ShopNBC Names Bob Ayd as President

January 28, 2010

WELL, what do you know? One day after getting a snide comment on the blog “Jim Skelton Out At ShopNBC” from a dildo that works for the San Diego Public School system questioning my belief that Skelton would be out by years end, ShopNBC hires a new President, whose duties include overseeing on air talent.

There has been a lot of speculation as to why Tim Temple is not among the Hosts on the host page. It’s very possible that network management has learned from the Skelton mistake and hired him as a contract employee, thus freeing him for personal endeavors that do not directly associate with the network in the way that poor Invicta quality and watchgeeks have.

Why then wouldn’t they just do that with Skelton you might ask? Because he inked a new contract and management had to find a way to decouple the network from Skelton and Watchgeeks. As I’ve speculated in other blogs, when he is off the air, he’ll be locked up and gagged. No new network, for awhile, and no comments. I’m telling you, he’s going to be on a special assignment. I wouldn’t be suprises if Invicta jumps from the network and tries to spin off an infomercial type show with Skelton as host once his contract is through at SNBC.

Hangman is coming down from the gallows and it won’t be very long…


From CNN money

ShopNBC Names Multichannel Retailing Veteran Bob Ayd as President

January 28, 2010: 09:00 AM ET

ShopNBC (NASDAQ: VVTV), the premium lifestyle brand in electronic retailing, today announced that Bob Ayd, a multichannel retailing veteran with more than 30 years of experience in the marketspace, has been named President of the company, reporting to Chief Executive Officer Keith Stewart. As part of his new role, Mr. Ayd will oversee Merchandising, Planning, Programming, Broadcast Operations, and On-Air Talent.

Cultivated over three decades, Mr. Ayd brings an extensive background and proven track record of success to ShopNBC, including executive leadership roles at multi-billion-dollar retailers QVC and Macy’s. Most recently, he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at QVC (U.S.). During his tenure at QVC, he also served as Senior Vice President, Design Development & Global Sourcing and Brand Development, and Senior Vice President of Jewelry and Fashion. While at Macy’s, Mr. Ayd held a number of executive leadership positions including Senior Vice President in Women’s Sportswear.

Keith Stewart, ShopNBC’s CEO, said: “We are excited to welcome Bob to the ShopNBC family. His fluent understanding of our business and world-class multichannel retailing expertise, coupled with the building blocks already in place at the company, will help accelerate our timeline to drive increased sales and profitability. Equally invaluable are Bob’s strong vendor relationships and industry contacts, which span the globe. We look forward to benefiting from his strong leadership, vast relationships and strategic guidance.”

“I am thrilled to be joining ShopNBC,” said Mr. Ayd. “The culture is passionate, the focus is on the customer, and the opportunity at hand is golden. With already very exciting things happening at the company, I’m looking forward to doing my part in helping ShopNBC build on its progress to date while quickly ushering in a new decade of success.”

In accordance with NASDAQ Marketplace Rule 4350, Mr. Ayd will be granted inducement stock options on February 1, 2010, covering the right to purchase 350,000 shares of the company’s common stock. The options will have an exercise price equal to the closing price of the company’s common stock on the date of grant.

UPDATE 12/28/2010 3:58 PM
from the website

Just an FYI so that there’s no “mystery” or rumors when I disappear for a little while.

Beginning February 23rd, I will be off the air, and will have the Ask Jim forum closed following a surgery I will be going in for that day. It’s not a huge deal, just a long recovery. I won’t be able to speak with any projection, and I won’t be much to look at during this time (not that I was before either LOL).

I have been unable to undergo this procedure previously for a variety of reasons, and I have desperately needed it.

I will just be doing a few procedures. Septoplasty (total relocation and rebuild), removal of septal spur, lower turbinate reduction, mid turbinate reduction, upper turbinate reduction, removal of cyst in vocal chamber, removal of errant bone by upper sinus, and a whole lot of scraping and whatnot.

I have lived with acute sinusitis for 20 years as of this month, no meds have been able to eliminate the infection, so I have tremendous buildup of nasty stuff at all times. My septum is so deviated, i have barely 1mm clearance in one side of my nose, plus a very painful spur. All levels of turbinates are very constricted (hard to breathe), and there is this odd bone shape up in the top that has closed off an air pocket that has really been interfering with normal breathing. All that plus a cyst in one of my vocal chambers. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Of course having to talk for a living, all of this makes working very difficult, so this will change my life so much. I spend half of my shows cutting my microphone to try and clear my sinuses.

The whole thing will be completed in about 3 hours the doc says, and only a couple of “warnings” were issued. One was that due to how extremely high up he has to go, there is a chance (slight) that he could poke through too high and release brain fluid into my face, and this comes with serious consequences… but he said it is HIGHLY unlikely that this would happen. (Wheew)

The other thing is that I will likely have to go to a vocal coach for a while. During the time my sinusitis began, it sounded like I had severe congestion from a really bad head cold. Totally stuffed. You know how your voice sounds when you’re totally stuffed up? Well after some time without it going away, I had to ‘learn to speak around it’ which changed my speech habits in order to sound normal. That was 20 years ago… so now I may have to re-learn how to speak in some ways. My voice may also change (for the better however). My voice sounded much different before the initial infection, deeper and more resonating and he says it is likely that this will return. No one in my life over the last 20 years has actually heard my real voice Without the extreme pressure on my upper palate, I am opened up more and MAY sound different.

So that’s it. That’s a lot to lay out there, but it saves me from having to type all of that in 10 scattered posts as folks ask the questions
None of this is a big deal to me, I have zero worries about it. I have been through MUCH worse (ever had an early ’80s, all-steel 2.5 ton station wagon run over your leg? TWICE? I have) all of this SOUNDS worse than it really is. The only bad part is the plugs plus packing that has to be crammed up there while I heal. It sucks, and really sucks when he pulls it all out. Plus the black eyes (cutting and hammering in my nose) don’t look too flattering. I’ll begin accepting bids for pictures But that’s about it. The doc promised me really cool drugs, so don’t cry for me, I’ll be a zombie for about 2 weeks

I look at it this way… I get to eat in bed, watch movies all day, sleep a LOT, experience more euphoria than a rock band roadie, and finish counting the dimples in my ceiling (I am tragically far behind on this task) and not shave for 3 weeks. And at the end, I’ll be able to breathe for the 1st time in 20 years!

So please forgive me as I will be unable to come here and answer questions. If during that time you see folks wandering in wondering why I’m ignoring them… link them to this post for me. Thanks!

25 Responses to “ShopNBC Names Bob Ayd as President”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Jim has just revealed that beginning Feb. 23 he will be off the air for several weeks to undergo surgery. Maybe this is the endgame you’ve been predicting.

  2. Jim Skelton Says:

    I don’t understand all of your blinding hatred. I would address you by name, but you prefer to remain anonymous apparently.

    Why is it that for the last 6 months or so, you have become so obsessed over me? Why is it that each and every thing that happens at shop… no matter how unrelated to me or my position… somehow explains your wild theory that I will be dismissed?

    I know that you are mad that you were wrong in your post way back when claiming that you knew I was being let go before the end of 2009. Once 2010 hit you were hitting the back-pedal button rapidly, but now any small thing that takes place at the network solidifies the belief in your mind, that I am being tossed out on my keister and I simply do not understand.

    I have met people in the real world, face to face, that I did not like. I have known some that I had a very strong dislike for (I don’t really “hate” anyone), but even in those cases I would never wish for them to be unemployed. You and I don’t know one another, yet there is something deep inside you that propels you into this repeated tyrade where you you seem to hope and pray that I am left jobless. I cannot wrap my mind around such pointless and undeserved hatred.

    You always pepper your posts with words that insinuate that you have some sort of inside knowledge of how this industry works, or insider info at ShopNBC in particular, yet you have never once posted any opinion that was even close to being even marginally correct. Your assumptions about how products are selected, priced, presented… how hosts are judged for their job status… or really anything… not one thing has ever been close to correct. Yet you try to make others feel like you have the inside track in order to validate your theories. I just don’t understand why you carry on like this.

    No one is out to get you. I don’t even know you. No one is doing anything to perpetuate these kinds of posts. No one is feeding you information about this industry. No one hates you… so why do you continue to spew forth such incredible negativity?

  3. jr Says:

    James Skelton’s living the Heidi Montag lifestyle. Hopefully Bob Ayd doesn’t think card tricks and martial arts belts make someone qualified to be a guest on watch shows.

  4. darksider Says:

    A big deal for a 30-45 minute nose job which is done every day. The cyst surgery is uncomplicated and from cases I have read a two week recovery seems the norm. The nose job takes about 3 weeks. Not a long recovery time in my opinion. If Corona or Ommpah Lupah as he was known at watchuseek, had heart surgery, maybe we could feel a pang of guilt for pointing out his lies. Then again, maybe not.

    A whining, sniviling ” look at poor me” kind of guy. He cannot not hold a candle to those who really suffer pain in life. What he really needs is treatment for Narcissistic personality disorder which is a personality disorder defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the diagnostic classification system used in the United States, as “a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy.”

    The narcissist is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, and prestige. Narcissistic personality disorder is closely linked to self-centeredness.

  5. hal Says:

    The watchgeeks are up in arms with the Renato brand. It seems the money shelled out for those limited editions were not limited at all. The Minkster made a statement that indeed an agreement between Renato and SNBC allows additional productions of previosly limited edition watch runs should they prove hot sellers. Jim and the Minkster are on the air right now stumbling over the definition of production runs etc. It is fun to watch.

  6. betterskills Says:

    What have I written that is hateful? I didn’t say anything negative about you until you trolled around my place like Beetlejuice on the Maitlands model railroad and dropped the gauntlet as In Cognito. To the points I made regarding your one particular appearance, everything I wrote was as it appeared. TV Dinner even posted comments AGREEING with me but then I learned he was simultaneously bad mouthing me on watchgeeks so I deleted that dopes comments. You can disagree until you’re blue in the face but that night you had an angle. You know it and viewers saw it.

    Have I made fun of you: of course. You were dumb enough to post your official SNBC response from the same IP as “In Cognito”. If you’re going to be sneaky and back handed – be smart about it, man. In the first paragraph alone, you have your facts wrong. That initial post was early October so you’re a few months off. Maybe you believe me to be a trouble maker that you kicked from watchgeks. I’m not. Have you bothered to look at any of the blogs that do not feature you? I’d much rather you comment on those then keep revisiting this tired ass topic. See, if you read those you’d get that I’m just riffing. It’s practice; I’d much rather write for a living than (redacted). When you do leave SNBC, you’re not going to be jobless, you’ll become a technical brand manager and do appearances at JC Penny, Sam’s Club, Costco and the other fine retail outlets that make up Invicta’s AD network.

    And I cannot figure out why you think I’m mad. Look at it from my perspective. I cannot believe that it is 2010 and now I’m arguing with the Grand Puba geek about himself? I like watchers. I like them a lot. I still have the Swiss Made, Big Bird by Bradley watch that I got as a wee lad back in 1977. I have several Swatches, Seikos, Casios and Pop Swatches from the 80’s. I have magazines specifically for the watch Ads, A Playboy with my grail watch as a 10 year, a mechanical Croton (when still -on-Hudson) chrono. And I bought my first russian from Russia2all when you’d suspiciously get emails from Nigeria within days of buying a watch. And I used to flip through and land on ShopNBC and watch shoes. Even then, I’d listen to and chickle at some of the claims that Mr. Lalo made. Being that into wristwatches and of course loving reality drama; how could I not immerse myself in this little iFiefdom and the politics, battles, shit talking, complaining, intimidating and sheer zest of people around a watch brand, a shopping network and a host. Here I am worried about the soft collapse of society and the third world order mentality of a group of people that where a website name as a badge of honor. Mad? No. Thinking you’re all slightly retarded. Guilty. And I wouldn’t call changing my mind based on new developments back peddling. I thought you’d be out but then your hours didn’t decrease relative to Temple. And that got me thinking – is it the end of the fiscal year? But I don’t know when that ends so I’m guessing it’s in the spring. If you’re there after that then I’m saying right now that I’m wrong. I’m not mad and I don’t care if you stay or go. Do you want me to say I’m sorry?

    You expect me to believe that Tim Temple being called back by SNBC management after a less than amicable split and your bizarre appearance that coincided with the announcement of his return, the one that you couldn’t “talk about” yet mentioned months prior was all merely a coincidence? This isn’t CSI type shit’ Also, I hope you realize I never posted or promoted the first Skelton blog. I got a several dozen hits on “Skelton leaving SNBC” and still more from PMs passing around watch geeks. So I wasn’t the only one thinking it.

    Your fans and detractors found me.

    The way you disprove the assertion that watchgeeks is in direct competition with your employer was to go private and delete the post. BTW, I like the acknowledgement to D. Mink on that one during houre 230 of the 27 Hour ‘event’. Not to mention that you are a condescending prick at times to your end customers. People have related just that and I did read it in response to the Invicta SAN III OQ screws. I’ve thought about buying a Bolt and while I have not read about any real problems with that model, I’d never buy one after the SAN OQ. No fucking way – not in a million years,

    How do exactly do I “pepper [my] posts with words that insinuate that [I]have some sort of inside knowledge of how this industry works, or insider info at ShopNBC in particular, yet [I] have never once posted any opinion that was even close to being even marginally correct.” Hot damn, I need to deconstruct that. What ‘industry’ words am I using? English? Remember, I’m just riffing – I don’t even edit.

    Also, can you provide examples of where I suggested that I know “…how products are selected, priced, presented… how hosts are judged for their job status…” maybe I did that, but I cannot remember and it sounds really out of character. What the fuck is “job status” anyway?

    But my favorite quote has to be that I “…make others feel like [I] have the inside track…”? What the fuck are you talking about. You sound paranoid and delusional. I’m not responsible for peoples feelings; they’re responsible for themselves. Is my conjecture validating theres? Maybe. But that’s not my fault. You shouldn’t have lost your head and you probably should have been cooler to Temple when he got das boot. You wanna fault me for shit I read on watchuseek and other messageboards when you came in? Fuck that. Completely absurd. Do I have an inside track? I mean you’re here addressing my “little blog” after years of ignoring the CF static.

    Who knew Diamond Jim was so sensitive and wounded?

  7. darksider Says:

    Give him a cigar and a little cheese to go with that whine.

    His renato buddy and the “limited edition
    crap is old news. He pulled the same stunt with the T-Rex diver and the T-Rex host pick watch. I mean look at minksters friends and family. Scott Rothstein (ponzi artist) and Ovi, his father in law who has a dad with alleged ties to organized crime. Why does any of this surprise people?

    Corona has a need for attention and always feels put upon. Nothing is ever his fault, even threatening people. Must come from working as a “manager” for sunglass hut in Virginia.

  8. OffTheKoolAid Says:

    Jim is just following the technical guys lead…look at how michael davis defended Swiss as being Swiss made and all that…he insulted, threatened and had his idiotic moderators threaten via PM…people were not banned, but had IPs blocked…they have to keep member numbers up for illusion.

    Then the bomb drops…the OTV Sea-Spider…with the famous “Swiss” at 6 oclock that MD insists meant swiss-made…only the case back on this particular hunk of crap says “Swiss Components”…MD lied again, but the kool-aid kids dont care.

    Jim sees all this and chooses to let the lies continue so he will remain in Eyals good graces…he has no integrity.

  9. Reading Mr Skeltons response is like a CigrFamily flashback and it only goes to prove the reality that no matter how much a person tries to change the past is really the indication of the future and Mr Skelton really has not changed at all.

    I wonder if he ever paid anything back to those he stole from in the Washington DC area.

  10. Karma Says:

    “I wonder if he ever paid anything back to those he stole from in the Washington DC area.”

    To answer your question: He still owes me and my wife. You would think, after all of these years, he would have come around. It appears that he hasn’t and karma is kicking in. Jim, you know how to reach me. You know the address of the home you took refuge in when you were down and out — it hasn’t changed. I’ll be checking the mailbox.

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  12. darksider Says:

    Karma Says:

    January 30, 2010 at 8:49 am
    “I wonder if he ever paid anything back to those he stole from in the Washington DC area.”

    “To answer your question: He still owes me and my wife. You would think, after all of these years, he would have come around. It appears that he hasn’t and karma is kicking in. Jim, you know how to reach me. You know the address of the home you took refuge in when you were down and out — it hasn’t changed. I’ll be checking the mailbox.”

    Well he still has to pay for his “shelby”, his Dodge, his house, his enourmous watch collection, a vault for the humidors that he alleged to have, his lawyers and for a bad hair style.

    I love reading the claims stud muffin makes on air. About the “swissness” of a chinese made watch.

    Some needs to give him a KY laced Corona up his…… well you fill in the your choice of words.

  13. Karma Says:

    “Some needs to give him a KY laced Corona up his…… ”

    Why make it easy on him? I say we forego the KY. A little friction might just make him wince as the Corona goes up his Gorda.

  14. Skelton hater Says:

    Who gives a shit about the fraud of watches James Skelton and his freaking nose job? 3 months my rear end!! So many sheep follow him it makes me barf! His so called open forum is now closed! What the hell happened with that? Why is Invicta now sponsoring a forum that was never supposed to never be sponsored like BDWF?

    Jim when you publicly admit you have stolen and harmed people in your past, kissed ass to get a high profile TV Shopping Network job, had your failure of a friend Michael hired by the lair Eyal Lalo then maybe I will have a little respect for you.

    When will Invicta admit the Russian Diver story is a fraud? When will Invicta admit their Customer Service sucks? When will you admit all the truths published here about you? When your ‘gone’ I sure hope to hell Tim and Shawn replace your worthless ass.

    You never wear a freaking tie, no one wants to see your f***ing chest hairs, either button up the damn shirts or wear a tie. You look so unprofessional, I hope the new management either makes you dress more appropriately or wear a tie! Good luck with your so called nose job jerk.

  15. Skelton hater Says:

    It still amazes me how blind all the sheep at watchgeeks really are. Like the nicest guy there Big Joe who is ripped a new asshole by the fucking thief liar/Skelton and the reject poker player/fucked up karate guy Davis. They say lets make him ambassador. To what??

    the forum that would never be closed is now private, Invicta and the fucker liar Eyal now sponsor it along with the lies of the 1959 Russian Diver. I actually like Invicta Watches but am sick of the lies.

    Skelton grow a real set of balls and admit you stole from people, you lie and Shop may have finally seen through your deceit. We HATE you and hope you are exposed for the true fraud that you really are!!

  16. Vicki Says:

    Mr. Skelton has been awfully testy with production. Pointing out errors, protesting directional cues and generally acting out on air. This is the behavior of a man who knows his days are limited. He even posted about his big anniversary event as if it was the last supper. It just might be his last hurrah.

  17. betterskills Says:

    He’s seemed to fight with Production since Temple’s return became public. I also notice that he requests shots and they ignore him. I still say that leaving MD’s mic hot was a way to stick it to him. Even his comment illustrated a big FU because they gave him a dead watch. Once Skelton leaves for good on the 24th and the remaining 6 months expires on his contract, you’re going to see a lot of stuff come out about exactly what type of person he is. I think it’s obvious that he’s not the most beloved of hosts. Babe the Blu Skelton tried to get some steam going in his response to this blog and rewrite the real story, but the facts are this; I said he’d leave the air with some announcement, and a few months later, he said just that. I pointed out how was competing with ShopNBC and selected a Renato example that was over $400 cheaper and the response was for watchgeeks to go private.

    I was around and on the boards when Temple was bounced from SNBC and Eyal convinced them to hire the ‘expert’ Jim Skelton who reportedly ran into Temple on a few occasions and was reported to be a total dick. And now we’ve even seen the guy that Skelton supposedly ripped off when he was floating around in cigar circles as an ‘expert’.

    When I started with the first Skelton blog, it was based on observations and news and while aware of the bad blood between he and Temple, I really didn’t have an opinion. As I’ve delved further, and got attacked in what seemed to be very orchistrated attack, culminating with Diamond Jim posing and posting as In Cognito, I do have an opinion. I think Skelton is a dildo. He’s immature and is way to self important. He actually drove me to want to fuck with him.

    And by the sounds of it, he got just what he deserved. If only he knew who I actually did know and who it appears actually reads these blogs…

  18. hal Says:

    I notice that he checks the sample watches carefully now, not only to check if they work but also to see if the damn thing matches what is being sold on the shop. A thread over at the bunny forum exploded when a limited edition watch was shown by Skelton with sapphire crystal only to have the geeks bitching because what they received was not a numbered edition and had the epic fail fusion crystal. He even responded on the thread to quell revolt but the geeks are still pissed not at the saintly Skelton but at the bozos at SNBC for not getting the info right. Mr. Skelton said he would look into it and when he did Eyal said that the watches are no longer limited and have flame fusion. The geeks are now sending all of these back for refunds. SNBC takes another hit from the geek site.

  19. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    I’m rather surprised that this Blog is still up and running. I watch friend of mine at another forum reported that said forum was threatened legal action due to some posts or threads that related to JS’s past and present and legal threats were made. That forum has since changed and all potential libel posts were removed and members left. I’m waiting to hear similar news here as JS is making his rounds. Seems to be consistent with WG’s going dark to not let those in the know interfere with the sheep herding.

    So JS’s last stand is over the next weeks and then that’s it? No more JS on Shop? Hell I may start watching again. Who will MD suck on? I fell a bit sorry for the Deer in the headlights as he won’t have any buddies as Hosts. I think it’s funny when MD does a show with D Green, can you get two guys further on the opposite end of the spectrum? Maybe MD will go back to On line poker?

    What will Eyal do when all this goes down? Who will he get to polish Invicta 1 and his sphincter in one afternoon?

    Maybe Daniel Mink will get more airtime? Let’s not forget his partner took him for millions and was part of the mafia. Like Daniel never knew? BS, he’s not stupid enough to go into business with anyone without knowing their background, or maybe he is?

    Tune in next month to find the answers, same Bat time, same Bat channel.

  20. betterskills Says:

    Not sure how there could be a threat of legal action as i personally have not posted anything but my opinions of onair talent at the number 3 shopping network. Not to mention that Jim Skelton, Michael Davis and the lot of them are pulic figures, which means that the libel laws that apply to private citizens don’t count. I’ve gone to great lengths to redact things that seem to be objectionable, but there are a lot of shopnbc customers apparently that think Skelton and company are assholes. This is still America and you’re allowed to have opinions.

  21. darksider Says:

    Skelton going on and on about his pretty simple nose job shows just how self important he thinks he is. He took his forum private because some of the posts made (complaints) were becoming fodder at other more legitimate forums.

    The truth about watchgeeks and the owners and the people that run it is amusing. A failed poker player who has won perhaps $3000 by his own words at myspace. Yet he continues to push the legend of his days as a pro. As he calls himself, The Krabbler King

    An Admin/mod who is a failed private investigator.

    An owner who is known in cigar forums as a grifter who worked in a couple of cigar stores and was a “manager” for sunglass hut.

    I discovered these comments made by the people that run watchgeeks at a forum dubbed the fuzzy rabbit forum. The comments were made about a 9/11 hero known as Big Joe.

    Watchbear- Did any of you guys see Idiot joes last post? He spelled psychotherapy psco-treapy! What a fool! He needs a good kick in the nutz.

    Michael- Will he EVER stop posting here?

    Bruce- I hear he has been tutoring LooseCannon on syntax and sentence structure. These guys are such ass-hats I can’t even take it.

    Jim- He couldn’t get a clue in a field of clues, dressed as a clue in mating season. All of these guys are fuzzy bunnies!

  22. Luke Skywalker Says:

    “Betterskills, lets show the public your buddy darkside who is an internet thief wanted by the law, Isn’t that rite ****, why won’t you post my response, looks like your for sensorship as well asshole.

    Read it for yourselves, rite KOIMASTER”

    FIRST off, the comment as posted was not what I had originally approved. WordPress for the iPhone is a complete piece of shit and doesn’t save edits apparently.

    BACK to the comment from ‘Luke Skywalker’ who I believe is Youkrany (sp.), based on the sentence structure and lack of coherant thought.

    This idiot has attempted to post the same article around 8 times today under various names. I don’t know if Darksider or Koimaster are one in the same or two different people. I also am not friends with the person mentioned in the article.

    Dickweed – you threaten me in a post, which is funny because the Internet tuff guy thing is so 1997, and you annoy with lame comments. I have read your comment a few times and believe you’re confusing supposed former and current members complaints regarding “sensorship” on that forum with something you’re projecting on me; “rite”?

    You’re a fucking idiot.

    Go sweep a street, scumbag.

  23. Jacky Rotten Says:

    What exactly is an “internet thief”?

    Someone stole the internet?

    Darksider, please return the internet!

    Or is an internet thief someone who released all your vulgar, treacherous email/PM’s to the public?

    Pull that lightsaber out of your ass and use the force next time, Luke.

  24. betterskills Says:

    Ha – “Internet thief” bit. It’s so sad that the guy is nearly 50 and so friggin’ moronic. With a photo highlighting his bitch tits.

  25. […] ShopNBC Names Bob Ayd as President January 201024
    comments […]

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