ShopNBC goes SkyMall with the Premiere of Stauer Watches

December 8, 2010

For a network that touts itself as the “Premium lifestyle channel” they sure have gone out of their way to bring the most generic Millionsmart Chinese brands with fake provenance into America’s living rooms. TV horology fans,welcome Stauer!

I first noticed the brand several years ago when thumbing through the magazine that airlines stuff in the back of the seats that is essentially a collection of ads. The model then was also aired tonight, the Graves 33 automatic. The story was as follows

n 1933, one of the most innovative watches ever built was engineered for a millionaire collector named Henry Graves. It took more than three years and the most advanced chronological technique possible to create the multi-function masterpiece. Recently, this rare innovation was auctioned off for the record price of £5,628,000 by Sotheby’s.

Even as a young kid, I had an aversion to multi-functions faking a chronograph’s funk.  Years later, I would find the Chinese manufacturer Millionsmart and could clearly see that this was nothing more than a $10.00 Canal Street special. Interesting that the other Cherman brand also bears a striking resemblance.

Watching the presentation revealed a few unique and interesting pieces. But the fact remains – with one exception, the Swiss Banker – these are just more of the Chinese automatics and Chinese cased Japanese chronos that seem to dominate the networks selections anymore.

Nearly every model is an ‘homage’ to classic pieces from the likes of Heuer, Breitling and Alpha?! Yes, Alpha.

Nearly all of the models aired sold out. To bad I didn’t write this blog sooner to protect the customers.


4 Responses to “ShopNBC goes SkyMall with the Premiere of Stauer Watches”

  1. krane11367 Says:


    You can’t protect those who can’t be protected. After all – anyone who would look at that laughably cheesy Stauer stuff and make a B-line for the phone can’t be helped with reason. Even I’m shocked at ShopNBC on this one. What’s next? Armitron? U.S. Polo? John Weitz? Goer? Or more from the existing SNBC brand that has truly established itself as a cluster grope of incompetence, non-existent QC and CS, and outright falsehoods (hello, Hollywood!)?

    Not only that, but Jim Skelton is crowing there’s more Imperious coming our way! No problem; for me, at least, it’s just more people to point at and make fun of at shopping malls and convenience stores…

  2. betterskills Says:

    Or maybe we’ll see Alpha or lK Colouring. They should just go straight to the source and have a Millionsmart show. $200 Tourbys all day long.

  3. Darksider Says:

    garbage watches in my opinion but I would suspect they are a step above Invita

  4. Voice Over Says:

    Stauer, Steinhausen, Stuhrling – all synonymous with schlock.

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