Invicta and D-D Respond: The Song Remains the Same

June 26, 2010

LATE Friday afternoon, which allows for two days of no communication with Invicta headquarters, the much anticipated, eagerly awaited, joint Invicta Dubois-Dupraz statement was released after days of delay. In it we learn… uh, nothing.

THE first thing you notice is that there is no official letter head – not from either company or attorney.

NOW, on to the er, “substance” of the document. The first bullet states what is already know because it was verified by Mr. Chris Becker last week, that the movements are in fact legit. This blogger never called the authenticity of the movements into question because I know in the recent past, as ETA began to wind down it’s sales to non-Swatch Group brands, that it was a routine practice to procure movements from other watch companies. This speculation by some, I believe, was driven by Invicta CIO Eyal Lalo’s recent admission that watches being sold by Invicta and marked SWISS were actually Chinese. It didn’t help that he had been caught in his on air selling schpeal of the doomed Speedway Elite in complete lies; that Invicta had worked hand in hand with D-D on the watch. Once people began to receive their wrist size Titanics , he went on to issue statements through Igor – er, I mean Jim Skelton, that the issues were owned by D-D and that he was having “loud discussions” with them. All lies exposed by D-D Business Development Manager of the Americas, Chris Becker. Mr. Becker’s truthful statement that Invicta was not a D-D customer and the mention of the possibility that these movements could be knockoffs further stocked the fires of angry customers making Value Pays on a Thousand dollar doorstop. The joint statement confirms what the vast majority already knew; Invicta got them through a third party. While this is legal, I’m willing to bet whoever this third-party is won’t be sold D-D movements anytime in the near future as this practice is frowned upon by movement manufacturers and I’m willing to bet Laylo was real quick to name the source. There has been some speculation that SWI was the source but this is not confirmed.

Bullet two, that the issues are not related to the movement is also something that has been stated by Laylo, through his bitch, Jim Skelton as well as Chris Becker. This is old news – no new ground covered here.

The third point was also addressed previously, again by a Laylo statement through toad Skelton that a washer can correct the problem.

BUT what fans and haters were looking for was the cause. This is not addressed in the joint statement – it’s only purpose is to restate the facts that both Chris Becker pointed out and the confirmation that the movements are genuine. It absolves D-D of any guilt and lays the blame on a mysterious third-party. This final part of the final point reopens the can of worms regarding the supposed Swiss factories that Skelton has alluded to; that Laylo has mentioned and that Michael “Fuckin” Davis has ridiculed people over when they’ve questioned te existance of them on watchgeeks.

I’ll ask it again because the end all, be all statement failed to clear it up – where were these watches assembled and finished? Where were the faulty dials and hands made? I maintain that a Swiss manufacturing house would have never released pieces with these types of defects; but probably more realistically, they never would have had these problems, they would have known the nuances and tolerances. I think they tried to pull the assembly off in their Florida headquarters with components of Asian origin. I challenge(er) them to post the paperwork on watchgeeks and prove me wrong. If Invicta commissioned their manufacture in Geneva, Hong Kong – I’m still right because the dial says SWISS MADE! I really do not think Invicta cased these watches in Switzerland because all signs point to ineptness and a lack of technical knowledge,

There are several ‘Veteran’ and ‘Senior’ WG members piling on to threads over at watchgeeks with statements like “this puts it to bed” and “that clears things up” but it clearly doesn’t and if you think it does, you’re either too stupid to comprehend what you’re reading or you have a vested interest in sweeping this under the rug.

SO how will consumers react to this non-statement? Will they just pretend that this supposed ‘statement’ restating what is already widely known is sufficient and accept the ongoing lies, wasting their hard-earned cash on two or three Invicta’s of questionable origin and hit-or-miss functionality? Or will they buy one really nice Japanese, German or Swiss watch without issues and a solid pedigree?

23 Responses to “Invicta and D-D Respond: The Song Remains the Same”

  1. jr Says:

    I’ve lost all respect for Dubois Dépraz. They negotiated with economic terrorists

  2. betterskills Says:

    I don’t think D-D caved to anything, they made Invicta cop to it and reassure consumers and that IWG had to handle this with help provided by D-D after the fact for an undisclosed amount. Why wouldn’t D-D take on a dumb ass client who is now working with D-D because of shortcuts the groups of Eyal’s underling managers had taken with his knowlege? Shortcuts kinda covered up in the past by WG mods and owners? I’m starting to wonder if Davis isn’t really compensated though SNBC.

    What are Laylo’s bosses thinking?

  3. OffTheKoolAid Says:

    DD did cave IMO…agreed to some letter designed to remove blame from the big I. Why? For a few bucks.

    Nobody…not Jim, Eyal, Davis, nycruzamoron (their cheerleader bitch) ever addressed the false claims by the big I. They worked together with DD on these watches? Eyal had loud discussions with DD. Jim blamed DD by talking to some mystery watch company that had slop in their DD movements. All of that was crap from the big I talking heads.

    DD let it go…trading reputation for short term profit.

    Now some geeks are saying “hmmm, Becker said they never had Invicta as a customer and that statement seems to say otherwise”…No it does not you mental midgets. Their relationship began the Friday that Eyal had to make a quick phone call to them to head off a disaster. As for ongoing projects mentioned during the selling of this watch…that was crap. Projects may now begin as part of the agreement so DD can make profit from the big I….this happened after all of the big I’s lies.

    What a pathetic bunch the geeks are.

  4. krane11367 Says:

    Lalo’s bosses are thinking: “Fooled ’em again!”

    That’s all they care about.

    The biggest thing that bugs me about the “joint statement” is the line about third party statements not meaning anything. Didn’t D/D see the ShopNBC tape of the original sales pitch? There were more distortions of fact uttered there that you can shake Davis’ hoof at.

    Yet…they skate. And still, the suckers ask for more.

  5. betterskills Says:

    Well – D-D basically forced Invicta to cough up money and publicly accept responsiblity as well as probably paying an ungoodly sum for instructions on a quick fix – “…use washers guys; that’ll be 500 large.” And now Invicta is probably having to use an authorized D-D repair facility; probably owned by D-D!

    So, when all the money is paid out, Invicta will lose money on each unit. Dumbasses.

  6. krane11367 Says:


    Your words just made me feel a LOT better. Bet you’re right! COOL!

  7. Fuzzy Wabbit Says:

    Where’s that link on reporting Customs fraud? I’d encourage anyone who purchased this debacle Speedway to file a claim and let’s see how Laylo defends it. I’d bet anything it doesn’t meet the Swiss Made criteria.

  8. William Says:

    Invicta customs fraud started LONG before this D-D situation. You want to know how I know? the proof is in the pudding. I have 8 “Swiss Made” “Russian Divers” sitting right here ready to SHIP to a newer, less educated idiot, like I was a few months ago. I found it odd that when wearing them, I always had the craving for an egg roll.

  9. Vicki Says:

    Watching Lalo repeating Swiss made and platinum warranty during last night’s show was really an eye opener. He must be a bit touched in the head to think he could pull that lame trick again and from furrowed brow he looked peeved that the gigantic bolts weren’t flying out the door. His beady eyes kept darting over to the monitor to check sales. It was a failure as all flavors are still available! Sadly geeks weren’t buying because of past bad behavior but because they know the TTV will be sold for less in 30 days!

  10. Hal Says:

    I just checked over in geek land and the Invictards are acting like business as usual. It is beyond rational thought on how a group of adults, presumably educated, can keep lining up to be fucked over with shoddy merchandise and poor service. And then to be lied to over and over again…WOW. Notice how Lalo apologizes on FRIDAY so he can be on TV on SUNDAY. Eyal Lalo is truly the Teflon Don of Invicata Land.

  11. Fuzzy Wabbit Says:

    Some of the more seasoned Geeks are wising up to this fact Hal. A few, I’m convinced like Cruza are compensated on the side or just plain senile, maybe both. But when the well respected senion geeks start complaining there is desention amongst the ranks and it throws the whole Invicta ponzi scheme into a spin.

  12. krane11367 Says:

    I guess all us Better Skills fans can do, for the moment, is thank our lucky stars we were blessed with gray matter, consciences, fashion sense, and hearts. Too many of the WGs…well, I wrote about the kid in “A Christmas Story” last week.

    And, honestly, I mean to speak ill of no one. But I have to express…there’s some photos being passed around the ‘Net of the regional WG party in Long Island over the weekend. Larry Magan of Stuhrling Original was there in a cheap Hawaiian shirt, and he looked like Joseph Abboud himself compared to these slobolas. I’ll say it again: What the fuck is the sense of wearing a (fake MSRP) $1,000 watch with Steve & Barry’s T-shirts, Family Dollar shorts, and white socks with sandals? It just blows me away that people with the fashion sense of the Arby’s kitchen wash-up crew spends all of their disposable income on Crapvicta, well, crap. Honestly, it boggles the brain.

  13. Vicki Says:

    Larry Magen’s bonus must be tied directly to watch sales on the shop. That is the only explanation he shows up to these things. Wing and Hester were also there so maybe geeks are a force to be reckoned with. Imagine Eyal showing up to the Steamroom, stepping out of his Bentley and being mobbed like Jesus Christ himself. 50mm would drop a load in his shorts, Bippy Boyer would drop his camera, Big Joe would stop eating and all chaos would ensue.

  14. krane11367 Says:

    Anyone see that dream of a sexpot Jill and Temple on SNBC on the last Invicta show? They seemed to have a hard time staying awake, let alone getting enthusiasm going for their oversized crapola. Last night was the first time I’ve watched an Invicta presentation where just from watching, you could tell the hosts were preoccupied, like something was wrong. Add Lalo’s TTV bomb from last week, and de ship be seriously sinkin’. NICE!

  15. betterskills Says:

    Jill wants Skelton. She’s jealous because he went to lunch with Avi – that’s what he said on WG anyway. I bet his mere presence was enough to seduce her. He probably rolled up in that Challenger wearing his Corum Trapeze, the diamonds glaring in her eyes.

  16. krane11367 Says:

    Now, with the WGs sniping at each other because you have the Invcitards yelling at other members who have gotten ripped off, Davis issues a long note on WGs saying any more negativity and you’ll get barred. That should be the end of THAT site, shouldn’t it? What’s positive about the Crapvicta experience? TTV after TTV that doesn’t work? And hasn’t Davis already barred hundreds of others just for delivering the unvarnished truth?

    So right now on WGs you have four groups of people; the curious, the Invictards who seem to live to get ripped off and ask for more, those angry that everything they purchase from ShopNBC is misshiped or broken, or the Mods and owners who seem to exist only to be Mods and owners.

    It’s like a crazy house there now. It’s so sad; it’s just so beyond any reason to exist. And Davis, true to form, reveals himself to be an utter, double-talking scumbag – wait, I can’t say that, because he’s not clever enough to engage in the art of double-talking. Basically, he’s nothing but a shill who refuses to do right by his own customers. And, yeah, Crapvicta continues to get away with it…

    …well, they think they’re getting away with it. Word is out that there’s going to be some really bad pub for the I Team any minute now. Serves ’em right!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    People are opening up their Invicta watch casebacks, to reveal the dirty truth, “china”.

    Now Eyal starting last week on the shop, in a real slick and quick way, is finally stating live, “this is the far east version”…lololol

    The far east version of the Ronda 5040D, the far east version of the Isa blah blah blah, Invicta needs to be flushed down the toilet, only wish I knew this a long time ago.

  18. Mikey Skelton Says:

    Its all just a bunch of blah blah blah lets do our best to cover our tracks but this time it was rather difficult to cover the tracks since it involved DD and they took control and forced Invicta’s hands as to what they could say about it all. This is why there has been almost nothing by Eyal at all on this and why there never will be anything at all said by him.

    It is quite interesting though that now many of the true Invicta followers are all of a sudden seeing the light and those that have been getting bashed and banned for so many months are being vindicated with the truths about just how Invicta operates.

    Just this weekend a friend was looking to purchase some true fake Rolex’s as beater watches. Look good but able to just beat the crap out of them and not care … I told him to get a couple of Invicta’s if he wants a crappy throw away when beaten to badly watch and ya know what? He wouldn’t even get a cheap Pro Diver, he said if he wanted a cheap like that he would buy or take one of his kids Timex’s.

  19. Big P Says:

    The “far east version” of the Ronda this or the ISA that, the bubble has sprung a leak…look out, it’s a gusher.

    How can Shopnbc keep Invicta on the air?

    Notice Eyal is the ONLY one stating the above, kind of like a safety net.

    I hope the other Shopnbc vendors are not doing the same thing, I mean, I purchased my RITMO MVNDO “centurian”, with the UNITAS 6497, I hope it’s what it says it is, thank you Ali S.

    I wonder if CROTON, OR SWISS LEGEND and the rest of them are on the up and up.

    Sthurling has even made cheap cheap cheap Tourbillion’s, for under a grand, my god, how long will those keep time?

    Jim Skelton, and the “gang” have been crapping their shorts since the DD debacle, so many fingers pointing, somebody has to own up.

    OOOOF!, my jaw hurts…lol, karma is a you know what!

    When I receive my watch tools via Otto Frei, I will open up EVERY Shopnbc watch I own, and carefully examine them, to find out the origin.

    I hope everybody’s aware, and informed.


    I have been with the Shop for a long time, watch regularly, and since last week, and last week only, has that Lalo started saying “the far east version”, well dammit, then don’t put the word “swiss” at the 6 position, dummy!!!!!!

  20. Big P Says:

    I really wanted to comment on the SUPERB article from the July INVICTA post, just don’t know how, so here it is anyway.

    Why haven’t Incrapta been taken to task for misleading, misrepresenting, bold face lying to the viewers?

    Swiss made aside, the watches that denote “swiss” at the 6 o’clock position, only to be opened up to reveal…”Invicta Watch Group china”, Isn’t this against the law?

    Swiss federation law aside, how to these TV shopping brands get away with it?

    A long time ago I received a Quinotaur Russian Diver, the canteen crown was defective, and couldn’t catch the threads to screw down, I was on hold forever, it took 3 mos for me to get it back, and bucko bucks, they said it has to go to Switzerland and they didn’t have the parts to complete the repair.

    I guess they meant, it had to go to Hong Kong… phooey!!!!!!

    M. Davis, J. Skelton and so on, are like pre-programmed human rats, T. Temple and his vocabulary can make the average person commit suicide!!

    Where does it end?

    This is the “far east version” of my COCK!!!!

    I will stick with the high end brands from reputable distributors.

    Since I cannot afford a “Ulysse Nardin” etc, my hard earned money won’t be going to TV watch vendors ANYMORE!!!!

    I am baffled to this day, on how Incrapta have not been removed from the shop.

    I watch the shops watch shows, purposely, to increase my awareness, so it becomes easy to detect when my “bullshit” meter goes ding ding ding!

    Technical Brand Manager, I found the definition, here it is:

    “To secure lips to Eyal’s balloon knot and balls”

    Depraz must be nuts to do business with Invicta, the live on air presentation of the famed speedway, Eyal lies through his tiny teeth, with a straight face, he should be in politics!!!

    I wish someone would call them out on one of their live testimonials, make them squirm, show their true stripes.

    Watching the watch shows on the shop, is priceless, entertainment value, as a viewer, I know the spin of bullshit they convey to it’s audience, and that is entertaining to me, because nothings funnier than a liar with shit breath!!!

    Thank You.

  21. Fred Phephner Says:

    “Some of these same pit bulls also lavish great praise on the brand, relating stories about how they stop retail traffic with their watches.”

    Based on those pics of that NY gathering of cult members floating around out there, it’s obvious some of those guys stop retail traffic cause their girth totally blocks the aisles.

    Plus it’s easy to understand why these guys defend the brand. When you’re 5’7″ tall and weigh well north of 300 lbs. an Invicta Venom is probably the only watch out there that won’t submerge completely into a fat fold.

  22. rick Says:

    i bought dd speedway, as a matter of fact i was caller on show and was dropped for accidental “shit” bomb i dropped. now i wish i could drop watch back on snbc but they refuse. i’ll try invicta next. then i’ll try atty. general mn. , fl. maybe they customs route will work. i’m through with invicta and snbc. snbc is soooooo…. stupid i’ve probably dropped 30g’s last 12 years. i can cancell last v.p.make them prove watch was cased and inspected in switzerland. swiss made bullshit my german penpal was right chinese watch bullshit.

  23. Big P Says:

    Me Chinese me Siamese

    me put pee pee in your coke


    rick rick rick, no disrespect, but you should have known that TV watches, especially Nbc and Incrapta, can’t keep giving you deal after deal without cutting corners and…lying!!

    oops…I mean “marketing strategy”



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