Gov. Schwarzenegger and the Invicta Russian Diver: Come Clean

December 22, 2009

WHENEVER ShopNBC’s Jim Skelton is hawking the downright ugly ‘Russian Diver’ by Invicta, he always alludes to “that famous actor / body builder who happens to be a governor” selecting this particular piece in light of his ability to afford any watch out there. Other Invicta staffers,including CEO Eyal Lalo have allude to this as well, leaving the uninformed viewer to infer that The Governator actually went out and bought an Invicta to add to his collection of eponymous Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Arnold’s All-Stars Chronograph models.

But the truth is that Schwarzenegger, who famously appeared on the cover of a magazine wearing his Invicta ‘Russian’ Diver, received it as a gift. A gift, that because of California law’s limits of gifts to $390, he had to pay the difference for.

Last February, the governor received the retail valued $1600 Russian Diver from Lalo. He then reimbursed Lalo $1210.

Yes, technically he did pay for it. But how classy would it be for a Governor to return a ‘gift’?

One of these days I’ll tell the dubious provenance of the Invicta ‘Russian Diver’.


10 Responses to “Gov. Schwarzenegger and the Invicta Russian Diver: Come Clean”

  1. jr Says:

    James Skelton and International Male catalog shirt enthusiast Eyal will say anything to make the Agoraphobic bumpkins feel they’re having a brush with greatness by wearing the “same watch as the Governator”

  2. darksider Says:

    The “russian DIver” which Eyal claims his grandmother helped invent. No one has ever seen one of the “only 50 ever made” models. There has been a show of an Older Russian Diver that the Invicta is based on. That watch is not an Invicta.

    Have some fun checking out a young studly JS…… no package checking though. 🙂

  3. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    I never knew this about the RD story with Ah-Nold

    I guess I’m not surprised by this in the least having seen these d-bags get busted telling many lies. Oh well, just chalk another one up in the books.

    btw, still waiting on those Invicta Swiss locations……..

  4. Jaime Skeleton Says:

    WOW.. With the reimbursement of $1210.00 The Governor can get 10 of the same watches due to the fact that this particular watch is now $120.00 at the SHOP and a lot less at some discount venues on the internet…Price that reflects more the “real” price than that of $1600.00…That shows the deceptive practices and prices of Invicta, Eyal and his puppet JS.
    Shame on them

  5. Paydirt Says:

    The Gov has since bought ‘on his own’ more variations of the invicta rd, along with wearing them quite often, he’s caught on photo wearing a invicta rd more times then not. And was also on the news recently wearing one of the invicta rd’s. He also owns and wears an invicta subaqua specailty. Just do a google image search for ‘schwarzenegger russian diver’ and you’ll see some, even just search for image of schwarzenegger & search through images & you’ll find quite a bit of photos of him wearing different variations of the invicta rd. He really does like them.

    As far as the original invicta rd, there were 100 made. The russian navy commissioned invicta to design a ‘swiss made’ version of an already existing russian diver to give out to their officers. Invicta never claimed to have ‘invented’ the russian diver. Eyal did bring the original ‘swiss made’ invicta rd once on air at shop the when the rd first launched there.

  6. betterskills Says:

    I doubt that the Gov. shops at J.C. Pennys, Sam’s Club or ShopNBC. The only pictures of the Gov. show him wearing a black Russian Diver, which I assume is the ‘gift’ from Invicta.

    I’m not buying Invictas story on the Russian Diver. One example that has only been shown on TV doesn’t mean anything. To my knowledge, no one has ever inspected it and none of the supposed 100 made for the Soviet Navy has ever come on the market. The Soviets even built their own watched for their space program throughout the 60 to the collapse of the Soviet Union. They included their version of a Lip movement, folllowed by a chrono based on a Venus movement culminating with the Poljot 3133. So why would they step out for a limited edition naval watch instead of doing it themselves? That flys in the face of reality.

    I think that the ‘Russian’ Diver is an attempt to muscle in on the Russian watch market that Craig Hestor took over in North America in the mid 2000s.

    Don’t believe the phony provenance that Invicta is putting forward.

  7. […] January 3, 2010 AS promised, this is the follow up to the blog Gov. Schwarzenegger and the Invicta Russian Diver: Come Clean. […]

  8. socialguy Says:

    Most politicians wear cheap watches for photo ops. They want to show theyre just regular people. Clinton wore timex digitals. That doesnt make them collector items. Doesnt look good for the gov to sport a vacheron when economy is in the toilet.

  9. betterskills Says:

    But the retail on his watch was over a grand which makes Arnold one of the few to pay retail for an Invicta product. To the average Joe. Regular people don’t know the difference between a $150 Seiko and a $100,000 tourbillion. The Gov sounds like he was backed into a corner and had no choice but to pay for this ‘gift’ or look like a jerk.

  10. LIES ALL LIES! Says:

    Well, it tough times in California. Even the Govenator hits up Invictashark. LMAO

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