ShopNBC And Ed Hardy: A New Low

November 29, 2009

Like a Reese Cup of feces, The Guy Fieri of homeshopping tv provided a sneak peak of Ed Hardy watches on ShopNBC last night. This begs the question: what the hell are the buyers thinking?

To listen to Babe the Blue Skelton, you’d think that Ed Hardy is the height of fashion and in demand. Which flys in the face of reality – just take a walk around your local TJ Maxx and see the racks upon racks of unsold wack.

The only person I ever see wearing this shit is Jon Gosslin and I’d hardly consider him the arbiter of cool.

The watches are as awful as the t-shirts, hoodies, remote control helicopters, dildos, tampons and hand sanitizer. They exude cheapness which is evident when you examine them in the jewelry case at TJ Maxx where they are priced between $50.00 and $99.00. Compare this to the SNBC prices well north of $100.

This sales move is faintly reminiscent of ShopNBCs attempt at selling Seiko a few dollars less than retail. I can remember Babe fondling the legendary Orange Monster for nearly twice what they were going for on the sales forum of any given messageboard.

Seiko had a handful of dedicated shows and I cannot tell you the last time I remember seeing any Seiko product for sale. One can only hope that Ed Hardy watches are around for even a shorter amount of time.

I do admit that Skelton selling this crap is a perfect fit. He’s a cornball and I could see him wearing these horrible designs. That’s synergy!


8 Responses to “ShopNBC And Ed Hardy: A New Low”

  1. Paytosh Says:

    Haha, What a joke! Who wants to bet that these are the same watch body and movement as 1000’s of other “customized” novelty watches? I bet if you open the thing up and pick off the Ed Hardy image you win be freeing an image of Larry the Cable Guy, Orange County Choppers, or some generic Iron Cross! I was in Las Vegas last week and saw tons of overpriced Ed Hardy shit. You’re right Betterskills, these guys have let their merchandising get way out of hand! The shit is overpriced, ugly, and the new uniform of the new millenium white trash! Sure out of the gate the company made some money, then they got greedy! They’ve decided to stick their name on on any promotional item they can find! Now comes the best part, the white trash customer base now is slipping of the Ed Hardy tattooed funbus. Millions of dollars tied up in hundreds of different products will soon be on their way too discount outlets (ie…TJ Maxx, and ShopNBC Watchzone)! The revenue generated from these discount outlets will go straight to Ed Hardy attorneys to pay for their bankruptcy debts! I love it!

  2. betterskills Says:

    I was in an AJ Wright a few weeks ago and they had a bunch of Ed Hardy product. For those who don’t know AJ Write is the ghetto, urban version of TJ Maxx.

    The slow decent has begun. It’s only a matter of time before we see this shit in Dollar General…

  3. darksider Says:

    Hit the nail right on the head here. I saw that crap last night and was disgusted. Fashion backwards.

  4. jr Says:

    Tuesday night I tuned into “The Shop”{shut in slang for ShopNBC} and James Skelton was gushing about the studs on the strap of an Ed Hardy watch. He enjoys the finer things in Hot Topic life.

  5. Creepy La Beef Says:

    Maybe Skelton was gushing about the leather and studs because he may have an alter-ego of Rob Halford of Judas Preist.

  6. Jaime Skeleton Says:

    Not to worry …Stupid Trainer Dave will buy all of them, he is well known to buy 12 watches of the same model with different dial color..Another Jim Skelton puppet…And if JS love them, Stupid Trainer Dave will too!

  7. betterskills Says:

    Tranny Dave is one of my biggest fans…

  8. Jaime Skeleton Says:

    I am your biggest fan….The thing is that trainer dave response on your blog “Jim Skelton out of SNBC” was a big mistake on his part…No kidding Maliasuperstar is TDs girlfriend, when Bigjimzill responded to the tread, TD thought that Bigjimzill was attacking Maliasuperstar, that’s why TD attacked Bigjimizill like a rabbid dog..As always Stupid trainer dave didn’t stop to look what was going on, he acted on impulse and start talking trash…Trainer dave and Bigjimizll are very good friends now at WGs, they kiss and make up already,TD told Bigjimi that his response was directed to you , not to him…..The way Stupid Trainer reacted is the way all of JS lovers react on a given situation….Much muscle and little brains, and other body parts.

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