Technically Brand Perception Manager

July 7, 2010

PEOPLE wanna know; what is a Technical Brand Manager? The only individual that I’ve ever known to have this title is Michael “Grape Ape” Davis; co-owner of and Technical Brand Manager of Invicta Watch Group. Magilla Gorilla has never answered this question; “What is a Technical Brand Manager?” He won’t even address it. He’s real quick to spit out movement specs as seen on Google and to talk down to people who call bullshit on his various statements and question his “technical chops.” But the minute the shit hit the fan over Invicta’s Swinagate he quickly made the point that he repeats what he’s told; that he just sells the watches and doesn’t know what’s in them. A lot of people have taken him to task on such maters because his title leads them to assume that he’s involved in the manufacturing process. Still others know he isn’t and just wanna bust his balls. He’s really no different than a lot of the people out there whose collections and horological world view consist only of TV brands but the difference is that they have not been knighted the Technical Brand Manager by a design house.

His “Big Statement” a few days ago may finally have provided some insight into just what a technical brand manager is. After months of questions he finally addressed WG members regarding Swinagate and the Great D-D debacle of 2010. But it wasn’t the apology they sought or any explanation of what might have gone wrong on past TTV presentations. He spoke not as an employee of Invicta, but as the owner of the forum. In a nutshell he said stop complaining or leave. If you continue to complain, you’ll be banned. Davis states that the site has no expectation of free speech because it is HIS forum and he makes the rules.

HIS actual purpose is to managing brand perception. That’s why Invicta is his employer and the sites financer. Through the use of proxies, i.e. True Geeks and Super Geeks, as well as Mods and the owners themselves, Invicta is attempting to rewrite the narrative and create a false perception of what they actually are, a trademark/design house and what they are not; a true manufacturer of quality timepieces.

Some of the first negative perceptions about the brand followed Lalo’s main cheerleader and master Photoshoper, Jim Skelton. Both he and Davis were run off of BDWF because members apparently didn’t want to involuntarily become Invicta forum members. Davis has stated that he was “tired of the negativity” but if the recent months at WGs are any indication, one has to ask why “negativity” seems to follow Invicta around?

Part of managing the Invicta image was to cultivate a small group of what I like to refer to as Yellow Shirts, or Invictards. These loyal bodies will go out of their way to squash any “negative” posts; negativity defined as complaints regarding poor CS, QC or discussions of the outright lies used to market Invicta products. They use amateur bullying tactics like belittling the posters and piling on in mass. Most people who haven’t been around the net from its inception are not aware of the Internet Tuff Guy and so they just avoid further conflict; they also care about how they are perceived by the greater community.

I realized this early on by paying attention to key word frequency patterns; like “Malcontent”. A word thrown my way a few times which I later found out that this is what they call anyone who strays from the party line on watchgeeks. I’ve also noticed that these Yellow Shirts claim I’m “negative” – again, this is code for Truth.

Some of these same pit bulls also lavish great praise on the brand, relating stories about how they stop retail traffic with their watches. The most striking contrast of the detachment from reality were some of the WG members that went to great lengths to try and turn the tone of D-D Speedway complaint threads with their experience of flawless pieces without defect, and one in particular that implied that the appraised value of the watch made keeping defective models worth the continued value pays on a non-functioning piece.

This approach had been very effective for a few years , but flop after flop has created more and more disillusioned consumers. The curtain has been pulled back; the emperor is naked.

Are these folks compensated in some way? What skin do they have in this continued game? If they are receiving compensation or free watches, this would surely violate the FTCs rules of disclosure for bloggers with “material connections” These rules do also include “word-of-mouth” marketers which these individuals would fall under in this instance.

AS for the “Technical” bit of the title, I do believe that is to delineate his role as the man running Invicta’s active web initiative; watchgeeks is Invicta. It also allows for a murkiness around what his actual function is – turd polishin’.

33 Responses to “Technically Brand Perception Manager”

  1. LIES ALL LIES! Says:

    I have said it before, and I will say it again. Mongo’s title should be Invicta Broadcast Sales Representative or Invicta / Shop NBC Sales Representative Liazon.

    His “technical chops” are reading the little blue cards, he has admitted as much after Swiss-Gate and D/D-palooza. He manages nothing. While I realize it is customary to give sales staff a “manager” title, usually explained away by they manage their accounts. He does not have any accounts to even manage. Mongo’s job is to sit there next to the host and answer basic questions about Invicta products, spew the company spin on such things as “Swiss Gold Layering,” “Molecular Bonding,” and “Flame Fusion”. Oh, and to make cool little quips with Jim on air that they think the little people won’t get about fellow hosts and other Shop NBC watch brands reps.

    Mongo had to move to Eden Prairie for this job, of course this means he is satellite from Invicta HQ in Florida. I honestly wonder if in the past year he has been employed by Invicta if he has even been down to Florida to attend internal meetings, oversee anything about the product line, basically even attend anything having to do with Invicta corporate. My guess is no. Especially since he has not posted anything on WG like “I will be out of town next week back at Invicta HQ, I will try to answer any questions and PM’s when I am back at the hotel after work.”

    I find that funny. Even satellite sales managers still usually return the roost for a few days minimum 2 times a year (most 4 times, once every quarter) for company wide sales meetings. Companies usually view them as a team building type thing and a way for the detached sales staff to stay current and some what feel like they are a part of the day to day back at the roost.

    Another thing that has bothered me with his job, he buys his watches from SNBC still? His SAIV and his SAS he stated he was waiting for delivery on after he picked up on them during the last show. Does Invicta not have an employee discount? Does he not get samples being his job is sales? If not that is unheard of. Even Jim gets free watches from Eyal, to take pics of and Jim ends up keeping many of them. Hell in Jim’s case he gets the heads up on new products even before Mongo! But Mongo is the Invicta employee, Jim is the Shop NBC employee….. What sense does that make?

    So what does that really make Mongo? He is not involved with production in any way, that has been established. He is not a part of Invicta’s sales team, that has been established too. He certainly is not a part of Invicta customer service by his constant demeaning toned posts proclaiming call Rebecca, that is her job, I am not CS!!

    No, Mongo is the equivalent of day labor at Invicta. Eyal the foreman stops by the Home Depot in the morning, Mongo gets in the back of the truck. Eyal drives him out to the field and tells Mongo what to do, what to say, how to do it Eyal’s way. The day laborer never truly being a part of the construction company or farm that was hired for the job. This is what Mongo really is, “technically” speaking.

  2. jr Says:

    Technical brand manager is Latin for “failed poker player who got the job by being friends with Jim Skelton” Wrong camera Davis attacked Rolex as too small in his jihad against Watch Lords. He doesn’t care about quality, just size.

  3. OffTheKoolAid Says:

    The geek crowd loves to praise Michael. Even one of the mascot fuzzy bunny types “Magster” is quick to praise him while being upset with the big I…as though she thinks he had no knowledge of the lies. Its just sick.

    The entire bunch is just weird. Michael “lab experiment gone wrong ” Davis, Jimbo “Whiner” Skelton and Eyal “I wear kid sized shirts” Lalo spend so much time and effort ripping people off, and the fuzzy bunnies continue to think that MD, EL and JS are their “Friends”. They are nothing of the sort, they are con-artists trying to separate you from your money and nothing more.

    We all see what the owners think of their “Friends” as is evidenced by their insulting of BigJoe…unfortunately Joe has had too much kool-aid and is still a loyal follower…much like the nerdy kid at school who gets picked on but accepts it just to be near the cool kids.

    Mikey and Jimmy are going to be in real trouble when all is said and done. Assuming the big I survives, those two will be the first ones that Eyal tosses under the big yellow bus…no other station will touch jimmy. And Michael, despite proclaiming that so many big watch comapnies tried to recruit him, is unemployable…back to the liquor store and online poker with make-believe chips for you Mikey.

    How sad is it that a watch such as the Venom or some other abortion of a design is judged only by size and weight…when you have geeks saying things like it being the best watch “pound for pound”? What, are we at a F%^&$*G beef sale?

  4. krane11367 Says:


    Man, you expalined that one perfectly. I love how Skelton continually claims large watches are all the rage – well, sure they are, if you’re tastemakers such as S. Fingers, Paris Hilton, or rappers like DJ Khaled, whose watches are noting but showing off 1,400 pure diamonds. The rest of the free world? Normal-sized watches adorn the covers of the watch magazines and the windows at stores like Tourneau and Wempe – but then again, those stores feature actual quality products that, you know, run.

    It’s really true: Davis’ WG site and the sycophants who prowl it are really, really a sad bunch. Yeah, baby, 55mm, 65mm, 75mm, BUNCH! It’s crazy; I can’t wait when the next oversized monstrosity won’t run upon receipt, per usual.

    better, you nailed it, too. I mean…unless questions are honestly answered about where Invicta’s “Reserve” products are made and assembled; unless they get their CS in gear (fat chance); unless they do little things for their customers like actually stocking parts for them instead of shipping stuff to foreign lands every time there’s a problem, then nothing’s ever going to change.

    Like the people who think pro wrestling is real, who make call after call to vote for their favorite “American Idol,” who stop actors on the street and think they are the characters they play in movies, and who stand in line for a fucking iPhone, Invicta loyalists are the common clay, the easily manipulated, and the wholly stupid. I read postings from nycruza and 55mmm&up and Flyback and others of their ilk and my mind boggles, my brain actually starts to hurt. It’s the same feeling one gets when actually confronted by someone who is having an emotional breakdown; no amount of reason can stop the attack.

    WGs these days isn’t just annoying, or silly, or a complete waste of time. It’s fucking SICK. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to make my third value pay on a “Reserve” watch that arrived DOA.

    If that ain’t crazy, I don’t know what is. Keep me the fuck away from these lumpy morons.

  5. Big P Says:

    Well said KRANE!!!!!!!!!!!

    TV brand watches and their clever selling tactics, sales and once only prices are as gimmicky and fucked up as McDonalds chicken mcnuggets, that have an ingredient used to make “silly putty”, disgraceful…bah da bop ba baaa

    This fried egg called Invicta has a broken yolk, that yellow tail bastard Lalo, with his so called fake ass watch lineage.

    I want everybody to try to find the video of Lalo selling his speedway with the Depraz module, if you can avoid vomiting, it is a remarkable display of lying to the customer, from a sub-human cockroach!

    It isn’t even one bit funny, and yet his TV brand is still pumping.

    M. Davis, looks like a bomb ready to explode, his calm delivery is a classic “facade O bologna”, making money hand over fist, and vigorously smooching Eyal’s sphincter.

    Jim, he has had trouble everywhere he goes, his bright star has been fading for quite some time now, I guess people really do understand utter dishonesty when they hear it.

    Technical Brand Manager just means diddle, shit, squat, nada, nien, zero!!!

    Buyers beware, no wonder the SHOP does not, no longer have any REPUTABLE watch vendors anymore, Philip is gone, Ritmo MVNDO is gone, etc, don’t look now, but T. Temple is selling xoskeleton’s, just like he did at midnight on the utter crap channel called jewelery television…lol

    If you don’t trust the salesman, WHY MAKE THE PURCHASE???

    If you don’t trust the watches origin, WHY MAKE THE PURCHASE???

    The materials they use are sub par, balloon rides a plenty from all the hot air they spew.


    I usually don’t post on threads, blogs or whatever, but this is probably my 3rd one, I just can’t help myself, people need to wise up and BOYCOTT the yellow box!


  6. krane11367 Says:

    Big P,

    First the boycott. Next, hopefully, the Swiss watch industry comes down on these frauds, and hard. Then, fingers crossed, they lose the plastic case lawsuit…tick..tick..tick…

    By September, if there is a god, you’ll find Invicta Reserve watches at places like National Wholesale Liqudators and Tuesday Morning stores – which, frankly, is right where they belong.

  7. Fuzzy Wabbit Says:

    I used to feel sorry for the Sheeple at Geeks as they were getting fleeced without realizing it. After MadDog 20/20’s Enough is Enough tantrum thread, it is evident that those who stuck around after this are plain idiots. You guys deserve the continued screwing you are getting from Slop and Invicta. Please don’t spawn anymore sheeple.

  8. William Says:

    Ive sold 38 Invictas in the last 3 weeks. at a loss of course…but I’ve never felt better! Got some more to go!! And as a footnote, Tourneau carries a full selection of “Outvicta” now. Just so you can go to the “Retail” side of things and see how much of a “Good” deal you got on SNBC.

  9. Big P Says:

    For Eyal’s birthday I predict a orange jumpsuit, his butt buddies in tow, heads lopped off in the lawsuit!!

    A bulldozer arrives at the banana colored building, don’t worry, nobody gets hurt from the wrecking ball, there’s never anyone there to begin with!

    Eyal’s pals scurry away and hide for cover, I hope Comcast buys out the Shop, and puts them fucking under!

    M. Davis is a giraffe than can speak in evil tongues, hair slicked back, he’s an absolute fucking bum!!

    Jim has ball breath, rich and quite zesty, his wife’s cock is big, and real fucking nasty!

    Jill pretends to be sweet, polite and worldly, it’s only pretend, she’s got scabies and scurvy!!

    T. Temple’s mouth is small, yet he says so much crap, one day I truly would love, to give him a bitch slap!

    Tra-Loo-Tra-Lay Fa-La-La-Freaking-Da

    My Invicta swiss made movement was signed…Mr. Wong

    La-La-La-La Fa-La-La-La-LALO




  10. Backfly Says:

    Oh…’s such a glorious day? No, not the news on the gulf clean-up…my boy Jimmy is back on the TV box! OMG….he’s got a new Subaqua Noma IV with a Valjoux 7750, and they only want a grand for it!!! Remember last time, when I tore into that guy for telling us WGs about the 100 percent perfect D/D module, which was obtained through heaven’s true angels? I was right then, and I’m right now: This new Inivcta is the greatest watch ever made – wow, Jill’s got on on now…now Jim’s talking, and he’s telling me to get one quick…

    (15 minute gap in post, as Backfly must clean the jism from his pants, keyboard, and Ed Hardy t-shirt from Filene’s Basement)

    Wait…there’s a Pro Diver for only $88.46! But it’s got a $345 retail value – HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!! I just got two, one to wear to work, another to

    (20 minute break to head to the bathroom – thinking clearer this time – to have a second release)

    Wait..there’s ANOTHER Sub Noma IV, but this one doesn’t have the 7750, this one is only $815, and it’s a limited edition!!!!!! FUCK ME FUCK ME!!! GOOD DAY IN THE MORNING! It’s gotta limited edition of 500, it’s the COMBAT EDITION…OH GOD A-MIGHTY!

    (Half-hour break to send police back to the station after assuring them the catatonic wailing coming from his basement apartment was that of a sane person, and not an overheated dog and/or escaped con or mental patient)

    Thank goodness for those value pays! I’m getting a little lean in the wallet, so I could only order five watches tonight. But there’s another Invicta clearance later, and that’s cool, but…


    (Backfly’s mother tells him to shut down the computer, and the veteran business professional cries himself to sleep)

  11. Big P Says:

    Sarcasm and jism aside,

    Watchgeeks are famous in the way they cow tow to their loose lipped gods, and buy into everything they say as “truth”.

    It’s very sad to see people led by the earlobe over and over again, to make the cash cow fatter and fatter into oblivion.

    Shopnbc watch customers, for the most part, are the opposite of educated in horology, and watchmaking, their overly excited phone testimonials are as stupid as can be, they fully fall for the pitch.

    I don’t understand how a double talking loser like Skelton gets any fans, please watchgeeks, do your homework.

    Your subaqua noma’s with the 7750’s are NOT all swiss components, just a mighty mix of swiss cheese and egg rolls, perfectly packaged and priced to move.

    Notice how these shopnbc watch vendors are always going to Hong Kong?, or some other far east destination, believe me, it’s not for the chili crabs, America is no longer America, we are known as “America, everything made in china”.

    What is terribly funny, is how the watchgeeks get fucked in the ass royally and routinely, without any lube, and beg for more…lol

    Notice shopnbc does not sell the truth?, no it’s not a trick question.

    Another funny thing I see, is Jim “cock breath” Skelton” and gang, selling ETA 2824-2’s, take a better look watchgeeks, they mostly have PLASIC RETAINERS…dumb fucks!!!!

    You don’t seriously think these watches are swiss made through and through…naaaaa

    The ONLY 100% swiss made timepiece I saw on the shop, again that’s 100% swiss made for the watchgeeks who read slower than others, is by Bedat & co., and the strap/bracelet ENTIRE watch is swiss made, and it does not say swiss made at the 6 o’clock position, it says something different to indicate every nook and crannie is of swiss origin.

    Another funny thing is how swiss legend uses quite a bit of the cl-888 claro automatics, Y-U-C-K, these movements are shit in a box, oh wait a minute, hello sarcasm, watchgeeks love feces in a box, my bad.

    I want EVERY member of watchgeeks to understand something…Your collection is worth shit, your collection is more like a novelty than an investment!!!

    Brietling, Ulysse Nardin, IWC, Panerai, on and on, these are R-E-A-L watch makers, steeped in long tradition and excellence, heritage you can trust to the very definition, and I am leaving out quite a bit more companies, trust me.

    So, if you like TV brand watches because the prices and design rip offs excite you, then pull the trigger amigo, have a blast, just know one thing, paying full retail is stupid, that’s universal, not a revelation to most, but the shopnbc watches ARE NOT ANY WHERE NEAR WORTH THE RETAIL MARKED ON YOUR SCREEN…wake up!!!!

    By the way, if you guys can’t trust the swiss, then I direct you all to Citizen Miyota, they have for a long time, some of the most well made, inexpensive durable AUTOMATIC movements in the market, any caliber will work just fine, I love the swiss movements, the real ones anyways, but Miyota will NEVER let you down, they are GREAT!!

    Good Day.

  12. Boscoe Says:

    I think you are all being too hard on Mr. Davis, Mr. Skelton and Mr. Lalo.
    These gentlemen are only trying to make a buck – and are willing to lie, cheat and steal to accomplish their goal. What’s wrong with that?
    The problem really lies with HATERS who are jealous of this trio of business and intelluctal giants’ massive success.

  13. Bigjimzlll Says:

    I am so sick of MD20/20. Mongo and Jumbo deserve each other. Mike”the wino”Davis is a disheveled, incoherent failure. He is an amatuer con man in over his head. He is trying to learn his craft from masters Jumbo and Eyal. Rotten cocksuckers through and through. Pay back is a bitch you pussy’s.

  14. Myballsinyoumouth Says:

    You guys need to go to a corner and jerkoff maybe you will see life in a better way and don,t forget to lick your fingers when done

  15. betterskills Says:

    Wow – a regular e.e. CUMmings; using commas in place of apostrophies! How very e l e v e nth g r a d e AP English of you.


  16. krane11367 Says:

    better, it had to happen – your blog has reached popularity, and that means inane, meaningless post responses. A sure sign of success in America…you know, sorta like WGs. 😉

  17. William Says:

    Wow, myballsinyourmouth? I didn’t know Jim Skelton got a new handle.

  18. betterskills Says:

    William: do you believe this to actually be Jim-blow Skelton? If so, “ballsinyourmouth” is a great handle for the guy. Jesus – what a twat bag of shit! I hope his in-laws stop in to keep tabs. Bet his wife is real proud too. Wonder if they’re still together – may explain the move; I’m just sayin’. Bet Scareface quotes are bantered around while cigars with the rings still on are smoked by cool guests like Grape Ape. Sausage party.

  19. Dickinbettersbullshitmouth Says:

    When you grow up are you going to try to be human or just a loud mouth bigget? And dont forget to lick your fingers after you wipe your shitty ass Oh say hello to your 10 to12 Followers

  20. betterskills Says:

    Maybe you’ll grow up Kenneth Sherman and stop being a pussy and use your real name when you post. I gave you a great response with an ee cummings reference and this is the best you can do?! You can’t even spell check it first, you fucking retard? Tell me Kenneth – do you suck your mother’s dick with that mouth? Go back to being on Speed TV with your pussy ass truck. I bet your kids are really proud of their ‘cool’ dad and his big Swinese watches.


  21. krane11367 Says:

    Nice going there, you “renegade WG.” Think of it: A guy who needs to attach himself to fine, upstanding businessmen like Davis, Skelton, and Lalo – and has to stoop to junior high school screen names and special class jokes to get his “point” across. Of course, things couldn’t be lamer.

    Warned ya, betterskills. Here come the WGs…they feel the shit just about to hit the fan, and they just can’t take it.

    Fuck ’em.

  22. Mikey Skelton Says:

    ?gnola teg tsuj lla ew tnaC

  23. Big P Says:


    Now were cooking with gas, don’t get excited Jim Skelton, there are no crack pipes in the near vicinity.

    M. Davis is a horrid on air personality, oops, did I say personality?

    Will the wg’s cry for their mommies when the Swiss federation, and customs agents, swoop down on the Lalo?, go to jail scum dog, for you are a fraud, I feel the wg’s are scattering like vermin, hiding under their beds like scared little children, the boogey man…is L-A-L-OOOO

    Skelton’s jaw issue actually is verified as true, I did some research, you see, he was blowing circus midgets, when all of a sudden, all of the midgets used Jim’s face for… “midget bukkake”, Jim went blind with midget cum, he started to scream for help…help me…help me…then from all the midget cocks stuffing his mouth like a 12 pack of jumbo corn, his jaw gave way, sources verify he was rushed to the hospital screaming with his eyes sewn shut with dried midget jizz, for shame Skelton, for shame!

    Okay, is wg ship really sinking?, if it is, and it should be, it should be a slow death.

    I wish Depraz would kick Lalo in his vagina, Lalo keeps his nuts in a jar in his office, under lock and key, only M. Davis is allowed to fondle them, per appointment only.


    This price will never go lower, it’s a once only, today’s top value, spotlight price, introductory price, mid year clearance…lol

    Watchgeeks, open up your asses and case backs, to see the DIVINE truth, there once was Moe Larry & Curly, now we have Skellie Doucher & Eggsalo the Lalo.

    Watchgeeks, go to the BBB website, type in your god’s name, and look at the myriad of complaints against your yellow friend, oh by the way, they were rated a big FUCKING “D”, as Fred Sanford would say…D is for DUMMY!!!!

  24. Betterskillsrequireabrain Says:

    Hate hate and more hate and for MRS Poor tools you still have not posted your name maybe you can get this right

  25. betterskills Says:

    My name is irrelevant – I’m not a famous media personality like your mancrushes Kenneth. Did you use your real name because your getting money or watches? If it’s for the adoration of a fucktard lime Skelton or Davis, I feel sorry for you – you’re clearly retarded.

    You seem to have a fantasy of your balls and cock in my mouth – it seems to be a common theme for your “name” – how does Misty feel about being married to a closeted gay man? Maybe you should talk to Ted Haggard. He might be able to help.

    For the casual reader – realize that Ken here is a member at watchgeeks and is here on behalf of either Jim “In Cognito” Skelton or Michael “Magilla Gorilla” Davis. Also note that he posted two additional comments that I deleted because, while they display a complete lack of English, grammer and spelling skills which is funny; just reading them lowered my IQ. I’m saving you, the reader, from the complete waste of time.

    Fire your ghostwriter cocksnot, because he needs “betterskills.” Further comments that are as dumb as nearly every one that you’ve posted will be deleted. Post something biting, witty or even remotely funny and it stays.

  26. krane11367 Says:

    It’s just astounding how far people will go to defend (all together now, betterskills fans) THE WORST FUCKING WATCHES EVER PRODUCED AT THEIR PRICE POINTS. I’d rather be seen with a 3 for $10 National Wholesale Liquidators chrono than a (fake) $3,400 Crapvicta SubAwful Noma IV – the Japanese NWL stuff is marketed HONESTLY. And I don’t want desirable, attractive women opening laughing at me when I walk in with a watch the size of hubcap on my wrist; it’s as bad as showing up with my fly down or accidentally farting in front of them. I want to attract women, not make them point an laugh at me like I have a two-inch Johnson – THAT’S the effect Invicta has.

  27. betterskills Says:

    Fire this writer too asshole. You can waste your time crafting comments but they’re all going I the spam folder from this point forward chopshop.

  28. Big P Says:


    Getting very heated and very personal, keep up the good work!


  29. William Says:

    Wow, this ignorant fuck is off his rocker. I think the prudent thing to do would not even validate his posts with a response. they show up, delete. Thats it. You can’t talk like that on WG, but you can dress in womens clothing and apply lipstick to yourself. Maybe thats why he’s releasing his sexual tension on here. Either way, the product he swears by, I had over 100 of. Sold every last one of them, at a loss. Couldn’t be happier with myself.

  30. Mikey Skelton Says:

    That sounds more like Ukrany1 defending his idols, is that who your referencing this Ken to be?

  31. darksider Says:

    So why does a geek show up here if not to stir up trouble?

    Anyone who buys into the lies Invicta, Jim Skelton, Michael Davis and Eyal Lalo say deserves to be branded with the S mark on thier forehead for Stupid or Sheepling.

    These fucks lie to you and still the fuzzy wabbits defend them. It must be terrible to need to be led around like that.

    Worse than the lies is the attempt at scrubbing the evidence but too bad! It is all saved and posted on line.

    have a nice day.

  32. krane11367 Says:


    You had 100 Crapvictas and sold ’em off?

    Dude – you are my hero. I only have four, but I can’t even bring myself to wear ’em, not even to wash the car. I’m serious; to me, being seen with an Invicta is like being seen entering a peep show or a strip club – ain’t no prestige thing, to be sure.

  33. Big P Says:

    I only had 5 Incraptas from 4 yrs ago, so a watch friend of mine made me a deal late last year, tell me how I did?

    5 Incraptas off my hands- 2-pro divers, 2-lupahs, 1-russian diver

    For 1 Chase Durer (war hawk) Titanium case with the Unitas 6497- SWISS MADE


    He hasn’t traded with me ever since…..wonder why?…hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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