Invicta Polymer Sandstone Dials

December 20, 2010

THE indisputable truth has been revealed – Invicta “Sandstone” dials are faker than a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills tits!

WE can thank Koi of watchlords for supplying the definitive proof.

ONE can almost hear the cries of the Watchgeek cheerleaders, “Who cares, if you like it!?” I tend to think that train has long left the station. A plastic dial with metal flakes and sand is not “Natural” sandstone.


10 Responses to “Invicta Polymer Sandstone Dials”

  1. Braden Says:

    How can they get away with that kind of misleading b.s.?

  2. betterskills Says:

    It’s amazing. Check out the blog “Jim Skelton Out At ShopNBC” from last October and you’ll see how the brand and the ShopNBC host Jim Skelton have a rabid fan base that ignores reality, bullying and pressuring any dissenters. They are expert at doing it on the site but they’ve really lost that ability since so many Invicta fanbois have been confronted and accepted the truth metered out both here and on

  3. krane11367 Says:

    Here we go again. Can’t wait to see the tap dancing (or WG membership bannings by the dozen) by Skelton and Davis.

    So let me get this straight, IWG fan bois: You LIKE being professional suckers? You like being lied to, bullied, bullshitted on an almost daily basis?

    The only thing “bonded at the molecular level” at IWG is the BS that’s attached to seemingly anything that Skelton or Davis try to sell you. Suckers!

  4. LIES ALL LIES! Says:

    Welcome to December’s big Invicta exposure. All 12 months
    of 2010 covered with a lie(s) exposed or epic quality disaster.
    That is what the Invicta calendar should have been instead of
    scantly clad ass sporting ugly ass watches. Here’s to 2011! Let’s
    ring in the new year with an epic TTV of a sandstone dial, fake
    diamond accented, D/D gray market movement, marked “Swiss” and sold
    as “Swiss Made” watch, complete with crappy cross-threading
    interchangeable strap system. Oh, almost forgot, make the hands
    fall off and blame it on UPS.

  5. Vicki Says:

    Wait until they find out that the meteorite is actually
    painted pig iron. Your right about the blind love and devotion the
    geektards show all things Invicta. All you have to know that
    Invicta is a giant fraud is to take a look at who was chosen to
    represent the brand on national television. Mike Davis and Jim
    Skelton, really?

  6. Chief86 Says:

    LISTEN UP MAGGOTS,Chief86 hear . “So let me get this
    straight, IWG fan bois: You LIKE being professional suckers? You
    like being lied to, bullied, bullshitted on an almost daily basis?”
    At ease PRIVATE.I don,t like anything straight,and I love INVICTA
    so I guess I do suck professionally.well payed two ! No listen,Just
    because some well nown basher says that Eyal uses fake
    snasdtone,doesn,t make it true !There was probly some mistake at
    the factory in swiiss, and they got the materials mixed up wrong .
    and this so claled expert HA !She can,t even tell the difference
    between black and blue !therefour her intire argumint can be
    disreguarded as she has been proved to be faseetious ! I bet the
    hole story has been made up by some dranged hater don,t be kuoi !!!
    AT EASE MAGGOTS ! Chief86 OUT !

  7. Fuzzy Wabbit Says:

    Fake Sandstone? I guess after the glass diamonds, no one should be surprised. I can’t wait until Invicta and Slop are shut down for good. How is that fat fuck Skelton going to spin this one?

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  9. WatchMann Says:

    I hear those so called Sandstone dials were made from the tears of their duped customers


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