End Game

February 10, 2010

UPDATE 4/2/2010: A review of the ShopNBC schedule reveals that Tim Temple not only has double the hours of watch presentations of Skelton, but Temple’s hours include

Hello fans and haters. Sorry I’ve been absent for so long. Work got in the way along with a screenplay and The Blizzard of Oz that crippled the East Coast and drove me into living like a refugee in a hotel for several days.

SINCE Jim “In Cognito” Skelton resurfaced like Bubby the whale from Flap Jack and spouted off on the last blog, a few things of note have taken place.

Take a look at the next week of scheduling. Tim Temple has surpassed Jim Skelton in on air hours. As I mentioned to him in my response on the last blog, I expected Temple’s hours to increase relative to his. I felt that would be a sign that Skelton was on his way out. Granted, this is one week but it’s something that those of you playing at home can monitor in the days that lead up to that medical absence which dovetails nicely with my assumption that Skelton would anounce a hiatus. If my memory and math are correct, Skelton signed a new contract in late September/ early October. As I wrote in the original blog, I believed that his contract would tie him up and keep him off competitors airwaves. His leave is for a series of minor surgeries yet it is keeping him off the air for several weeks. He has not been specific with a return date and that’s because, I think, he’s not. Not as an official ShopNBC host anyway. Last month he mentioned during a Stührfling show that he was designing a line of art deco inspired watches. And who might he be designing those pieces for? Omega? Tissot? Hublot? Ha, ha, it’s surely Invicta or a brand of the watchgroup. So he may yet surface opposite Temple on ShopNBC.

DOES this sound crazy? Maybe. But his announcement of his three day “Your Time with Jim Skelton” on watchgeeks sure reads like a farewell, interestingly noted by one of the forum members.

Skelton, either by accident or design, has managed to create a loyal following that can impact sales yet his behavior and treatment of forum members seems to also have had a negative impact to the Shop’s bottom line. While his legions of fans are easily identifiable and public, the disgruntled group is a relative unknown to anyone without the metrics that SNBC surely collects.

57 Responses to “End Game”

  1. jr Says:

    Zirconia James will get the Pamela McCoy treatment to sell his “art deco” line for Activa

  2. kevin Says:

    I was banned from watchgeeks for just suggesting that the quality of the chronograph on the corduba ibeza was defective when I received the watch. And to ask someone on watchgeeks(20,000members)and not one person knew how explain how to set the watch….these invicta’s are a piece of garbage!!!!

  3. betterskills Says:

    Funny you mention Activa because I did consider suggesting that Diamond (and rust!) Jim would probably end up designing his line for them. I can’t wait to see these things. His discussion with Stührling Larry regarding Art Deco styling cues was funny due to his complete lack of reference and ability to detail what he was talking about.

  4. darksider Says:

    One only needs to look at his last Invicta watch designs from the past. Over-priced mechanical (were they Technica Swiss Ebauche movements or real Unitas ones) watches based on Chinese figures such as a Koi. Fugly is the word I use for them although some did buy them, many at a heavily discounted price though.

    He made a huge deal about this minor surgery on his website. He posted about brain (not going there) fluid, massive pain, learning to speak again anon.

    His following (adoring lemmings or fuzzy bunnies as he called them) were like rabid bunnies when you posted the first blog on his potential leaving. One does wonder though how many of them were admin or mods who like In Cognito aka skelton posed as others.

    Will he leave? One can only hope. I understand his old job at the sunglass hut may still be open. You have to wonder though how his rabid fans would feel if they knew Corona Gorda threatened members of his own forum via email, ran background checks on them and then one of his website admin/mods sends that information out on the internet to thousands of people.

    I can only hope that when he is deposed that those depositions will be allowed to be posted here or elsewhere in their entirety. It should be very enlightening to his fans and confirmation to his detractors.

    Tim Temple on the other hand, although at times trying too hard, is a change that has been long over-due and I know many who feel the same way.

    What is amusing in some of these Skelton shows are the people calling in and fawning all over him. ” I just bought 10 invicta watches for $400 and 9 value pays each” “I love Invicta watches Jim”. Poor buyers get caught up in the hype. All those watches when they could buy an Omega or Ball or Oris watch for less than those 10 watches and have one that could be passed down the generations.

  5. betterskills Says:

    From Tim Temple’s Twitter feed: “hi everyone! Just opened an official ShopNBC page. Please join me there; looking forward to you all being in touch! http://bit.ly/95tnGV

    An official Shop page. And the plot thickens…

  6. Skelton Hater Says:

    Better Skills, during tonight’s Android shows old Corona Gorda/Fatecrush/Big bag of wind Jimbo eluded to some Blogger who is predicting his end and not coming back. Keeps saying he is coming back. LOL! Good job nice to see the jerk spin in his own tire tracks trying to spin this back to the sheep at watchdorks.

  7. darksider Says:

    kevin Says:

    February 10, 2010 at 2:02 pm
    “I was banned from watchgeeks for just suggesting that the quality of the chronograph on the corduba ibeza was defective when I received the watch. And to ask someone on watchgeeks(20,000members)and not one person knew how explain how to set the watch….these invicta’s are a piece of garbage!!!!”

    No banning here. no censorship here. Talk up a watch or down. praise someone or hate them.


    I do want to say that this blog is refreshing and an eye opener. For those that are passionate about anything, watches, cars, family, the posts made here in defense of a host at shop are amazing. Calling a man names for conjecture or just plain commentary is something I thought only homophopes and bigots did. Now we now fuzzy bunnies and their lords and masters do so also.

  8. Mikey Skelton Says:

    It is an interesting conspiracy theory behind it all but as long as Eyal Lalo is protecting him he will be alright but when Eyal realizes that Invicta sales are dropping off at ShopNBC and that it might be due to Skelton and Davis they will both be on the streets. One will be looking for the next teet to suck off of and the other will be a washed up martial arts student who cant survive playing poker.

    For the responder who mentioned 20,000 members at WatchGeeks.not but realize that only about 7000 of them are active which means that after registering only about 7000 of the 20000 have ever signed in again.

  9. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    Interesting predictions and theories to say the least. I can’t imagine Eyal without his pimpboys Jim & Mikey by his side. I’d actually be a bit sad if the team of douchebags were broken up. Where would we get our entertainment from? Who’s going to stare into the camera like a deer in the headlights? Who’s going to act macho and brag about 8 inch wrists with a pear shaped body? Please say it isn’t so…..

  10. OffTheKoolAid Says:

    Eyal cant protect those weak minded fools too much longer in my opinion.

    No longer are Invicta OTVs “for sure” sell outs. The masses are slowly coming to their senses.

    Im sure Shop is tired of taking heat for all the returns of the junk that Eyal is pumping out and Jimmy and his sidekick are pushing on the unsuspecting.

  11. Mikey Skelton Says:

    Could it be the end is nearer than we thought? Watch Time with Ego Man Skelton was cut to only 1 hour last nite so they could sell mattresses instead.

    Granted he had a couple of hours earlier in the day but his precious time with him ego show was cut to only 1 hour so they could sell Serta Mattresses and then followed his show with his soon to be full replacement Tim Temple also selling electronics.

    Is the writing on the wall for Skelton? When he goes will Mikey Davis be gone as well? When they are both gone what will happen to WatchFreeks.con? Will Timex and Casio see a major increase in business while KoolAid see’s a major decline?

  12. Vicki Says:

    I love when they interrupt his flow with plugs for the next show. “What we’re doing this now?…your kidding right? Ok folks don’t miss Brilliante and the all new urine colored gemstones on base metal…Now back to the Sea Spider OTV…wake up Mike!” He actively protests each of these miniplugs. It must annoy the shit out of production and management. I bet they can’t wait to fire this sausage fingered freak.

  13. Vicki Says:

    So let’s see Jim off in style and help him make this the greatest watch event in ShopNBC history. The morning following his final Anniversary show, Jim will be off for a medical procedure that will take him off the air for 3 weeks, and this is his last hurrah for nearly a month. Let’s all show him the love, and be there with him for his special event. Call in and spend some time with Jim on the air, and of course snatch up the new watch debuts and special Insane Anniversary pricing that will be exclusive to this event.

    Sure sounds like a last hurrah!

  14. betterskills Says:

    Right? A lot of hooplah for 3 weeks; considering Skelton never specified how long he’d be gone in his original announcment.

  15. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    I wonder if the Shows this weekend will receive the Fuzzy Approval stamp? This mega blowout weekend is supposed to be the end all be all of Anniversary events. I know I will be glued to my seat trying to learn more about flame fusion, swiss parts, swiss gold layering, and generally how the Shop can afford to sell a $2500 retail value watch for $150.

  16. Mikey Skelton Says:

    So long farewell and please dont hurry back for any special reasons is what the normal world needs to tell him. Now if your one of his kool-aid-aholics and wait for the next and latest sophomoric witty comment of his your in trouble.

    80% of his special shows will be the overpriced Invicta line.

    The other day when Croton was on they canceled a bunch of there shows … does anyone know why? They also had canked the OTV they were doing of that brand as well. Just seems a little weird but might have been because they brought out what was a great watch for 25% less than what it was as an OTV just 2 months ago or maybe that company has had enough of Skeltons sophomoric ways of acting?

  17. hal Says:

    The uppers at Shop keep moving and shifting show times on poor Jimbo and his crowd of fawning geeks. Geeks are posting updates and warnings. Threads are titled “Jim’s on right NOW”. Seems as though management is trying to hide the JS schedule from the geeks. Even the anniversary show had to have a special posting by the great one to alert his posse that his anniversary event is actually on the air 2 hours before what is posted on SNBC’s website. Sabotage, I tell ya!

  18. Vicki Says:

    Fat Fingers Skelton introduced Tim Temple as “DJ Magic Tim or something like that”. Tim countered with a scowl saying he was “…mad with street cred.”. Tim also dismissed the anniversary event as kind of a big thing. No love lost here. Jim was pissed off because Shop chose TIm to host the big OTV venom dive kit. Where Jim was stuck with the 1000th version of SAN GMT to push onto the gullible geeks.

  19. betterskills Says:

    I also noticed that exchange. Did you catch Skelton’s demonstration of how ruby jewels work with the 5th grade hand signal for screwing? Also a lot of redirects ignored by production staff.

    If this is as big a deal as Diamond Jim says it is, why no special graphics and no press release?

  20. Vicki Says:

    The geeks were also miffed at the lack of value pays and great prices. They were bitching about most items having only 3 value pays and having to pay for shipping. These idiots have value pays totaling more than a mortgage payment. If Jim “the pusher man” Skelton can’t get the value pays up to 6 per item, they will throw in the towel. Lots of complaining about the anniversary event amongst the faithful.

  21. Krane11367 Says:


    Sunday was probably the funniest WG post day ever. One of the biggest no-life neanderthals actually asked (paraphrasing): “The brand I By Invicta – is there an affiliation?” Another dweeb said he was moved to tears cuz his oversized ever-so-prized tasteless SubAqua Oh Whatever sold out and he couldn’t get one after planning on it all week or something. Someone posted Jim’s hand gesture, in effect genuflecting at the altar; others bitched en mass because prices weren’t low. What – no $59.64 watches with list prices of $2,995?

    Suckers! Remember, the newest watch trends always come from…Minnesota.

  22. Mikey Skelton Says:

    That goodness there was Olympic coverage of Curling on and reruns of poker tournaments on the Game Show Network. I was hoping to see Micheal Davis on the poker but realized he didn’t have any friends to get him on the show and such like he did on ShopNBC. Made the night a great night knowing I only needed to flip over to ShopNBC every 10 minutes or so to see what was on but each time I flipped there was Skelton acting the ass and fool trying to sell another overpriced and underquality watch.

    The OTV was fantastic and once again shows that Invicta knows what they are doing. Oh yeah fantastic as in fantasticly overpriced as many of the latest ones are and knowing what they are doing when listening to Skelton and his ideas.

    It must have been an true kick to the groin and ego to Lalo when his OTV sold so few units knowing that it will have about a 30% return rate but must have been an even harder ego kick to Skelton when Tim Temple is the one who aired it.

    Also wear is Croton and Android in all of this? Seems they are also an important part to Skeltons success or have they decided to distance themselves from Skelton for some very good business reasons.

  23. hal Says:

    The big deal now is how the new dive kit featuring the hideous “look at me” Venom watch has the same interchangeable strap system as the problematic SAN III. During the presentations for the SAN III Jim had stripped the threads live on TV (verification to all the geeks that the system was flawed). Soon a video replaced any live demos for the SAN III. Now comes the Venom with the same system and GUESS WHAT – no live demos!!! The idiots at geek central took notice and have stated that they are holding off buying the new kit until a demo is done live on the air by JS. Well big Corona posted on his forum that the reason he could not do a live demo was because of the producers saying no (time constraints) but that he would try his best to get one in during the anniversary event. Well as of now no live demos have been tried with the same flawed system of interchangeable straps. What was really funny was how after the break JS came back with the Renato offering, which has an interchangeable strap system, and was demonstrating how EASY it was by changing straps the entire time he was talking. Minkster kept chiming in on how “…no tools are needed in this system!”. Lalo must have been in the SNBC bleachers cursing under his breath.

  24. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    For Invicta to come out with the Venom in the same exact interchangeable system as the flawed SANIII is just plain stupid. It’s a slap in the face to their loyal customer base. Look, we screwed you guys over on the SAN and we are doing it again with the Venom. Meanwhile a 5 year old can swap the straps with ease on the T-Rex. lol, great design and engineering Laylo. These guys must double in the CS department.

    The highlight of tonight’s show was JS bragging about a Stuhrling and commenting on the 0-ring seal on the crown. While he went to show it, it fell off and they had to move to the watch he was wearing to show it. Be a part of Stuhrling Nation folks! 😀

  25. Krane11367 Says:

    Fucking doomed-to life douchebags…the dumbest collection of knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing morons ever allowed near a keyboard? Gotta be them WGs. There is a thread on there right now where a bunch of Lalo-lickers are putting down Rolex, a few models of which are apparently now on ShopNBC via SWI. “Too small!” “Six grand for a quartz?” “You can buy a lot of Invictas and Sturhlings for that!” Well, ooga booga, Magilla. You can actually feel your blood pressure rise reading these single chromosome monkeys and their “knowledge” of watches. ShopNBC is doing to watch collecting what the WWE has done to sports, dumbing it all down into lowest common denominator bile. Now quartz watches and normal sized watches are to be shunned, even from Rolex. Keep those fucking clowns away from me as I wear my 34mm Rolie, and, wonder of wonder, even get laid every once in a while. Fucking cretins.

  26. Jacky Rotten Says:

    “Fucking doomed-to life douchebags…the dumbest collection of knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing morons ever allowed near a keyboard? Gotta be them WGs.”


  27. darksider Says:

    Dont;t forget that they must make this at their “Swiss Factories” that Jim Skelton is now claiming they own. Here to see thread


    According to the Swiss Federation which certifies such things, there are no factories in Switzerland that are owned in whole or part by Invicta, S. Coifman or Pogter Pietrei ( the earthquake watch builder ) which may also be an urban legend.

    Many claims on air, never any proof though.

  28. Mikey Skelton Says:

    Its all a tap dance for the uneducated to believe because they are being told by people they think they can believe.

    It was really quite funny when that new Sea Spider came out a month or so ago and Lalo and his Mastebater friend Skelton preached that since it said Swiss on the face it meant Swiss Made just like the Russian Divers like that and then, yeah you guessed it on WG’s it was pointed out that right on the back of the watch it said “Swiss Parts” which is not swiss made at all.

    Can ya think what Skelton and crew did with that thread and the original poster on the thread? The thread and the person who started it are gone.

  29. hal Says:

    The latest atrocity from the saga that is Corona Gordo…selling his own watches, which he probably got free, to his own crowd of watch juggalos that inhabit the filthy playpen that is watchgeeks. The funny thing is that no one is buying. I bet he didn’t count on the geeks rejecting his rejects. Oh well, there is always ebay!! I wonder if his watch fire sale is another sign that his vacation is a permanent one.

  30. betterskills Says:

    I’d love to see pics and prices of what he’s selling.

    He’s already laid the groundwork for a longer ‘vacation’ by posting the tale of his complications that include vocal problems.

  31. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    I don’t know guys, I think a lot of JS not returning is wishful thinking on many peoples part. I certainly don’t wish anyone ill will, not even JS or the others. Let’s face it, Shop makes great money on watches and watches sell via people like JS. We all may be fed up with this pathetic lie-ing sack of doo-doo, but again, it’s all about the bottom line for Shop and well it should be from their performance on the stock market.
    TT was supposed to be the breath of fresh air, some even claimed to be taking JS’s seat at the table. Well look how that turned out, they both are toasting the kool-aid together. Next thing you know TT will be getting a SAN IV tat on his rosy red hiney.

  32. vicki Says:

    I noticed Mike Davis hasn’t plugged the WG skunk hole during the event. He wanted to soooooo badly after Tim Temple plugged his facebook page with the enticement of sneak peeks on what is upcoming on the show. In fact he informed Mike and the audience that is probably why the SAN IV combat version sold before airing. Mike had to pipe up with a tepid shout out to his website by saying that “….I was on the internet answering some questions on the SAN IV today…”. He DID NOT mention watchgeeks (ie. the internet) and Tim quickly moved on to the next piece. Hmmmm…interesting how the surprise watches were previewed on Tim’s facebook and not watchgeeks. Those JS defenders will say that “Hey he’s sick in bed, so he can’t photograph any of these surprise watches so lay off BRO!!!!”, but he’s been posting like mad on his site and took many photos of his other fetish–KNIVES–so he’s up and about snapping those freakish glamour shots. I’m just thinking that a slow transition is in the works. OH and before I sign off … Did you catch Jim calling in during the launch of the SAN IV and made sure to announce his return on March 17?

  33. Mikey Skelton Says:

    It was interesting to even have Eyal Lalo the true bill paying owner of WG’s and the employer of Mikey Davis and the controlling protector of Skelton did not really mention WG’s either.

    When/if Skelton returns I hope he learns a little lesson of humility and begins to act like the other professionals that do not need protection by Eyal. Maybe he will lose that childish potty/sexual/bestiality innuendos that he thinks is oh so funny and do what all the others are doing or will he fail at yet another job.

  34. betterskills Says:

    You have no idea what he’s been up to, but I can tell you his head is as swoll as ever.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    One thing I would like to know is why the chronic hatered of Skelton? I am not exactly a fan of his but you keep prediciting he will not be back yet on 17 March he is slated to return? So what provoked the hatred? I do not dislike you at all, quite the contrary i would like to know more about what provoked this….

  36. betterskills Says:

    You need to read all of the blogs, starting in October of last year as well as all of the comments. This all started when Skelton began acting eratically on a presentation that he was doing just days after Temple announced he was asked by SNBC brass to return.

    What followed was an organized barrage of comment attacks that read as if they were all reading from the same script. I think that Skelton set this in to motion. Was I offended by it? Hell no – I think it’s funny that grown men are so into a salesman. Since I had their eyes, I gave them more to cream their pants over. I do believe that Skelton is on his way out for the reasons outlined in the blogs.

    As for those commentors that hate the guy, he brings that on himself. He’s a prick to anyone that complains about the quality of the products that he sells and he’s a serious egomaniac. I’ve seen him in action on a non watch forum and it was quite shocking just how much of a headcase he is.

    Read Jim Skelton Has Comcast! And you’ll get why I like to put him under my thumb.

    [why is this so hard to wrap your head around ole’ Jimbo?]

  37. vicki Says:

    Looks like Jim’s return is in question. A geek posts a thread “Jim’s Return???”. Seems like the much ballyhood return on the 17th to introduce the Stuhrling Turdillon is not on the TV schedule over at shop’s website. Maybe the windbag was finally shown the door. Also, no mention of the WG website by M.Davis but plenty of shout outs by TT about his facebook page.

  38. betterskills Says:

    Did you hear Daniel Green thanking the people on “a watch forum” for all of the kind comments?

  39. vicki Says:

    They just showed the shopnbc program guide (I guess they publish a veiwing guide). Anyway Shawn holds it up and lo and behold Tim Temple’s smiling puss is gazing back at me. Shawn turns to a page in the catalog to show the watch that Merm is pimping and the production crew immediately does a close up of a tiny Tim Temple picture in the lower corner of the page instead of the watch Shawn was referencing. Another BIG FU to Corona Gorda, no doubt watching at home!!!

    And no I missed the DG comment.

  40. Mikey Skelton Says:

    I wish him the best and I personally cant wait for his return so we can all start hating on him some more. He wouldn’t be an overall bad guy if he didn’t speak, wasn’t on camera and possibly off the network but we cant appreciate that happening until he returns.

    Mr Davis has already cleaned up his act from his beginnings last year. He doesn’t try and feed off of or strokes Skeltan anymore. I wonder if he saw the writings on the walls for both his and Jimmitys future if things continued as they were?

  41. hal Says:

    Apparently he’s back tonight…so let the hating begin especially from all the camera operators, the director, the set designer, the models both male and female and everyone in Eden Prairie MN and tv land.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    I guess that means this theory is completely shot…that’s a shame.

  43. Jacky Rotten Says:

    Well, he could always finger-fuck himself on air again and get fired.

    It is somehow oddly inspiring that a crass, ignorant loud-mouth can be successful at being a crass, ignorant loud-mouth on TV.


  44. hal Says:

    Jim starts off his return by saying the word facebook over and over again — apparently he was annoyed with Tim’s constant plug for his watch page. He then thanks all of the get wells he received on a particular website (watchgeeks not mentioned). JS then alerts production that he’s going to be using his special SNBC pointer to show parts of a watch SO what does production do??? They cut to the recorded image of the watch on the rotating pedestal for the remaining time of the watch presentation (about 90 seconds straight). Me thinks production will continue to tweek JS for the rest of his run on the channel.

  45. betterskills Says:

    Even people that think of him as a brother cannot possibly be watching this and oblivious to the tension; ignored cues and snarky comments.

    Ghosts and Vodka!

  46. betterskills Says:

    Jim is looking like Freddy Mercury. I’m waiting for him to break into Radio Gaga…

  47. hal Says:

    “As I was calmly building to the jubilee price it disappears.” JS still being messed with…

  48. hal Says:

    They play that irish music every time JS gets up a head of steam…its friggin hilarious. JS answers with ignoring the ruler, even tossing it off the table. Petulant as always.

  49. betterskills Says:

    People cannot honestly have seen that performance and walked away thinking everything is a-ok between Skelton and the network.

    He was inappropriate on so many levels. Look at my Twitter feed. Can you believe he is unable to use a ruler?

    He’s short timing it. It so obvious that it’s absurd to even discuss.

  50. Vicki Says:

    I saw that BS story—6 stitches from opening a get well card c’mon now Jimbo. He thinks the rules don’t apply to the Master Geek. You know they were yelling cues to use the ruler and he’s like totally ignoring them…even Wing seemed to be nervously smiling at some of the antics. The frustration from production came through with rushing Jim on his presentation by blasting Irish music to cue another watch. JS called them violent leprauchans!! Betterskills you are definitely on to something with your original post about snbc wanting him gone!

  51. betterskills Says:

    watchgeeks.com wasn’t uttered once.

  52. Mikey Skelton Says:

    It was hard to watch Wing get so rudely treated by the network last night. I wonder why Wing really had no new offerings at all on his 150th show. Was it because he was there with Skelton? I wonder why the famous Invicta didn’t do a special return show for him. His boy Mikey is still in MN since he is not big enough in Invicta to go to Basil with the real people. I wonder why it was the lowest on-air watch vendor that was on with Skelton last night? Was Wing the unfortunate sacrificial lamb?

    You could see last night that Skelton was acting a little different on air. He tried to slap his employer in the face by using a grade school (perfect for him) red plastic ruler and making fun out of giving the dimensions in inches, which is what the viewers want since it is being done for them. The next watch he had to make rudish comments about having to use the official ruler and not his yardstick and then followed that up by saying to his producer that he would be doing allot of that.

    You could see at times there was allot of hand slapping and in the ear scolding from the producers. This is all just typical Corona Gorda Skelton. He starts at the bottom and while he never gets anywhere he begins to act like he has risen to the top and now a King Super Honcho but in all reality he is down there in the cesspool with all the other wannbe’s who will never be able to make it even to the levelr of has been.

    To bad for Wing though … I wonder just how poor his sales numbers were because of Skelton.

  53. betterskills Says:

    I like when skelton pointed to the bezel design of the naval and said, “Wing’s cable!” and winked; the implication that it was a ripoff of the bolt. Wonder why he didn’t knock the Invicta TTV that was a near rolex clone like that? Dummy still doesn’t get who butters his bread… Or maybe we don’t!

  54. hal Says:

    Did you notice how Wing kept bringing up various posts on watchgeeks? He kept mentioning watchgeeks by name. He even talked about a member of watchgeeks posting a video review of one of his watches. Jim did not say a word. I guess Jim thought he was being VERY CLEVER by having Wing do the dirty work. Am I right on this?

  55. Mikey Skelton Says:

    Hal – Wing along with Sturhling, Croton & Renato has a very strong and loyal following on WG’s and I also think that he was doing it just to stab at Jimmy last night since he has obviously had his wings clipped on what he is and is not allowed to say and allowed to do.

    Did anyone else find it really interesting that last night really not a single new offering from Android? They were in a coveted primer time slot which is something they normally do not get but not a single new hot release last night. Could it be Wing didn’t want to release anything new with Skelton sitting next to him?

  56. Jacky Rotten Says:

    Has anyone else noticed that SNBC has not posted the first hour of his return? The site says, “Video is currently unavailable for this show. Please check back soon.”

    Video for the second hour is available. I am guessing he was slightly less of a tantrum-throwing dick in the second hour.

  57. hal Says:

    Jack, you have a point on the video. As of today (3-22) the video is still unavailable. It also makes sense as that first hour is where all of the acting out happened. Also, Shawn Wilsie resigned over at watchgeeks because of all the neanderthals posting “non-family” material. It makes me wonder what his true feelings regarding JS, he of the tactless innuendos.

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