“… spreading factless falsehoods.”

October 15, 2009

WHO knew the reach of a little ‘blind’ item, written more as an exercise than a matter of fact, would spin up so many dummies?

I watch ShopNBC, specifically Tim Skelton hawking timepieces.  In fairness of full disclosure, I also watched Tim Temple back in the day when he was on ValueVision with Jeff Hess and as he became the Watch Guy at ShopNBC. And that has always been the extent of it. I avoided the lame internet beefs like those at The Best Damn Watch Forum fights over Invicta and Mr. Skelton.

You people do realize that either of these fine gentlemen could as easily be selling Cadillacs, Cintas or CitiGroup stock… right? They are S-A-L-E-S-M-A-N. Like Billy Mays or Ron Popeil.

They are not your friends; and they are not sacred or immune from comments. You notice when they talk about how good a band or packaging is that it’s a ploy to make up for a less than remarkable timepiece… right? Or do you really buy a watch for nice packaging?

Key point for dildos like Ken Ahearn, bandanapeg (wtf?! I bet this rouge has an OBX coffee mug),  Bigjimzll and the rest of ya – you found me with terms like “skelton leaving shopnbc” , “skelton out tim the watchman in”.  You’re search strings and mailing back and forth from yahoo and gmail are all a part of the metrics.

I thought about it and wrote it – you thought about it and searched.

What does that say about you?




One Response to ““… spreading factless falsehoods.””

  1. Kid Shroud Says:

    How sweet would it be if ShopNBC sold OBX watches!! maybe it could come with a compass and a camo watch band!The Outer Banks sucks! It’s kinda like Nantucket for broke hillbillys who like to golf!

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