Laying Low

June 4, 2010

SOMETHING big is popping at ShopNBC. With talk of drinking the 12 pack in Shawn Wilsie’s trunk and Michael “Fuckin” Davis, Invicta Technical Brand Manager, mentioning big aquisitions, and Davis saying that the hosts had it “easy” unlike the people “answering the phones…”

24 Responses to “Laying Low”

  1. LIES ALL LIES! Says:

    I have not watched tonight but I have noticed Jim has been nowhere to be found on Facebook and Watchgeeks since last night. Considering he is an e-whore and was back online within a few hours after his surgery, his absence could back up your suspicions.

  2. jr Says:

    Skelton probably has another eating related injury.

  3. darksider Says:

    Well now he is blaming in his “personal opinion” Dubois for the speedway issue.

    As to his injury, maybe he should try not to bite something he cannot swallow, like the truth.

  4. Hal Says:

    More and more unanswered threads in the “Ask Jim” section. Most threads are of the “Where you at?” variety then of show or watch questions. At least 15 unanswered at last count. I think JS is formulating a concession speech to Betterskills. We’ll soon find out that Davis has been let go to make room for the Ambassador of All Asshats Jim Skelton as the new savvy tech brand manager. Shop will finally be rid of Skelton as employee and Lalo can be free of Meijin and his hobo like demeanor.

  5. LIES ALL LIES! Says:

    Jim posted on Facebook today he bought a new limited edition Dodge Challenger.

  6. betterskills Says:

    I wonder if ShopNBC bought Watchgeeks?! Might that have been the big aquisition that Michael Davis was alluding to? It would validate everything I said all along. I give Skelton props if he managed to get a retirement out of watchgeeks! That guy is a fucking genius if that’s the case. But I’ll also laugh at him because in true, Southern White Trash fashion – he bought a Dodge. Or maybe the payout wasn’t in Maybach size numbers…

  7. LIES ALL LIES! Says:

    Posted by Michael “Fuckin” Davis on Watchgeeks:

    “When people ask why I am about done with this site, at least I can point them to this thread.”

    You might be onto something Betterskills.

  8. Hal Says:

    Davis is quite the sensitive type! It’s ironic that his douchebaggery is the contagion turning the geeks on each other. After all his snide replies and pomposity it seems the modus operandi is to be a dick head. I mean have you counted how many total a-holes populate that nest? Plus Jim is still out with knows what but whatever it is, he sure can’t talk about it on geeks. Maybe his contract has a gag order that if they choose to pull him off the air he can’t say shit about it?

  9. William Says:

    Davis just banned me yet again for offering my opinions of him and his company on WG. This is the 6th time ive been banned, using different emails and logons. I was “Flamming”, When i was really just telling the truth. Davis, Skelton and the rest of them are all crooks, with the gift of gab that keeps their bullshit train on the tracks.

  10. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    I must have missed the 12 pack in Shawn’s trunk deal. MD has been mouthing off lately and not sucking up to the Geeks and ownership of Geeks like usual. I wonder if he knows something we don’t? Maybe Eyal will move MD to fulltime knob polisher and Skelboy to cleaning the barnacles off Invicta One?

  11. krane11367 Says:


    Keep fighting the good fight. I totally agree with everything you’ve said…double it.

  12. Mikey Skelton Says:

    I think WatchFools will be a thing of the past in the very near future.

    It only operates because Invicta pays the bills.

    It went to a registered members only site so that Invicta could hide all the complaints and problems from anyone who just wanted to stroll on in.

    Its turned into a liability for both Invicta and ShopNBC with the latest admitted lies of deception by Eyal Lalo.

    Its nothing more than a place for … well … its a place that in Eyal has ano sense in his head at all will tell his lackie suckers to shut down if they wants to keep there jobs. Skelton and Davis will shut that place down faster than Skelton can run from his past.

  13. Mikey Skelton Says:

    Something else of interest to think about.

    Its been 5 days now since Jimmy Skelton has made a single dingle berry post on his own forum but he is posting on FaceBook.

    Kind of makes ya think about the comment made just a day or so ago but his partner in crime about why he is about done with the WatchGeeks …

    Interesting if you comspirorize that possibly ShopNBC has flexed its muscles with Skelton and told him after the latest fiasco that Lalo pulled and the complications that it could cause for ShopNBC that if Skelton wants to stay around he best be doing his promoting and such on FaceBook and stay the heck away from WatchGeeks.

    Sounds plausable but is it? What do you think?

  14. betterskills Says:

    Two scenarios – either SNBC has aquired Skelton’s stake in WG or Skelton has been bought out of his contract… Hell, maybe both! I find it strange that he’s not on the air and not on WG. He’s on the SNBC schedule but not appearing onthe air. Even I you believe the story that he hurt his jaw giving head – er, I mean eating subs, shouldn’t he be laying low if sick?

    And how is he flush with cash all of a sudden?

    In any event, we are approaching the 9th month of his contract signing and I’ve been told that SNBC does 9 and 12 month contracts so I guess we’ll see…

  15. Hal Says:

    Looks like Jim is finally answering all those threads about his absence. He says that he’s doing well enough to shoot for the 14th or 15th on a return to work.

  16. john w. carter Says:

    You all know this, shopnbc host’s are hard core salespeople! that’s all they are. they tout the eta 7750 as though it cost hundreds of dollars…there is a very respected watch supplier online who sells a swiss made case, sapphire crystal AND a eta 7750 for $695.00!!! brand new! 45 mm. invicta’s are blocks of steel with catchy dials and used car type salespeople. do not confuse or compare them to real watches.

  17. betterskills Says:

    I get that. I think any of the regular commentators get that as well.

    But ask yourself, what kind of guy brags about blowing money on knives and a new car after sell people a $1000 watch that doesn’t work; a fact that he’s painfully aware of?

    Just sayin,

  18. Jim Spengler Says:

    I got banned from Geeks after 2 weeks.I asked JS he satd he would look into it but I never got a reply.
    I hope the cigar boys catch up to our hero.What takes longer to heal TMJ or a black eye.I’ve never had any issue with any INVICTA product but I know from many stories that if any of them break, the best thing to do is throw it off a bridge.

  19. krane11367 Says:

    John w. carter,
    Perfectly said. All this hubbub about the 7750, which even casual watch collectors know is a mid-line movement in the great grand scheme of things; yet, Shop and especially Skelton tout it as if it’s the holy grail. I’d call Sausage Fingers a great TV pitchman, but he’s woefully behind the dweeb with the shammy towels in terms of charisma.

    It’s funny though; during the Croton, Android, SWI, and Stuhrling presentations, the overall vibe doesn’t feel like they’re suckering people. But whenever Davis, Lalo, Jill Whatever, and Gorda are on the air in any combination, you can smell the snake oil right through the picture tube. What wonderful story tellers; the “legend” of the Russian Diver, the “AAA” mother of pearl on cheesy $50 watches, the over-the-top hype of Swiss that ain’t, the once-in-a-lifetime DD movement, and on, and on, and on. And the returns pile up, the crap is delivered by brown trucks, and one by one, their fans begin to truly hate the brand. To think I ever spent a dime on their rancid Invicta shit makes me feel like the biggest boob who ever lived.

  20. Mikey Skelton Says:

    Yes … Jimmy has returned to WG’s to answer a few questions but if you notice the only place he has posted is in the “Ask the Idiot” or the “Sneekity Peekity” section of the site.

  21. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    Sorry to go off topic here, just wondering when the Blog on Swiss versus Swiss Made labeling by Invicta which caught Eyal with his pants down will be started?

    This douche-bag is sticking his foot in his mouth every time you turn around.

  22. betterskills Says:

    See “The Russian Diver: It ain’t Russian or Swiss?”

    So not only do Russian Divers have a fake pedigree but they also are Chinese!

  23. LIES ALL LIES! Says:

    I have to really wonder if you are onto something here Betterskills.

    Jim has seemed to have entered into the TV shopping host protection program. He has not been on TV for weeks now. He has been on his forum very little at Watchgeeks since the Swiss discovery. He has been all over Facebook though, one thing he posted raised my eyebrow some. When he posted the peak of the 65mm hockey puck of a watch he said “More pics you know where”. Like mentioning WG on his Facebook was no longer permitted. Maybe that in itself is nothing though.

    Then the damn car. Ok, you unhinge your jaw to swallow a sub sandwich not unlike a anaconda, you are off work for weeks from it. You constantly complain you can’t talk for very long, pain, ouchie. LET’S BUY A NEW CAR!!!!!!!!

    We will see soon enough.

  24. betterskills Says:

    Of course you’re reading into it – the logical choice for Jimblo is to elude to WG with three words instead of just saying “WG” ;D

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