Swiss Watch Exports Increased In August

September 21, 2010

Switzerland’s watch exports increased in August from the previous year, a report by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH showed on Tuesday.

Export value of Swiss watches surged 24.1% in August from the previous year, to attain a level of CHF 1.07 billion. At the same time, wrist watches exports grew 25.9%, while other products exports climbed 4%.

In the January to August period, watch exports increased 20.1% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Developments among the Swiss watch industry’s main markets were varied. Hong Kong recorded another very strong performance with 18.7% annual growth and the U.S. showed an increase of 9.8%. The value of sales to Singapore showed one of the strongest upward variations of all and exports to China grew by 7%.



One Response to “Swiss Watch Exports Increased In August”

  1. Big P Says:

    I will have the Singapore chow mei fun with an order of fried dumplings please, and a “Swiss Made” bowl of hot n sour soup.

    For dessert, I will be having a slice of the “far east version” Ronda banana cream pie, and I will wash it down with the “far east version” Isa milkshake.

    Please send the bill to that smelly half shaven wookie Davis, that guy over there with all the flies buzzing around his mouth.

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