and let others do the same. Hell if we were all the same it would be really boring. Good luck to you all in your own life and what you want out of it.

  43. JJ Says:

    To betterskills, you definitely need betterskills! Besides being a butt pirate nut licker…taking and looking at the mans package! What a LOWLIFE!!!

  44. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    I watched a show last night or the night before that I jut happened to catch a bit of while retiring for the night. It was a Sturling show with Larry on. Larry kept responding or talking about “a website”, I guess it’s true what I read that they are not allowed to say WatchGeeks on the Air anymore. I remember seeing a copy of a thread from WG’s that Jim said it was BS and he would say WG’s referrals at least 10 times on the air that particular night. It never happened nor has since. I’m thinking the Ego is truly getting smashed to smithereens as of late and Tim is just the ku de gra.

  45. betterskills Says:

    Why don’t you read the latest blog? Better yet, start at Dec and read forward. Really, I don’t give two shits about Jim Sellton and Invicta’s (altho I would like to see Jill from head to toe).

    Do you realize how gay it is to turn my blog into Invicta Vietnam?

    “I don’t want to save the world, I’m not looking for a New England…”

  46. Creepy La Beef Says:

    I guess JJ has a problem with seeing a man’s package and not being able to put it in his mouth! TV can be such a hell for some!

  47. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    Creepy La Beef Says:

    October 16, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    I guess JJ has a problem with seeing a man’s package and not being able to put it in his mouth! TV can be such a hell for some!

    Thanks for the value add there. Please refrain from posting any further unless you actually have a serious comment. thanks

  48. betterskills Says:

    Uh, Fuzzy Wabbit – you do realize this is my blog, right? I can appriciate your disdane for Jim’s Juggalo Army; having experienced their comment riot on my blog.

    Creepy LaBeef, preach on!

  49. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    Actually I really couldn’t tell who the Hell’s Blog this was. I was trying to keep it to topic but if you’d rather digress into childish insults, it’s your Blog have at it.

  50. tattoo chef Says:

    hey, jamie skelton………guess your another retard……..

    i helped put watchfreeks up……..and while i have no real disdain for jim skelton……cause unlike you people i could really care less about what goes on in hes personal and professional life, i am by far one of the last people that is a blind follower of anything….why dont you go take a look at watchfreeks and see what the site is really all about , you jackass……

    i wasnt going to respond,and then when i decided to , i was going to be all nice and cool and collected, but you are all a bunch of jackasses…….
    and you ask why would jim skelton comment on this blog…….well its fucking about him, you morons, why shouldnt he responsd.

    this entire thing, where people are so obsessed with one man, really needs to stop.

    no offense to jim, but if he leaves shop, stays, loves invicta, hates invicta, gets divorced….i dont really care….i would care as much about it as i would for any person i dont really know….i have had email interaction and interaction on the forum with him…….that doesnt mean i know him……

    so why does everyone here attack or defend a guy they dont even know and dont know what they are talking about…….

    writing a blog with your own opinions is one thing, but next time, maybe you should have some facts before you start rambling away…

    oh and heres and idea, maybe you should get a fucking life and get out once in awhile into the real world, and not worry so much about a watch tv salesman……….

  51. betterskills Says:

    I was with you, and then you lost me. I love the type of person who talks about writing a blog as a waste of time and how I need to get a life – but you commented on it, and you end up fighting about it: so what’s that make you.

    You were so right on, but then you got pissed because you realized that you are a follower and you don’t want to be lumped in with the mindless ones. I pulled your card Tattoo Chef, don’t hate, re-evaluate.

    Trying reading sine of my other blogs; oh that’s right, I’m not on tv so email interaction with me would be stupid. Because you’re a cool guy. You’re a tattooed chef.

  52. Creepy La Beef Says:

    I wonder if working together Tattoo Chef made a quiche for Jim and then gave each other Henna tattoos on their asses?

  53. tattoo chef Says:

    im a folllower? a follower of what. ….the fact that i like watches…..

    my commenting on this blog is because im sick of seeing this shit……..

    i post on forums about watches, because its something i enjoy……..

    i could care less who is on tv…….and i also dont feel the need to put stuff like this out in the open on a blog about some guy that i have some issues with…..

    i dont understand………..why the need to call out jim skelton with a blog like this…..

    if you have an issue, why dont you ask him about it…..and if you dont believe him…….well thats fine, but still dont see the need to post a blog dedicated to jim skelton…

    your like tmz and the all the paparazzi , why does anyone care about what one individual on tv does?

    we all seem to care too much about the fanatsy world and not enough about the real world. ..

    and i got news for ya……..the only reason i resonded to this blog was because of the guy who said watchfreeks was just another jim skelton blind followers site……..

    i dont follow anybody. im not defending jim………he can do that himself, hes a big boy……i just dont understand the need to call him aout.

    i helped start watchfreeks as another option to have something different than watchgeeks………not to be the same….

    i dont like when people talk about something, that they obviously have no clue about…..

    this will be my last comment here, and hey , its a free world , you are free to do and write whatever you want…….so comment back as much as you want, im done with this……

    if you want to speak to me again…….you know where to find me………

  54. Jaime Skeleton Says:

    tattoo chef….You don’thave to explain yourself …You can continue your minute to minute Jim Skelton ass kissing and ball licking all the time you want! This is not about you

  55. Marcus Says:

    I’m not seeing where this started out as a personal attack on Mr Skelton. I did see where an opinion was being stated. After the opinion was stated, the OP was bombarded with attacks from Mr Skelton’s fans? Even Mr Skelton DID NOT attack the OP. My question is, does he condone the actions of the members of his forum. As I previously stated, I refrained from joining that particular forum for those reasons alone. Over and over people are attacked by the membership because they have a complaint about certain watch brands or the owners of the forum. So really all, who are the pot stirrers here?

  56. betterskills Says:

    Why the need to start your own messageboard? And calling it Watch Freaks? It’s like the TV show, “Freaks and Geeks” but it’s not a comedy, it’s a train wreck. You clowns are like the Real Housewives of Atlanta – what’s next, a clothing line?

    Where are you a chef? At the Cheesecake Factory? You’ll be back. while more articulate than the vast majority of Jim’s Juggalos you’re consumed with this wack bullshit.

    As for asking Jim Skelton anything, why? I’m still aghast that none of you fruitcakes noticed the question mark after the title. And how many times have I said CONJECTURE? Do you miscrantes know what that word means? Should I add definitions to some of the words in the blog?

    The bigger question for me is – in a few months time, when Jim is no longer on the air, and he trys to spin some bullshit about being out of the country on some sort of assignment; what then? He’s under contract, but part of that contract could very well be to lock him up for a year or two. It might also include him saying that it’s his choice to leave for some ‘better’ opportunity. And all of you zombies will say – “Duh, okay – we’ll watch Tim then, duh… ”

    All of you dildos can feel free to come back and ask my opinion then.

  57. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    Pot Stirrers, Geeks, Sheeple, Malcontents, Hucksters, Oh MY!

  58. JJ Says:

    Creepy Punk, you sure got a big mouth on the internet, thats from sucking big cocks, you FAG!

  59. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    lol, Creepy is yet another keyboard warrior on the vast land of the information highway.

  60. Creepy La Beef Says:

    Haha! That’s funny JJ. I can tell by your filthy mouth that BOTH your Dad’s REARED you well! As for your comment, if I wanted any lip from you I would’ve reached down your pants and got it myself!

  61. Michael Says:

    Although, Some Current Diehard Viewers Of Shop NBC May Not Know Who Tim Temple Is, ‘Long Time Viewers’ Who Go Way Back To The ‘Value-Vision Days’ Know Exactly Who Tim Temple Is…

  62. betterskills Says:

    Interesting program note for tonight: FiOS use to list Watch Time as ‘Watch Time with Jim Skelton’. Tonight, it lists it as just ‘Watch Time’.

  63. m.davis Says:

    The sad part about all of this is that the consumer is being subjected to the sophomoric antics of this “gentleman”. One would hope that the brass at Shop NBC will eventually see the light and convince Mr. Skelton to change his smarmy and immature ways. I realize that he is a salesman and that his job is to appeal to the company’s customers, but there are respectable, professional as well as effective ways of doing this. An example of this is Tim returning to the air, he is well informed and very professional in his presentations — IMO a breath of fresh air!

    Hopefully things will change, but I have my doubts.

    In response to the heated comments in response to this blog, move on people. The OP’s comments were speculative and apparently proven wrong.

  64. betterskills Says:

    I have not been proven wrong yet – I gave Mr. Skelton till the end of the year in the initial post. Based on where a lot of traffic was coming from, I really do think I nailed what’s going on behind the scenes. ShopNBC management may stretch hid on air appearances further out to minimize the impact of the ‘geeks’ as it is true that Mr. Skelton ha a legion of followers who consider watch collecting buying every dial version of a particular model.

    I also appologised to Tim Temple in advance for having to join watch geeks – which he seems to have done to quiet my assertions.

    I do believe time will prove me right.

  65. m.davis Says:

    Point taken, I guess we will have to wait and see if/when Mr. Skelton gets “the boot”.

    Again, good blog. Unlike the others, I have acutally read other submissions!

  66. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    I forgot about this conversation until I was it pop up in my history. Looks like the topic is pretty much beaten to death. What more could be said?

  67. darksider Says:

    Tim Temple has 11 hours of programing, Jim Skelton 12 hours. TT has a lot of Invicta time this week.

    Jim Skelton now claims he asked for the Die-Cast auto shows because he is a car lover. I wonder how long those hours doing anything on TV will last given his recent on air comments such as those made during the Renato show. They included comments about the Renato Beauty making a woman fertile, having blue lizard underwear similar to the watch band on a Watch being shown on TV. Comments about giving a watch to your wife and girlfriend both to which Mr. Mink declined to comment on.

    One also wonders how long it will be before the past catches up to Mr.Skelton and his Corona Gorda Days in Cigar forums.

    On the other hand, Mr Temple and Mr. Wiltsie bring composure, class and interesting and informative presentations to the audiences.

    Reading this bolog was a learning experience to say the least. Mr. Tattoo is a follower of Mr. Skelton as were many of the posters. It appears that the parents of many them were failures since they have stooped to name calling and hate mongering.

  68. In Cognito Says:

    Wow, that’s rich. So you know so much that Jim will be canned by January (but luckily you gave yourself an out by saying they will stretch it out, now you can’t be wrong for at least 6 months), and your influence is so strong that because of your little blog, Tim Temple was forced to join Watch Geeks.


  69. betterskills Says:

    In Cognito – you should come clean: I know you’re in Eden Prairie, so the influence of this blog is reaching ShopNBCs home base. So yeah – I think I’m right on. I’m the fly in the ointment because I figured out what was going on and seemingly threw a wrench into the smooth transition from Temple to Skelton.

    But I should ignore the fact that Skelton commented here, right? And I should ignore how many hits came from both Lotus Notes and MS Exchange emails, right? Not to mention Skelton making vailed references to the blog that any of his diehard Juggalo fans who read and scrutinized the posts also surely were able to pick up on.

    Yeah, I think I hit the nail on the head. And you know I have too, short timer.

  70. betterskills Says:

    Read the latest blog, “Jim Skelton Has Comcast!”

  71. Jaime Skeleton Says:

    Incognito is another follower like tatto chef that denied been one…you just have to read watch forums where tatoo chef “deffends” Jim Skelton, Shop nbc and invicta, At his own forum Tatoo chef) claims to be the Judge the jury the executioner and the mayor! jajajajajajaja
    What is expected from a gay “chef” with proffesional wrestlers tatooed all over his body, All Jim skelton admirers are like that one way or another. period.

  72. betterskills Says:

    In Cognito is Jim Skelton. Go to betterskills.wordpress.com and read the blog, “Jim Skelton Has Comcast!”

    As for Tattooed Chef, someone emailed a picture of him to me and he has, what appear to be, tribal tattoos. If you’re not a Maori and were not inspired to get a tribal piece back in the late 80’s by ReSearch’s Modern Primatives, then you’re clearly in the tribe of douche bags.

  73. Agree with the OP Says:


    I think you hit the nail on the head my friend. It’s good to see that you have seen through all the smoke and mirrors and are calling people on it. This is the best and most informative blog I have seen yet about WG’s, JS, and ShopNBC. People do your research on the Web you will find out that all the things being mentioned here hold a lot of validity.

  74. darksider Says:

    ” In Cognito aka Jim Skelton Says:

    November 1, 2009 at 4:53 pm
    Wow, that’s rich. So you know so much that Jim will be canned by January (but luckily you gave yourself an out by saying they will stretch it out, now you can’t be wrong for at least 6 months), and your influence is so strong that because of your little blog, Tim Temple was forced to join Watch Geeks.


    Why not tell us all about your expertise on Imperious watches not being part of Invicta. You can also confirm that Invicta and Seiko worked together on a new movement just for Invicta. Could you explain how “flame fusion” is superior to a Sapphire cyrstal again?

    Did you or did you not coin the term ” fuzzy bunnies” as your followers are referred to?

  75. Jaime Skeleton Says:

    Excellent Darksider….we know for a fact that JS is a big liar, that is the way he earns his money, the sad part is that his followers believe everything he says.
    Cats and dogs open their eyes whitin 14 days of birth…Stupids , NEVER!

  76. Agree with the OP Says:

    Darksider AKA Michael or otherwise known as Meijin,

    Do you really think people don’t know it’s you? Your hot headed temper gives you away everytime dip shit. You and JS have to hide behind alias’s because you two are like little school girls. We are all excited for the day that JS gets canned from ShopNBC and we also look forward to you getting canned by Invicta. You two are crooks with dirty pasts. It’s fun watching you two drive both ShopNBC and Invicta into the ground. Your little watch forum is just a way for you two to appear to give a shit about people when all you really care about is them opening up their wallets. You guys really need to do the world a favor and slit your wrists to preserve oxygen for real human beings.

  77. betterskills Says:

    So are you suggesting that Darksider is a co-owner of watchgeeks as well as the creepy invicta presentaion guy? Why would he constantly haunt these blogs spouting anti-Skelton / Invicta stuff? For a goof? For something to laugh about with Skelton? That doesn’t make sense. But then again, who knew that there were people who elevated a fucking watch salesman.

    Do tell…

  78. Agree with the OP Says:

    I did not see that Darksider was quoting somebody else so that is my mistake. I know that Michael or Meijin is exactly what everybody says he is, a piece of garbage. He is a very creepy thing. I’m amazed that people don’t see right through this guy and all his bull shit. These “Owners” of Watch Geeks run their forum much like Hitler ran Germany during WW II. They have all these naive people who believe every word they say and will follow them off of a cliff. They have the members thinking that these guys are their friends when in actuality they will be the first people to stick you in the back if you question them on anything that they have said or done. My apologies to Darksider because I think he feels the same way about JS, Michael, WG’s, and Invicta as I do. People really need to learn the truths about these guys and what their motives are. Here is a good link to get you started. http://watchedgeeks.forumotion.net/forum.htm

  79. betterskills Says:

    I find him creepy to look at on TV.

  80. Agree with the OP Says:

    He looks constipated and he can’t ever seem to find the right camera to look into. It’s actually kind of amusing to watch him. He looks like a dog chasing it’s tail in circles.

  81. Agree with the OP Says:

    Over the weekend Michael Davis left his mic on as he was leaving the set of ShopNBC after a watch show. Well he was commenting on another watch and dropped the F-Bomb on live television. It was hilarious. Then you have Jim Skelton making his way around to all the watch forums “Clarifying” what happened. This was extremely funny. These two idiots amaze me. I’m looking forward to the day that one can watch ShopNBC and not have to see these two morons.

  82. betterskills Says:

    I have suspected that the production staff was no fan of Skelton as he talks down to them on a regular basis; but a ‘hot’ mic when the personality isn’t on the air is usually something done out of spite. One has to wonder if he (Michael) has made enemies in the control room.

  83. Agree with the OP Says:

    I’m sure both Michael and Jim have plenty of enemies at ShopNBC. It would be fun to know if somebody did this to Michael intentionally. Jim’s going around telling everybody that it wasn’t Michaels fault and is blaming the production staff. Typical for these two ding dongs to rationalize and make excuses for each other. I think somebody put a gun to Michaels head and told him to drop the F-bomb. He is a classless person. Jim is in an even tie for this title as well.

  84. betterskills Says:

    The prod staff shouldn’t have the mic on once someone leaves the set, but Michael knows that you assume that mic is hot until it’s removed.

  85. […] my blog, Jim Skelton Out At ShopNBC?, I initially thought as much, and this suspicion seems to have credence as former host Tim Temple […]

  86. ducman Says:

    you finally found a place to rant koimaster?
    you’ve been banned from every forum, you’ve threatened lawsuits against shopnbc, you’ve threatened people you’ve never met and you were dumb enough to send me your address and phone number.

  87. Jim Davis Says:

    Just stumbled upon all of this and I must say some have forgotten to drink the ShopNBC provided Invicta KoolAid that you can get over at WatchGeeks freely poured by Eyal Lalo, Jim Skelton, Micheal Davis and the other paid ShopNBC marketing partner they have.

    I think the entire history of them is really quite an hilarious story.

    Cant get along on some forums promoting the cheap brands so Skelton starts his own place with a friend and also a behind the curtain ShopNBC person.

    Later on help get his friend a job being an on air guest host since he had serious trouble making a living at poker and martial arts.

    Get scared and worried when the network changed manegement and for awhile would not mention there Geek site and most on air antics were gone but since the mention of contracts and stuff in October the antics have gotten out of control and the mentioning of Geek this and that is mentioned as often as Skelton can say it. At least Mr Davis has kept his tongue in check and not Geeked all over himself, he will most likely be able to keep his job after Mr Temple tales his place upon the ShopNBC watch Throne as the court jester Skelton gets bounced out the door.

  88. Bud Says:

    Dude, it’s now January 27, 2010. Evidently your ESP skills need some honing. Jim is still with ShopNBC and he appears to be going strong. Anything else you want to predict?

  89. betterskills Says:

    Like I’ve pointed out, time and time again: it was conjecture. But based on Babe the Blue Skelton actually posting his official, Jay Leno type response and his ‘In Cognito,’ trying really hard to be condescending response from the same computer, something is going on. You’ve commented here before from you’re work computer and I dumped your old posts because you did multiple ones from the same machine with different names. Pass it on to your fellow geeks – that shit gets all of your comments deleted.

    So why are you still coming around and trolling?

    I think Skelton is going to be gone any day because he is in competition with ShopNBC, which is why the hyperlink that goes to a Renato watch on the watchgeek site that is sold for over $450 more than the comparable ShopNBC one is no longer accessible. As the Invicta SAN III OQ shows with the multiple threads on watchgeeks regarding quality and his shitty responses to people having issues, he is negatively impacting ShopNBC’s perception regarding quality. Look at all of the comments from watchgeeks members using their watchgeek screen names, even though you use a work machine you’re smart enough to use a different name – it looks bad for SNBC and it’s a catch 22 because these are the retards that buy 2 or 3 SAN OQ dive kits. They buy every Bolt and every Sea Spider. These diehards, and there are a lot, I’ll give Skelton that, are propping up a lot of the sales.

    And guess what numbnuts, I will admit when I’m wrong. If he is there past the beginning of spring, then I was wrong. See, I really don’t have a problem saying it because HE IS A GUY THAT SELLS WATCHES ON THE NUMBER THREE HOMESHOPPING NETWORK! Read the other blogs that are not about SNBC and let me educate you.

    And he’s not doing so fine – they still have the dive kits that were guaranteed to sell out, and when there where more dummies who think a personal response and a couple of emails is friendship had more disposable income, it would have, flaw and all. Skelton and you, his Invicta Blue Shirts, would have piled on anyone that pointed out the flaw. You realize he’s not even cool, right? He’s a Douche bag. He calls himself Diamond Jim for chrissake! He has a tattoo on his neck of a cigar ring; “In Cognito” is not a good name to use to bust my balls and he couldn’t even do that well!

    And if I’m so wrong San Diego, why do you keep coming back? Because you love this shit – so stop being a bitch about it.

    Join the Illuminati already…

  90. darksider Says:

    “ducman Says:

    January 13, 2010 at 3:55 pm
    you finally found a place to rant koimaster?
    you’ve been banned from every forum, you’ve threatened lawsuits against shopnbc, you’ve threatened people you’ve never met and you were dumb enough to send me your address and phone number.”

    You must be referring to georgethewatchguy who sent out information to everyone on the net it appears. If you have an address, it would belong to a family member. You might want to change your handle to fuzzy rabbit owner.

  91. darksider Says:

    “ducman Says:

    January 13, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    you finally found a place to rant koimaster?
    you’ve been banned from every forum, you’ve threatened lawsuits against shopnbc, you’ve threatened people you’ve never met and you were dumb enough to send me your address and phone number.”

    Dear Sean aka Ducman,

    As previuosly posted, george from Watchgeeks gave you information that really is inaccurate. And that information includes information about my adult kids. I did want to thank you for confirming you received it though. It now makes you a witness and proof for all to note that I was in fact accurate about that information being sent by george.

    For those who do not know who ducman is, he is also known as yamahaki and Nisomo 1 at watchgeeks and other forums. Other than that I am not going to say anthing more about except this, I quit your forum after you sent me an email removing my avatar and sig file ( of my late wife of 30+ years) because you felt like it and told me to move on.

    I am not going to say anything more on the subject Sean. Except didn’t your forum Y3 blow up on you? And when did you complete the Pipeline?

    I revel in having been banned from Watchgeeks and if In Cognito wants to go at it here about why, bring it on. I have all the emails, PMs and much more. Unlike many, I choose where I want to post. I see you slinked back to XMT after I chose to leave although Sean I can always go back there.

    That would be interesting n’est pas?

    But we digress, this is about Diamond Jim and his leaving the shop site. Will it happen. Yes it will although I cannot predict when. I do not think it will be before summer bu twe can only hope that his employer will realize that he is a liabilty not an assest.

  92. ukrany1 Says:

    You really are a douche, I know who you are & better hope I never find you, fucking Piece of shit

  93. betterskills Says:

    Ken, you’re a thunder cunt and a stupid one at that. So, your wife hates your new hobby of watch collecting, does she? I bet she’d hate it a lot more if she knew you got fired for sending threats over the internet from a work computer. Really, you’d risk your job over Jim Skelton?

    I really am scared for my life now. I take your threat seriously and I think I need to talk to a couple of friends, assorted cops; FBI and an attorney, to see what recourse I may have, because in addition to possible criminal charges, I’m suffering a lot of emotional distress.

    Maybe I should add the phone number of the City Manager and Public Services Director so that people can call and tell them what they think about a city employee doing these things on the public dime? What do you think? I’m so scared that I’m not thinking straight…

  94. ukrany1 Says:

    Wrong once again, this is my home computer & I don’t see no threat in my post, finding you could have meant sitting down to have a debate on your inflaming post, there is no mention what so ever of bodily harm, so if your feelin froggy leap!!!

  95. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    This topic still has legs? Idle threats from a Skelly defender? seriously UK Trany, you are not doing any favors for your forum hero’s with this type of response.

  96. Could this guy’s shirt be any tighter?

    Wow…and not in a good way, either. Mid-life crisis comes to mind, as well as the word obtuse.

    And this guy’s supposed to be a Public Works Supervisor (in
    Richmond, Michigan)? GTFO of here with that crap!

  97. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    “Could this guy’s shirt be any tighter?


    lol, 2 words….. Jenny Craig

  98. betterskills Says:

    Right?! A fucking street sweeping grandpa with some Just For Men Touch of Gray who blows what little money he makes on ShopNBC. I’d love his wife to see this, weak ass, highschool bullshit. She’d make him stop watching Skelton and go back to the car cruises at McDonalds in his pumped out, PT Cruiser. What an embarrASSment to his family kids and grandchildren.

    How bad is it? I have a subscriber that writes a blog about gay issues and he sent me a mail with the line, “What a big fag!” after he read it!

    I wonder if there is going to be a circle jerk at the Gathering of the Watchgeek Juggalos?

  99. betterskills Says:

    Two words? Bitch Tits.

  100. betterskills Says:

    Blah, blah, blah. Look at you; seriously money, what are you doing? You sound like a fucking retard. Will your message get a 10 minute phone call from Skelton? He usually charges $50 an hour for that. You’re almost 50 years old and you’re going on like this is the Outsiders but I’m not Ponyboy. You’re this into a fucking salesman on a 24 hour infomercial. Pathetic and sad.

    Do me a favor and read a few of the other SNBC blogs and please comment. I’m sure you’ll find them as “inflaming” as this one. I’m dying to see how many words you know.

  101. Jim Says:

    Skelton and that fag Davis are sucking each others assholes. Davis is a pathological liar, so is that other moron bruce. You question how Davis got that job, then your thrown off the forum. Davis was a fucking moron on bdwf as well. As far as Skelton, Hes an egomaniac for sure, and he dresses like a fag for sure, but i confess to buying watches just like others. I very rarely watch anymore, cause i cant stomach fucking Davis. The alcoholic looking cock knocker.

  102. Jaime Skeleton Says:

    Ukrany1..You are relly a coward..Don’t deny what you said..Coward!
    Go hold hands with your “budys” Tranny Dave and Tatto Chef and try to sell some girl scout cookies at your favorite place!
    Looking at your picture no wonder you are a coward
    and a fagot!

  103. darksider Says:

    1. ((ukrany1 Says:

    February 11, 2010 at 6:01 pm
    You really are a douche, I know who you are & better hope I never find you, fucking Piece of shit))
    1. (( ukrany1 Says:

    February 12, 2010 at 7:23 am
    Wrong once again, this is my home computer & I don’t see no threat in my post, finding you could have meant sitting down to have a debate on your inflaming post, there is no mention what so ever of bodily harm, so if your feelin froggy leap!!! ))

    So how is that job as a Public Works Supervisor going for you?
    Let’s see now……and I will quote “I know who you are & better hope I never find you, fucking Piece of shit”

    Sounds like an outright threat to me. I would have called the cops in your home town and had you fired.
    You do not see “no threat”. Did you ever finish 6th grade? I do not see a threat is proper grammar. “Feelin Froggy!” Another great red neck saying. It really must be wonderful to be a hero behind a keyboard. Your tough guy routine reminds me of another tough guy who claimed to be a Warrior. He wasn’t and I think you are a big mouth along the same lines. Spare me any of your threats when you respond. It will not impress me. Say hello to the Mod you rabbits all love. Just post something along the lines of “ some dude said that one of our mods was a former paid informant”. See how long it takes to get banned.
    One last item for you and the rabbits. Coming to a person’s blog and trying to skew poll results just makes you idiots look worse then you already do.

  104. Jaime Skeleton Says:

    Ukrany1 YOU ARE AN IDIOT!
    Unfortunately English is not my first language, however I do love and RESPECT this Country, its Laws and its Citizens. Things that you easily forgot after you get here, because surely you sound like some kind of Russian waste! and you are taking advantage of the system.
    Anyway IMHO your threat should be taken seriously and you need te be brought to justice. I do not know exactly who are you threatening, Betterskills or Darksider,the thing is that now you know Darksider kids address thanks to the stupidity of George the watch guy, and really you sound really scary! Everybody knows who you are Ken and your history of abuse and bulling is plastered at WGs… REALLY YOU ARE AN IDIOT AND A COWARD! I really hope that this guys act against you and defend themselves from you!

  105. darksider Says:

    “Ukrany Fellates Fellow Geeks Says:

    February 12, 2010 at 12:07 pm
    Could this guy’s shirt be any tighter?

    Wow…and not in a good way, either. Mid-life crisis comes to mind, as well as the word obtuse.

    And this guy’s supposed to be a Public Works Supervisor (in
    Richmond, Michigan)? GTFO of here with that crap!”

    He is not a Public Works supervisor there. they never heard of him. He is just knee jerk reaction of the enitre watch geeks zoo. Fuzzy rabbits as the owner Jim Skelton himself called them behind closed doors while he was also insulting Big Joe, Darth Neo and a whole lot of other folks. Hell, they spy on thier own members at other forums to see what they post, they invade members privacy. Hell what can you expect from a guy who is hated at Cigar Family forums for the way he is alleged to have ripped people off. Or do you deny that Corona Gorda ( his ID) as he is still spit up there. The great leader of jimbo skelton even posts as In Cognito here to harrass the owner of the blog. What an child he is. And lemmings still like this wannabe horologist. Any more claims about the Invicta/Seiko movement there chump?

    These people have a lot to learn. The owners lie about Invicta not being the “sponsor” in 2008 yet behind closed doors they are trying to figure out how to get paid for bandwidth and a new server by Eyal. And there it is in Black and white ” Invicta is our sponsor”

    here little bunnies……..


    Ok, just talked to Eyal…

    He thinks that doing the raffle may looks as tacky as asking for donations. He offered up the 5 grand to cover the 2 year server contract.

    All he asks for in return is that he have a commitment for equal time (2 years) from us on exclusivity, and he would appreciate first right to refusal when the time is up.

    I stressed to him again that we are opening a Renato subforum, and again he was fine with that.

    So it is up to you two……

    If we proceed, then Michael needs to contact Eyal with an overview of the contract, and the contact info so that his accounting department can issue a payment directly to them.

    09-03-2008, 09:10 PM

    WatchGeeks Owner
    True WatchGeek Join Date: Feb 2008
    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Posts: 8,197

    Re: Ok, looks like Invicta is our official sponsor

    Fundamentally, I don’t have a problem with that as it looks as though Eyal is being reasonable…

    As to the contract…there isn’t one….it is all done online and via my credit card…I don’t have anything to send them. And after looking at the website, I don’t see any options for that. Is that going to be a problem?

    Argument is meant to reveal the truth, not to create it. ~ Edward de Bono

    09-03-2008, 09:11 PM

    WatchGeeks Owner
    True WatchGeek Join Date: Feb 2008
    Posts: 5,229

    Just figure out a way that invicta can pay it directly for us. It’s the only way that thier business accounting can write it off.

    09-03-2008, 09:19 PM

    WatchGeeks Owner
    True WatchGeek Join Date: Feb 2008
    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Posts: 8,197

    Re: Ok, looks like Invicta is our official sponsor

    Well crap….I am going to have to look into that a bit more as I don’t have any idea how to make that happen. I had assumed that they would pay me and I would pay it. I can always provide them with the receipt for it if they are concerned about the money getting to the point of paying for the server.

    Here is one concern I have…

    Is Eyal going to draw the line some place as far as what he is considering his ROI with us is? In case that is not making sense…he is providing a watch a month for WGOM and a watch at the end of the year for HSOW. Plus we are doing giveaways…so, between now and the end of the two years, we are looking at an absolute minimum of 30 watches for just those two contests and no other giveaways. Is there going to be an issue at some point? Or, if he decides he does not want to continue supporting these contests at some point, is he going to have a problem with us going to Renato or one of the other vendors?

    Argument is meant to reveal the truth, not to create it. ~ Edward de Bono

    09-03-2008, 09:24 PM

    WatchGeeks Owner
    Super Geek Join Date: Feb 2008
    Posts: 2,043

    Re: Ok, looks like Invicta is our official sponsor

    First of all, I am almost relieved that Eyal has agreed to the deal. With his acceptance of the Renato sub-forum, he seems to be a lot more reasonable than I expected. The raffle would have been a little tacky no matter how we handled it.


    As to Michael’s questions, well…they are GOOD ONES!

    Is Eyal going to be willing to continue the watch give-a-ways along with the funding? As far as arranging direct payment to the Host, I am sure they can work something out.

    I am free tonight so call if you like.

    Time is too precious to mark its passage on cheap watches!

    09-03-2008, 09:39 PM

    WatchGeeks Owner
    True WatchGeek Join Date: Feb 2008
    Posts: 5,229

    I am on-air tonight, and napping pre-show.

    This added sponsorship has nothing to do with the contests or give aways. They continue, this is just added sponsorship on his part.

    He is not looking for any ROI, he considers the marketing that he gets as his return.

    09-03-2008, 09:40 PM

    WatchGeeks Owner
    True WatchGeek Join Date: Feb 2008
    Posts: 5,229

    If we’re in agreement on this, then let me know so I can draft up a global announcement to be posted when the transaction is finalized.

    09-03-2008, 09:45 PM

    WatchGeeks Owner
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    Posts: 8,197

    Re: Ok, looks like Invicta is our official sponsor

    I don’t have any issues with what Eyal has said.

    What are we looking to put out with the global announcement?

    Argument is meant to reveal the truth, not to create it. ~ Edward de Bono

    09-03-2008, 09:51 PM

    WatchGeeks Owner
    True WatchGeek Join Date: Feb 2008
    Posts: 5,229

    Just that we moved to a dedicated server, server costs thousands per year for our specific requirements to avoid crashes, invicta offered to sponsor the forum… so now invicta OFFICIALLY is our sponsor in order to keep the site free for all members. We dont want to take donations, or make memberships, so invicta helps us keep it free… yada yada.

    09-04-2008, 12:03 PM

    WatchGeeks Owner
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    Posts: 2,043

    Re: Ok, looks like Invicta is our official sponsor

    Go ahead and Post Jim. I have no problems with the deal as outlined so far.

    You can deal with Ovi when he starts up about why we didn’t offer Renato the deal. Personally, I am a lot more comfortable with Eyal in this position.

    Time is too precious to mark its passage on cheap watches!

  106. G Says:

    You think wrestling on tv is real? Yep, shopnbc is just like wrestling, phony and staged. Over a week I placed 250 posts on his watchgeeks.net and discovered literally hundreds of posts deleted including mine. If a post is truthful, it is removed without your knowledge. Complaints of damaged watches, moldy watches, used watches listed as and sold as new are quite common. The posters that like the watches seem often times staged to create interest.

    Invicta watch company has a d rating with the bbb. Not a good company to do business with and having snake oil sales people sell shady products makes issues worse. Jim is a salesman that will say anything, do anything to make a sale. Buyer beware.

  107. betterskills Says:

    Hey G, too bad they didn’t leave them; you might have got stellar minds like UkTrany1, Bandana Peg, TrannyDave, BigJizmilla and even Jimblow posting responses. I have seen a bunch of complaints over there that are posted and people responding. It seems that a lot of people are waking up and not accepting abused returns as New. There used to be a steady chorus of people shouting that stuff down, but they’ve all gone silent.

  108. cadillac Says:

    Well, Gary, you failed to mention how welcoming the WGs were to you during your frenzied week of posting. Legitimate complaints and constructive criticism are not squelched or discouraged on WGs, and are in fact commonly used as fodder for blogs such as this and other forums such as Watchlords. Carry on, burn your bridges until you burn out. I’ll go back to the nice friends I have on WG.

  109. bodypeersur Says:

    Hey Cadillac, I was a founding member of Watchgeeks and my posts were deleted if they didn’t praise Invicta and the likes. I was even temporarily banned from the site and then lies were told about me when I couldn’t defend myself. Everyone is welcome at WG if you praise Skelton, Davis, Eyal and Invicta…but speak the truth…well, never mind. People who don’t want to know the truth won’t accept it if it’s laid right in front of them. If WG pulls your trigger, by all means…enjoy…I’ve personally found other sites that are more HONEST.

  110. cadillac Says:

    I just want to add that I don’t drink anyone’s Koolaid. I am an amateur collector. I don’t care to be a serious collector of watches. I just have fun with it. WG forum is a varied community. Just as in the community I live in, I don’t like everyone there, but that’s okay. I can stay out of their way or engage in conversation with them as long as I keep it civilized. I like that the owners of the forum keep it policed somewhat. They seem to be very restrained in doing this, imo.

  111. betterskills Says:

    If you have to add a disclaimer regarding the forum you defend, you might want to reconsider your associations.

    I also note a bit of dismissal of my blog and your perception of what it might represent. I didn’t start looking for Jim Skelton fodder until he gave me a reason to. Read ALL of the blogs going back to October and ALL of the comments. Skelton’s behavior and Temple’s return had a lot of people thinking that Skelton was on his way out. I wrote about it and got attacked by fanboys of a fucking TV salesman. A corrdinated comment campaign that I have every reason to believe was orchistrated by Skelton himself. His constant lurking and fake posts as other people only gave me more of a reason to push back. I don’t like the type of person that he is, and if a fag like that thinks they’re gonna get into an Internet beef with me, I’m all for it! It’s fun and he and his most ardent fans are fucking idiots. I’ll turn the tables on and fuck with people like this forever.

    And when one starts to rear about Skeltom’s history from numerious sources, why would you want to even remotely defend that?

    Further more, I’m not an Invicta hater or someone that considers buying TV brands collecting. But if a dickhead with chunky jewelry, diamond rings, an open collar ugly International Male looking shirt wants to rumble, I’ll mix in a pot like gumbo

  112. cadillac Says:

    bodypeersur–I respect your comments. You have your own experience and I would not condemn you. If I ever find that I am treated unfairly, I will react in my own best interest.

    betterskills–This is your playground, and I understand that. I guess I don’t get all the hatred, but that is your kind of fun. People can collect anything they want to. I collect what I like. I have some things of great value and some things that only I would probably value. I did like your blog about the estate sale. It was very poignant to me since I have been gathering up all of my late father’s memorabilia. Every old photo and trinket is priceless to me and my sisters.

  113. gary Says:

    Hi Jim I watched you on the channel and ended up buying the reserve excursion that retailed for 2,995.00 then the reserve blue B,olt then I saw another gold excursion and bought that. This is all the fault of you and Michael. You show then I have to buy them. The first one was so impressive it was unbelievable and the prices will shock anyone. I took the goldtone reserve excursion to the local Rolex dealer for sizing and compared it to the R—-x’s the jeweler and the Invicta was right in place with the expensive R—–s. The jeweler brought out a real gold and diamond timepiece that sold for over $90.000.00 and again the gold tone excursion looke just as impressive as the fancy R—-x. These watches you are selling certainly is right up there with these rediculess priced high end high dollar R—-‘s I AM HOOKED, addicted and hope to be a real Invicta junkie. What more can I say about Invicta quality and style. You and Invicta are the only timepieces I am interested in. The Reserve collection is absolutely awesome and I hope to own many more of the Reserve watches in the future when you come out with new styles in the future.

    Thank You Jim from one Invicta Reserve junkie to another I’ll be watching for the next new reserves and the will be in my collection. Gary from Michigan.

  114. Koimaster Says:

    “cadillac Says:

    April 11, 2010 at 10:19 am

    Legitimate complaints and constructive criticism are not squelched or discouraged on WGs, and are in fact commonly used as fodder for blogs such as this and other forums such as Watchlords.”


    I might tend to disagree with you. Most recently a geek member was banned for posting a link to Scribd and the Invicta lawsuit……


    I have seen threads locked & deleted for selling Invicta watches to fund a Rolex, for being critical of Invicta or the dubious claims made by them.

    The founding members of XMT were members who were banned or suspended such as bodypeersur.

    You defend a forum which is nothing more than a facebook for watch buyers which is jsut fine, but there are a lot of forums out there for the person who may be a serious collector or a causal one.

    I keep reading that Watchlords is a Geek hating site, from Corona Gorda of all people. Imagine that! No one I know at Watchlords hates those at WG. We laugh at some of the threads though and always will. Threads that start OMG by grown men as an example, or fawning threads which are IMHO, repulish. Many threads are are not bad and are enjoyable to read. I post both good and bad at Watchlords. I try to keep an even hand on the matter.

    The exception to that is Jim Skelton, Davis, and a couple of others. They know why and if you want to know, visit watchlords or ask me.

    What gets me though is NONE of the geek nation has ever apologized to this man (betterskills) for the insults he was subjected to just for a blog that was speculative in nature.

    Even the knife lord himself, the man who on TV stated he had not been trolling knife forums while ill ( you lied skelton ) has not apologized.

    When that is done, I might have more respect for Watchgeek members.

  115. Kenneth Sherman Says:

    Hey needsbetterskils you should work for Fox them like you are full of Shit! And you must dream about Jim,s Big Package to be writing about it

  116. betterskills Says:

    “needsbetterskills” – good one, Ken Sperm-in. It’s only taken you 7 months to come up with that one.

    Blah, blah, blah. A real fag for Jim Skelton is one that thinks he’s cool. He’s a cunt with bad taste and hair plugs. You’re his follower – so I guess you’re only slightly higher in social status than an ICP fan or a furry.

  117. jon trent Says:

    Watchdorks.net makes China look liberal when it comes to their censorship. It is is a total circle jerk of twerps that do not want to hear anything bad about INVICTA, all own two thousand Invictas, and have never had a problem. It is particularly funny when one of them call in to ShopNBC and begin with their BS stories and monotone boring talk.

  118. Skelton's Snuggie Says:

    Wow you watch people are such losers. What’s worse, the Skeleton supporters or the faggy leopard snuggie Skeleton wears?

  119. Betterskills is right on the money. Jim Skelton will be gone by summers end. All of the points made in this blog accurately reflect the attitude of the new management team at VVTV. And your suspicions on what his coworkers think of him are not even close. We can’t fucking stand him! You have NO ideas how big an asshole he is. He seriously thinks every woman at the studio wants him. Plus, you may not realize the guy is a midget.

  120. Joe_the_American Says:

    I’m not too sure if Skelton will leave or not but I’ve noticed a dramatic absence of him in virtually all the watch shows he used to host. Now I’m seeing some of the other hosts, who don’t normally do watch shows, come on and take the helm.

    If this is a realignment of shopnbc’s programing schedule, I’m at a lost to say why unless they are seriously thinking about using hosts in multiple selling formats instead of Skelton’s one item expertise with watches.

    I haven’t had a whole lot of luck with Invicta watches and have virtually swore them off on my list of companies. I’m not a big watch buyer. I only ordered two Invictas last year and both of them were defective. They both have a five-year warranty but you have to shell out $25 plus shipping for each one for repairs. Fugetaboutit.

    I tried calling Invicta about the defects because both watches failed within 30 days. I felt it was ridiculous to pay $50 to get two watches repaired when they were used for less than a month.

    My reward for contacting them was being placed on hold for 60 minutes. When I finally did get someone on the line, they just gave me another number to call. I left a message and surprise, no one called back.

    Invicta will never get my business again. As for Skelton, I don’t really watch him any longer. He used to be amusing and fun to watch, but I think he’s doing a parody of himself now and that’s embarrassing to see. Ergo, “YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT. YOU KNOW YOU NEED IT. HURRY, THIS WON’T LAST THE HOUR!” But they usually do and are seen on the next day’s program.

    Invicta has shown, (you listening Eyal?) that it is a mere facade of a company that, unfortunately, produces products that don’t meet up to consumer expectations and will leave you in the lurch as soon as you buy the watches.

    There is no customer service to speak of and the resounding silence and uncaring attitude of this company leads me to believe that the watches are really mediocre and that the CEO of the company couldn’t care less in spite of all the pats on the back he gives himself and his company.

    Lesson learned: The guy selling anything on TV is there for one reason…to sell and that sometimes means they will say anything to get you to buy whatever they are selling.

  121. Hi Jim Skelton. I want you to know that I had never heard of Shop NBC. One day I was channel surfing and I saw you. I’m a married women, and I’m not trying to be disrespectful but, I only watch Shop NBC, to see you. You may not know it but, you’re a very nice looking man. I love your passion for the watches also.

  122. Mikey Skelton Says:

    Sophia, ya know he is gay as a 3 dollar bill and his partner/husband/lover usually sits next to him when he is trying to sell you Invicta. Micheal Davis is a very jealous person and only his boss Eyal Lalo is allowed to touch or speak of him like you just did.

  123. Anonymous Says:

    sophia is out of her freakin mind!

  124. krane11367 Says:

    “Sophia” has got to be a rib; probably coming form the same mental giants who did the “Chinese” donkey semen “joke.”

  125. Dan Says:

    The watch shows at ShopInvicta.com errr ShopNBC.com have become old and tired. They’ve tried to bring in some new manufacturers, however, it’s way too much Invicta. Don’t get me wrong, Invicta makes some nice watches, but it’s too much of the same hugely oversized watches. I would bet even money that Jim Skelton has an investment interest in Invicta. I can put up with Jim’s off-base humor and low class tatoos, however, his ego is what gets me to turn the channel. One last comment, Skelton talks about his watch collection all of the time, which I’m certain is co-funded by Invicta and other manufacturers, however, I’d like to see ShopNBC take a camera crew out to his house to film his collection. Something tells me that it’s not what he alludes to on air, although I’m certain it’s large.

  126. Big P Says:

    Notice last night, Skelton says live on air:

    “this watch has the Ronda 515 blah blah blah, this watch is made with some Swiss components mixed with Asian components, and assembled and cased in the far east, this is why I respect Invicta so much, they are such an honest manufacturer, they label some of their watches with Swiss parts when others don’t”

    Wow Skelton, not the first far east comment, how does Lalo’s salty semen taste you fucking crook!!

  127. LIES ALL LIES! Says:

    Yeah, he has made that comment about “Invicta’s honesty” many times now. Never mind the fact this is the same company who for years said when they label a dial “Swiss” it means the exact same as “Swiss Made” and were putting these “Far East” (marketing buzz word for Chinese) movements in the ones labeled “Swiss”. 2 months ago that lie was exposed and now they are all honest injun right Jim? Fucking schmuck.

  128. Big P Says:

    LiesAllLies, yep, I remember all the creepy countless times Skelton slowly explained to the TV camera, that “Swiss” is really Swiss Made.

    Invicta and slopnbc are exposed, and their family jewels are a dancing in the breeze.

    Marketing strategy my foot, underneath the lies equals a sell to lie philosophy.

    Past 2 months or so, have been the most enjoyable slopnbc’s to bare, no sellouts, 2-3 live testimonials, Jim and crew trying to back peddle with their statements, some dipstick called in the other night with 230 Invicta’s, ground control to major Tom, I think somebody owns a pile of junkafied stainless steel.

    These geeks are pathetic creatures of the night, they think owning Invicta’s is the gnarliest think since beef jerky was invented.

  129. bodypeersur Says:

    It’s funny, no matter how many times Skelton, Davis and Eyal LIE to their buying public, the Geeks keep coming back for more. Kinda masochistic if you ask me. Oh JS! Ya just can’t teach them. And heaven forbid and Geek should question the owners and sponsor of Geekville! Now they’re banning people but not putting banned under their member name! Sieg heil mein fuhrer! Call in the Gestapo!

  130. LIES ALL LIES! Says:

    Totally, the last few months have been a hoot to watch. I call it karma. After all these years of unethical practices, lies, and shoddy quality and service Invicta has finally beyond a shadow of a doubt been exposed for the company they truly are. Only the most devout of Watchgeek still defends them, all others with half a brain have had their eyes opened and moved on.

    Then you got Jim here, how many times prior to Swissgate did we see him literally insult people on his forum for asking if Swiss = Swiss Made? Both him and Michael did this, “use the search!” “for the 10,000 time,” “I am tired of answering this” etc…. Statements like that were frequent anytime the question came up, not to mention how Eyal, Jill, Michael, Jim, Daniel, Tim, Shawn, and anyone else who ever hosted an Invicta watch show would proclaim Swiss = Swiss Made with Invicta live on air to sell more pieces.

    That lie was exposed and then Jim and Michael went from being the “in the know” guys to the guys who read the blue cards and do not open the casebacks. Nice back peddle assholes.

    My favorite statement from Jim though was after Swissgate broke and that huge lie was exposed. He actually said he believes it was an honest mistake and Invicta was not trying to put one past anybody. He thought that both Ronda and ISA made mistakes and sent their Chinese movements instead of the Swiss movements Invicta ordered and it was just never caught at Invicta. Really asshole? So this went on for years which means both ISA and Ronda made years worth of ordering mistakes, no one at Invicta caught it either, oh and during this time it just so happened Invicta decided to remove “Swiss Made” from these watches the movements went into and just use “Swiss” instead.

    What an amazing asshole. Jim, I know you read this blog, Invicta is getting their’s as we speak. We all know their sales are tanking badly. Karma will catch up with you too.

  131. krane11367 Says:


    You are definitely one of my Internet heroes. Your last post was rockin’.

    Yeah, I mean, just watch Michael “Even The Rings On The Coaster Have Flavor” Davis’ eyes dart left and right during IWG presentations now. He’s sullen and dour and can’t believe the ol’ ticker is hardly moving. Serves ’em all right; they don’t even seem to realize that remodeling the same watch 1,343 times – in addition to SlopNBC’s shabby shipments and IWG’s non-existent service – is the prescription for out and out failure.

    Serves them right. Fuck ’em. It won’t be long before unemployable slobs like S. Fingers, Davis, and Sommerstein are on the soup line. That’s good news for anyone who ever believed in quality and fair play. To those three greasy liars, all I can say is – I hope when you get to the front of the line, they’re all out of chicken-with-stars, you frauds.

  132. LIES ALL LIES! Says:

    Thanks krane, I think I just figured out who you are on WL too and I am also impressed with your postings. It’s all too easy to fall into the “they suck” postings with no substance but you don’t and that fact is not lost on me.

  133. Big P Says:

    The Invicta hate fest is peaking like a hippie on a handful of magic mushrooms.

    Every tooth is sharpened and snarling in the direction of Lalo and his worthless trinkets.

    Slopnbc makes messy Marvin look like Felix Unger, they are so sloppy and they have dark black hearts.

    Skelton is a doof, uncouth, and never speaks the truth, the war is turning it’s ugly head, the battle is raging on.

    None of us all together have enough fingers and toes to compute the almost infinite lies and fraudulent statements Invicta and slopnbc and it’s monkey trained hosts portray to their customers.

    There should be a designated island called “Invicta Isle”, where we could ship all of the watchgeeks, where they will live out the rest of their natural lives building grass huts and eating berries, and cow towing to their yellow god.

  134. LIES ALL LIES! Says:

    Tick tock Jim, tick tock. I hope you remember those Wayfarer SKU’s.

  135. Joe_the_American Says:


    …it occurred to me that Invicta not only has a wide consumer base that is totally dissatisfied with its product and services, but are mad as hell and won’t take it anymore. (Thanks to the film “Network” for this memorable quote.)

    Invicta is in violation of warranty laws in various states which state that any repairs made on a product under warranty should be done in a reasonable amount of time. Typically, this means 2-weeks time. If the work is not done within this period of time, you may have the right to *demand* a replacement watch until the original item is repaired or cancel your order (via credit card for most of us).

    I am sure that there are many who would like to see a class action lawsuit filed against Invicta Group. Since this company is obviously unconcerned with the complaints consumers have registered against it about its faulty products, (and while I’m at it, how about a class action suit including ShopNBC?) a lawsuit seems to be the perfect thing to bring against a company that has sold defective watches to the public in addition to not following through on its “warranty” service.

    What I would like to know is if there are any able-bodied lawyers out there who would like to take on the monstrosity that is called Invicta and file a class action lawsuit against it?

    The rewards for you could be astounding as the Invicta Group has literally sold millions of watches to consumers, and if my guess is right, a good deal of them have had problems with Invictas and its non-existent warranty service.

    They have charged “processing and handling fees” to buyers of their watches and have not fulfilled their obligations in repairing broken and faulty watches. This would also include the thousands of watch customers who have simply just thrown away their watches because they broke and did not want to pay the ridiculous $25 “processing” fee.

    This class action suit would have to be filed on a pro bono basis as the reward for the lawyer(s) would be the charges you would recoup upon winning this case; a case, by the way, that could be lucrative for the law firm while providing justice and satisfaction to disgruntled Invicta watch buyers.

    So if there is anyone out there who would like to take Invicta on, post here and let’s get the ball rolling and make Invicta pay.

  136. Big P Says:

    Here is what I would do Joe.

    The more people, (and there are many and climbing) that wise up to Invicta and slopnbc, the less product confused and or stupid consumers are going to buy.

    If this keeps up the way it’s been going, Invicta’s insipid hosts will eventually start to beg and plead to it’s TV customers to purchase their worthless watches.

    If you have been aware, Invicta has some serious law suits against them, going on as we speak, fantastic websites like betterskills is an advocate of truth, but Invicta tends to routinely shoot themselves in the foot, sooner or later, they will lose a toe, a limb…etc

    INVICTA, SKELTON, DAVIS, NBC, and the rest of them, are hated profusely for plenty of reasons, fuck em, I only hope one day in the near future, they are all reduced to pile of quivering spineless roadkill!!!

    Stop buying these novelty TV watches, and hopefully Invicta in time becomes terminal, and has to resort to selling their watches at Walgreens, Costco, T.J Maxx, Kmart….hahahahaha

  137. james ricks Says:

    i watch your show when i can and make a purchase when i find a real deal ,i pulled the trigger many times on watches you have described and have started collecting them . it costs much less than building and collecting streetrods !!!!!! you are a #1 salesman and i would like to be added to your list of friends be it facebook or yahooi have several invictas and some renatos and crotons and an oniss and many more.I would
    like to view your collection im in coastal north carolina and just had to clean up from a wild tropical depression that rolled through the first of this month but my watches are dry !!! and id like to meet you sometime .my wife thinks im crazy but ill get her some diamonds or make her a nice piece of jewelry and my watch purchase will not matter any more !! you take care and keep up the good work and maby we can chat on air at a later date !! and if you could talk with the powers that be at android get them to make a revolver that will hold 9mm ammo or even better .45 cal ammo in a very large watch !i live inbetween t military bases and go to the range a lot and the shooters would love a watch with real looking bullets !

  138. betterskills Says:

    Thanks for watching! Come and check out the forum where I’ve been hanging out qt instead of WatchGeeks: http://watchlords.forumotion.net/forum.htm

  139. ALX Says:

    Hey, Valuepay slaves!

    I would rather have one Omega or Rolex than 20 or 30 Invictas.

    Eyal and Jim are laughing all the way to the bank with your money.

  140. Big P Says:

    Eyal “lips move like the devil” Lalo and Jim “face like a beaver” Skelton can laugh their way to the bank all they want, hell will always have 2 special vacancy’s for them regardless if they become choir boys.

    It’s people who suck, and Incrapta and friends are just a small few of the infinite disease called man!!!

    I bet M. Davis knows what Eyal’s shit tastes like, and on Sunday’s it’s pudding day for winos…yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  141. Koimaster Says:

    Are you sure that there are contracts for the hosts? Perhaps someone could walk up to Jaws and just say you are fired and have him escorted out the door.

    Given his recent history anything is possible. Now about those “River Pearl” dials from that toxic lake in China. And is the a new Dubois-Depraz watch coming out from Invicta?

  142. betterskills Says:

    I’m not sure of anything when it comes to ShopNBC – I cannot believe that they keep him on the air.

  143. krane11367 Says:


    I can’t believe it, either. It’s hard to fathom such obviously unprofessional people are presented on a TV network for any purpose and of any size; it looks like bad public access programming every time Skelton and Michael Davis go off on one of their “insider” riffs (their Sunday one hour “snowbound” watch show reached epic new levels of amateurish behavior). And it’s even more incredible that the same home shopping network that employs such charismatic and/or professional hosts such as Shawn Wilsie, Heather Hall, Daniel Green, and Lynne Schachter can later present Skelton, Jill Sommerstein, and Davis and think it’s business as usual; they obviously care about nothing but making money, even if it’s the ill-gotten kind.

    Eventually, though, ShopNBC is gonna wise up and pull the plug – but not before a few thousand more consumers get royally ripped off, and that truly sucks. But given Invicta’s track record during the past 12 months, it’s not hard to predict they’re gonna pull a major boner soon that will make even the D/D debacle seem like child’s play. The only thing that’s completely certain is that IWG can’t make a decent watch, even if it meant their cheesy, opportunistic lives.

  144. Hal Says:

    This moron just ran his Jeep into a snowbank. Looks like he won’t be on air for a while.

  145. Watch Avenger Says:

    The ShopNBC team of Skelton and Davis is about the most pathetic duo of assbags ever assembled on this planet. They are petty liars to people that don’t have a life-watching these douchebags fills a void in the insignificant worlds!!!
    Shop NBC is foolish not to realize that watchgeeks.net runs competion to them by pointing out where to get Invicta cheaper-how could they not see this? I will personally not EVER buy a watch from shop nbc again because watchgeeks has educated me on where to get the deals. And I also hate Michael Davis- he is a punk that thinks he’s hot shit cause he can contol the pathetic registry of the Geeks. Soon the dynamic duo will fall~and I will cheerfully pis on there headstones!!!!!

  146. Vicki Says:

    Not to mention the bargains found in the sales forum. Those watches are being sold for pennies on the dollar by geeks waking up to the fraud that is Jim Skelton, Mike Davis and Eyal Lalo. Such stalwarts like strutn45, panda03beat, buddah00 and nhwoods are clearing out their tv watches and making room for more respectable offerings.

  147. […] Jim Skelton out at ShopNBC? October 2009146 comments
    3 […]

  148. Koimaster Says:

    End game….. Skelton was fired without notice. He never saw it coming. Documents provided to the legal dept of shopnbc over a several month period as well as the on-going ID theft case here in Marion County ( the result of my personal information being sent to thousands by a mod at watchgeeks in concert with Jim Skelton and others) led to his demise.

    Shop really had no idea what was going on at WG or his background as Corona Gorda at cigar forums in his past. Names were provided to the attornies of shopnbc to follow up on. Thousands of posts from watchgeeks, Fuentes Family cigar forum, WUS and others were provided to Teresa Drey at her request.

    On – air comments about me and the episode below outlined by a poster Silent Sam did not help him.

    “It was the time he and Jill Somerstein were co hosting a show. Jim went off track as usual and asked Jill if she ever planned to get married, settle down and have some kids. Anyone could see she was uncomfortable with his banter, but Jill’s a trooper and a business person. She went along and told him she would some day. He then suggested she might have twins named Chaos (?) and Holocost. His jest was obviously embarressing and very offensive to her. The broadcast went dead for a few seconds, and when it came back on, Jill looked like she was close to tears. Skelton realized he’d crossed a line and apologized on air, but the damage was done and it was obviously permenant. The ShopNBC call center was swamped w/ angry calls. Retractions and disclaimers were quietly made. Skelton then proceeded to try to stifle any objections on Watchgeeks in his usual pompous, high handed manner. The next time Eyal Lalo and Skelton appeared together, it was apparent the relationship had cooled. The usual friendly familiar raporte between them was gone. Eyal was far more reserved and even a bit standoffish.”

    Skel was unceremoniously fired on Monday the 28th for cause. Did he receive a severence package? Well I suppose we shall have to wait and see. I wonder how long before the new bikes, Car and all of those watches are gone. Sold to stay afloat. In a parting shot at me on facebook, the skel puts out my name and invites people to investigate me, calling me a convicted felon. Too bad his bogus claim was quickly disproven as the record was posted by me, and his little army of shills left the battlefield, hurt and bewildered.

    Will this scumbag resurface at WOWtv? I doubt it. Lior is a smart man and I doubt he would want to be tainted by skel and his baggage. Will skel boy show up on JTV or elsewhere as a cable host, not if I have anything to say about it. I suggest he find a new line of work, something more appropriate such as garbage man.

  149. Anonymous Says:

    Good riddens to Jim Skelton. I wouldn’t even want that man collecting my garbage. He would probably start sniffing the dirty diapers.

  150. Paul Says:

    I have to wonder if (only if) the return of a man named “Skip”, who left ShopNBC many years ago, had anything to do with preparations to make changes with the host line-up.

  151. Anonymous Says:

    shopnbc bring jim skelton back to the show. this is total bullshit, who else knows more about watches technically speaking.

  152. wo Says:

    i new they were going backwards when timmy came back, then skippy. i mean how can you not believe poor skip. let’s see, he said hsn, no shopnbc, no the channel he was on with the bad products n background that his first love karren started, n timmy came along too! no, it wasn’t that one skip wasn’t jtv you know that had the best watch deals a few months ago. no, no it is shopnbc RIGHT?? i am sorry which ones not anygood skip??

    All I know is I will take Jim Skelton,over tim temple (ANY TIME)he made it atleast fun to watch all those hours of selling watches. BUT, THE BEST OF THE BEST WILL ALWAYS BE SHAWN!!!

  153. CalFrank Says:

    Will miss Jim. He was funny, irreverant and sometimes downright risque but hilariously so, but most of all he was knowledgeable and passionate about the craft of making watches. I was NOT a big watch fan but was caught in his net one day while surfing and was hooked. He convinced me to buy this gold diver watch by some company called Invicta and swore it would make all my troubles go away with a mischevious grin on his face but I ordered my first watch from Shop NBC anyway. I was hooked. Good Luck Jim.

  154. Eddie Lau Says:

    Wow, I spent hours reading ALL the posts here. First I want to thank the OP for exposing JS, MD, WG and IWG. I occasional watch ShopNBC but never bought a single junk. I never could understand why anyone would collect mass produced quartz and East Asia made watches.

    Then I joined WG. When the heat was on in early part of 2010 because of the poor Customer Service from Invicta, I chimed in and asked why people threw good dollars after bad ones. Then I was banned.

    So, what do you Watch Geeks have to say for yourselves? The OP was dead on predicting Jim’s demise? Well, I really don’t expect an answer because most of you drank too much kool-aide and your brain turned to mush long ago. How are those funks from Invicta holding up? Good I hope because if you need them fixed for whatever reason, good luck.

    I see Jim still on FB acting out. And I will continue to keep an eye on him. So wherever he ends up, I go the other way.

    Two things I would like to see happen. A compete shut down of IWG because I believe no company should rip consumers off. I would also like to see ShopNBC kills off the watch show because I think they are paddling funks to uninformed consumers.

    I would very much like to join Watch Lords but my chance is very low without a sponsor, so I guess I will stay over at Timezone since I have been an active member since 2005. And I do collect real time pieces in the like of Audermars, Vacheron, IWC, Chronoswiss and 14 other high end brands.

  155. Brett Says:

    Glad to see that “some” people are realizing that Invicta watch Group and Shop NBC is about making money first and foremost.Jim Skelton is a salesman nothing more. It was his job to convince thousands that Invicta and other watch brands are the deal of the century two or three nights a week. You get what you pay for.Some Invictas are good watches, some leave the factory not working or fully assembled and should have never made it past the factory doors. Yes, I owned a couple but after several of their dive watches leaking in four feet of water and yes the crowns were screwed down. and their Swiss layering peeling off.I got rid of them.Jim did his job well, too well people believed the hype. there is nothing wroung with collecting internet watches if it makes you happy just don’t be fooled in what you are buying.

  156. Kiss My Swiss Says:

    Ahhh, I remember this one like it was yesterday.

    Looks like Lior isn’t as smart as some say, and Jim wound up joining WOW after all which by now is old news.

    Look at their cheese-ass broadcast of worthless trinkets now, it looks so rotten and…well cheesy!

    Anybody in the mood to buy the stuttering Claro-888?


    Only on 27 “stress free” payments of $2.49, and while your at it, pair it up with an Invicta cock ring, I mean miniature watch.


  157. Krane11367 Says:

    Ahh, what a trip down memory lane …the mega-dillholes that comprise WatchGeeks. Pass the Vittaroz!

    better was pretty much on the trail of this stuff all along; hate the news, slay the messenger. My guess is that any watches purchased from the Invicta as of the date of the first post in this thread are no longer in working order. Anyone up for that action? Thought not.

    One down, one even greasier creep to go. Skelton’s stint at WOW has already shriveled into a part-time job that nobody can view even if they wanted to; now, Davis has somehow escaped a similar fate. Oh, wait, what’s that I heard…..?

    See you, boyz; I have to go do nothing but look at my TAG Heuer, which works perfectly. Junk merchants!

  158. This bezel relies on a raised polished diver’s scale and four barrels.
    You will essentially realize that strappy versions are much
    more suited to semi-formal occasions including dinner
    dates, etc. Sleeveless tops with deep necks
    and long slits are extremely trendy and favorites towards the younger generations.

  159. Twat Waffles Says:



    “laughing my fucking twat waffles ass off”

  160. Sam The Tuna Can Man Says:

    This is one of my most favorite articles to reread for laughs, the comments above are some of the best ones ever, better!

    I’m thinking about baking a special yellow cake, why I actually have the ingredient list right here with me, shall we?

    1/4 cup of wino lard

    2 & 1/4 cups of Chinese sweat and gray diamond dust

    1/3 cup of distilled Lalo yeast (from Grammy Lalo’s furburger)

    ***Please boil Grammy Lalo’s furburger to kill the fleas***

    Pinch of sandstone and black Spinell (please use the Swiss Parts Invicta mortar n pestle to pulverize)

    Sprig of swine snout

    Half container venom green

    melt a 1/2 a cup of 316L stainless steel

    3 shakes of proprietary (soon to be patent and certificate of our prestigious Red Dot award) swiss gold layering which is bonded at the molecular level cause we say so

    1 Invicta Ryans former (trying to look masculine) goatee hairs

    2 bushels of crushed SAN5 ingeniously created remarkably functional amazingly achieved screw down pusher system

    Mix on high speed bake and serve it with our famous limited edition Invicta cake plates! Our faces are on the plates!!!

    Collect them all you morons!!!

    Wouldn’t you love to eat cake from a plate with your favorite Invicta characters on them?

    ***Offers are limited, only 33 per household, please read rules that apply and are applicable to your 3rd time zone, please use caution while eating an Invicta yellow cake, if you buy the plates and they break, then that just sucks***

  161. Gregory Says:

    Methinks nobody has a life.

  162. McQueef Says:

    I will fart on you GREGORY!..and your Jason Taylor Bolt!!

  163. TwatWaffles Says:

    Dishonest Ideologies..

    Final Chapter: Watch World Wacko

    Thank you for reading the many chapters of his book, which will be available @ Cons & Hobo.. Or at Denny’s Restaurants near you, cause there’s nothing like eating a cheap shitty breakfast while reading about an insignificant con artist who’s in love with himself.

  164. HYDROMAX Says:

    I am built with a staggering 29mm high off the wrist.

    I have a stupid quartz movement.

    I have thick Flame Fusion crystal.

    I am 52mm.

    I am a Reserve level timepiece.

    I look like a goofy clock on the wrist.

    There has never been a better looking laughable watch in history.

    If only we did this in our industry leading proprietary Specialty case.

    Their going like hotcakes.

    Collectible, value, hotness, and even though they look RETARDED on our wrists, just take our word for it and buy one. I bet if Daniel Green can wear one (for 5 min) you can wear this 1lb piece of junk too!

    And on to the news:

    Justin is back, no not for Sturhling, nor Swiss Legend, but now he’s representing Invicta! Methinks he’s taking up Hobo Davis’ hrs. That uninviting unbelievable non excitement in his scratchy voice just oozes watch sales to me!

    I’m guessing their getting sick of Jill’s act, especially with Miss Flopfleur! Awful tv, at least other hosts are bangable, jeez!

    I gotta go, Jorge and Melissa (I’m really a bitch) Miner is on overly GAWKING over crystal. Well, I guess it beats the coin collector programs.

  165. Zeus Says:

    all of u should be ashamed!

  166. Bichon Daddy Says:

    best of luck mr davis

    please email me your newest endeavor

    may it be a fruitful one that yields inner peace happiness and growth

    and if your gonna sell your invictas please look me up on the forum as i will buy them all from you

  167. Krane11367 Says:

    Better – where are you, bro? Skelton now a desperate FB attention-seeker, Davis is gone, Invicta about to be bounced from Shop…we need your learned eye and considered prose. Come back soon; to say you are missed is an understatement.

  168. Mc Snatch Waffles Says:


  169. Marty Says:

    Invicta is leaving the shop?

    No more Invicta “pose for the camera” Ryan and his feminine mannerisms?

    No more Kendy Klopfleur drooling over a $59.00 Invicta on 18 value pays?

    No more “Chef” Daniel Green and his tincy wincy wrist wearing 60mm watches saying he can easily pull this off, you too ladies?

    No more “The Hotness”?

    No more Once Only Reserve watches that just came out 3 weeks ago on clearance?

    No more Dubois Depraz Invicta chronographs?

    No more Watches followed by coins then by bedding?

    No more Invicta on the shop? If so who will watch the #3 network?

    I can see it now, Invicta on The Liquidation Channel and good ol (honest and well respected) Shawn Wilsie?

    Maybe Larry Megan replaces M. Davis?

    Maybe Invicta and Jamal Anderson selling watches in the Super Bowl parking lot?

    Either way we will see, but Krane has an inside track, and if I know Kane as I do through the years, he speaks the TRUTH!

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