Android Gets A Shot In Prime Time

December 2, 2009

ON December 7, 2009, Android Watches got a shot in primetime with Tim Temple hosting. It has been awhile since I had caught a Temple show, but it’s obvious that the old Tim is back. He is clearly comfortable and assertive without the stumbling and jibber jabbering of past presentations.

Android has improved both their designs and quality over the last few years. Where some of the older designs bordered on tacky and were just too much and too small (most around 38mm), Wing Liang, the owner and designer of Android, has managed to strike a balance between being over the top and maintaining wearability. The quality of materials and finishing at these sub $100 priced pieces is pretty astounding. One can clearly see that Android is becoming a serious challenge to both Croton (who has also stepped up their game) and SWI. If these trends continue at Android, Invicta should also take notice.

As is typical of the host tit-for-tat, I detected a couple of veiled swipes at everyone’s favorite dead man walking, In Cognito, er, Jim Skelton, including Tim’s knock on the cliché host practice of telling the audience to “buy one in every dial” as well as a mention of the “largest watch show for the past 5 years” and no mention of Skelton.

Is it telling that Temple hosted Android’s first primetime appearance or just a coincidence?


4 Responses to “Android Gets A Shot In Prime Time”

  1. darksider Says:

    Wing does a good job for a fair price. If you saw the skelton show with Invicta and the new ” are you man enough for this” Sub Aqua Noma III diver kit (straps and an alleged Pelican case) you could easily compare both men. Skelton knows he is on the hot seat. Temple has a large following, has a true knowledge of watches and has far more street cred.

    Speaking of that OTV, many claims made of it being sold out but it appears it was not. It looks like they are listing it sold out by not selling it and keeping it on hold. Issues with a recent Invicta Reserve Lupah (non Swiss made for the first time) and the claims that they were numbered edition of only 750 each and had a movement made by Seiko for Invicta ( false claim ) and hawked by Skelton over and over have now shown up at discount sites all over the web.

    The story for these “limited edition” Lupahs showing up at huge discounts ( original price over $700) is they may be returns yada yada. No one is buying it.

    CS is also a sore point for Invicta, Michael Davis and WG in general.

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    Originally Posted by cschmelz
    Nope, no help what so ever…I’ve gotten yelled at, told I should have taken it to my local watchmaker versus the manufacturer to get good service, but I’ve gotten zero substantive help thus far.

    Too busy isn’t a good reason to not respond for WEEKS!
    I am sorry that you have issues that you need resolved. However, the reason that you have not gotten a response from me is that I have not seen a request from you for assistance.

    Since you indicate that you have sent something and I have not received it, please send it to me directly via email. I need the following:

    #1. Your full name
    #2. Your mailing address
    #3. Your email address
    #4. The four digit Invicta model number of the watch in question
    #5. A full description of the situation

    Once I have that, I will be happy to escalate the issue to someone that can assist you with a satisfactory resolution….as I have been doing for many members here.

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    11-26-2009, 12:23 AM
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    Originally Posted by meijin
    I am sorry that you have issues that you need resolved. However, the reason that you have not gotten a response from me is that I have not seen a request from you for assistance.

    Funny, since when I check my sent box it shows PMs sent directly to you on No 21 @ 1750, Nov 24 at 0201am and just now a few moments ago…

    They are there waiting….I know it is the correct address as I send them directly from your posts! “

  2. jr Says:

    It was nice having a prime time watch show without James Skelton’s sex references and “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” shirts

  3. betterskills Says:

    Don’t get me started on the SAN III OTV – that thing is heinous. The dial colors look like Android circa 2003 and the rubber bands are awful looking – very cheap. Invicta’s prices seem to be heading higher and the product just isn’t cutting it. With exception of the Bolt. I don’t care what anyone says, that is one badass looking piece, especially the automatic ones. And what’s with a $400 Ani-digi; that’s just plain dumb. Where’s the market for that?

    I published about half an hour before Jim and Temple appeared on set together. Temple looked like Edward Scissorhands. Skelton’s over the top phoney pleasantries. If you don’t see this, you’re in complete denial or you’re a fucking idiot.

    As for the attached message, Michael seems to be more than willing to help. If Invicta has so many QC issues, why not hire a few of the diehard Invicta-holics to increase the amount of eyes. Not to mention these people know what to look for.

    As for Skelton last night, it seemed as though his show was dedicated to clearing out the old Croton designs (with a few obvious exceptions) andthat near side by side presentation of both hosts was quite revealing. As Temple has become more relaxed, Skelton has become more over the top. One seems genuine, the other fake. I like the big, chinese knife Skelton pulled out to attempt to scratch up the ceramic watch. That was a nice touch.

    Skelton’s fanboys shouldn’t worry about him, he will land on his feet. Might an Invicta channel be in the future? Laylo has been buying a lot of property in Eden Prairie over the past few years…

  4. darksider Says:

    “As for the attached message, Michael seems to be more than willing to help. If Invicta has so many QC issues, why not hire a few of the diehard Invicta-holics to increase the amount of eyes. Not to mention these people know what to look for.”

    Actually the poster states that he sent messages to Michael over a several day period of time that were unanswered. This is not unusual n fact.There have been a couple of threads locked down in regards to the issue of Michael and CS.

    Recently a long time Invicta Defender was banned for commenting on the crap they were selling. Comments about the OTV lupah which was supposed to be a Limited Edition of 750 casued many issues. And a lot of BS excuses about why so many were sold and not at thr $700 price point at shopnbc, but at $239.00 on line.

    The new Invicta Dive kit is garbage and they knew it. You do not use aluminum screws for a steel case.

    A thread about it is here.

    Another Fiasco is Steven Jay of Croton/Nicolet saying the word “Jap” referring to the Japanese.

    The post and link.

    “Thinking about buying the Croton tungsten OTV… I briefly stopped at the geeks world today and found a thread about last night Croton’s representative and TT presentation in which the representative (Steve) used the ethnic slur term jap describing or referring how they are “catching up” to the swiss etc …I witnessed the term usage and find it rather odd(at best)…one of the members there complained just to be immediately refuted by the Almighty Tech Adviser , who claims that.. is OK to use the term because it was not intend to offend , in other words (he implied) is OK to use a derogative term, as long as you mean well,aside (he stated) that the term is widely used in the industry, then proceeded to his typical blah, blah, blah regarding him(The Almighty) long residence in Japan and referring to his martial arts skills etc at that point I lost interest and left…
    What do guys think? A case of extreme political correctness or a valid point by the folk pointing this out… ”

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