SNBCs Chair Ronning Sells Again

October 25, 2010

IT was a little over two months ago that ShopNBC Chair Randy Ronning sold off 114,000 shares on the heels of a better than expected earnings report. In that time, VVTV has jumped around fifty cents and David Balliet had joined the network and assuming the role Vice President of Merchandising Analytics.

One would have expected Mr. Balliet to purchase shares, as has been the practice at the number three shopping network whenever executives have come aboard.

The latest insider trade reports indicate that on Oct 15, 2010, Mr. Ronning made a direct sale of 25,000 shares at $2.34 per share for a total profit of $58,500.


3 Responses to “SNBCs Chair Ronning Sells Again”

  1. Big P Says:

    Share and shares alike.

    Well nothing really matters anymore concerning Nbc, but if anybody was watching and hopefully either laughing till it hurts or vomiting their dinners, did anybody see the Ed Hardy OTV last night?

    You talk about prime time garbage product at it’s best then your talking Ed Hardy watches, how do they keep a straight face on air?

    America used to be manufacturers and used to be well…America!!!

    To see our decline for a long long time where EVERYTHING is made in China is testament to the downward spiral of our country, soon the air we breathe will be made in China and Skelton will be selling it to us, such transparent lost souls.

  2. BigCheez Says:

    Not exactly a surprising move. I’d sell every share I had of that dog, but they have to be crafty and do it a little at a time to not cause a full-on sell-off and stock price crash.

  3. Eyal's Pal Says:


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