Activists Fuck Off!

March 3, 2010

ACTIVISTS piss me off because at the heart of their so-called ‘actions’ is really nothing more than bullying for a cause.

Take Animal Planet’s Whale Wars as an example. You have this crew of young idealist lead by a seedy, creepy motherfucker named Paul Watson. The guy never puts himself in harms way, instead he sends these young people out to do his bidding while he sits, warm and secure, on the ships deck. They carry out their harrasment of Japanese whaling crews in the Southern Seas in what amounts to a comedy of errors.

My question is, why don’t they fuck with the Norwegians or Inuits? Because neither group would take their shit. They’ed end up getting an ass whipping or worse, shot.

Just like the ‘activists’ that throw paint on an old lady’s fox or front on some soccer mom driving an SUV. Why not throw paint on a pimps mink or go front on a Brother in an Escalade? Tell him how he’s killing the plant; I bet you’ll get a receptive audience.


2 Responses to “Activists Fuck Off!”

  1. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    Activists are nothing my extreme left wing liberal pussies who used to get their ass kicked in school on a consistent basis. They formed a Nerd club with the flavor of the day purpose to go out and harass those who give 2 shits about them. Same reason these groups that lobby for gun control don’t go after the various Militia organizations around this country.

  2. hal Says:

    Do yourself a favor and watch the episode that Southpark did on Whale Wars. It was perfect. The Captain gets skewered. The best part is the end when they reveal why the Japanese hate whales. will have it on demand.

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