Betterskills, why he still there?

December 30, 2009

WELL, we are at years end and Jim Skelton is still hosting at ShopNBC.

“What gives, Betterskills? Why he still there?”

In my best Teluglish, “Let me ‘splain you…”

In my blog, Jim Skelton Out At ShopNBC?, I initially thought as much, and this suspicion seems to have credence as former host Tim Temple had recently announced that ShopNBC’s management contacting and rehiring him.

But the response from Skelton groupies and Mr.Skelton’s posing as In Cognito and commenting a few weeks after his initial, official response to that blog seemed to suggest that it would be neccisary to push it out. In retrospect his exit will probably follow the fiscal year.

A current trend I notice with the latest ShopNBC schedule, dated 12/30/2009 to 1/5/10 is that Mr. Skelton is hosting his normal Sunday show in prime time but he’s stuck with the late night, early morning slots. There are a total of 28 hours of watch programs, of which Skelton has only 8; the rest of the hours divided up between 7 other hosts. Two of these hosts I do not recall ever having presented watches. Let’s look back at Skelton’s official response to Temple’s return back in October on the website that he owns with Invicta’s Michael Davis:

“Tim will be coming back to host some of the watch hours that are currently being hosted by ‘non watch-specific hosts’ a few hours a week. The watch hours continue to grow on our calendar, and I simply cannot work as many hours as we see listed. Shawn (Wilsie) cannot work that many hours,…”

The entire remaining 20 hours is hosted by ‘non watch-specific hosts’ and Shawn Wilsie is nowhere in sight. One slot is on New Years eve in the wee hours of the last day of 2009. If he had juice, one would think he’d be on vacation like Temple is for this period – right? Additionally he is hosting an electronics show; a show completely out of character as he likes to tout that he is “the watch host” – an hour, reminiscent of his hour of Die-Cast in October.

On tonight’s Invicta show, 12/30/2009, he stated that he so loves his job that he came to work with Kidney Stones. Doesn’t that count as a reason to call off for medical reasons; especially when one is on air talent?

As Tim Temple is fond of saying, “I’m just sayin’…”

And that I am.


6 Responses to “Betterskills, why he still there?”

  1. jr Says:

    I only see Shawn hosting car wash and women’s jewelry shows. Does Michael Davis have a contractual obligation to mention Shawn’s french cuffs in every show? James Skelton’s forum is a disgrace with multiple folders devoted to a company with an abortion of a Better Business Bureau rating. Skelton’s becoming Mike Davidson in Dom DeLuise’s body.

  2. OffTheKoolAid Says:

    As a former Invicta collector, it is shameful to see the crap they churn out now…along with the “Technical Brand Manager” who along with Jimmy “owns the forum” although the Lalo pays for it. The attitude of the holy-trinity towards those that question Invicta is sure to cost both Invicta and ShopNBC. As one who has spent huge amount of money on Invicta via ShopNBC…and also other items through the Shop, I no longer spend one penny with either. Scary, I used to be part of the cult…hopefully others will learn as I have

  3. betterskills Says:

    Off the KookAid: I see a lot of comments with a similar refrain. Makes me think that the sales profile has changed to represent a core group of a few thousand people that drive the majority of sales. It seems like anyone that has had a CS issue gets subtly mocked and attacted. As most people shy away, they just stop pushing the issue and fall away. If this is the case it’s a really dumb move on Jim Skelton’s part. Laylo may have got him the job but his loyalty needs to be with SNBC. While Invicta supplies Skelton with ‘samples’ for reviewing and photographing, I doubt that all of the make it back. You really think he didn’t get a couple of free sets of that Asian series? But it’s SNBC that pays him. At the end of the day, success is constantly opening new markets and not just sales alone. That crowd could turn on him, and as a result, on SNBC.

  4. OffTheKoolAid Says:

    Jim is still there and here is why (my opinion only). The economy goes south and Invicta was selling all the watches they could churn out despite the economic troubles…OTVs sold out…they were the saving grace for the Shop. The Lalo protects Jimmy boy and the tech dude. Now Invicta does not seem to do so well…the awful divers kit had lackluster sales for an Invicta OTV, most new models turn up on clearing house sites shortly after Shop airing. Even some of the KoolAid kids now say they watch the shows, but will wait a few weeks for the deal sites to have what they want. The tech dudes attitude towards customers is running many once loyal fans off. Invicta will soon no longer be the Shops golden child and hopefully go away all together.

  5. Jaime Skeleton Says:

    As soon that SNBC realize that Jim Skelton is “double dipping” he will be out of there, it’s super obvious that Eyal pays money to Jim in order to sell more Invicta watches than any other brand..Eyal even hired that wino faced, homeless look alike (Michael Davis) as Technical Brand Manager (Jim Skelton’s partner at WGs) The poor guy not only suffers from lack of personality (he looks like a Skid Row escapee)but lack of knowledge as well…Or maybe he was already at Invicta factories (most likely in China) gattering some information about the brand he represents so bad?
    All these guys ,Eyal , Jim ,Michael and Bruce are only scammers and if any one go against them, it can be dangerous due that Michael not only is an expert on horological and poker fields, he holds the most black belts and dans in karate and personal defense than any other human being on a life time can atain..Even Chuck Norris is afraid of him!

  6. xkss Says:

    I laughed so hard I fell off my chair…”wino faced, homeless look alike”! I never cease to be amazed at the cast of cretins Lalo fronts. What about the ‘lisping beauty queen’ Jill? Best on-air answer… Caller: What do I do with that big ass crown protector on my Russian Diver, it digs into my wrist? Jill: Wear it on your other hand.
    I bought a dynamite Tag Heuer Monza(calibre 36)
    on an alligator strap via SWI & Tim back in the early days…lost interest when he left and SWI backed off and ‘TimeZone’ became another Invicta show.
    Collectors my ass…more like insomniacs with credit cards!

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