“Sometimes no answer is an answer too…”

June 18, 2010

FRIDAY, June 18, 2010 marks exactly one week since the revelation that Invicta Watch Group did not obtain the
Dubois Dupraz movement in their much hyped Speedway Reserve Elite from the source; that they did not work hand in hand with D-D and that they were, in point of fact, never a D-D customer. This revealed through D-D’s Business Development Manager in North America, Chris Becker by several email inquiries from angry customers and curious WIS.

Initially Skelton disputed the authenticity of the emails; even going so far as to question Mr. Becker’s title. Because, you know, Technical Brand Manager is a real function in so many organizations and Skelton’s vast corporate experience, no doubt, makes him an expert in such matters as well.

And then there was the problem of the statements made by Eyal Laylo, through both Jim “In Cognito” Skelton and Michael “Fuckin” Davis, that he (Laylo) was having stern talks with D-D and that they were taking full responsibility for the bum movements. Skelton later stated that he believed this to be a D-D issue after having discussed the matter “…with another brand” who had “seen “slop” in the gear train of some DD modules that can create an up/down shift in gears.”

Laylo had been busted in an outright lie – Skelton, a self proclaimed horological expert, was repeating statements that he supposedly “heard” from some mysterious brand. I tried to corroborate Skelton’s statements but could not; instead only finding praise for D-D movements.

As could be expected, there was no immediate statement forthcoming because of the weekend but a joint statement was assured by Laylo through his toadie Skelton, “in a few days”. Here we are at the end of the fifth and still no word.

One can only imagine the behind the scenes legal wrangling and probable payoff that are taking place. I’m sure there will be a statement at some point and I bet that it is an apology from Eyal and an absolution of any guilt on D-D’s part. And then, more silence.

There is still the question of where these watches were actually produced. I do remember Invicta’s Pioneer line that was touted as “Made in the USA” with the globalist, shakey provenance that the Invictards who derailed threads regarding the Swinese revelation love; Chinese components and a Japanese movement lovingly assembeled in Hollywood Florida:

“Hell yeah – that’s Amuricun enough for me!”

“I don’t care where it’s made or how it’s marked!”

“Stop beating a dead horse!”

I wonder if that experience led Eyal to believe he could case the watches at home. Sure, they are marked Swiss Made. But as he’s told us in his statement on the Swinese issue, Swiss is just a marketing gimmick. Of course this suggests possible illegal activity, but isn’t stating on several occasions that Swiss is Swiss Made to ShopNBC buyers illegal? Invicta has skated on that one and SNBC has apparently colluded by removing video evidence, so what does it matter?

And “Where in the World is” Jim Skelton? We’ve been asked to believe that he has TMJ that has been aggravated to the point that it’s kept him off the air for over a month? And this wa before he threw D-D under the bus which oddly coincided with his full schedule posted on SNBC being removed. He is slated to return; for the third time with a full schedule. Will he?

A coworker who was a religious zealot once told me that “Sometimes no answer is an answer too, you know…” It is a point that I never considered before he said it and it is, in some instances, completly true. But it was the only bit of wisdom that this guy ever spoke. He was self-centered, self absorbed, self rightous and full of shit.

Sound familiar?

This guy was a Jew for Jesus, yet not Jewish. He started fights with a Muslim coworker over the divinity of Jesus. He went so far as to key the guys car; so bold in fact that he did it while parked next to him!

Sound familiar?

He spouted so many crazy statements that a living document was created to capture them all. Shit like, “By the time I was 12, I was driving to the horsetrack in my daddy’s Imperial, drinking a Pabst and smoking a cigarette to bet on the ponies” and “My dad traded headhunters cigarettes for rubies – they would eat the cigarettes.”

Utter horseshit.

As you can imagine he had a lot of problems with other coworkers. One day he was lamenting the fact that everyone was wrong; that he knew the truth and that everyone around him was wrong and stupid and should just listen to him. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Robert,” I said, “if everyone is telling you you’re an asshole… you probably are.”

20 Responses to ““Sometimes no answer is an answer too…””

  1. OffTheKoolAid Says:

    Excellent post. Michael once (well more than once) pulled his famous “Oh for pete’s sake people!!” during the Swiss-Gate fiasco. He was more in-the-know than others because SOOOO many watch companies were recruiting him…mind you he never worked in the watch business but he did “read several books” on the subject and PRESTO, he was the tech-brand-manager.

    OOPS…guess he should have read more books. Instead, he and his idiot puppet “watchbear” ran around deleting, banning and threatening…saying things in public and PM that those pussies would never say face to face.

    I wonder what Jill will do when she is no longer on TV. They could market a Jill doll…pull the string and it says 5 EXCITING PHRASES including “NEEEVVEERRRR NEEDS A BATTERY” and “THIS IS A FUN WATCH TO WEAR” and as a bonus will say “FREE SHIPPING”…all WG’s will want to add this to their pre-pubescent fantasy collection.

    The funny thing is, Jim thinks Eyal is his friend. Hell, Eyal has “resources” not “friends” and when Jim has served his purpose, he and Mike “lab experiment gone wrong” Davis will both be tossed under the same yellow bus.

  2. jr Says:

    Eyal’s in his bunker hoping the WG size queens forget about this. If Skelton gets a hangnail, he’ll be out another month. He’s the world’s wimpiest man. Cal Ripken Jr. And Brett Favre went over a decade without missing a game but Skelton can’t even make it to the studio and sit in a chair.

  3. Fuzzy Wabbit Says:

    history tells us if you can’t immediately defend your positon when called out and you have to take time to “develop” a statement, it’s going to be bullshit with more lies. We already received our answers from a credible source – DD. No one will believe a word Invicta says regardless because they’ve been lying for years and it’s been proven. So does it really matter at this point except to a few Geeks?

  4. krane11367 Says:

    On another blog I just read, the writer called what Invicta has been doing lately something you’d expect from shady overseas eBay cheap watch sellers, or words to that effect. Man…that’s just perfectly put.

    It’s bad enough the company sucks so bad, making the watch equivalent of the Ford Pinto. But the fact these slovenly characters get to pretend to be TV stars and hawk their pure shit is almost too much to take. Add to that their doomed-to-life fanboys, and it’s a friggin’ group grope of stoopid.

    I’m been trying to think which might the dumbest group out of these particular segments of our great society:

    – Those who gather in the street for “The Today Show”
    – Watch Geeks
    – Pro wrestling fans who love “hardcore” matches
    – Those who contribute monthly to Benny Hinn, Jimmy Swaggart, etc
    – Anyone who identifies his or herself as a Democrat or a Republican (with apologies to Lewis Black)

    This morning, there was Shawn Wilsie, hawking Invictas on ShopNBC with Lalo’s Igor, like nothing else is going on in the world. The saddest part about all this is that, as I mentioned before, some real creeps are probably gonna skate. And it’s just so fucking wrong.

  5. betterskills Says:

    You forgot Juggalos on that list…

  6. OffTheKoolAid Says:


    In that thread on WG, somebody was asking where Jim was. Not there is talk he was going to try and be back on Shop Sunday or Monday…but now it is Thursday because he “Caught a bad cold”.

    This was from people looking at his Facebook as it seems he has fled WG.

    The guy cant eat a sandwich without suffering a debilitating injury and is the most sicly SOB I have ever seen.

    The guy has got to be a world class wimp.

    I suspect when Thursday rolls around, he wont be on then either…wont be long before Shop finally takes his moronic ass off the list of hosts.

  7. betterskills Says:

    I’ve stated what I’ve been told by a source with inside ShopNBC information – that they have 9 and 12 month contracts. I found this out at the begining of the this year, a few months after the Skelton Out? blog. If the calculations are right; based on Jim’s statement that he inked a contract in Ovtober, that makes mid-July the 9 month point. He tried to say, “You don’t know what you’re talking about – you need betterskills” but in my original premise without knowledge of contract duration, I speculated that he’d be pulled off the air and have an excuse – he’d be working on an exciting project, blah, blah, blah…” And I’ll admit I was wrong there as well – who knew it would be medical? A nose job, TMJ aggrivated by sub bread, etc, etc. SNBC must have employ some former WWE writers to craft his exit!

    It also seems like he got a payout – I mean he just bought a bunch of knives, a house and a Dodge Charger. You don’t hear the other hosts doing that. Hell, nobody is doing that in this economy. But like he says I’m prone to conspiracies. Funny because with the facts being what they are, what else would a rational person think?

    I suspect he’ll be on at least a few more times to ease the transition, but all of the recent Invicta revelations; the shit on WG and the dumb ass mentioning this stuff opposite the Ape Drape, er, Davis on the air several weeks back; maybe not.

  8. krane11367 Says:

    Want more proof about how classy Skelton, Davis, and his punch of mung-toothed WG monkey mods really are? This one is amazing:


  9. betterskills Says:

    WG 2010 seems a lot like Berlin in 1945. And just like the dying Nazi regime, they are starting to eat their own. If an WG on the fence read this, I have to ask: will you stand by and let it happen? The Mods an very possibly one of the owners who has been known to wear a shirt with black velvet stripes and a Donkey cum graphic on the shoulder have turned on one of their most ardent past supporters and seem to delight in twisting the knife as they do it. Will you let it happen? Or will you destroy it and actually make a difference; unite into a real community and take it down? You’ve been treated as assholes and pawns; while you worry about your job and bills, Skelton and Laylo have been exploiting you and sold you one design flawed piece and one lie after another. They’ve even introduced a mold with Chinese origin into your home around your kids and grand kids! And now this to one of your friends and associates – really? You might be next…

  10. Fuzzy Wabbit Says:

    I’ve been pretty outspoken about Chinese origin products in another market. They simply are dangerous. Why? Because they don’t give a fuck about FDA regualtions and NAFTA. They wil try and sneak anything and any shortcut by the USA. Take a look back, Baby products, Pet Foods, you name it, they have put the USA in danger. Do you really think they give a shit about Watches? Invicta contracts the bottom of the barrel to assemble and prodcue their wares. Lalo pimps them like they are Swiss Made, but we all know they ae not and now according to his own admission of late. You are best served by avoiding this company all together. Do youselves a favor and Google search the hitory of this thief.

  11. betterskills Says:

    I’m not a fan of free trade agreements. The politicians that promote such policies are attempting to lower our standard of living. I’d rather our government promote Just In Time manufacturing in this country so we’d have full employment. The way that China has gone with tyranical government and Capitalisim is exactly where the lame and fake two party system in this country wants to put us.

  12. Lisa Says:

    I just happened to stumble on this since I realized that this a hole has been gone from Shop NBC. I actually complained several times via e-mail about his sexist and border line homophobic remarks. It was like he was being a man’s man nudge nudge know what I mean since all they sell 98% of the time are men’s watches so he was playing to them. He always gave me the creeps, but was not sure why. He just seems so arrogant and jerky.

  13. krane11367 Says:

    You know, it’s amazing. S. Fingers is some piece of work. As I write this it’s Monday at about 1 am EST, and Skelton just posted pics of some new Swiss Legend that he took – as if nothing else is going on in the world at all.

    It’s getting near impossible to imagine the kind of creeps these people are. Un-fucking-real. Honest to God…it’s as if they’re PROUD for being part of the shittiest and sleaziest watch company in the world.

  14. betterskills Says:

    Because it’s all Unicorns and Rainbows in WG land. There’s nothing going on over there – Jim is all moved into his new house and has grown tired of parking lot pimpin in his new, Limited Edition Dodge Challenger! A big thank you to the thousands of buyers of Swinese watches sold as Swiss made. origin! Keep making those value pays on your Speedway Elites that don’t work and are of unknown origin – Jim’s got house payments!

  15. krane11367 Says:

    Here’s some epic tap dancing from S. Fingers! Seems one of the oldest and most loyal Invictites, Magster of WGs, has written a passionate post that has even the most crazed Invictards questioning their loyalty. After hundreds of responses, Gorda chimes in; let’s read and learn!


    jskelton jskelton is offline
    WatchGeeks Owner
    True WatchGeek

    Join Date: Feb 2008
    Posts: 14,903
    Real Name: “Diamond Jim” Skelton

    Magie, I’m sorry you feel cheated. While I know a lot of folks right now have similar feelings… you and I have always had a nice, personal relationship, so of course it bothers me to see that you’re upset.

    I can’t speak for Eyal or Invicta on this one, but I can for myself, and what I’m going to say, I know that you already know… but I’ll say it for everyone else’s benefit.

    The issue at hand can only have been known 2 ways:

    1) Info from the manufacturer

    2) Opening the watches before presenting them to validate

    Obviously, I do not crack open watches before the show, that’s not my job. My job is to take the info provided by the manufacturer and present it. If at any time I have ever caught any discrepancy on ANY watch on ANY brand… I have made the corrections myself, and asked those in charge at Shop to followup with corrections. This can be anything from the wrong case size, to incorrect movement info, or crystal info. Things I can verify personally. I have always done this, and will continue to do so. But unless I open 20, 30 watches pre-show… I cannot know what’s engraved on a movement inside, and if that conflicts with any dial markings.

    It is my personal belief that Eyal ordered one thing, and got another from his factory, I don’t believe he went out on TV and said anything untruthful with any knowledge that it was.

    For me personally, I am falling back on something very simple… if it says “SWISS MADE” on the dial, I will call Swiss into the conversation. Otherwise… no.

    Folks also have to open up their scope here a bit. ALL Swiss movement manufacturers have facilities in Hong Kong. ETA did until 2 years ago, they just shut theirs down. ISA, Ronda… all of them have a Swiss facility and a Chinese facility. Does anyone here believe that this is simply to satisfy Invicta’s demand??? NO, this is for the entire industry. From each you can select Swiss or Swiss Parts in their catalogs. ALL who choose the Swiss parts mark their dials “Swiss Movement”, or “Swiss”, or Swiss MVT”. ALL of them.

    Invicta continues to be the ONLY company that offers some degree of transparency on the issues by marking case backs on MANY (not all, but MANY) models with some notation of the movement being of Swiss Parts. NO other brand does this.

    Back to the issue… does it make any of this right? No, and I understand the frustration and anger many people are feeling right now. Have I said Swiss Made on these very items? Absolutely, because that’s what we were told, pure & simple.

    When the car salesman tells you that your new car has a sunroof and it doesn’t… well, that’s an obvious catch, and we all can see that. But when he tells you that your car has 500hp and then you buy it & dyno it and it only has 400… he cannot possibly know that because the spec sheet he got from the manufacturer told him 500. He isn’t going to open up the motor and actually look inside to see if you have hollow valve-stems filled with sodium like the factory said it does… he takes the data, and passes it along to the consumer.

    The issue is being directly addressed at all levels within Invicta and ShopNBC and while I’m not at liberty to disclose the details of the actions at this time, I can assure you that measures are being put into effect that will prevent any possible confusion in the future.

  16. krane11367 Says:

    (better, my apologies for this long rant, but I’m so beyond fed up.)

    “I like Santa.”
    – Grinning, goofy, annoying kid in a leather pilot’s hat to Ralphie in the department store in “A Christmas Story” as the kids wait in a long line to meet Santa Claus

    “I like The Wizard Of Oz … I like the Tin Man.”
    – The same grinning, goofy, annoying kid in a leather pilot’s hat to Ralphie in the department store moments later, as Ralphie starts to wish he were anywhere else on earth

    Ever been locked in a room, or trapped in a small area, with people who you wouldn’t want to be within 200 miles of? Ask Ralphie how much fun standing in that line was, as he questioned whether the Red Rider was worth it or not.

    Yes, sure, live and let live. Everyone deserves to be happy, everyone has a right to find his or her place and interests and hobbies and passions and desires. However, like the kid in the department store, there are scads of folks out there who simply don’t get it, who turn the smallest things in life into the most outrageously monumental matters – and that is the magic of television.

    Watch Geeks, anyone? What once was a semi-enjoyable, almost informative look into the world of TV-sold watches has been perverted and bastardized by its owners and moderators, sure; but now it’s getting downright creepy. The WGs are hanging on to the site and their Invicta brand with both hands, growing more desperate, strident, and downright maniacal with each passing story of fake Swiss watches, gray market movements being touted as the second coming or horology, you name it. But it’s more than that; instead of members writing in and asking questions about, say, the differences between Japanese and Swiss movements or the latest watch releases, WGs are posting videos of puppies; threads with titles like “I Lost My Job & Next My Wife”; notices of family members’ deaths; and so on. Instead of using a watch forum as a watch forum, a scarily large percentage of the membership is using the site as a surrogate family. Mods are killing off members left and right, like Jimmy in Goodfellas after the Lufthansa robbery – most recently and sickeningly, a loyal member for using a fantastic joke; he wrote “Swiss Made” in Chinese and put it near his signature. Apparently, satire does close on Saturday nights, particularly when cheap costume watches are involved.

    Frightening? You bet. Disturbing? Try not to throw up in your mouth, and more than a little. The WG site is the yellow special bus, but loaded with sick orphans who want you to be their new daddy since theirs used to beat ’em with a belt. It would be hilarious if it weren’t such a ghastly and accurate commentary on the impact of TV on the truly dim. Add the visual of the recent, hugely attended NATIONAL WGs party in Minnesota, and … it’s Ralphie’s plight times infinity. People sporting $2,995 MSRP Subcraptas on their wrists showed up wearing Family Dollar t-shirts and Salvation Army shorts with rubber flip-flops. Aren’t “good” watches fine jewelry? Not to some of these knuckle-draggers, who use their TV watches as the actual basis for their very beings. Hold on to your hats, especially if your hair comes off in ’em when you take ’em off.

    One of the really hysterical threads on WGs right now is entitled “I Hate Watch Geeks … Really?” where the author of the thread is shocked – stunned! – that other blogs and sites such as Watchlords.com, BDWF.net, WatchFreeks, and perhaps even betterskills’ blog, righteously take issue with Invicta, sometimes in strong terms. What, like losing $1,000 on a falsely advertised piece of shit doesn’t make a buyer bitter – not to mention being banned from WGs by Lalo’s personal Mongo for complaining about being scammed? Yet, here they are, not only continuing their circle of “Cumbaya,” but pledging allegiance to WGs as if Jesus will make his comeback at 3 am on Thursday with Tim Temple – no, wait, it’s gotta be with Jim Skelton, since he’s our savior and hero and everything that’s right with America.

    So, as we all wait for Eyal Lalo’s Dubois Depraz statement where he’ll claim he was captured by space alien watch movement distributors or something equally as plausible, I bring you the best of “I Hate Watch Geeks … Really?” Enjoy (and for some reason, I’ll leave off the member’s handles; gotta respect those who have none for themselves), and remember, these are real (all typos left in) – and watch the Karo Syrup get thicker with each passing statement:

    “How sad and pathetic must your life be to join a forum who’s main purpose is to bash another forum? … They call the membership over here “kool-aide drinkers” and various other names. They even comment on members of WG’s by name. One of the clowns over there said he had “spies” here at WG…..WTF????:
    –Thread starter

    “I’m glad i’m here too bud.”
    – The very fashion forward WG member who prefers honkin’ big 50mm metal monstrosities

    “You don’t have to love every brand or sponsor for that matter, to be a Watchgeek. You just need to be respectful of others. I don’t drink kool-aid and I am proud to be a Watchgeek.”

    “Meantime, we help each other.
    Others are jealous.
    If being happy that others are doing well means that I’ve been drinking the kool-aid, then count me guilty.
    I don’t apologize for wanting to make others happy.
    More power to us all!!”

    “Let ’em roll in it. They’re primarily shallow minded pathetic souls without joy in their lives who can’t understand that people enjoy what they enjoy, despite their “knowing” better.”

    “We can agree and disagree and in the end we are all brothers and sisters with a passion for watches.”

    “This is a great site of caring people, you guys are great!!! You can come here and find a laugh, listen to music find watch deals, see great watches and find people who really care, if there were more people in the world like the people here the world would be a better place!!!”

    “…i feel sorry for them, will never understand the meaning of friendship and respect and brotherhood…”

    “To Jim, Mike, Bruce and all the mods – thank you for this forum. To the rest of all the WG – you are all a great group of people. I am a Watch Geek!”

    “To Nayth, Meijin, Jskelton, and ALL of the Moderators, my best wishes. And to those who have hopes and dreams of making this a good place for all of us, Be Well!!”

    “I thank you for showing me how grateful I am for being part of the good side not the dark.”

    “Enjoy your time here or elsewhere, have fun, and live with an attitude of gratitude.”

    “Let them go and enjoy their negativity and their lack of loving life.”

    “Love it here! This is a second family! My wife doesn’t get it, that’s a little frustrating, but I GET IT! That’s what counts!”

    “All this over watches? watchgeeks.net & Invicta? The only reason for all this is plain jealous, otherwise why?”

    “I just ignore stupid people like that. They are a waist of time.”

    “They are Jealous cause they have 5 members and a 2nd grade education. Why be in a watch group and worry about another one unless they are pissed they were thrown out of this one or for some reasond can’t get into this one. One memeber even on all intencive puposes left this one and started his own and no one here bad mouhted him, and some of u even joined his group, and nothing as immature went on like ur talking about. Jim was even gracious enough to let the site Know Dinner Time started his own site Geek Freeks I think and that is how it should be, about the watches and your site and screw any site like that cause they aren’t worth it.”

    “Have we been able to stop the mirror threads yet? It makes me ill to even go there it feels like some kind of weird cult and possibly a dangerous one at that. I hope any active members here that are part of that site are recognized as such.”

    “Always remember, when you’re on the side of righteousness, you can never be condemned, mocked yes, slandered, yes, but goodness always wins out over evil. WG community is goodness.”


    My friends, I bring you the level of watch expertise you can find on watchgeeks.net. So now, Geeks, I honestly hope you are reading this, you poor, poor souls: The owners and posters on these “hate” blogs didn’t start them because they got banned, or because they’re jealous of your Invicta Aculas with real Swiss innards. No, they started them because they’re discriminating consumers – if not, like koimaster at watchlords, genuinely intelligent people who aren’t gonna sit back and allow themselves to be slandered by a bunch of TV shills and their sleazy enablers.

    These sites exist because, in the last 12 months only, there has been one faulty “Today’s Top Value,” “Reserve” watch, moldy if not dangerous plastic case, and lousy customer service case after another. There are the blatant false claims told on TV that, thankfully, will be preserved on DVRs so that eventually, when these people get their comeuppance, there will be proof of the deceptions. There has been bullying and mean-spirited comments by your newyorkcruisers and Backflys and 98mm&ups and other so-called watch fans, but who wouldn’t know a quality watch if it bit ’em in the bum; hey guys, wearing an Invicta is settling, not something to be proud of – people who cut corners in fashion and style no doubt cut corners in their interpersonal relationships and jobs as well.

    These sites exist because there are learned, wise, no-nonsense people who are too smart for the line of shit that people like Eyal Lalo, Michael Davis, and Jim Skelton spew with a wink and smile. The blogs exist in the hope that they are laying the foundation for people to get solid information, and not to be suckered in by hype. You want to live and love and enjoy your Invicta watches? Fine. Wanna hold hands and sing “We Are The World” while filling out returns forms to ShopNBC? Be our guest. But don’t make us out to be “evil” because we’re not gonna fall for the silliness and poor quality we see from Invicta and ShopNBC week after week. And brave souls like koimaster are actually gonna go do something about it.

    Yes, you poor, put upon Geeks, these sites exist, and we’re not going away. In fact, even a cursory glance at recent log-on numbers proves attendance at your little pity party is down like gangbusters, despite your claims of 20,000 ecstatic members. Meanwhile, betterskills is being noticed by an ever-widening circle, and the other sites featuring anti-Invicta rants are just exploding – people are wising up, by the hundreds, by the minute.

    Why? Because we’re jealous? Bitter? No way – it’s because we’re not a bunch of idiots and dupes. And sooner or later, someone’s gonna put a stop all this consumer fraud.

    If you don’t believe me, do a Google search and find one consumer group, blog, site, or website that has anything good to say about Invicta Watch Company. Go ahead, I dare you. And write back and give me the example. C’mon, gimme your best shot.


    The only people happy to be part of your crazy little family is your crazy little family.


  17. betterskills Says:

    This is brilliant because it drips with truth in every line. If you look at the thread in question on WG; which is posted elsewhere, what you notice is that those critics who claim jealousy and other such nonsense are all senior and veteran members. Many WG members that are starting to become disillusioned can see that thes are the same people that ridiculed and belittled other WGs that questioned Swiss before Laylo’s admission of customer deception. They can see that there is an organize move to discredit the truth an attempt to rewrite the narrative. You now have even the most ardent Invicta supporters seeing the light.

  18. Mikey Skelton Says:

    Oh boy, now we have a member of WG’s with 19K posts (Wave3214) whining and crying about all the negativity of that place and how everyone should stop all the negative talk about all the lies, cheats and problems of Invicta and if you dont have something nice to say than say nothing at all.

    It seams that his kool-aid might have been soured a little and he needs a fresh sippycup to enjoy it.

    Steve lets get real. WG’s has run its course and is going down the crapper faster than the turds who started the place. They have used and abused long enough and very soon the finacial gain they can get from it will be far less than the worth of the site, kind of the direction it is going now.

    Eyal Lalo who pays for it all, Jim Skelton who makes money selling watches to those few left followers and Michael Davis who owes his life to Skelton for getting him a job, well they all will be very shortly selling Timex’s at there local Wal-Mart and Target jewelry counters when ShopNBC gets sick and tired of the turmoils they created and the sales they lost for them.

    Wave3214 you really need to realize WG’s is not what it used to be at all and your one of the last holdout koolaid drinking loyalist blind followers of kumbayahland known as WatchGeeks.net and though they appreciate your sage words shut the hell up and buy some more Swinese made Invicta’s that we tell ya are all Swiss Made but are really made in chinese sweat shops with child labor they found from the used up longtime child lovey trade of the orient.

    Yep that will be the next breaking story of how Invicta uses asian child labor to slap together there “Swiss” timepieces.

  19. Chief86 Says:


    The statement is out and Jimmy-poo has been COMPLETELY EXHONORATED !!

    Everything is EXACTLY as Jimmy and Eyal said !

    I am so happy I could prance around Times Square in my tutu !!!


    Chief86 is OUT !

  20. Mikey Skelton Says:

    What a blooby joke that response is.

    It was in no way at all written by Invicta but but DD and given to Invicta to jointly sign. I have a feeling that both Invicta and the other party that sold the modules were told that this is how it will be done or else the other party will not get modules again and if Invicta ever wants a chance at getting modules in the future this is how it will be done.

    Its really a joke as well since it is not on any letterhead, will never be officially posted any where else other than on WG’s and was just something thrown together to protect Eyal Lalo and his band of idiotic Invicta-Seman swallowing loyalists.

    Hey has anyone ever noticed how closely Eyal’s last name of Lalo closely sounds like a gagging person saying swallow … I wonder if way back in time that is how his family got there name because they had to, well maybe his family has some concubine blood or something else in it.

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