You’re so lame, you already know this blog is about you

March 31, 2010

AS if throwing around rulers on set because he doesn’t know how to read them wasn’t enough, Jim Skelton decided to bring an Internet beef that he started to ShopNBC airwaves. On the Invicta Reserve Watches show from Monday, March 29, Skelton repeatedly made reference to a series of blogs that I’ve written over the past few months. Of course he completly misrepresented the argument in an attempt to simplify and ridicule.

“If a camera goes out out of focus for a second oh it means that Jim Skelton is leaving the show!” (32:25 in)

Uh, that’s not my opinion at all dipshit. ShopNBC let’s Temple go a few years back. Your ass kissing of Lalo results in his pushing for you to be hired.

Once you’re there for awhile, you launch with the Invicta ‘Technical Brand Manager’ Michael Davis and another guy. You plug it on the air and your numbers swell. Any descent is met with insults and bullying. Threads are routinely deleted. You even attack a coworker, Shawn Wilsie as seeking to be a “martyr” and attention seeker. Those are your own words asshole, and anyone who has a login to WG knows it’s true!

You created and facilitate a marketplace on WG where these loyal ShopNBC buyers have the ability to purchase current SNBC merchandise, slightly used, at deeply discounted prices. In my original blog, I linked to an example of a Renato that is $400 less than one at the Shop. Your response was to take the sales forum from public to private. Am I “poisoning” peoples “minds” with untruths? Anyone reading this can sign up at and see for themselves by opening a ShopNBC browser and the WG marketplace in a second and compare the merch side by side.

How did you feel when you found out that Tim Temple was contacted by the new management team? How did you feel when he was finally brought back? It seems it was on his terms which is why he’s not an employee. And you apparently had to sit on that info. When watchgeeks was open to the world, I went back and found where you were alluding to a “Big Announcement” in August. That turned out to be Temple’s return announced in October. In your Jay Leno style response to the first article you mention that you had signed a new contract the prior week; the week of October 7, 2009. Those sources that I don’t have at ShopNBC tell me that contracts are either 9 month or 12 month deals. Which did you sign?

I’ll admit I was wrong; I thought you’d be long gone by now. Still under contract but off the air and gagged. How you like it. If my math is correct the week of July 7, 2010 is the nine month point and October 2010 is the year mark. You like to accuse me of back peddeling but the truth is that I based my speculation on what I would do if I were running the network. I’d keep you under contract so you couldn’t bad mouth the network but I’d most definetly bounce your fat ass out of the chair. My thinking was that management would be concerned with keeping the zombie buyers around. I’ll give you credit where it’s due; you have quite a few moronic fanboys and girls that think buying every dial/case/braclet of a particular model is watch collecting. You’ve also managed to get a lot of people to accept lackluster quality merchandise and used items sold as “New” with the same furvour and frenzy as religious zealots. I mean I’ve read WG posts where people bitch about getting a returned, worn item as new, complete with scratches. The responses always include other members attacking them fir complaining ; paraphrased as “You should be glad you got one!” Any readers of that original blog from October can see that you do have a hold on some people by looking at the comments. Kudos to being a hero of the stupid.

But the bigger picture appears to be more straight forward. You’ll be there until your contract is up, be it 9 months or 12. We both know you won’t be re-signing. Your shitty attitude, double entendres, sexual innuendo, questionable history and bluring of the line between watchgeeks, Invicta and ShopNBC is a liability for the network and your social network usurps the imitative that ShopNBC is attempting to implement.

Instead of trolling knife forums and causing trouble you really should have memorized the English measurements that coorolate to the most popular metric sizes associated with the watches you present, especially if you cannot use a ruler. Hmm – am I reading to much into this? Maybe you don’t care because you’re not coming back.

Tell the world which contract you signed – the 9 or the 12. Prove me wrong.

The facts are as clear as that George Michael beard on your face: Daniel Green did take a swipe at you; Shawn Wilsie has disassociating himself from your site – on the air and on Fb. Seven minutes into Monday’s show linked above you backhandedly say you watched all the shows but Temple’s while getting that major surgery that kept you away from watch geeks but not from trolling knife forums. And both you and that half-a-retard looking Davis always drop Tim Temple’s, “I’m just sayin” catch phrase as an inside joke between the both of you. Ha, ha, ha – that’s so funny. Nobody picks up on it, ha, ha, ha. You even do it on WG posts by signing it! Stevie Wonder can see through it dumbass! Am I really “reading way too much into things” or are you so stupid that you don’t realize how transparent you are?

I’m just sayin’…


22 Responses to “You’re so lame, you already know this blog is about you”

  1. jr Says:

    ShopNBC wants utility infielder types who can host any genre of show. All Jim can do is pimp watches with 5 microns of gold plating that can’t be worn as daily wearers or the plating will rub off. Jim needs to prove that Invicta’s underwriting of his forum isn’t really a sponsorship by giving them only 1 folder on watchgeeks like the other brands have.

  2. hal Says:

    The guy is so arrogant he doesn’t realize needling the guest vendor is not professional and is only tolerated because the poor guy (in this case Larry Magen) just wants to sell watches on TV. Larry was making a comment on how he is a black and white kind of guy in terms of preference for watch color combos. Jim suddenly pipes up and bellows “…sure no grey there Larry!!” an obvious reference to the fresh dye job Larry was sporting. JS finds his own comments so funny that he does the old trick of shaking his fat wrist and sausage fingers so violently to make it clear that he cracks himself up as he’s showing the watch on the wrist. What’s really telling is the crickets in the studio and the annoyed look that Larry has on his dour mug. Jim also took pains to describe the snbc clothing in a color “resembling green split pea soup” and added that Larry was sporting the expandable waist 5 pocket pants. Larry again just had to shrug it off to keep the geeks buying his products. A hostage to a lunatic.

  3. Skeltonsucks Says:

    I still on occasion go to WatchGeeks to see what is stirring in the pot but rarely post anymore as it has become a true haven for the moronic arrogant asses that blindly follow Jimbo. I have Met Larry Magen in person, a truly class act, a real gentleman and a all around nice person. The abuse he has to endure at the hands of that asshole Jim is sad.

    It would be so nice if SlopNBC would wake the hell up, fire his lying, disgusting, sexual innuendo commenting ass and bring back full time Tim Temple or someone else. I still cannot believe the cult like following Corona Gorda has! If he said let’s all die tomorrow, I bet half of them or more would.

    I also feel for Shawn Wilsie, another really nice guy that got shafted because of a bunch of short minded assholes with no feelings at Watchdorks. Too bad no one sees it the way the rest of us on the outside do. I predict WatchGeeks has a shelf life of 1, maybe 2 years left. Closing off the forum was a mistake, they claim to have over 20000 members how many are actually active and post?!? Bullshit Michael you washed up loser. Anyway keep up the good stuff BetterSkills love the blogs, hope it makes Jimbo snap!!

  4. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    I have to admit I laughed my ass off on this blog entry. Great work BS. I almost spit my coffee out on the “congratulations of being a Hero of the Stupid” line, it was a perfect fit for summing up WatchGeeks. I’m sure there are some great people there, but the intelligence was lost once us original members left on our own or via ban for speaking the truth. It’s really just a temporary haven for the uninformed and eventually if you want to be a serious collector, you wise up and leave in a short period of time. I for one am also very surprised to see this guy still on the airwaves. Shop must really be desperate to keep JS in the lineup. As for MD, I get a kick out of the callers that say MD is a watch encyclopedia, or so intelligent, etc. etc. The truth is, if you put a watch in front of him that isn’t Invicta he’d be a deer in the headlights. The guy can barely string enough words together coherently to create a sentence. Temple may have been much better in the past and even when he first started back at Shop, but he has lost his edge. Temple is just another Host that is forced to push the watches in front of him. I love how he now feels compelled to tell you the ridiculous Retail Value of all Invictas right up front before pushing them. Yes, this is a $2500 Retail that you can get home for $49 on Value Pay. Anyone knows that Invicta holds it’s value about as good as Tiger Woods holds an endorsement these days. As far as JS’s contract, only time will tell, he has the uncanny ability to keep popping up like a bad case of herpes.

  5. Jacky Rotten Says:

    I think you are way off point here, bro! Stop the bashing or I’ll ask a mod to shut this one down!

    So, let this WatchStallion set you haters straight with this HT approved testimonial:

    Invicta makes the most exciting, stylish, high-end, bang-for-the-buck quartz watches you can get anywhere! Just putting one on instantly makes me feel pretty, and the center of attention wherever I go!

    Just the other night I was at a power-COCKtail event full of the most elite movers and shakers on earth. Then, suddenly across the crowed room a woman came RUNNING towards me and GRABBED my wrist demanding to know what I paid for my watch!

    She begged me to sell it to her for $1,000,000 and a blow job! Well, as a mover and shaker myself, I hardly need the money, and as a True WatchGeek, I don’t like women so the BJ was right out. Although I suppose if I closed my eyes and thought about big watches and hairy-chested, tattooed TV pitchmen brandishing rulers…

    Anyway, as I have owned all the high-end brands before dumping them all for more Invictas, I know what she was experiencing. So I told her to she could get the exact same pink Russian Diver on ShopNBC with six value pays!!!!!!! She was so thrilled she actually kissed me! Yuk!!!

    Fortunately, I’m a dentist and have access to antibiotics and stuff.

  6. Krane11367 Says:

    Better, Jacky,

    Absolutely the best posts ever. Well done, one and all.

    WGs is setting new records for stoopid; currently, a few of the cro-magnons are drooling and jizzing their pants because Corona mentioned – oh, happy day! – that there will be a 65mm Invicta soon. Can’t wait for them 70s and 75s! How fashionable! Fucking cretins. They have no information as to the movements, what the watches will look like, or anything else, but they just want them because they big. They big!! Unlike their penises, for which these 65mm gold-layered monstrosities will surely substitute.

    I’m so incredibly sick to the point of vomiting from Invicta; IMHO, the stuff is pure, worthless shit at all price points, and even their company-run shill site can’t disguise the fact that their customer service is non-existent, while other members of the site constantly praise both Croton and Stuhrling Original for actually aiding customers. Invicta watches have no collectibility, no quality, no style, and are garish, cheap gold plated junk sold to pure suckers with the fashion taste of mollusks.

    Sick to death of the whole lot of ’em, and the soup line is only too good for anyone involved with that horrid company. C’mon, you suckers out here, wise the fuck up!

  7. darksider Says:

    Aren’t their 15 minutes of fame up yet? Jim Skelton is a in my opinion a scumbag who stops at nothing to get his way, including threats. He uses another piece of work that got paid $200 a week as police informant back in the late 70’s.

    Skelton the warrior….. enlist and let all of us see if you can use that AR-15 you think so much of. Shooting at targets that shoot back is a LOT different than shooting at sittung ducks like geeks… I meant targets….. HMM same thing I guess in a way.

    But there is hope in whosville… in a thread about having $3500 to spend on Invicta watches, many demurred and chose…OMG OMG! Omega, Tissot and all things not geekish.

  8. Mikey Skelton Says:

    Lets just be blunt and call it like it is.

    Skelton is a dirtbag, always has been and always will be. He has screwed so many in the past and will screw so many in the future it is pathetic but that is who he is and how he rolls. This time when the end comes though he will bring others down with him and the question that needs to be asked is if Michael Davis will martialy artsy kick his ass for screwing him over.

    When its time Skelton will just fall off the face of the earth as the chips fall. His minions at first will slowly turn on him and then all but a few permanently drunk on Skelton-Aid will be the last to defend him.

    This is how it has been in the past and will be again. Skelton is a dirtbag, always has been and always will be.

    Hey Jimmy me boy … when ya coming back to the east coast? I know a few out there who would really like to discuss the past with you and some would gladly travel in from Florida and also … heck maybe its time for a little CF event right there in wonderful Eden Prairie and you could even have your pet hobo monkey be your bodyguard.

  9. Chief86 Says:

    Chief86 here. At ease maggots!

    I cannot sit here on my fat ass and let you bad mouth Jim Skelton like this! Have you no decensy? Descenscy? Descentsee? Whatever.

    The point being you come here with your faggot mouth and type this dribble about Jim and you never been in his shoes?Have you,,,,,,,,?Well I have!

    Jim is funny and handsome,and a great leeder not to mention a grreat guy.His sense of humor is better than the reveered comedian Henny Youngman!Did Henny Youngman ever have his own watch show?I didn,t think so.I think Slappy White did or Soupy Sales, but they weren,t all that funny.

    And I,m not just saying this because Jim made me,I really mean it!

    As you were.

    imJay, idday Iway oday okayway? easePlay ontday emoteday emay omfray oderatormay, itsway allway Iway avehay eftlay!

  10. Mikey Skelton Says:

    Ya know Chiefy if you really know Skelton and the felonious thieving backstabbing childish birth control poster boy that he is you would have never posted anything at all but like him you speak about things you have no clue about but I will say one nice thing about him … ya know what the very best part of Jim Skelton is?

  11. Chief86 Says:

    Chief86 here,settle down maggots .

    NO,”Mikey Skelton”(huh, penis envy much ?)I have never actually met Jim,I am content to worship him on TV and do his bidding on his showcase forum.That,s more than you can say,I am sure .

    I have taken my knock,s from the lieks of you before,people calling me sickofant and other derogatory names,but I wear it proudly.I no that Jim is a powerful figure in the industry and can make toads like you dissapear !There won,t be nothing left of you but a greasy spot and your dribblings on this stupid blog !

    You bash Jim and Invicta,but I bet you don,t even own a Invicta do you ?Cause if you did,you wouldn,t be hating,you would be thankfull of owning a high end “Swiss Made”timepiece !People liek you really make me glad I have the power to ban and delete posts at Jim,s direction without hesitation.If you were brave enough to post on HIS forum,Iwould delete you,re post and ban you before you had a chance to say INVICTA SUCKS BALLS !


  12. krane11367 Says:

    What a low rent shill Corona is! There’s a thread on WG right now where he’s putting down a Rolex model – Rolex! – for being “overpriced” and – get this – too small.

    As if shilling worthless $75 watches with meaningless $795 “list prices” is something to be proud of. Naturally, the monkeys on the site are grunting in agreement.

    Invicta sucks beyond human comprehension. Wise up, you TV suckers. What a country; the ugliest, poorest made, most deceptively marketed, worst serviced, most garish and oversized unfashionable watches in the history of the free world seem to be popular because a chuckleheaded TV pitchman tells guys who wear stained sweatshirts and live in their mothers’ basements that they’re great, and…collectable! On what planet? Yep. Sure. Just listen to the mouth-breathers that call in to ShopNBC; you can hear the mutate as they talk. Get real, Corona! You can blather that big watches are all the rage, but it’s a blatant, bald-faced falsehood. The only reason you say it because that’s the only thing that looks decent on your overweight, pasty-colored shaved gorilla arms, and its what your cheap costume jewelry brands want to sell.

    Buy a watch magazine or talk to someone in the biz? Oversized is hot? What? Who?

    Pure steaming bullshit. But what more can we expect from such a fine, upstanding citizen.

  13. Mikey Skelton Says:

    Have you ever wondered why Invicta is never seen for sale at almost all jewelery, department stores or really any actual brick and mortar retail location? Its because of there business style …. price a watch at MSRP of $1000 knowing that everyone can sell that watch and make a living at selling it for 80% off of that retail price because in all reality it is only a $200 MSRP watch to begin with.

    Skelton is doing an on-air oral stimulation to Eyal and all hosts while Davis oraly stimulates Skelton and all there kool-aid drunken minions are oraly stimulating them when they call in to praise there overpriced ghetto bling.

    Hey Skelton … I like how they really dont let you talk about WG’s anymore. Must make your peeker shrink a little not being able to masturbate yourself but talking about it but dont worry ya gots your monkey boys to bring it up and your call in monkeys to talk about it a little bit.

  14. betterskills Says:

    You don’t consider JC Penny, Sam’s Club and Costco Brick and Mortar?! Whenever I think fine jewelry, those 3 are the first to pop into my mind.

    I have noticed a pattern. When a caller drops watchgeeks, Skelton seems to say “watchgeeks” at least twice. A random watchgeek plug occurs only after he’s plugged the facebook page in, at minimum, two product segments. He does mention it, but Facebook gets mentioned WAY more than geeks. But I’m sure there’s nothing to that – even though geek nation was bitching about Temple plugging his page. Funny how a few weeks later and Jimblow is doing it now too.

    Seems to me that Wide Body is drinking the ShopNBC KoolAide…

  15. Mikey Skelton Says:

    JC Penny? I thought they went out of business.

    Sams and Costco, do they sell the entire line of Invicta’s or just a select dabble of this and that a couple times a year.

    Seriously is there any actual well known brick and mortar locations that sell Invicta? There is a few watch places in NY and such but is there any? They must be allot of them because Ms Sommerstien, the National Sales Manager for Invicta does have a job and she has to be managing something nationaly for them.

  16. betterskills Says:

    JCP is pretty popular in the Northeast actually. There are a few in the Pittsburgh area that carry a decent selection of models and have display swag too. The prices are hilariously high.

    I got stuck with a bunch of gift certificates and considered a lefty chrono that was on clearance but at half off the thing was $175 and there was no way I was paying that much for that model.

  17. Mikey Skelton Says:

    So really in all reality since Costco, Sams and some JCPenny’s sell Invicta’s that would mean that Jimmy Skelton and Mikey Davis are really no better than minimum or slightly higher waged retail clerks. Seems to me that is all that Skelton has been in the past when he was stealing from former employers as well.

    Interesting how when you act like you have really made it in life reality seems to kick ya back and show you that you are nothing more than what you were when you were younger.

    Skelton will never be able to get away from his past and now he has his masturbatory monkey boy with him. Well at least Eyal gave him one since he has been doing it for Eyal.

  18. krane11367 Says:

    Boy, oh boy! Corona shit is hittin’ the fan:

    Enjoy! Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of fine, upstanding businessmen!

  19. krane11367 Says:

    Wanna have women point and laugh at you? Pick up today’s “Our Top Value” on SNBC, the $1,000 Crapvicta “Reserve” Men’s Speedway! Enjoy the insipid Dubois-Dupraz/ETA movement – one so universally reviled that the top brands stopped using it en masse about, oh, 15 years ago! Yet, there was Sausage Fingers Skelton and Eyal “I Sold Watches To The Russian Navy” Lalo hyping the movement like it’s space age groovy! Methinks they gots a batch of ’em real cheap, and then their experts at the “Invicta factory” put together this one-of-a-kind heirloom! Keep it up, Corona; after the box lawsuit and this latest con, even WG members are gonna start throwing broken bezels your way, you shill.

  20. BackFly Says:

    WTF, WGs! Already, after being put on sale just four days ago, my fellow cretins at WG are getting their oh-so-coveted and spectacular Crapvicta “Reserve” Men’s Speedway $1,000 watches in the mail. Uh oh….hands not calibrated right! Cheap looking! Watches not working! Canceled orders and returns left and right! How could this happen!! Crapvicta has UNPARALLELED quality! Corona Gorda told me so! I do whatever he tell me…how can this happen?!? But it’s got a Swiss ETA 2892 Automatic with a Dubois-Dupraz 2021 Chronograph module with 57 jewels! I don’t know what that means, but…I was promised by Jim, my leader, it’s the greatest watch evah! EVAH…!!!

    I’d write more, but Im going to cry myself to sleep. I’m a WG…I’m THE WG…if I keep sobbing like this, my mom’s gonna throw me out of her basement apartment and I’ll have to get a job…I’m only 35..what the @##&%#!!!

  21. jon trent Says: makes China look liberal. Invicta has nice form with no function. They do not own their own factories and definitely have no influence over quality control. Customer Service and this dolt named Rebecca in Florida…FORGET ABOUT IT!!!

  22. Krane11367 Says:

    better, you’ve always been pretty much above the curve, just a little early in your summations. Now, Skel trudges along in complete obscurity pimping $55 Swiss Legends and Red Lines, while the Invicta tango goes on ShopWhatever while WG seems a fizzling after-thought. Life goes on, and the dwindling WG mokes keep shoving spoons into their eyes while enjoying frozen waffles for dinner. Life goes on, funny as ever.

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