Design Inspiration for the Jail Break Found?

December 30, 2010

BACK on February 3, 2010, Jim Skelton mentioned that he was designing a line of art deco inspired timepieces while presenting Stuhrling Original watches opposite Larry Magen.

Since then, Invicta has launched the Imperious line which they originally claimed they were only financing until google searches revealed that Imperious was actually just another
Activa; a trademark owned by Invicta Watch Company. It has been the
subject of open speculation that ole Jimmy Skelton was actually the designer behind this line. I actually forgot even reporting Skelton’s revelation so many months ago. That was until I was wandering around a Borders and came across the book, 1001 Watches. Skimming through it, I found what might be the impetus and inspiration for the worst model from
Imperious, the Jail Bait Jail Break.

It’s been panned by even the most clueless of WIS as uninspired and ridiculous. A true caricature of oversized wrist bound ‘extreme’. When I read the accompanying description and it identified this as an ‘Art Deco’ piece, I remembered Jim’s announcement. I present the Vachron Constantin Montre a volets from 1930.
The ‘bars’ are actually blinds that hide the face, but when open offer a similar look to ‘prison bars’. One thing is for sure, the designer of the Jail Bait Jail
really doesn’t understand the “art deco” era or how to reinterpret those design elements. When the first photos of the Jail Bait Jail Break hit the Net it found very few fans. On the Invicta financed watchgeeks, the majority had nothing nice to say so the thread was noticeably light. Since the reveal we’ve seen a lot of pictures of the X-Wing and Shattered and the price has been halved on some models of the unbalanced Gearhead, even as many early buyers of the overpriced models attempt to dump them on Geeks. WE
seem to have a clue as to where that most obtuse Jail Bait Jail Break design came from, now the question is when will it air and how poor will sales be?


4 Responses to “Design Inspiration for the Jail Break Found?”

  1. bigjimzlll Says:

    You left out the most amazing part of this story….the
    name. Jail break is rediculous enough, but the original name was to
    be …..drum role please….”JailBait”. I kid you not. The out cry
    of complaints about the moronic name JailBait caused a last minute

  2. Creepy La Beef Says:

    I bet Guy Fieri will buy a dozen of those ugly things!! He’ll probably tightly wrap one around his cock and balls then bump helmets with Skelton!

  3. yoyo Says:

    Grow up

  4. krane11367 Says:

    I guess they are calling this one the Prison Break now?

    Who cares. The only things that’s certain is that it’s got Skelton’s fingerprints all over it, which means it’s tasteless, garish, out-of-fashion, backwards-minded, disgusting, not factual, creepy, redudant, self-absorbed, and butt ugly.

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