These are clearly not my people.

October 16, 2009

SELF proclaimed ‘Watch Geeks’ seem to be the horological worlds equivalent of the guys that dress up in Harley clothes and play biker on the weekends. They make decisions based on consensus. These are clearly not my people.

FOR the past few days I have had a great time watching my stats pump and reading comments, with each funnier than the last. Not just because of the weak attempts at attack and humor, but because of the sheer zest and tenacity of a small group of people who seemingly have elevated Jim Skelton to a Messianic position; like Scientology but without the irony.

Tim Temple doesn’t like Jim Skelton. Sadly, I know this because I used to haunt watch forums. Do I believe everything written – no. You can’t see this? Tim is not member of the WG forums and he probably never will be. If you ask, “How do you know this?” then there isn’t enough time to explain it because you were not around so do some investigating of your own. Ask some of the old heads instead of running them off.

Tim Temple was asked back by senior management at SNBC. I don’t believe it’s because of the hours, but for the real reasons that I stated. Look at how you, his gay ass minions lash out at the mere mention of his name. SNBC want’s a host with this kind of baggage? ”

As to the question of competition: Who the fuck can’t see that these are all SNBC product? Renato Vulcan SS for $300. SNBC priced at $469.00. This is simple economics; not CDSs or derivatives; if I can save $169.00 – ain’t I? And isn’t that $469.00 that SNBC is missing out on? Isn’t that the definition of competition?

But I know, this isn’t the norm – Android and Croton make a lot of pieces that appreciate in value. Oh no, there I go again, saying what’s a fact and being a cock for saying it. What do you guys think; I’m stupid? I have a whole stash of NIB Android Gen 1 pieces that I’m about to auction. That said, I do really like a few of the designs.

Some will accuse me of wasting my time for going through all of the trouble to get an example; these will be the same posters that asked for examples. You really can’t win with the stupid. No wonder America is so fucked – I think some of these people might be in charge of something.

As for my supposed hate of tattoos that some of you WatchGeek SS have harped on – tell me, have you ever had long, extended views of tattoos on the network? NO! because they want you’re Grandmother buying you a Russian Diver and she doesn’t like ink. Maybe one of you should PM Jim personally and ask him to wear a short sleeve shirt on his next show. I bet he doesn’t because THEY HAVE A POLICY AGAINST IT! I’m some how anti-tattoo because I point out their policy and Jim’s violation of it?!

And those god damned jeans that you’re all crying about. You nailed me – I’m a huge homo for Jim Skelton. I mean, being a homo, why wouldn’t I find him hot piece of ass? And if I was gay, you’d attack me for it? Whose “like Rush” now? And for the record, I did design a few pieces for the Pamela McCoy collection in my spare time and I did major in Internet Marketing Guru with a minor in Shopping Channel CEO leadership.

Realize, that as I write that, I don’t hate Jim Skelton. And I do not wish that he loses his job. But if he’s gone tomorrow,and it’s Daniel fucking Green sitting opposite Eyal barking – I’m watching it. And the silent majority of WG members will too. If you’d stop “being into watches” over it, what’s that say about you? Are you starting to awake from your 30 frame per second comma?

Go ahead, put the sunglasses on that Rowdy Roddy Piper is passing out.

As for Jim’s response: he signed a contract but read it for the legalize that it’s so cumbersome written in, “Just last week I was fortunate enough to have signed a new contract, so any rumors of my departure, are simply that… rumors. I would not be leaving on my own…” The last bit is telling, and again, I’m not sure how you people are missing it – there has to be some hardcore CSI watchers amongst you.

IF I am watching Jim sell watches on SNBC next year this time, fine. I’ll watch him. I just think I won’t be.*

*If SNBC makes you sign-up to the WG forums Tim to stop the boat from rocking, sorry in advance. But you did appear with Danny Blair so you’ve done worse for less. ;D

3 Responses to “These are clearly not my people.”

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  2. best buy Says:

    Having read several of your blogs, I habe not seen anti shopnbc or jim skelton agenda. I read conjecture and what if, nothing more.

    With Jim Skelton himself posting a response, it is as if his blessing was bestowed upon his followers to attack you and anyone else defending your position.

    Really amazing how they worship him. They are not his friends yet they seem to think they are.

    Sad but a sign of the times.

  3. Eric Says:

    Skelton is a POSER and nothing more. A 5’8 nerd with a big head who thinks he is “5’11” and really cool because he has a box of knives and a motorcycle. The guy has NO substance. If I lived next door to him… I would be banging his ugly wife because I can.

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