Mink v. Temple?

November 23, 2009

IS it me or is there a noticable tension between Daniel Mink and Tim Temple? Temple keeps heaping praise on the Renato timepieces but Mink keeps making snarky comments and one wonders where Daniel’s comment regarding being nice because you “never know when your paths may cross again” is directed.

Might the two have a history? It’s quite possible that Mink could have approached JTV or even Shop At Home? It is conceivable that Mink approached other networks after Renato “left” ShopNBC? Could it have been Mr. Temple that derailed any deal? I suspect that the JTV team would have been reluctant to work with Renato because of the complaints from consumers of the diamond quality and clarity, as well as the questionable origin of some timepieces presented as Swiss Made.

A pattern that I’ve noticed with callers is that they are clearly Camp Jim or Camp Tim. I also notice that Tim Temple never makes any mention of Jim Skelton; instead referring to the period that Skelton took over as “The Watch Program”. Correct me if I am wrong, but I have yet to hear Jim Skelton say Tim’s name or Temple saying Jim’s name.

And did you hear John from Texas? Renato watches gave him the will to live?!


2 Responses to “Mink v. Temple?”

  1. darksider Says:

    Doubtful that skelton and TT like each other. One was taking shots at TT for years and the technical advisor to Invicta did the same. No love lost.

    Mink might be upset he has lost a claimed $15-20 million from the Ponzi scheme run by the minority partner and GOP pitbull Scott Rothstein. Or that the claims of being Swiss made are not as accurate as some claim. Credit Mink though with not going as far as Invicta in dubious claims.

    Examples include claims that Seiko and Invicta worked together on a new movement which is untrue. There is also the claim by Jim Skelton on air (when presenting the Lupah with strap set), and I quote:
    “You guys are the first company on the industry to offer Full Disclosure by marking the dial Swiss Comp, which means it includes ISA components but is assembled on the east”

    And keep going: “This way the consumer knows where the parts originated from and where the watch is assembled, so there is no misleading” This is not something sanctioned by the Swiss Federation. Again it seems that the shopnbc vendors are in my opinion mis-leading buyers even are involved with deceptive trade practices/

    With the claim that Daniel Mink (made at Watch geeks) has lost this large an amount of money, fans can see the huge margins on thses so called Luxury watches. One also wonders if some of the claims by diamond sellers for non payment made at Jewelers Alert board will ever be paid off?

  2. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    I caught some of the show the other night with Tim and the Minkster. Tim did nothing but praise Renato, to the point I almost wanted to vomit actually. I like Renato, but come on, I thought I was watching Skelly instead of Tim for a minute there. Makes me wonder if Tim has just realized he has a volume clause in his contract.
    I still think the Renato line is overpriced currently on their new line, but like Invicta that will change quickly.

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