Dead Pool

March 23, 2010

The Jim Skelton Dead Pool continues as more interesting developments have taken place over the last few days that further contrast the apparent behind the scenes issues at ShopNBC

Daniel Green took an apparent swipe at Skelton about 53 minutes into the final hour of his Invicta stump while he sat opposite Michael Davis. Mr. Davis talked about the ability to dress up the Russian Diver being offered – describing it with Daniel Green’s suit. He then went on to talk about pairing it with a Polo shirt and jeans to dress it down. Daniel Green interjected: “Black velvet, felt shirt – ha, sorry, if you just joined me, I’m being… naughty…” To which Michael Davis replied after a pause, “No comment.” Precisely the hideous Vince Vaughn cast away that Skeltbo was wearing during his last show.

Stranger yet is Shawn Wilsie terminating his affiliation with both on his presentation and his Facebook page. Skelton’s response implied that Wilsie was trying to be a “martyr” and seeking attention.

I’ve speculated for quite sometime that the production staff had no love for In Cognito. Apparently his fellow hosts don’t either.


16 Responses to “Dead Pool”

  1. jr Says:

    Heavy D’s stunt double will accuse Shawn and Daniel of being jealous. They will get anonymous emails of the Comcast variety.

  2. betterskills Says:

    Not everyone can wear a Freedy Mercury beard. He has a lock on that.

  3. Darksider Says:

    Shawn has a lot of class. His being a member of the fuzzy bunny forum (a term coined by Jim Skelton by the way)
    along with other insults to Big Joe and other forum members was a very large step down for him. Shawn and Tim Temple both are not mentioning the fuzz forum. Only vendors on TV when Corona Gorda aka his new moniker “the knife lord” is on or he mention the name.

    Perhaps he and Ukrany1 could have a get together and compare tats.

  4. hal Says:

    Just saw the clip. I take it JS spit up his YooHoo when he saw the always dapper Daniel Green taking a swipe on his sartorial judgement. Meanwhile dough eyed zombie Davis nervously chuckles in his freshly pressed hobo jacket. Him and Jim will soon be riding the rails right out of the studios of snbc into oblivion.

  5. hal Says:

    Jim Skelton’s two-hour Renato show is not on as of right now. Replaced by big tv sets. Funny, it was on the SNBC website tv schedule and on my DVR program guide. Maybe they gave him the boot or told him to sit on the bench til the end of his contract!!!

  6. Vicki Says:

    Heeeeeeeeee’sss baaaaaccckkkkkk!!!!

    Looks like they just cut him down an hour. We’ll have to look at his sausage fingers. Did anyone catch him wearing the Imperious? He would take great pains to position it in the shot only to have production quickly move the camera sometimes jarringly. It was funny to see how insanely tight they would shoot the dial of the watch being sold just so that the Imperious wouldn’t be in the shot! I think I just saw him autographing something for a fan on air. Imperious indeed.

  7. Vicki Says:

    He was wearing the Imperious on his last Watch Time show, not tonight.

  8. hal Says:

    JS very annoyed when closing the show with “…check me out on facebook and maybe you’ll get a sneak peak for what is coming tomorrow.” I guess they have put down the gauntlet on watchgeeks by mandating sneak peaks only to be available on facebook. A thread over at the forum was wondering why there was a dearth of sneak peak information. Well thats because snbc decided to limit that to facebook personality pages.

  9. Vicki Says:

    To me it looked like Mink was super annoyed with JS especially after he made an announcement how the photos exhibited were not his handiwork (not up to his standards I guess of watch Porno shots). Mink showed some testiness when he snapped “…there just fine Jim!”. Now I flipped on snbc and Daniel is wishing Mink farewell until his next rotation in April. I wonder what happened to the Renato show promised for tonight and the big surprise special that Jim was going to reveal. It looks like the Hobo and Jim presenting more Invicta at 11pm. Sure are lots of last minute schedule changes for poor Jim to deal with on a day to day basis. Perhaps it’s because his position at the network is day to day. Betterskills is right about other hosts showing contempt openly. It doesn’t help when Jim makes fun of the midget who sells the monster TVs saying how “…he could lie in the shipping box and not touch any of the sides.”

  10. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    Looks like JS is cracking under the pressure tonight of all the Web related call outs on him. It’s funny to watch as he goes on his diatribes.

  11. Mikey Skelton Says:

    Since he is doing so much FaceBook he is also blocking any and all that was been banned on WatchGeeks. Skelton is such a turd. I cant wait wait till ShopNBC flushes him out into the cesspool his life will again be after he fails. I wonder what this wife of his will think of him, will she leave him like the other ones did?

  12. Darksider Says:

    I was reading here that the knife lord, Jimbo Skelton was in denial about his lurking at knife forums.

    We know that Betterskills has proven that wrong already and posted here are the .PDF versions

    Betterskills in a previous blog, Jim Skelton has Comcast outed In Cognito as Jim Skelton. Last evening….. well read it for yourselves…

    Betterskills is doing a great job here not only with the information posted and insight he has but also the rattling he is causing with a certain corona gorda. The knife lord always trys a “gotcha” but the “Gotcha” around here is you skelton.

    Do try to remember that all of us are private people but you are fair game as a Public one as defined by law.

  13. I looked at the ShopNBC schedule and they show Tim Temple hosting two hours of Watch Time with Jim Skelton and Jim selling mattresses for two hours. Jim said he’s doing the Your Time show. Would the Shop not correct their mistake?

    I thought Jim was really cool and he got me into collect last year, but reading all of this stuff as well as the stuff i’m seeing on watchlords and BDWF, I’m starting to see that he really is a weird and a dick. I turned a few friends on to the watch on Shop and I sort of look like an idiot for suggesting it.

  14. trent Says:

    The way they censor/ban at the, makes China look liberal!

  15. HugeKrany Says:

    Tim Temple is selling real highend shit right now. Swiss made Moon Phases! Knifelordmaric gets Invicta Reserve! Who got juice Skelly, who got juice! HahahaHahahaHAHAH

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