Jim Shorkey Kia wins Screwooge of 2009!

December 18, 2009

I’m all for private land ownership and contractual obligations – bu the audacity of Jim Shorkey, owner of Courtesy Kia in North Huntingdon giving the residents of a trailer park that he just bought until January 15, 2010 to move out is mind blowing. With one week before Christmas and January first falling on a Friday leaves these people realistically two weeks to have both trailers and belongings moved. Even as an ardent believer in the rights of property owners, this smacks as both mean spirited and cruel especially in the light of our current economic times. Especially when one considers that these folks are at the bottom of the economic scale and are the most affected and hardest hit by our current depression.

While I don’t think any politicians should show up and start beating on their chest for votes, I do think everyone should take some time and let Jim Shorkey and Kia know how you feel.

Jim Shorkey Courtesy Kia: 724-871-7895

Kia: 800 – 333 – 4KIA (4542)

What follows is the article from kdka.com:

A group of mobile homeowners in Westmoreland County were recently told that they have until the end of January to move out to make way for a car dealership.

The more than 20 mobile homes lie just off Route 30 in North Huntingdon Township.

Some of the residents say they have live there as long as 40 years. But they have all been told they have to clear out by January 15th.

“A move like this in the winter time is virtually impossible,” said mobile home owner Bill Adler. “It can’t be done. I couldn’t afford to do it right now first of all.”

Adler, who is on disability, says he can’t come up with the $2,000 it would take to move. His neighbors are also finding the situation difficult.

“It’s impossible,” said another resident, Carl Murtello. “Then, go look for a place, and get this moved, which I understand costs between two grand or more to move. I don’t have the resources for that.”

The residents are being forced out to make room for a Kia auto dealership owned by Jim Shorkey.

“Change is difficult,” said Shorkey. “And I’m not trying to be difficult, but I’m building a new dealership there and this is not something going forward as part of the plan.”

Shorkey also says once the new dealership goes up, the community will be glad to see the motor homes gone.

“We’re going to employ more people, we’re going to pay more taxes and we’re going to make the Route 30 corridor more attractive. There’s a benefit to this,” he added.

Shorkey says that he has enlisted a real estate agency to help the mobile homeowners find a new location.

However, the homeowners say they are still worried and are seeking legal advice.

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UPDATE: 12/21/2009, 9:49 AM

IT is being reported that Shorkey Automotive group has extended the move deadline to April 15, 2009 as well as providing economic assistance of $2500 to each family to help in the move.

Extending the deadline is the right thing to do. Providing economic assistance is above and beyond what Mr. Shorkey was obligated to do. I want to be the first to give him kudos for it. Good luck and continued success to the Shorkey family in 2010 and beyond.


16 Responses to “Jim Shorkey Kia wins Screwooge of 2009!”

  1. jenn Says:

    Man, that’s a shame! Shame on Jim Shorkey! There are PLENTY of dealerships that closed on the Route 30 corridor that could have easily been renovated and upfitted with the state of the art equipment that his agreement with Kia would require. It would cost the same as building a whole new dealership. He would still pay taxes, create jobs,etc. And he would still have the traffic he desires.

  2. Katie Shorkey Says:

    In response to the news segment regarding the property that we are developing:

    We completely understand everyone’s concerns. We had notified the residents prior to sending the letter and many of the residents have already moved. Until yesterday, we were unaware of any objections. That being said, we understand the concerns that have arisen. Please know that we do not want to cause any harm and that the entire story was not relayed on the news. We have hired an agent to help the residents relocate. This person will contact each individual today.

    We WANT to and WILL work with everyone to ensure that they are able to successfully relocate and are more than willing to extend the move-out date. If you would like to discuss this further or have any additional thoughts or concerns, please feel free to contact me, Katie Shorkey or my father, Jim Shorkey Jr. Thank you.

  3. betterskills Says:

    Let’s hope this isn’t an in the moment attempt to make this PR disaster go away. I will keep a close eye on the situation, especially in the weeks that follow the deadline of January 16, 2009.

    I’d like to take you at your word Ms. Shorkey, but some of the comments that include making “…the Route 30 corridor more attractive” strike me as elitist and suggest that if this would have never made it to the popular conciousness that those stuck would have been forced out.

  4. Katie Shorkey Says:

    I need to retract my statement that I made earlier regarding the fact that the residents had been contacted prior. We have since found that the individual whom we entrusted to contact the residents did not do so to our satisfaction. The way this has been handled is certainly unacceptable. My dad is personally contacting each individual to discuss their individual needs and an extension has already been made. Again, I appreciate the opportunity to address this concern. Thank you.

  5. JustMe Says:

    Several years ago I worked at a mobile home moving company in the office. Unfortunately, some of those homes in that park will most likely be impossible to move – they are too old and safety is a factor. It is also very expensive to move a mobile home.

    Have any arrangements been made to assist these people? I’m not swimming in money (I drive a beat up old car and I don’t even own my own place!), but I’d be able to help out with a little bit. Every little bit helps, right? Maybe if people chipped in whatever they can it could be turned around and this wouldn’t have to be a totally tragic Christmas Scrooge story. Normally I’m a believer of standing on your own two feet and taking care of your own affairs, but these people seem to be getting their feet kicked out from under them. Times are rough all over and it’s pretty rotten that the Shockeys felt that they had to develop THAT particular property when it sounds like other options were available.

  6. betterskills Says:

    JustMe: I agree, I get tired of people looking for handouts, and to be honest; if notice was served on Jan 2, 2010, I’m not sure if I personally would have had such a visceral response. The timing is just really terrible in light of all that’s happened with the banks and a government that’s gone from bad to worse in the last 18 months.

    I’m as guilty as anyone in looking down at people that live in trailer parks – it’s one of the few remaining groups of people that it is acceptable to shit on. But you know, that’s what those people have. It’s there home, and surely they have made just as many memories and have a sense of community as the rest of us that live in suburbia. And really, with the economic rug pulled out from all of us, what do you have other than friends and family?

    I’m just a guy with a family that blogs as an outlet to keep me from going ape shit. If you’d like to try and establish something, I’d be willing to help you promote it on this blog as well as Twitter. From the above comments from Katie Shorkey, it seems that the Shorkey’s and possibly Kia might help you promote it as well. It doesn’t have to all be monitary or cash donations – it sounds like you may have contacts or even just the knowledge to maybe approach a few companies that have knowledge on moving mobile homes. Craigs List has also had a few threads in the rants section on this topic; maybe people would be willing to donate their time to help in a move?

    I’d like to know where that big mouth, Jimmy Carter is – he could help mobilize a team to make a move…

  7. Katie Shorkey Says:

    I really did not want to make this about the public, but as I read these various posts (on many forums) I must respond on behalf of my family. Although I am not sure there is ever a good time, I will say again that the timing was absolutely horrible and the situation was both misrepresented and mishandled.

    After speaking to the residents of the mobile home park, my father has extended the move-out date to April 15th and is providing financial assistance to each family. This is simply the right thing to do.

  8. JustMe Says:

    Hello, Ms. Shorkey –

    Thank you for your reasonable attempt to turn things around and for giving those families more time to get their things together. Things are hard all over right now and at least they have some wiggle room to make arrangements. I had to laugh over the April 15 deadline, though…from now on they’ll have two reasons to hate April 15th!

    Betterskills –

    Hi! Unfortunately, I don’t have my contacts anymore – I’ve been gone from the area for quite some time begining with a jaunt to Iraq, after which I accidentally landed in Memphis, TN. This is where I’m presently stuck due to the “economic rug” being yanked out from under me. I can only hope that the Shorkeys are providing financial assistance that will actually be of help. If so, the April 15 date is very reasonable.

  9. local guy Says:

    If they are so concerened with the community it will be interesting to see who builds their new dealership local people or out of towners. Since the trend lately is to build with some guy who is paying his guys minimum wages and no health care or retirement. Then he takes his money home to what ever state or town he came from. If they are ligit people they will do what is rirht for everyone

  10. In response to local guy, we are using a local company for the project. Kacin general contracting of Murrysville will be the general contractor on the job and they will use many of the same local contractors that helped construct our Suzuki store on Rt. 30.

  11. LOCAL GUY Says:

    Typical of a guy that kicks the families from their homes for a profit. Hire a contractor that will sub to someone who most likely pays minimum wage with probably no benefits and makes a ton of profit from the hard work of these men. I feel bad for everyone involved with this project. Especially those that will be taken advantage of by the contractors. these men have no choice but to work for these wages paid by sub standard contractors JUST ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF SOMEONE ONLY THINKING ABOUT HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!

  12. betterskills Says:

    Maybe the people that are going to work on that site are going to be paid well; I suspect a lot of illegal aliens will be hired by the sub. Blame some of the unions for that – they are all for the illegal workers getting amnesty because they want to unionize them. More dues to pay for the union executives salaries and their lavish parties and expense accounts. Like everything else in this country, anyone at the ‘top’ of a collection of people is only worried about short-term profits and maintaing their status quo.

  13. local guy Says:

    So your answer to illegal aliens working on a non-union job is to blame the union? Why not blame the subs who hire them and hold the end user responsible? After all they hired the subs.And the general contractor hired them.But I guess it is easier to blame the other guy,why hold the scum that hire these General contractors responsible. I am no lawer but why would the union want to hire illegal aliens and get their contractors in trouble? Yuor responce sounds like you are pretty ignorant to these things.

  14. betterskills Says:

    There is a push by some unions to be able to unionize illegal aliens: http://tiny.cc/C0wdL. By the unions remaining silent on illegal immigration, they are lowering the wages of American workers by proxy as people who will work for way less than an American. Some of the most, supposedly ardent union supporters in DC have smashed organized labor in their own business interests (Nancy Pelosi and her hotel chain).

    Believe me, I know quite a bit about unions and what a scam they are. I think back to my youth when my UMW dad got zero assistance when on strike yet the union bosses didn’t give up and sacrifice. And who can forget Western Center in Canonsburg where AFSCME didn’t fight for their workers jobs and the safety of the residents. Who’s palm got greased there? That went down under Bob ‘Pope for a day’ Casey.

    And why didn’t all unions go on strike when Regan fired the airtraffic controllers?

    Maybe the building trades need to offer up the union to more unorganized workers. But at the end of the day, what are those dues that you pay getting you?

  15. local guy Says:

    I can not speak for all unions and organized trades I believe grouping them all in on basket and speaking of them like they are all the same shows just how little people understand them. I do not believe all trades belong to the building trades and I don’t claim to be a expert on unions but I know they get better pay and benefits.And if a non union contractor brings in illegals to build a kia dealership than he should be held responsible for his own actions and shame on Jim Shorkey for hiring him in the first place.Who couldn’t use better pay in todays economy? This should not be a union verses non union issue it should be who is going to put more money back into local pockets so people can start spending some of it and stimulate our local ecomomy not just one mans

  16. betterskills Says:

    Pretty funny that there has been an effort to rate this blog low. Hmm – not saying it’s the Shorkeys, but who else would bother? Dickweeds.

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