A Skelton / Imperious Connection?

May 28, 2011

IT has been widely speculated that Jim Skelton has some connection to the Imperious watch brand which, after many denials, was revealed to be a trademark of Invicta.

Part of what fueled the Skelton / Imperious connection were comments by Skelton himself regarding his design of watches, as well as his constant admonishment of people wanting to know who designed such ground breaking pieces as the X-Wing and Jailbreak. I remember him finally getting fed up with people hinting at his involvement on WGs and he said something to the affect of “…do you know who the designer of the Speedway? Does it matter?”

NOW after fire sales at ShopNBC, the only source for this brand that was going to “dominate it’s class”, and a very interesting post on Jim Skelton’s Facebook page from a May 24th inquiry regarding new models and the very future of Imperious.

Jim’s response:
“I don’t know how much longer you’ll see them. Last I knew, there was still new product in production, and production on these takes about 3-6 months due to the complexity, so I’d assume you’ll see one or mayyyybe two more rounds of them. What Shop will do now with recent changes though, I cannot predict. There were still one or two brand new models due out plus new variations of the current models (one for example was an automatic 3 hand X-Wing)”

Another posters asks if Skelton believes that the “brand” is going to fold.

Jim Skelton responded “I don’t think “fold” is the right word, but it is possible that they might stop offering them.”

Hmm. It is widely believed that Skelton has some skin in the Invicperious game. ShopNBC fires him and now they are not going to offer any new models and ShopNBC is systematically blowing them out.

Draw your own conclusions.

6 Responses to “A Skelton / Imperious Connection?”

  1. Prickle Says:

    Are YOU serious???

    Everybody including my aunt Tilly knows about this for the LONGEST time.

    And while you are at it, how about a FLAME FUSION S.Coiffman???

    I think people need to MOVE ON now, and put this puppy to bed, Nbc has for the longest time phasing out the good watch vendors, and bringing in the yackity yack..pure watch crap!!!

  2. krane11367 Says:

    Everything about Imperious was crazy low rent from day one. On WG, Skelton wouldn’t say where they were made or by who, issuing tripe like “you’re going to have to trust me on this” and referring to company as “they.” Imagine spending, say, $600 on a Hamilton watch and having no idea about the brand. Hamiliton MADE its reputation as a brand by giving buyers glimpses into where they were made and who made them, even in the old days through today’s Swiss models. Skelton tried to sell Imperious watches like a guy in a raincoat would in an airport men’s room.

    Imperious, the bomb of 2010/2011, was as tasteless, shady, and ridiculous as the clown who tried to sell them to you.

  3. Prickle Says:

    This is too much..

    Okay, how about a well crafted Jowissa timepiece???

    Or maybe you fancy Lior’s new Redline timepieces, they all come with a red crown…wow!!!

    Or you might be in the mood for the wonderful watches by Ed Hardy?

    Okay, I get it, your a more seasoned collector, then let me put you in a watch by none other than Hush Puppies!!

    Not high end enough for ya?, then you must try a Chinese Tourbillon by Stauer, now that’s watch collecting at it’s finest!

    At Stauer, we promise you that your crown will crunch while you wind it..ahhh hell, we know it’s crap, but you dummies keep buying them…dummies!!

    C’mon everybody, let’s make Sunday, “Shit watches sold by Nbc day”

    Let’s hear your horror stories and uneducated purchases alike!!!



  4. Fromage Testes Says:

    Roses r red

    Violets r blue

    I’d rather choke my chicken

    Than buy a watch from you

    I “urge” you to choke your chicken

  5. jr Says:

    Jim Skelton designing watches is like Homer Simpson’s spice rack http://img255.imageshack.us/img255/2023/spicerack.jpg

  6. Prickle Says:

    Krane brings up a FANTASTIC brand in Hamilton, one of the good ones, great customer service, great parts dept, great watches, every collector should have at least one in their collection.

    We all can name many good brands, both old and new, from Hamilton to Perrelet to Maurice LaCroix to Zodiac..etc

    Imperious is a TELEVISION brand owned by a DESIGNER only watch group..guess who?

    I for sure, wouldn’t waste my money on some 3rd rate shopping channel riff raff brand, no matter the sales tactic.

    The Jailbreak put it over the top for me, I mean there are actual HUMAN BEINGS out there wearing this piece, I wouldn’t wear it while taking a shit!

    Then there’s the NOT SO CLEVER watch they crapped out called “shattered”, my goodness, just another steaming pile of dino doody, wow!!

    Ummmmm, whoever is responsible for designing these…YOURRRRRRR FIRRRRRED!!!!!!!

    And now a watch rhyme:

    As geeks pay another value pay

    As former hosts look for a sunny day

    As ninja’s and shaved monkey’s will say

    It just hasn’t been going my way

    *From Facebook Times* best seller “Internet watch show or bust”

    Brought to you buy the wonderful people at ALPO, because shit in a can is better than shit on your wrist.

    Sponsored by, Swift Premium Brown & Balls, where our sausage is made with no fillers, only beeks bones and sphincters…and a hint of watchgeek brains.


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