Skelton Returns to ShopNBC: A Quick Observation

June 25, 2010

I unfortunately missed Jim Skelton’s live return to TV after a month of no-shows due to one ailment after another. It’s been speculated by some that he got a “time out” from the network brass and I have to say, TMJ aggravated by bread seems unbelievable. In his absence, a lot has changed for Invicta, Watchgeeks and ShopNBC with Invicta CEO Eyal Laylo admitted that his Swiss labeled watches are in fact Chinese and the faulty Speedway Elite Reserves with D-D debacle, still without a statement from Laylo.

I’m up and watching the replay archived on; only the first hour because the second is unavailable.

First, I find it odd that his lauded return was scheduled for 5 PM on a Thursday – hardly a time slot that the majority of the demographic are going to be around to see as most people are getting off work in the EST zone between the hours of 5 and 6.

The second strange thing is that he isn’t wearing his usual Guy Fieri castoffs – he is actually in a normal looking shirt and sport jacket and he was rocking the Sonny Crokett stubble ala Miami Vice circa 1986. He almost looked normal and his delivery is noticeably subdued. He made a few sexual innuendos but he managed to just rolls those out so as to not make them obvious; he didn’t dwell and he quickly moved on. I still think the guy is a scum fuck – it appears that he changed a sig file of a member of his forum to read “I like donkey seman” in Chinese, replacing the characters that the guy had used for “Swiss Made”. The fellow in question was a little more than ticked for being lied to about the provenance of the watches, being told that his Chinese watches were “all Swiss” ; he even went out of his way to defend Skelton on my blogs! For me the give away is Skeltblo’s response to the guy – “I guess humor is subjective” which is exactly the line he used on a knife forum that he was trolling during his first medical leave for the year.

As for Jim’s next three weeks, he’s only got 6 hours for the coming week. For the week ending 7/8, Temple is back with 6 hours to Skelton’s 5 hours.  And on the week ending 7/15 – they both have 9.

Will he appear on the schedule for July’s third week?


10 Responses to “Skelton Returns to ShopNBC: A Quick Observation”

  1. FernieBee Says:

    The Merm and Skelton were hawking some gaudy-ass watches. The Merm was okay, but Skelton comes across as a blowhard and creep. Plus, he tries too hard to be liked. It wouldn’t surprise me if he has a Napoleon complex, too.

    Keep up the good work with this blog. I came across it via a Web search, months ago, and I’ve been coming back, regularly, for the info. and entertainment.

  2. William Says:

    I think Skelton is a Douche. And I hope that pathetic slump of fatty meat is looking at this too. I was sold by Mr. Bucktoof and Laylo on “Outvicta” just as many. And that molester look-a-like Davis, Banned me from Watchgeeks because I was “Flamming an owner” are you kidding me? What? 400lbs of bacon grease? You’re selling sub-standard shit at premium prices that arrives at my door, not working and has crumbs in the box? So, either Pedro in the packing department is eating a muffin, or I just got something someone else didn’t want? and I can’t bitch about it? Invicta is surrounded by slime. I for one, am selling off EVERY piece I own. I have no need for a 600.00 paper weight.

  3. jr Says:

    Imagine if someone from MSNBC or CNBC had done the semen stunt. I noticed “Shop” added “Geneva” watches if you click on new items in the watch section. They’re really going all neo-Caldor on us. The Skelt had to come back to work as he was reminding people of Jesse from Life Goes On with his illness of the week. They need to cut old boy and just have Tim, Shawn and Daniel do the watch shows. I’m surprised PETA hasn’t attacked “Shop” for feeding subs to a gorilla.

  4. krane11367 Says:

    Well, even after all the transparent garbage that Davis, Skelton, and Lalo have pulled, there’s apparently only one thing someone can do once they’ve been burned: Never give ShopNBC another penny until this bunch of shills and their garbage brand are off the network. And, as we’re doing here, report, report, and report what they do, until someone with some clout – be it the print media, a consumer group, someone – comes along to fix things. It’s gonna be done. Any other industry and these really awful people would be in some really serious hot water by now. It’s just infuriating that they’re not already.

  5. Koimaster Says:

    No one cares if Skelton ever shows up on TV again except his ardent supporters who seem to genuflet whenever he spouts more double speak. The recent fiascos which played out at Watchgeeks stripped this guy, Davis and Eyal Lalo of any real credibility they may have had left.

    Watches with the word SWISS on the 6 o’clock meaning in Invicta speak, Chinese. Dubois Depraz 2021 modules purchased from a third party, not Dubois directly yet claiming a direct connection. Claims by the three talking heads that Dubois would be spoken to “loudly” over the issues which were in fact Invicta issues. Skelton goes out of his way to deflect the letter written by Christopher Becker of Dubois as “not authentic” or “dubious”. Claims that a certain forum was a cesspool, that the owner of the forum was a stalker, the same term he used at the Blade forums when he was exposed as Corona Gorda by member there. When the going got tough, the rats abandon ship. Skelton claims he just sells the watches. That direct link is here

    The Cesspool comments are here
    A cesspool that is frequented by a certain crew from Minnesota using proxy servers.

    Michael Davis, the Krabbler King also tried to distance himself from Eyal claiming he only repeated what he was told and did not open the watches. This from a man who owes his job to Eyal and who also attackes anyone who questions his expertise on watches. Well Krabble and Corona, in my opinion you both know next to nothing about Horology. You lay exposed as cowards, and frauds. Men who claim expertise on TV and on forums yet when confronted with controversy, you whine about it not being your fault, and how could you know.
    These controversies have also shown a darker side of Watchgeeks. The mass bannings of members who dare to question too harshly or point out the lies and deceptions of the leadership at geeks. If shop were really paying attention the Invicta watches would be canned along with the Ed Hardy crap, and Skelton and Davis would go out with the trash.

  6. Hal Says:

    I like how he said the jacket was because of the dressy watch theme Croton was selling this show, meanwhile the same old junk is rolled out. I’m pretty sure he’ll have to keep a jacket on like the other hosts. Also, I found it strange the lack of excitement exhibited by the geeks at bunny world. The forum isn’t as genuflecting to Corona Gorda aka Sausage Fingers aka Knife Lord as it was in days of yore. It’s like they put up with MD and JS because they don’t want to be booted from their sanctuary of mediocrity. Of course there is always strutn45 and nycruza available to gobble Jimbo’s nut sack of wonder!

  7. betterskills Says:

    The truth is in the membership numbers; the real numbers on Community > Member Lists tab. Not the faux member numbers on the frontpage. They reveal the real chaos on the site with a handful to hundreds banned every day.

  8. Fuzzy Wabbit Says:

    Seems the DD Debacle has come to a conclusion with the release of the joint statement. Teh staement complete with plain white paper, no letterhead, no date, and frankly no substance was released tonight by the great JS. Why JS released it, I have no clue, why they even bothered to release it is even more mysterious other than taking up bandwidth.

  9. krane11367 Says:

    I just saw the joint statement.

    The thought that keeps running through my head: Nobody gives a FUCK.

    Sure, D/D makes a new customer by selling the washers at real full prices to Invicta; D/D gets appeased by the point about “third parties” making statements; D/D possibly gets another module order, which developed like a shotgun wedding (you do us wrong, you better do biz with us, you sorry suckers). Invicta obviously and transparently gets caught with its pants down, but now gets to double-talk itself back into good graces with the most sorry, doomed-to-life, cretinous WG suckers.

    But…in the end…

    Nobody gives a FUCK.

    Nobody cares that people paid a grand for a shitty watch that didn’t work, and now has either been sent back to ShopNBC or sent back to Invicta for its legendary “repair service.” Nobody cares that people were told that Invicta and D/D were “working” as a unit, according to Lalo’s original on-air claims, but now I-Team and D/D are all arm in arm, because, after all, commerce trumps quality. And, apparently, D/D doesn’t give a fuck, because it’s unfathomable that a company with such watch prestige would ever do business with such a pure drizzling shit unit as Invicta.

    But…nobody gives a FUCK…about you. They have your money, D/D and Invicta…you might not have a watch worth a flying flop, but don’t you feel better that the companies saved face? The most ardent WGs will go to sleep tonight, dreaming their little dreamy dreams about the fantastic new watches D/D and Invicta will make together (when pigs fly).

    But nobody gives a FUCK about the non-WG, sitting there, having spent so much money on his collectible, rare, ever-so-classic new timepiece he was hawked into buying by S. Fingers, the one who is sitting there with a non-running lump or a returns slip, who is muttering to his or herself…”where’s my watch?”

    Know why you’re muttering? Because nobody gives a FUCK … about you.

  10. OffTheKoolAid Says:

    Skelton has a kid. Sad thing that he cannot look his kid in the eye and say “Sure, I make an honest living and when I make a mistake, I have to be a man”

    Nope, instead he is raising the kid in his image…lets hope he does not become a cheat and liar like daddy.

    Oh lets face it, Jimmy would sell out his family for a shiny new car (big car little dick syndrome).

    As for Michael (looks like an abortion gone wrong)…you are just scum and a pussy.

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