Jim Skelton Leaves Watchgeeks

February 22, 2011

“As you know, Michael, Bruce and myself have transferred ownership of watchgeeks.net over to Invicta. At the same time, I am leaving the forum. As we continue to build the watch shows at ShopNBC, I need to focus more of my time and energy there. I am also working on spending more quality time with my own family, and not be tethered to a computer all the time this has been in the works for a while now, and I felt it needed to be done. I have been blessed with two great partners who agreed and worked with me on this transition. Thanks also to Eyal and Invicta for picking up the baton and carrying WG forward with grace.

I am always here for you however, and you can feel free to always contact me via email or on my two Facebook pages.

I cannot begin to thank all of you enough for your amazing support, both of me personally at ShopNBC and also for your support of watchgeeks. We have not only watched this forum grow, but more importantly we have watched our membership grow closer as a family. Many of you have made lifelong friendships, and the community here goes far beyond a typical watch forum on the Internet. I am forever grateful for all you have done here to create this community, and I know that Invicta plans to grow the forum in so many ways, without changing anything that you love about it.

You guys made it happen, and I know I speak for Bruce and Michael when I say THANK YOU for all that you’ve done, and I am excited to see what the future holds for this community.

If anyone needs to contact me, or just wants to keep in touch, I’m not disappearing… you can reach me via email at jskelton@shopnbc.com or on my Facebook page:

Thank you all so much, it has been my greatest pleasure getting to know all of you. Don’t be strangers…”

IS Comcast owned ShopNBC trying to distance themselves from Invicta? Or is Jim Skelton giving up WGs and the site a requirement to let him out of a non-compete?


22 Responses to “Jim Skelton Leaves Watchgeeks”

  1. j salio Says:

    This azzhat is just soooo full of shit!

  2. betterskills Says:

    Which “azzhat”?

  3. Fred Phephner Says:

    I’m waiting for the headline:

    TV Watch Shill Arrested!

  4. koimaster Says:

    Fuck him! When he is out of TV and under arrest, only then will I be satisfied.

  5. BSF Says:

    Jim’s so full of shit. Of course Invicta has owned it since day one. How else do u explain all the members being banned every time, Someone said anything bad about Invicta? If they Didn’t own it since day 1 than how come its only those who get banned, For talking down on Invicta???

  6. Chief86 Says:


    Chief86 here .

    It,s with grate saddnes that we say goodby to Jimmy.He was the best .

    WG,s will carry on like good soldiers .

    The only good thing about Jimmy leaving,is now I only have to suck Mike,s dick .

    Sometimes it,s hard being the designated sniper/pivot man .


  7. Chief86 Says:


  8. Michael Says:

    At least the last vestige of being anything like a legit watch forum has been eradicated, and Mikey can ban people to his heart’s content. I almost feel pity for the sheeple that have been either too full of the Kool-Aid or too lazy and stupid to think for themselves. Almost. I wonder how much the site will grow without its best draw. WatchGeeks is becoming more and more irrelevant every day.

  9. Poo Boy Says:

    I will miss Jim.
    I will miss Jim
    I will miss Jim
    I will miss Jim
    I will miss Jim
    I will miss Jim
    ahh..who hit me with the frying pan.
    I will miss snorthead
    I will miss snorthead
    I will miss snorthead
    I will miss snorthead

  10. Poo Boy Says:

    They are fooled, yet again!

  11. Chief86 Says:

    Listen up MAGOTS !

    Chief86 here .

    Well it looks like we caught another infiltrator from this wreched blog last night !He thoguht he was clever but I was able to triangulate his ccordiantes via postings here,and I banned his ass !!! Well,Mike say,d he banned him while we were having drunk phone sex last night .

    No more pictures of me with cocks on my shirt at lards !

    Just remember maggots,if you troll WG,s,you,re ass is grass and i,m an asslicker !


    Smooches !

  12. Will Pisunu Says:

    What A bunch of ASSWIPES you guys are

  13. betterskills Says:

    Location: Kingman,AZ

    How often do you shop with us? Weekly

    This is such a beautifull time peace I have seen other skeleton watches and they don’t give the same width on the crystal for really enjoying the complete view needed to appreciate the intricate detail that goes into making a watch run. The extra engraving on the parts is especially nice.Then there is the flame fusion crystal and the band with the nurled center links that I like because the don’t scratch a easily as a polished linkand then the price a $900.00 watch for $153.00 duah it’s a no brainer.

    Nice spelling you illiterate “peace” of shit. No brainers in your head for sure!

  14. Terminatorway Says:

    Just now able to talk my way to writing a few words about dumb fuck jskelton, while down in his neck of the woods my friends told me a few things about the fat bastard, drugs drinkin, screwed up and playin with “girls, young, old, very young ones, drugs, alcohol and drivein Do Not Mix” let alone his beat up tryin to be somebody with his old sleds (cars). Why at the car show his nose was so tweaked from stuff his brain was scrambled so badly he could hardly remember is name.

    Glad won’t have to hear his loud ASS “Mouth Talkin” anymore.
    Why his shows were gettin so bad I was tryin to figure out why FCC was not down SNBC throat??

    Hope to see ya staggerin at another auto event so I can see gaurds bounce your ass out to the ASS-phalt…LoL

  15. betterskills Says:

    These are unsubstantiated claims about Skelton and lack any proof.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    will post photos not takin by the js DOUCHE BAG places dates and times, even gettin outta jail, an I do not mean Monoplay (?);’)

  17. cappy Says:

    i’ve never posted here but use to read some good stuff about watches and the site seemed like a brotherhood of good guys who loved watches.i don’t see any love in this site today. just a bunch of pissin and moanin.i am getting bored with invictas new offerings. their watches are too big and look like they were made in a shipyard.i remember the first nite that jim skelton did a show. i liked him immediately. he was very polite but i could tell right away that he was a different cat.we share the same off the wall sense of humor.i think he had a lot to do with the “beefy” watches. some of them are nice but they are going too far. i miss the days when I was buying lots of beautiful jacques lemans,philip,etc. i miss jim. the new guy from invicta has a motor mouth and he has an expression on his face like he shit himself. i’m hoping jim will come back after his calling. he seemed happy.but you never can tell. maby it was too much.
    see ya, p.dow

  18. Richard Says:

    I have truely missed you Jim!!!!
    You’re shows with Mick always had me in stitches,like Dean &
    Jerry.You are truely missed!!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    I hope Invicta the shit company falls apart just like Big Jim..

  20. mike Says:

    I hope Invicta the shit company falls apart just like Big Jim..

  21. josh shepherd Says:

    Jim I have followed u from shop NBC to world of watches. You r the one that got me hooked on invicta. I have a tag in my collection that I got as a gift. I love that ttag even if it was a gift from my exwife. But I have to say that my invictas are more comfortable than my tag. I now own seven invictas. 1 tag, 2 citizens, 1 Kenneth Cole. I love watches. I particularly enjoy skeletonized movements. It is so cool to watch the balance that it takes to simply tell time. Also let’s face it they are also a work of art. anyway I don’t want to babble. God bless u and your family. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Anniversary douchebag. Still waiting on that big announcement……

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