Invicta’s Latest Stumble is a Stunner!

June 14, 2010

WHAT a weekend it’s been for critics and devotees of the Triumvirate of shady known as Jim Skelton’s ShopNBC, Invicta Watches and the horological world’s branch of Scientology; On the heels of Invicta CEO Eyal Lalo’s revelation that Invicta timepieces labeled SWISS are actually Swinese and on the day of the Watchgeek’s first annual gathering of the Jimilo’s the revelation that the flop known as the Invicta Speedway Reserve featured a Dubois Dupraz movement that appears to be sourced from a third party, despite Eyal Lalo and Jim Skelton inferring that it was a obtained through a working partnership.

Fear and anger quickly spread through Invicta’s camp of loyal followers as many started to suspect that they may have blown a thou-wow on a Chinese copy: a suspicion driven in a big part by Invicta admitting that they misled buyers of SWISS labeled watches into believing that they were buying Swiss made timepieces and not Swiss Parts / Chinese cased watches like several of the Android an Croton models that they compete with.

I never thought that they were counterfeit. What the point? Whether you love Invicta or hate them they do have, at least for now, a fan base that rivals some major league sport franchises. The current global economic depression has Swiss watch sales falling off a cliff so it seems perfectly reasonable that as sales slowed major companies would unload movements in a bid to keep liquid assets while waiting for a reversal. And Invicta die-hards keep buying – with salvation only 5 value pays away.

WATCHGEEKS immediately went into damage control. How? By deleting posts and banning members. The same Yellow Shirts that trolled several of my blogs were in full force, causing trouble on threads to force a violation of WG’s Terms Of Service to get threads closed and ultimately deleted. Some members called out these individuals but it didn’t matter as the Yellow Shirts pretty much succeeded and enough Sheeple accepted it and complied with their silence. I find it unimaginable how that site still has members after this latest revelation – what type of person takes Corporate bullying lead by a toad like Jim Skelton? If you’re one of those people and you’re reading this, why are you still a member? Aren’t you feed up with the phony two party system and multi-national corporate serfdom? Where is the outrage of being treated like a sucker; a mere means to someones fiscal end?

But I digress.

THE big issue are the continued seemingly untruths released as statements of fact and sometimes, like the case with the Swinese watches, admissions. When it became clear that the Speedway had serious issues, vague statements were released on the WG site. Customers who had purchased it were assured that Lalo was directly communicating with DD via “many conference calls” and this threatened to put “several large scale projects with D-D” “ON HOLD”. Skelton’s statement from Lalo went on to state, “All involved believe the issue is a D-D issue” and so “D-D as” Skelton understands it is “owning up to their responsibility”.

Skelton also made a statement implying an underlying problem with the movement in a bid to redirect the anger from his forum’s sponsor; precisely the slippery slope of interwoven shenanigans and self interests that I pointed out in October. But as the emails began to surface, from both an inquiry and several angry purchasers of the turd, it became clear that this was another Lalo “Swiss is Swiss Made” misspeak.

According to Jim Skelton, ShopNBC’s resident horological expert and watchgeek forum owner, the problems with the hands can be solved with a washer, and we can expect a statement from DD and Invicta within a few days. I suspect a team of lawyers is working hard to retract Eyal’s statements an absolve DD from any responsibility.

In light of the technical solution to the problem, the question really is where were these watches assembled? One would assume that a Swiss manufacturer would be aware of these nuances and build the watches accordingly with respect to the precise tolerances required. And so this begs the question: are these pieces in fact Swiss Made?

ONE also has to wonder what liability might Skelton have and how might that extend to ShopNBC. I have a suspicion that Skelton may have sold his interest in WG to SNBC. Do I have proof? No. But there are a couple of interesting facts: he has been on an extended medical leave because of issues with his jaw related to TMJ – yet he’s stated that he hasn’t had time for WG because he recently bought a new house and has been on the phone with movers and he’s also purchased a new muscle car to park in the driveway. So he appears to be flush with cash and just a few weeks ago, Michael “Fuckin” Davis made a vague, seemingly stunned mention opposite Shawn Wilsie, of “Big Acquisitions”. With the economy what it is; ShopNBC reporting a 6.6% drop in net sales in the first quarter of the year, would you burn through money? The elephant in the room is the hiring of Bill McGrath and ShopNBC’s Anywhere Initiative. their aim is to leverage social media sites like Twitter and Facebook as well as iPhone apps and So where does that leave watchgeeks?


And then there is that sticky matter of Jim’s comments regarding the debacle as a DD issue. His words: “Learned today through conversation with another brand that they have seen “slop” in the gear train of some DD modules that can create an up/down shift in gears.” But he did manage to add within the same message, “Is this absolutely the case? No idea yet…” I’m not a legal scholar so I don’t know if the final bit absolves him of responsibility with respect to definition of the brand. I don’t think it does because it implies direct knowledge of “slop” in some of D-D’s movements. As an agent of ShopNBC I think this may open the way to a lawsuit against his employer. He is one of the faces of ShopNBC and has implied in the past that he is no horological amateur.

But only sometimes.

When the heat is on, he’s just the guy that sells the watches.

I for one, eagerly await the outcome.

32 Responses to “Invicta’s Latest Stumble is a Stunner!”

  1. krane11367 Says:

    The worst aspect of all this is that the people involved are gonna skate, as usual. I’m really hoping that, eventually, the big picture here is realized; that the simply awful business practices that have been displayed time and time again are dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

    Hopefully, this doesn’t read as over-dramatic, but if this sort of thing happened at a car manufacturer…well, does Toyota’s recent travails spring to mind? Certainly there’s a big difference between dangerous, faulty auto pedals and the cheap jack stuff the watch company constantly pulls off, but it’s getting to the point that it seems businesses can get away with virtually anything.

    Attorneys General? Departments of Consumer Affairs? BBB? FTC? Where the fuck is everybody???

  2. jr Says:

    Eyal was buying movements out of the back of a van. The culture of nepotism at ShopNBC needs to be stopped. Eyal constantly gets defended by Skelton, Davis and all of the hosts. He’s a carny. I don’t know why I expect a higher quality from the channel when they sell Suzanne Somers kitsch. They have 168 hours a week to fill and I don’t see them getting rid of Invicta. They’ve pimped it too much the last 8 years to admit they were wrong. The only hope is that if the Comcast merger gets approved that they shut the network down.

  3. LIES ALL LIES! Says:

    February and March were the SAIII and Venom kits with the screw problems, April was the Plasticase knock-off lawsuit, May was Swiss does not = Swiss Made as they told everyone for years, now June is this Speedway disaster.

    Can’t wait for July!

    BTW, love this line “horological world’s branch of Scientology known as” BWHAHAHAHAHA!

    As for the Invicta-Davidians, the train will keep on merrily along. Sure the movements are genuine, and honestly I am happy they are for the poor saps who bought them. Some should know better to be sure, but I am sure many fell for the lies bloviated on air by Jim and Eyal.

    Speaking of lies, interesting how the point of the discussion initially which was the flat out bold faced lies by Eyal, Jim, and Michael are all forgotten about as “miscommunication” and so long as the movements are genuine, hey the Invicta-Davidians go back to dunking their head back in the sands of lamedom.

    I honestly feel bad for Dubois-Depraz most of all. They were totally the innocent party here (at least till the end). It was Jim, Michael, and Eyal who tried to lay the blame of this Edsel at their doorstep and DD did not even know Invicta had possession of their movements! Now they will enter into a business relationship with Invicta despite all this, for that I am a little disappointed in DD. But I guess the bottom line will always be the bottom dollar in business so I can’t fault them too much.

    DD, if you read this I want you to be aware that Invicta sporting your movements may make you some short terms sales, but Invicta’s with DD movements will in no way enhance your sterling reputation or prestige of your movements. In fact just the opposite. There is a reason no one drops a Porsche engine in a Dodge Dart.

    Invicta may indeed take a stinging ding short term for these debacles, but they will just lower the floor on prices again to bring in a new batch of suckers.

    My question is, at what point does Shop NBC finally say enough is enough in spite of sales. Invicta and Jim Skelton give your network a black eye time and time again. You will never break #3 with them on board, I promise you that.

  4. Mikey Skelton Says:

    Maybe and possibly ShopNBC has had enough, at least with what they can currently control right now today.

    His on air schedule has been changed and he is not on the air this week at all. I guess his big WG weekend was to much for his jaw or possibly he is in some sort of serious timeout until the legal department can get a grip on what type of damage Invicta, Skelton and WG’s has done this time.

  5. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    I think Lies All Lies said it best. “I can’t wait for July”.
    Invicta, Skelton and Davis continually step on their dicks at every turn. How any of these guys manage to stay employed is a mystery to me.
    I also feel sorry for DD. They didn’t even know of this situation and their name was being dragged through the mud by Skelton. I can see a lawsuit against ShopNBC from DD over this. Why Shop continues to risk this by employing that blowhard, is another mystery. Oh well, another pile of steaming feces is served up fresh for the Geeks. Eat up!!!

  6. OffTheKoolAid Says:

    The big I will survive this just fine, as will Jimmy. Michael could possibly be tossed under the bus is they do truly need a sacrificial troll.

    There are enough nycruza and 50mmWhenUp types out there that take some perverse pleasure in being lied to…they keep the big I afloat.

    Probably will see a bit more of Jill though, maybe to keep Uncle Eyal out of the spotlight until this blows over…he will no doubt be “traveling”. All they need to do is teach Jill a couple of more phrases besides “Free Shipping!!” and “NEVER needs a battery”…and on the air she goes. Of course she will have to put up with the various WG stalkers who go around sportin’ wood every time she makes an appearance.

    And the next time one of these POS watches gets dumped on the WGs…you can bet the cruza-dude will once again claim to have his big I piece of junk “appraised by his jeweler for insurance” and imply it is worth a small fortune…or at least enough to cover his value pays if it falls off his wrist.

    The post is HorseCrap Approved!!

  7. Mikey Skelton Says:

    The “truth” that is going to come out from this will be that Invicta is an authorized company to use Dubois Depraz modified movements but what will not be told is what day this week that deal was struck.

    Invicta has talked to DD before but they were kind enough to talk without slamming the door in there face. Now that Invicta has gotten ahold of a couple thousand of there modified movements Eyal is holding the gun to there heads by telling them that if they do not play ball with him he will pull the trigger and tell the world it was a serious movement problem unknowingly passed onto him by what they were told was legitimate channels of distribution that was wholesaling DD junk instead.

    To avoid any involvement they instead entered into an agreement with Invicta that they can purchase directly and use DD movements in there high quality all Swiss Made timepieces but the dates of the agreement will kept silent but Invicta can now get the washer they need to have the problems fixed.

    Even though there is now this legit deal between the 2 companies you will never again see a DD movement in an Invicta watch. DD will sell to them but at prices that Eyal never be able to pay so in turn you will never again see a DD movement in an Invicta watch.

    DD and Invicta will come out of this but it is sad that Invcita has had to involve DD with there low quality junk that Eyal has made such a name for himself with.

    Something else to think about when it comes to Eyal Lalo and Invcita … Eyal is just an employee of the company. No more than a anyone else at Invicta, he has to report to the investment company that owns them and if he does not keep the profits and numbers where they want they will get rid of him and let somebody else do the job and make them money. This is a reason why you see new watch after new watch after new watch coming from them. They always have to be selling something new to help generate the cash to keep Eyal employeed along with making enough cash off of sheer volume to be able to right off the crap that comes back to bite him in the ass.

    Eyal Lalo is/was the Jim Skelton of the present/past. They are both cut from the same square of cloth and will both go down trying to protect themselves in whatever way they can until its time to turn and begin tossing others under the bus. Mike Davis will be the first/last to be tossed so keep an eye on Davis, at least he has been smart enough to really keep his mouth shut and his nose out of the entire DD issue unlike he did with the Swinese issue.

  8. betterskills Says:

    Wow – provacative! I don’t know why D-D would knuckle under to Invicta though. It seems to me that if Eyal were to threaten that, it would be tantamount to extorsion. If he can get away with that, then I’ll quit writing blogs about Invicta for 20 Invicta models of my choice!

    But if this turns out to be the case the real question remains: where were these watches assembled? In light of Swinagate – we have to ask this question. Any Swiss assembler should know the nuances of the movement.

    Unfortunatly all of the 55MM and up level Thetans will not ask that question. Nor will they question the date of the agreement in light of the revelation that D-D’s agent in North America denied a relationship between the two companies.

    ShopNBC has put an entirely new executive level management group in place over the past several months. One of the first orders of business was to bring Tim Temple back. Why? Because the Tim Temple era at SNBC exuded an aire of sophistication that a jackass in a velvet tiger print shirt just cannot convey. Not to mention his growing negative rep on the Net and that SNBC is trying to champion their new Social Media stratagy.

    On the horizon is rebranding as the network attempts to claw it’s way out of third place and shed the perception that it is the third rate Ames of homeshopping. And I just don’t see “free willy- er, um WHEELIN” Skelton fitting that mold. He’s to trashy and corny. That fucktard will no doubt read this and accuse me of not having any knowledge of ‘his’ industry in a bid to discredit – but one doesn’t need insider knowledge. Look at the timeline of hiring, from management to Temple, and read the networks press releases. You can even listen to their earnings reports where they cover all of the same ground. I have.

    Skelton got his payoff – either a bought out contract, the bench or WG and is now blowing money like a lawmaker in DC, buying a new house, knives, watches and a Dodge Challenger. The guy hasn’t been to work in a month but has stated on FB that he’s been on the phone with movers and he showed up for some photo ops at the Gathering fo the 20 or so attendees. To ‘ill’ to work but not to broker deals and meet n’ greets?

    How are the other brands handling the Swinese revelations? I have to believe that there are problems as they’ve been upfront and honest about their “Swiss Movt” watches while Laylo has been implying that the better value are his “Swiss” made pieces that turned out to be of the same origin. That’s put Invicta on an uneven palying field for years. How many sales have the other vendors lost to this?

    Temple was brough in to expand the base and add more highend brands. Maybe this has been derailed a bit due to the economy, but no more Skelton and a scaled back Invicta presence seem to be the future of VVTV; whatever it’s called.

  9. FuzzyWabbit Says:

    Lot’s of speculation, but you boys forget the Wildcard that now owns NBC, that being Comcast. I think there’s a new Sheriff in town and no one’s protected. With Shops performance of late, they may shitcan that whole network and sell if off to Telamundo.

  10. Mikey Skelton Says:

    Would it not be better to sell it off to one of the Chinese networks since they would be more familiar with Invicta’s movements and watches?

  11. krane11367 Says:

    Hmmm…several days since the “joint announcement” was announced. Does it really take that long to formulate…oops, I mean concoct….oopsy again, sorry…I mean…why does it take so long to report what happened, since all the parties at Crapvicta were like, you know, involved? All Lalo has to do is say what actually happened.

    There’s only one real answer, of course – and, apparently, it’s the one he hasn’t thought up yet.

    How amazingly sad are these people? Not to mention weak? It’s unreal how scuzzy this whole thing is.

    It’s been a bad week; first I miss the weiner puffs at the NATIONAL WATCH GEEKS DAYS, now this. I need a drink and a Lupah, fast.

  12. Mikey Skelton Says:

    Its not that he is trying to concoct a story about it but he is trying to avoid it entirely.

    By now ShopNBC is aware of this and the other dececptions he has been caught on. There legal department is most likely trying to figure out the best course of action to protect ShopNBC and Eyal is trying to figure out the best course of action to protect the investment group that owns Invicta and also how to try and keep his own job.

    The best course of action right now is to keep silent and hope it all kind of just goes away as quickly as possible.

    Have you noticed that Skelton aint saying a single word at all about it anymore? ShopNBC has told him to keep quite or his contract is worthless.

    Have you noticed that Davis aint saying a single word at all about it anymore either? ShopNBC has told Invicta to have him keep quite about it or he is off the air.

    Have you noticed that Lalo aint never said a single public word about it at all? ShopNBC didn’t have to tell Invicta anything at all cause Eyal realizes he now has involved not only ShopNBC is his deceptions but also has now involved yet another very reputable company in his deceptive practices.

    And to think why D-D would never do business with Invicta before, most likely they knew what Eyal is really like.

  13. betterskills Says:

    Me, I like how Davis is openly fighting with senior watchgeeks as he bends their words into something that they are not saying. It’s even more funny when the Invictards turn on those people as well; those same Invictards have recently taken up mocking the KoolAide rap – they’d do themselves a favor to actually read up on Jonestown and see how similar the attitude and SOP of WGs actually is.

    I was thinking that the silence is definitely imposed by the lawyers. But Invicta and Jimblow are going to have to make some sort of apology in the end.

  14. Chief86 Says:

    Chief86 here,maggots !

    As I mentioned in preivious entires in this retched blog,all threads damaging to WG,s and Invicta will be disappeared !

    As Jimmy-poo was shouting at me this morning while putting out cigarettes on my flabby yet silky smooth man tits,”the announcment will come when me and Eyal decide the time is write not when slimmy little worms like you want answers !!!”

    The same goes for you maggots !

    The fact is,Eyal and Jimmy-poo are sealed away in their secret Top Men Think Tank And Walk-In Closet at SNBC Studios crafting a response to those dealers of defective dubois dupraz duplications right now !So,once they come out of the closet,the truth will be out as well!

    And speaking of DD,I want to quash any rumors circulating about how some of the movements are signed by DD and have serial numbers, some say “Swiss Made” and some are completely blank; that is the way high end movements are ! Some of the best authentic “Swiss” movements are completely blank and have an unfinished look !But just don,t tell DD about them, because Jimmy-poo says they only need to know about the ones with serial numbers for some reason.He,s so mysterious !!!

    Well,I have to go clean up another hater thread at WG,s maggots,so until I am forced to address more lies at this retched blog,I bid you adoo .

    At ease,maggots !

  15. Mikey Skelton Says:

    The way Davis and the henchmen are acting and attacking is a planned ploy to help facilitate the closing of WatchGeeks. Since things will get and be so drastically out of hand it will be best to shut the entire place down for a time out and the time out will be much longer than anyone realizes.

    In possibly as soon as 3 months but most likely closer to at least 6 months, 9 months or even a year a new version of WatchGeeks will reappear but this time a much less brand and channel loyal enviroment.

    If you look around the edges and corners of what is going on you will see what is coming and realize what just might actually be happening.

  16. Fuzzy Wabbit Says:

    It’s been a week, how’s the joint statement coming along?

  17. Chief86 Says:

    Listen up,maggots !

    Jimmy-poo has made the following statement:


  18. Koimaster Says:

    I cannot speak for Dubois Depraz but I do know some people are unhappy there. I also know the story behind the movements but I was aksed not to disclose that information and I will honor my word.

    As to Skelton and Davis, both bailed on Eyal with comments such as ” I don’t build them” or I just sell them.

    Both are gutless cowards running as fast as they can from the man who got them where they are now.

    I do not see Dubois being very forgiving in this matter regardless of legal agreements. I know I would not be. Dubois is a major player, Invicta is not.

    As to watchgeeks,banning good people as they have only shows the other forums that we have been right all along but we cannot change WG, only poke fun at them or ignore them.

  19. Mikey Skelton Says:

    Once again it is Jimmy Skelton that is in the middle of it all by telling the world that Eyal Lalo and DD would be making a joint statement.

    DD has in my opinion given there statement when they said the movements were legitimate but they were not purchased from DD by Invicta.

    Eyal Lalo has yet to actually say anything at all except threw his lackey Skelton who has now disapeared from the planet in fear for his job over all of this.

  20. turd exterminator Says:

    Seems to me that Skelton and MD are pretty much history at the moment.
    They will most likely be regurgitated into the watch fanatics world in one way or another but even in a more distasteful manner.
    Face it-they are seen as excrement by any knowledgeable WIS type and they never disappoint.

  21. james Says:

    One should assume that if it does not have swiss made on the watch that it could have an asian influence.

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  23. Sonny Says:

    I have come across a lot of blogs commenting negatively on Invicta watches due to lack of the quality, Chinese manufacturing and poor customer service.

    I have an Invicta Russian Diver ($130) had it for a year and it works well and it is pretty tough. Also, I have an Invicta Sea Spider ($120) had it for 6 months again so far so good. Now if Invicta watches are not worth 100-200 bucks then can somebody give me an suggestion of a brand that will give me a cool over-sized watch for that money that is of good quality.

  24. You’re not going to find one.

  25. […] be a finger pointed at Invicta for such memorable missteps as the Swina Gate Fiasco and the great The Great DD Debacle? There’s no way to tell because the exhibits used to make their case are either redacted or […]

  26. krane11367 Says:

    Keepin’ this bumped up here – it’s one of the all-time great column on any forum. As always, better, stellar work by you.

  27. FV Says:

    I feel the Invicta is taking a rocket ride to the bottom of the pits.I had a watch that I know that I registered with them for the 5 year warranty. It cost me not just the $28.00, that is common and not mentioned until there is a problem and you try to get it fixed,(The Watch that it) but I had a $68.00 charge because Invicta said it was out of warranty. I paid but had to wait 4 months for the watch to come back from overseas to have a battery changed and a bezel replaced both witch could have been done by a local shop. Lets face it the 200 meter thing is being pushed too much, the human body can’t take that pressure and a pro diver would be in a dive suit where he can’t see a watch. Who needs it mr. Jim and the rest of you that make it such a great thing?
    How about doing something to keep the hour markers on the dial so they don’t jam under the hands and stop the movement from working.
    I have about 58 or so Invicta watches and WAS giving them as gifts but I have stopped adding Invictas to my collection and stopped giving them as gifts. Maybe once they get their quality up where it should be and their customer service where they think it is, I will once again start the collection and gift giving.

  28. Endure My Cock Du Jour Says:

    FV, FV FV FV, listen up and absorb what I’m about to tell you.

    First off take those 58 Invictas and give em away, or just throw em out, their not worth spit in the watch world or on the streets, unless some cracker will polish your meat puppet and accept the watches as payment. (you should seriously consider that)

    Waiting 4 months is the norm for their overseas waiting period, some customers have longer waits, realize that and move on. It’s a customs thing they’d like to tell ya, when it’s really Invictas CUSTOM to rape and rob the uneducated.

    FV, your not dealing with a normal watch manufacturer, Invicta makes almost 4,000 watches, they don’t give a hoot if you had to wait, or be charged when you might of shouldn’t of been, they like money honey!!

    What Invicta does care very deeply about is separating you from your hard earned dough and giving you a smoke screen of value in return (houdini strikes again), like I said, you should find a hooker to take em off your hands, let her lick your nuts and pay her in pro divers once a week till their gone. Or you can keep the watches and pay her in real money then sell your Invictas to pay for the cream to get rid of the crabs she gave ya. (or the herpes)

    Hour markers in the way you say? That’s lucky considering the infinite problems their customers (sheeple) experience, your lucky! Again my friend, they make so many watches they think QC stands for Quck Control, that is over the dummies that get suckered into their carefully rehearsed pitches on the tube.

    200 meters, 500 meters, 1000, 3000, 5000, is really cool only IF YOU THINK IT’S COOL! Just cause humans can’t really dive that deep without dropping dead, doesn’t mean the other 7/10 would be suckers (customers) think your way, plus it’s bragging rights and machinery testing limits.

    This is what I would tell you FV, I’d rather give a rim job to a sweaty monkey and smear my face with her pungent hairy ass taint, rather than buy or wear an Invicta watch!!

    Clear enough for ya FV?

    By the way, what does FV stand for, forever vulnerable?

  29. Carlos H Says:

    You can be as generous as many other big corporations and have a non-profit and do humanitarian things. But, if you do not stand behind your product by providing warranty and great customer service. Your company is worthless. They care nothing about the customer or customer satisfaction. They make you pay for shipping and repair costs for watches that are still under warranty. They say they have to send out watch to Japan for service and it takes three months to get service. When they can’t fix your watch they tell you they can’t replace with same watch because out of stock and don’t know when or if they will get again. Tell you they will send you a replacement of their choice. It looks nothing and does not have the same features as the watch I sent in for repair. They tell you, you have a certain credit amount for your watch which is less than what you paid for your watch when you purchased new. They want you to pay more to get a comparable replacement watch. I have been dealing with these issues since December 2012. Requesting for my case to be forwarded to a supervisor to contact me. It was not until I threatened to file complaint with CEO/President and go on social media and tell as many people as I could about their actions or lack of. That I finally received a call left on my home answering machine from a Vicky “no last name” stating she was a supervisor. I am a firefighter/paramedic and work a 24 hour work week and was not home all day the day she called also had doctor’s appointment the following morning straight out of work and didn’t get home till 1pm. In the message she left you could sense the frustration in her voice because she was not able to reach me after 4 calls. I should be the one that should be frustrated. I bought a watch for $139 still being under warranty and had to pay to send watch as well as return shipment at $28 each way. After two attempts to repair I received my watch back with the same problem. I’m out a total of $195 and don’t have a working watch. They want to replace with a non equivalent model. When pointed out that they have similar look alike model than the one I had they want me to pay more for that replacement. Saying that the replacement cost more than my watch. Even when ShopNBC had same watch on sale price equivalent to what I paid for my watch. They said they can’t offer me the same sale price. It’s all very frustrating and after reading the Better Business Bureau report and many watch forums. I see I’m not alone. They have hundreds of complaints towards this watch company. Please help me get word out. Thank you.

  30. Scrape My Nape Says:

    Ohhhh Carlos.

    Welcome to the world of Incrapta!!!

    Most of all, now you know.

    As Mike Davis would say, it’s the hotness….hahahahahahaha.

  31. Plastic Retainer Rectum Says:

    hi folks!!


    those chinese seagulls can sure make a good n reliable minute repeater!

    invic-tard is quality as shit in a bag is valuable.

    if anyone watched slop-hq last night, just look at the wrist junk kendy and jill were peddling, ohhhhh and those sales tactics and pressure buying once only never seen before ridiculous prices you must not pass up.

    then, only to be followed by YET AGAIN another vegetable slicer and peeler, one of their demos went south just like their character, one of the products weren’t working as advertised live, and the guest host looked like she was gonna crap her drawers, then at the end when daniel green said goodbye to her, she went to kiss him on the cheek and missed winding up with her head in his chest cavity LMAOOOOOOOOO

    hey slop-hq? at least since your changing from slop-nbc, at least broadcast in hd so we can get a better picture n sound while were laughing our collective asses off at ya!

    i bet the dude with the minute repeater dud learned his lesson, hopefully this is not his 150th invic-tard piece

    later y’all

  32. Junior Lalo Says:

    pLEaSE DO nOt be uPSEt

    My DaDDY IS NoT a bAd MaN

    He dIdNt MEaN To Be A BaD BusiNESs MaN

    hIS WatcHES ArE 100% ChinA-sWiSs MaDe

    IT TakES ovER 3 MoNTHs CaUSE hE hAs sO MaNY DeFEcTIVe wATCheS tO RepAIr

    ThnANk U aND NoW I neED MY mOmmY CaUSE i JuSt ShAT MY DiAPErs

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