The Return of Tim Temple

October 18, 2009

AS I watch Tim Temple’s return, the juxtaposition between Tim Temple and Jim Skelton becomes quite clear, it’s like the difference between Alton Brown and Guy Fieri. As a long time viewer, the professionalism that Temple exudes cannot be ignored. It stands in stark contrast to the casual nature that is a hallmark of Jim Skelton’s presentations. I have read reports suggesting that ShopNBC is trying to rebrand itself as more upscale and if that is true, then tonights presentation demonstrates that direction.

Mr. Temple stated in the first hour that the testimonial line had crashed from volume. Might that have been the militant wing of Skelton’s Juggalos or actual fans of The people’s Tim Temple? As for the calls that got through, I noted a few that appeared to be Camp Jim and even heard a watchgeek plug, but the vast majority were ‘clearly’ Tim fans. I know; none of these calls are loaded – it’s a coincidence, right? All of the pro Temple calls have made the exact same statement: “Tim, you got me into watch collecting…”

There also appeared to be more sellouts than usual but a lot of that volume can probably be attributed to the insanely low prices. As the point I made to all of the Watchgeeks that hate on me, they must be watching and buying. See dummies; if the price is right, you’ll be there. If The Devil was selling cheap, Swiss made automatics, you’d be there; and you’d be a moron if you weren’t getting a great deal.

A question to the Watchgeek masses; did you notice no praise lavished on either Jim or Shawn? Even as callers mentioned Mr. Skelton, Mr. Temple never acknowledged him. And when he spoke of being back, it was never as part of a team; rather as returning to the “largest watch program on TV…”

Could it be that the watchgeeks just have really big mouths and not the numbers to seriously impact sales at the network? Is there a mass of shoppers out there that left with Temple and will now return?

I’m trying to find a site with cable ratings for ShopNBC and/ or internet traffic volume to compare both hosts.

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12 Responses to “The Return of Tim Temple”

  1. Roger Hill Says:

    Hooray for Tim!!

    I miss the days of the “opportunity buys”, when a small number of major brands were sold at discount. Even Lior Ben-Schmuel nows hawks his “Swiss Legend” in house brand. Most of my watch collection is from SWI’s opportunity buys. I’m tired of every other day being an Invicta “Today’s Special”, and wonder if Lyal Lalo is running ShopNBC. I think Invicta makes a nice watch, but I don’t eat chicken everyday either. Too much is too much! I hope Tim will bring some of the watches that he sold on other networks to ShopNBC. The Russians, Exo-Skeleton, etc., and some name high-end brands too.
    My regards to ShopNBC for bring back the person who started my interest in watch collecting, Mr. Tim Temple.

  2. Susan Ché Says:

    I almost choked at the comment that ShopNBC was trying to rebrand itself as an upscale web site. It WAS THE upscale shopping web site until it decided to rebrand itself as the Walmart of home shopping. No one with any taste or means shops on the site anymore. There has been a distinct program to lower the average sale and bring in mass merchandise. They destroyed their brand in one year. Why in the world they thought they needed Tim Temple to come back to anchor the all all day all the time Invicta channel, who knows. Every great vendor is now gone (most went to HSN) slong with all those customers who were looking for upscale merchandise on television. I wouldn’t be surprised if ShopNBC folded next year. Such terribly poor management and failure of imagination.

  3. betterskills Says:

    Susan – you must be reading my mind. I got so much shit from Jim Skelton’s Mut-litia, that I’ve decided to really do some research on ShopNBC, and their financials are not good. Do a little bit of research on ‘watch geeks’ and Jim Skelton; it becomes clear why they brought Temple back to try and right the ship.

    I was told repeatedly through comments that I was crazy; Jim Skelton himself commented stating sales were up. His legions of fans read that and ASS-ume that it means profits. But it just means they are losing less money than they were at this point last year.

    I believe that they are bringing Temple back to rebrand the watch specific programming. I also think they are going to add Avi from JTV. Temples has worked in the low price range, Asian mechanicals; and he has a lot of experience and contacts in that respect. He also has high-end contacts, like J. Von Berg. This means that you could expect a wide range of brands and price points.

    I think Invicta will still be around, but I do not expect Renato and limited Croton and even less of the SWI brands. The network desperatly needs more variety. I think you’ll see specials; like “Night’s of 99s” as well as fewer but more variety of high end pieces.

    I also expect a rep from the Oceanaut group to appear as a new supplier to drive down the cost with competitors like SWI and Croton.

    That’s unless SNBC gets bought by JTV or HSN.

  4. Ted Says:

    I feel Tim temple is a conceeded ungrateful person. He never recognizes Jim or Sean, he said in his blog, Shop NBC came running to him and not the other way around. Who cares. I have totally lost respect for this guy.

  5. betterskills Says:

    If one is to believe the history of the relationship between Temple and Skelton, then Tim has good reason to not have any interest in befriending Jim Skelton. I used to think that the trolly Skelton was a lot of hype until he pulled his antics on my blog. Jim Skelton seems very insecure, juvenile and as mindless as his hardcore fans that think their his friends; read the blog “Jim Skelton Has Comcast!”

    If the Devil was selling I’d watch; it’s the timepieces I’m interested in. Not the hosts. That being said, I’m going to laugh when they can Skelton because he’s an idiot and a screwball.

  6. Lynn Sharp Says:

    All this talk about Tim’s return to ShopNBC is nice but why isn’t he listed on their host page and what the “HELL” nights/days is he on.

  7. betterskills Says:

    Read the other blogs and pay close attention to the comments. The fact alone that ShopNBC contacted and hired Temple back is very suggestive.

  8. matt Says:

    TIM temple is a monatone idiot that goes on and on and on. Grab a lungfull for crying out loud. Did he leave his personality at jtv?

  9. charles adler Says:

    You got it right on.

  10. Big P Says:

    Temple is just another salesmen, and I suggest if anyone suffers from sleep deprivation, just listen to Temple’s boring nasally pitches, and you’ll either kill yourself, or fall into a Temple induced coma, sweet dreams.

    Temple might be this and that, to me, he is utterly repetitive, the tone in his voice is perfect for people without ears on their heads.

    With Temple, everything he speaks about sounds the freaking same, don’t be fooled, Temple is no spring chicken, been around the block, but at the end of the day, he still is a cue card reading, dirty rotten NBC salesman, who knows full well of the junk he’s selling, so he doesn’t get a pass with me, plus I think Temple should go back to Nashville and stay there, I mean, this guy might be the best at lulling a TV audience to sleep.

    I would happily cancel my cable, rather than listen to that monotone voice of Temple’s, he is truly a great combination of ugly and boring the likes I have never seen before.

  11. Captain Depraz Says:

    yea, temple at least has a brain and jim no brain, but temple can often make ya sleepy.

    btw, he looks like a guppy.

  12. LIES ALL LIES! Says:

    Betterskills, you are a $2000 dollar blogger on sale for $69.95 and on 5, count them 5 value pays!

    I used to think Tim was a TV salesman with ethics, nope. He goes along with the plan from the “top men” time and time again. He is a sheep, not a Shepard, and he is very cautious to never rock the boat.

    Shawn Wilsie I am convinced is the only one over on that station with any ethics and morals. This past week on the Swiss Legend shows he and Lior took several on air swipes at Invicta and their controversy as of late. Of course no names were mentioned but anyone with even a passing knowledge of Invicta’s unraveling web of deceit knows exactly who and what Shawn was referring too.

    It’s no wonder Shawn split from the WG and rarely does watch shows any longer. He has a conscious and a backbone and has not sold his soul like Jim and Tim have.

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