Terrorists Spring Forward?

May 1, 2010

FROM the initial reports of Transocean’s Deep Water Horizon exploding, something smelled rotten in Denmark. It’s typical of reporters to ask “why” in the face of any disaster. When a person goes on a murder rampage or a plane crashes killing all aboard, before the blood is even dry, reporters ask “why” and if this can happen again.

Yet there has been no analyisis of the probable causes of the fire, explosion and subsequent sinking. We heard about the explosion and 11 missing crewmen. And we heard about the sinking and resulting oil fountain that’s turned the Gulf into a sludge pool and it seemed that the oil slick got way more face time than any other asspect; this in a climate of “if it bleeds it leads.”

MY suspicians of terrorisim given some creedence when the reports of SWAT teams being sent to inspect other platforms started popping up, accompanied by video. Pundants on the Right mocked and laughed at Obama’s actions, questioning what do SWAT teams know about oil platforms? Just peer over the event horizon: this administration has stated that they plan on treating terrorism as criminal activity and so this makes all the sense in the world if you’re looking for booby traps.

Then out of nowhere, reports surface of Pres Obama being in an affair with a campaign staffer. From the word go, I thought this was bullshit; the timing and suggestion of a video, yet no actual video are questionable.

In just 48 hours we’ve seen a car bomb parked in Times Square followed a day later with, what Pittsburgh’s KDKA is describing as, a pipe bomb in a microwave oven placed on the course of Pittsburgh’s marathon.

Is anyone awake in the media or have they so succesfully put the masses to sleep that they’re snoring along as well?

One Response to “Terrorists Spring Forward?”

  1. Koimaster Says:

    Only the right wing knows how to deal with terrorists!

    They invade other countries under false pretense and declare victory.

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