Invicta Turning Time Show, 10/31/2009

October 31, 2009

I only caught tonight’s block of “Turning Time with Invicta” after midnight, and for the first half hour Tim Temple talked all over Jill Sommerstein. She seemed to be visably annoyed; at one point slaming her forearms on the table.

He did get more comfortable in the second half hour and Ms. Sommerstein was able to make points.

The second half of the show was much more smooth, but there seems to be something going on between the two. Did anyone else noticed that Temple seemed to keep pointing out that Jill was a sales rep? When she’s on with Skelton, he introduces her, as well as Michael, as “from Invicta”.

One can only imagine what the scene will be like Temple and Laylo finally present together again.

For the coming 5 days:
Tim Temple is scheduled for 13 hours
Jim Skelton is scheduled for 14 hours


2 Responses to “Invicta Turning Time Show, 10/31/2009”

  1. darksider Says:

    At least there were no jokes such as Skeltom made when he was with the Renato guy. Comments like ” that watch will make her fertile”.

    I did notice he called her a sales rep and that is what she is. She needs to put aside her ego and TT needs to show a bit more respect to her as well.

    More fun to watch was the “technical advisor” and TT. The Technical advisor did not seem to like TT much when he was not at shop.

  2. Jaime Skeleton Says:

    The karate master, poker expert, mariguano looking????????????? Technical Manager (MD) hates Edward sissorhands…He has only love for his masters Eyal and Jim.

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