IWG Technical Brand Manager and WatchGreek Owner, Michael Davis: In His Own Words

September 18, 2010

THIS was a message sent to a member of the WatchGeek.net forum that Michael Davis co-owns with ShopNBC’s Jim Skelton. It gives you some insight into what that forum is really about and what matters.

And it’s worth noting that since Davis is supposedly an IWG employee, how might he be privy to the amount and number of Value Pays that the individual in question owes?

I’ve bolded some words for emphasis. I think it speaks volumes. Pay up or shut the fuck up.

WatchGeeks Owner
True WatchGeek

Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Atlanta, GA
Posts: 11,529
Real Name: Michael
Concerning Horsetrack
Look guys, I don’t know what your issue is with horsetrack, but it ends now. I don’t know if you have been hanging out on the hater sites or what, but you need to take your snide comments off of the site. Either shut up or send them directly to him OFF THE SITE. If either of you continues with your little war, then I will perma-ban you with no further communication and I will make it permanent. Hopefully you both understand me completely and do not think that I am bluffing here.

Now, allow me to tell you a little about Jeff. The man has more money than god. I know people who have personally seen his homes in NY and in FL. They have seen his watch collection. They have seen his cars. They have seen the jewelry his wife wears. He is in the dental business and does damn well at it. I have personally seen what his monthly payments are to SNBC just on his watches. It is more than either of you will probably make in two months. On top of that, he very generously donated thousands of dollars worth of dental service and work to two of our members here and has offered more to those that needed it.

I highly suggest that the both of you put him on your ignore list if you cannot keep your “mouths shut” because the next snide remark will be your last action here.

Argument is meant to reveal the truth, not to create it. ~ Edward de Bono

Invicta…in hoc nomen vinces!


16 Responses to “IWG Technical Brand Manager and WatchGreek Owner, Michael Davis: In His Own Words”

  1. Fuzzy Wabbit Says:

    Wow, so one could easily make the assumption that Mike Davis, Tachnical Brand Manager for Invicta has access to personal ShopNBC Credit Card information of their customers.

    I can see a slew of lawsuits against ShopNBC coming quickly. I wonder what Mr. Lalo thinks about all of this?

  2. Bigjimzlll Says:

    Law suits? If Muscatel Mike get’s a judgement against him, all they’ll get is a “Van down by the river”. And maybe some AA newcomer chips.

    I’d think CZ Jim Skeleton has access to ShopNBC value pay records. Everyone knows he keeps a tight leash on Mongo Davis. He’s the one who directed Lumpy to warn the Geeks.

    I can see Jumbo now…Davis you stupid wino…all I said was to threaten them with being banned…why the fuck did you mentioned Value Pays??? Lay the fuck off of the Listerine before 6 AM.

  3. LIES ALL LIES! Says:

    Wow, I don’t even know where to begin with Michael “Flaming Dr. Peppers are still cool” Davis and his post.

    As usual his tone he bestows to the little people reminds me of Hesten on the mountain with the Ten Commandments after he came back down and saw the people worshiping a false God.

    Aside from the obvious comedic value of a failed poker player proclaiming he is not bluffing, the very fact he felt the need to bring up HT’s financial status and put it out there for the world see should royally piss off HT to no end. Of course HT likes to brag about it anyhow in every way but flat out saying he is loaded.

    Either way the fact Michael “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker” Davis has looked into HT’s value pay situation is also disturbing to say the least. What business of it is his? He is a TV salesman, and a shitty one at that. Either way it is apparent Michael “Beer before liquor, never sicker. Liquor before beer, never fear” Davis is far more concerned with HT’s financial value, then his value to his forum.

  4. Big P Says:

    Forget about adding anything to the pot, this stew is beyond rich and thick.

    This type of drama can only be conjured by the good clean folks at Invicta and Sloppynbc.

  5. Koimaster Says:

    It should really scare people that this idiot working as the “technical Brand Manager” for Invicta Watch Group states something like this. If an Invicta employee has access to Shopnbc financial records, was the access authorized and if it was, does Shopnbc share a buyers records with every vendor.

    If I were the person involved here and some guy told the world that I financed watches or anything else like Michael Davis did, I would get a good lawyer for pursue damages or get the guy fired. On the other hand why would a watch forum owner like Davis have to come to the rescue of a guy who is supposed to be :richer than god”? The guy involved is known at Watchgeeks for posting photos of replica watches as well as having been caught using a copyrighted photo of a vacation spot and claiming HE took the shot live while on vacation. The actual photographer called him out on watchgeeks web site about the photo.

    Threats to others are nothing new for Michael Davis. He has threatened several people. He threatened the owners of BDWF watch forum claiming he had taped a phone conversation in violation of bothe State and Federal law. He threatened to disclose the tape he had made of that phone call if they disputed his version of why he left BDWF.

    He threatened the owner of another watch forum in the email exchanges below because the owner had a banner scrolling stating “ we are not geeks”. Jim Skelton, Georgethewatchguy ( a watchgeeks admin and a former paid informant) threatened me and when I did not cave in to them sent our my personal information to thousands of people via email. I will say this in public, these guys are not your friends! They want your money plain and simple. If you stop giving them your money or demand straight answers from them, you are no longer of interest to them.

    I do have to wonder why richer that god needs value payments or purchases cheap watches from an infomercial channel.

    On Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 6:09 PM, Michael Davis wrote:

    OK…I’ll ask one more time politely. Don’t make this an “us” and “them” thing Alan.

    “We aren’t geeks, we are hard core collectors”

    “If you refuse to remove the negative remarks, than I will have no other option than to start taking punitive actions against those that are violating our TOS on your behalf…”

    “If you want a foum that has to try and compare itself to us to gain an identity, then go for it. You will always loose in that battle. We have advertising methods that you will never be able to gain. If you want to create a forum that has your own niche and can stand alone, then good for you.”


    On Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 3:07 AM, Michael Davis wrote:

    It is a shame that you took what I had to say to you in private and had to send it to Koimaster.

    Just remember that I asked politely.


    On Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 5:24 AM, a l wrote:
    Ah…ANOTHER threat?

    I took the word GEEKS out of the scrolling msg…DO NOT THREATEN ME or a make comment that even sound like a threat again…

    From Michael to Alan regarding XMT watch forum in black.

    I am a member of your site. It would be hard to ban the handful of members on your site that come from ours when I am a member there, eh?


    I also Think people need to thank blogs like this one for the consumer protection work they do.

  6. Big P Says:

    What I cant yet grasp, is how the fuck do these nimrods get away with it?

    And if they are proven guilty, what century will we actually see some results?

  7. badgeek Says:

    Michael”I havent washed my ass sence 1997″ Davis Is one sad sack of shit.If this Is the best that Invicta/Shopnbc can do,well that tells me all I need to know.

  8. Big P Says:

    I know plenty, and I mean plenty of dogs, who are any day of the week better than most human beings, especially these creeps from WG and NBC and of course Incrapta!!!

    I can’t fucking believe the audacity on these scumbags!!!

  9. Tempus Fugit Says:

    BS, Jeff’s, Horsetrack, monthly value pay bill is known to several people. He shows them to anyone who cares to see them.

  10. betterskills Says:

    Thanks for the insight.
    I figured that might be the case. But Michael Davis still speaks volumes in his response. Really a piss poor attitude. Always a conspiracy and only worried about “he who has the most Value Pays”. Pretty greasy behavior that’s all the more unsetting given that he looks like a sea turtle.

  11. krane11367 Says:

    Michael Davis is to professional what bicycles are to fish.

  12. Big P Says:

    With all the infinite inhumanities that breathe fire across this planet of ours, people never seem to amaze me.

    At the very least, when we all cash our paychecks and treat ourselves to a timepiece thinking we bought what the damn description said it was, only to find out there’s a devil on the loose, lining his horned pockets with our dough and looks into your TV screen and smiles at us all, all the way to hell, with a quick pit stop at the bank before Hades!!!

  13. Koimaster Says:

    Davis is a troll, plain and simple. A little man with a huge ego. A ZERO, a nothing but an internet bully.

    How many times have you, you scumbag buddy JS and Eyal had to eat crow of late?

  14. BigCheez Says:

    Whether Horse Hockey gave Michael copies of his ValuePay account or not, the primary point still stands:

    Watchgeeks.net is the marketing arm of Invicta and any information damaging to potential sales of the shoddy and misrepresented garbage sold by Slop will not be tolerated.

    Mad Dog isn’t the public relations department, he’s one of several “enforcers”. His anger-management issues are actually a plus in that role.

  15. Robin Hood Says:

    I have had a disappointing experience with Invicta. 2 bezel screws fell out of my sub aqua noma IV. Then the secondary clasp on the braclet fell half off. Called and they seemed to generously offer to send me four replacement screws. 5 weeks later got ONE SCREW. Called and spent 1 hour 45 minutes on the phone talking to 3 customer service people, one tech, and one supervisor. No one mentioned anything useful until the end of the call after my desperate questioning finally logically got to the bottom of the clash situation, and resolved the part that was needed for a problem on another watch that came from shopNBC broken. Had I not persisted, I would not have found out the definitive information on these two watches. I asked that they ship the parts to cover their mistakes more quickly this time — Supervisor said “I see what I can do”, he wouldn’t even be specific. It’s been a week and I haven’t gotten anything. Customer Service rep said, put loctite on screws, tech person said he had never heard of that and that he was not aware of any problems at all of noma’s having problems with any parts or using loctite????? What the hell?

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