BREAKING: Wow To Launch TV Shopping Network

February 1, 2011

On February 19th I am launching my own WorldofWatches.TV shopping show, it will be broadcasting live every Saturday and Sunday from 6pm to 9pm Eastern Time on Direct TV channel 227. I hope you and your friends and family will watch me.


Lior Ben-Shmuel
President & CEO
The SWI Group

BETTERSKILLS can confirm that Swiss Watch International is indeed launching it’s own televised watch program as well as a streaming version on the Internet.

THIS move comes on the heals of the FCC approval of the NBC Universal/Comcast merger and weeks after a proposed ShopNBC stock offerings. One wonders how this new televised shopping outlet affect Invicta and the distant third home shopping network sales. World of Watches is the premier “Deal of the Day” site and moves quite a few high end brands, like Wyler, as well as their own house brands, like Swiss Legend, Jaques Lemans and Triumph. WoW routinely moves quite a bit of Invicta merchandise typically way below ShopNBC pricing on even current Shop stock.

IT’S no secret that a lot of people are tired of the constant Invicta cavalcade on ShopNBC which is starting to look as ridiculous as the “Shopping Is A Feeling ” scene in the movie True Stories.

I’d long thought that this would be an Invicta move. Looks like SWI flanked them.


6 Responses to “BREAKING: Wow To Launch TV Shopping Network”

  1. Fuzzy Wabbit Says:

    thank God, I was sick and tired of watching the same Invicta Chinese shit 24/7. I’m sure that will soon be finished as well when the Comcast plan takes effect.

  2. Vicki Says:

    Let’s hope he hires decent on air talent and avoids the grifters Skelton & Davis.

  3. krane11367 Says:

    There are definitely winds of change in the air, no matter how the smirking talking heads on ShopNBC try to spin it. In the past year, we’ve seen the departures of Renato, Philip Watch and Chase-Durer from SNBC – all brands that were pretty much revered by the customers there.

    A few weeks back, Croton presented a long show devoted to their watches in prime time – but it was on JTV and not on ShopNBC. There have been statements on WatchGeeks that Croton is still part of the SNBC “family,” but of late, that brand has definitely been getting short shrift on SNBC, consigned to the daytime and afternoon hours while the usual Invicta crud dominates the later hours.

    Now, we see SWI get smart and decide to do things on their own a bit. Tell you what – more power to them, and I hope they kick ass doing it. In this information age, there is definitely more than one way to get the word out there, and perhaps they’ll wise up to and distance themselves from anyone who is a shady con artist. It never looks good to associate with bad business people. SWI’s WOW and associated sites are excellent, and I can’t imagine their new venture being anything less.

  4. Am a devoted fan customer of WoW and their various brands…why get down on Invicta? They are fun, stylish, generally well-made. ShopNBC does a favor to those of us who buy the same or similar watches from Wow for 89-92% off…and when we give these as gifts to “F&F” ie friends and family….they love it because they are used to seeing such high prices on ShopNBC. Everyone loves a bargain and Wow is the Mother of All Watch Sites!!!

  5. koimaster Says:

    it appears WOW tv is a hit at geeks with many tuning in to watch it. Lior promises to have Omega and Tissot in upcoming shows.

    My daughter ended up purchasing two watches, a Technomarine and a Baume & Mercier. I would rather she spend her hard earned money with Lior than with Eyal.

    Charla was a bit much for me but word is skel may join the team in the future.

  6. creepylabeef Says:

    What’s with all the watches? Ok, I guess wearing a wristwatch is functional and fashionable but how many fuckin’ watches does one need? Maybe someone out there has several arms like the Hindu God Vishnu and need to know the times in time zones across the globe but I have yet to meet them. It seems to me that watches may have replaced Precious Moments figurines and Beanie Babies as the hot home shopping hillbilly collectible?

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