ShopNBC Chairman Makes Puzzling Move

August 24, 2010

IT’S being reported that ShopNBC Chairman of the Board, Randy Ronning, has sold a major percentage of his position in ValueVision, the parent of ShopNBC.

This occuring on the heals of better than expected earnings; an increase of 6% versus the same period last year as well as a continued lowering of losses. This better than expected news saw the stock bump up over $2.00.

How will the markets react to an insider making this move? What does it say about his confidence in ShopNBC?

11 Responses to “ShopNBC Chairman Makes Puzzling Move”

  1. LIES ALL LIES! Says:

    I really don’t know why every one is jumping for joy over a 6% gain from this time last year. Last year we were in the middle of the worst recession in modern American history. Big whoop!

    As for dumping stock, get out on the high tide of a bump in price thanks to that oh so wonderful 6% increase.

  2. Mikey Skelton Says:

    6% increase? That is nothing, all that means is they did not lose as much as they did during the same period as last year. Did they actually for once turn a profit or did they just not lose as much money as they did during the same time last year.

  3. betterskills Says:

    Loss was $1.9 million vs. $5.7 million last year. I cite the increase because universally it has been viewed as positive when compared to QVS and HSN but it’s ignored that they are both sitting on profits and not losing money. The chairman dumping stocks at $2.00 appears quite suspicious to me.

  4. krane11367 Says:


    I’m with you. ShopNBC is a house of cards just waiting to fall. Sunday night, it was off my cable system entirely – just a blank screen. The network is a giant, incompetent mess from soup to nuts, from the chairman all the way to Michael “Henessey & A Hoagie” Davis. You wait and see – this thing is gonna collapse so fast people’s heads will spin. There’s just too much confusion and disorder.

  5. Big P Says:

    The only 6% increase was the size of Lalo’s nose, he’s Gippetto’s wooden little boy, Pinocchio the watch Ceo.

    Slopnbc, sooner or later, will have a striking resemblance to the Hindenburg.

    No more slopnbc???, then what are Jim and Davis and cast gonna do next?, I know, they have a future in farm animals.

  6. Fly On Wall Says:

    listen up!!!!

    shopnbc’s chairman makes a puzzling move.

    how puzzling is the move?

    what’s the validity to the move?

    what’s the source of this peculiar event?

    who likes tacos?

  7. krane11367 Says:

    Hey, look at those “2” markings on the thumbs downs!

    Hi, WGs! Let’s watch TV in our jammies! Yep. They’re reduced to giving thumbs down votes to FACTS. Amazing. About as amazing as the typical shenanigans they’re pulling right now, posting fake stuff on the net claiming it was members of WatchLords. They don’t even spell their handles correctly.

    Is there anything sadder than those WGs? They’re creepier than your weird uncle….

  8. Mr. Wong Says:

    Hello everybody, my name is Mr. Wong.

    I am here today to tell all of you the real truth, my family makes fortune cookies, and we also make Invicta watches out of our garage in Hong Kong.

    My eldest brother Jung, he is responsible for putting the fortunes in the cookies, as well as the fake Swiss movements into the watches.

    My wife Li, she has 7 fingers and toes, she is responsible for assembling the watches, she also gives an amazing hand and foot massage.

    My son Jook, is responsible for the water resistance of the watch, he carefully pisses on them to ensure the watch is “invincible”.

    My great grandfather Miagi, overseas the careful completion of any returns or repairs, and laughs his ass off thinking that the Invicta customer thinks their watches are being sent to Switzerland.

    We make the finest fortune cookies, and shitty timepeices, maybe you should only buy fortune cookie?

    “Chinese proverb say, a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush”

  9. Don Burrito Says:

    breaker breaker!!!!!!! news flash!!!!!!!!

    jim skelton is pregnant, with twin transvestites, he is due in 3 months, the associated press reveals baby’s father is invicta’s president and ceo, ahole lalo, lalo denies being the father.

    on the next sally jesse raphael, skelton paternity tests!!!

    montell williams says skelton is pregnant with demon seed!!!

    maury povich says who’s jim skelton?

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    morton downey jr texts from hell, “lalo fucked me when I was living”

    david letterman books the twins before their born, says twins will save his ratings!!!

    david hasselhoff offers to father ugly skelton babies!!!, says babies need a hot cup of “hoffy”

    conan obrian says he bought stale cigars from skelton before skelton became tv watch demigod!!!

    paul simon is writing a song about invicta and skelton titled “fool for flame fusion”

    chefboyardee says new transvestite pasta shapes in 2011!!!

    kashi announces new invicta yellow trail mix with demon blood!!!

    cocoa puffs announced lalo is cuckoo for skelton’s cock!!!

    catch the birth live on pay per view:

    $79.99 for the first 5 minutes

    available on 4 easy value pays!!!, use your peacock card!!!

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    m davis reveals his sadness over the pregnant skelton, davis states he now wants to become pregnant!!!


  10. krane11367 Says:

    I repeat this here, originally posted on WatchLords:

    Hi, little Geeks and Geekettes! Put down that big ol’ glass of Nesquick that your mom made you, and listen up:

    We ain’t going away.

    Try to hide things, move things, delete things, change things. All the shuffling of paper and double-talk in the world can’t hide the fact that the company you have orgasms over is proving itself to be one of the shadiest outfits in the lower 48.

    So enjoy your SANs and Aculas and Lupahs, WG. But please remember, or have your moms tell you to remember:

    We ain’t going away. You call us a hater site? I call us a smarter site. At least when one of the members of this site can’t get his watch sized by a real jeweler, he realizes he has a bad watch. When 2,436 of you guys can’t get a watch sized by a real jeweler, you blame the jeweler because he’s jealous of your better-than-his watch. The reality is that he doesn’t want a bunch of losers in his shop, and hates the idea of that Andromeda Strain rubbing off onto customers of Rolex, Omega, and Breitling – you know, real watches. But you sad little WGs have what Alanis Morrissette once referred to as “meal ticket taste,” as proven by the wonderful color digital photos of your recent WGGT, where gnarly little dateless men displayed their memories of cheeseburgers and Moons Over My Hammys at Denny’s. And what memories they must be.

    PS to Skel, Davis, Lalo, and Sommerstein: Your desperation only reveals your malfeasance even farther.

  11. shop to net Says:

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