ShopNBC Le Chateau Show with Tim Temple

October 21, 2009

IT was Tim’s turn in primetime tonight as he presents the first, primetime showing of a brand new to the network, Le Chateau.

A few things jumped out at me tonight. The first; when Tim stated he is no expert. I immediately thought of Skelton’s rattling off of movement numbers and technical specs. He then name checked Thomas Prescher and his having interviewed Prescher at Basel. Might this mark a return to the Jeff Hess / ValueVision days of truly, high end pieces? I might be wrong, but I think Temple sold Quintings on ValueVision.

I’ve also notice a distinct difference in how the shows are shot. Temple sits on the left while Skelton rides the right side of the box. The shots of the timepieces themselves are live on Tim Temple’s show, featuring close ups and Tim manually manipulating and displaying the pieces. The Renato show was usually the looped video segments and not a lot of Skelton actually handling the timepieces, but way more wristshots.

It feels like Temple is getting more face time.

Am I the only one that notices Mr. Temple talks about his rejoining of ShopNBC and not the greater ‘Watch Program’ of the network? I really do feel like I’m watching two different networks. I think this is demonstrating a clear break between the future and the current lame duck. I can almost see Mr. Skelton climbing aboard the helicopter and waving goodbye, one last time.

I do find it curious that Mr. Temple seems to be pushing the lower end of the ShopNBC inventory, but I think this is more for his own adjustment and to further develop the looseness that he had with Avi on the Nashville Shopping Network. I do predict that she’ll be on ShopNBC within the next 6 months.

Is Renato actually top of the line? The finishing is impecable but these are, at their core, Asian watches. And as everyone remembers, Renato was booted of SNBC for making false statements about the quality of diamonds used in their watches. One wonders if we may see a wholesale change at the network that includes a lot of new brands; and no longer includes some of the old favorites like Renato or Invicta.

2 Responses to “ShopNBC Le Chateau Show with Tim Temple”

  1. darksider Says:

    insightful and right on. Tim Temple is a professional and it shows. Along with Shawn Wiltsie, they present a professional and polished front.

    The third wheel with his boorish innuendos of a sexual nature and comments about the holocaust in front of not only a woman but a Jewish one was the topper of his sophmoric behavior.

  2. m.davis Says:

    Great analysis! I hope Tim takes over again and brings some dignity back as opposed to the sophomoric behavior of Jim.

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