The Slopranos!

May 27, 2010

ANY fan of the Realhouse Wives franchise surly loved last weeks episode when Manielle, everyones favorite plastic surgery disaster; introduced her friend Danny Provenzano, a Con College creep straight from central casting. From his dingy, well worn McMansion complete with a stuffed lynx, to all of the tuff guy talk like, “I don’t play with the other children that well..,” couched as a veiled threat, you just know that the next few episodes are going to be off the hook. So I did a bit of research on the guy and it turns out that he wrote, directed and stared in the movie “This Thing of Ours” which was independently released in 2003. Apparently this guy is actually trying to get back into showbiz by bedding nasty Danielle and feeding into her Mafia delusions. This is reminiscent of Slade Smiley banging whatever “housewife” would have him in the OC in an attempt to stay in the public eye.

Danny reminds me of the character Cyrus from the brilliant Canadian comedy, Trailer Park Boys, save for the 80’s John Stamos mop of hair.

Manielle made a big deal to Danny Boy about Caroline calling her “garbage” and clearly wants to unleash Danny on the Manzo family for it. But reflecting on the final episode of last season, one has to ask why she still has a bug up her well worn ass over this statement when Teresa Giudice famously called her “prostitution whore!!” while simultaniously flipping the ziti all over Manielle’s lap.

So why isn’t she going after the Giudices?

Maybe because Danielle knows that her douche crew will end up in a sausage making machine and be used as chum if they fuck with Joe’s family whose job is simply “entrepreneur”

AND how greasy is it for Danielle to bring Danny around her two beautiful little girls? I can already see Danny eyeing up the oldest one. The youngest of which seems to be the most level headed in the family! As if it wasnt bad enough that Danielle blew that 25 yearold dude in Ed Hardy gear daily last season, now she brings this fruitcake around!

I wait for next weeks airing with bated breath!


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