I bet he did go left

March 21, 2010

He was ahead of me in line, once removed. He had huge
bulging eyes and thin lizard like lips. His face was covered with
what could best be described as an 11 o’clock shadow; a thing in
between a beard and a few days shave for me. It was a beard for
him. He had a swagger that was chicken-like and made all the more
exagerated by his 5′ 6″ frame and bow-legged gate. his Adult size
Large florecent orange Harley jacket fit him like a white trash Al
B Sure. We walked out of Miller’s Ace Hardware to see him brody by
on his Harley dresser trike. It was a deep royal blue and it
contrasted with his 80s orange jacket. He had to stretch to reach
the controls. I tried to follow him to get a pic, but it was not to
be. I warned my daughter. “Daddy may be folllowing the motorcycle
guy to get a pic…” AS we pulled to the intersectioni looked both
right, North toward the South Hills and left toward Canonsburg and
Washington. From the back seat, Sloane says “Where did he go?” “I
don’t know…” I respond, perplexity no doubt in my voice. “I bet
he went left dada…”


One Response to “I bet he did go left”

  1. Dave Blast Says:

    He definitely went left.

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