Michael Davis: Con College Class of 1990

June 29, 2011

SOME people have turned over stones regarding Invicta Watch Company claims; Koi of watchlords has rolled over a boulder.

It turns out Invicta’s Technical Brand Manager, one of three faces of the brand on ShopNBC, is also a graduate of con college! Mr. Davis was convicted of aggravated robbery in Montgomery County, Ohio in June of 1984.

Aggravated robbery is defined as “the taking of anything of value belonging to another from the person of another or that is in the immediate control of another when the offender intentionally inflicts serious bodily injury.”

I know what you’re thinking; “What’s serious bodily injury?”

It is defined as “bodily injury which involves unconsciousness, extreme physical pain or protracted and obvious disfigurement, or protracted loss or impairment of the function of a bodily member, organ, or mental faculty, or a substantial risk of death.”

He was sentenced from 5 to 25 years. Who knew Davis was living a thug life( like Tupac thug life?! While he may have been a badd ass on the streets, Mr. Davis appears to have been a model prisoner as he served only 53 months and change, completing parole in 1990.

I’M of the opinion that the man served his time and this was nearly a quarter century ago, and in recent years is only guilty of being a jagoff; Michael “fuckin” Davis deserves a second chance.

But its still funny to find stuff like this in light of Mr. Davis preaching about “hater” sites and people making things up – especially from a convicted felon.


42 Responses to “Michael Davis: Con College Class of 1990”

  1. It just adds to the mountain of hypocrisy upon which Michael Davis squats, all the while bumbling and stumbling through life, continuously reeling from scandal to lie and back again like a drunken sailor.

    Wielding his ban hammer like a cudgel, he’s perfectly content to smite anyone who dares to be critical of him or Invicta, yet what he really needs is to be thoroughly thwacked in the head with a clue-by-four.

    He and Invicta deserve one another.

    Pay up, douchebag. Your bar tab’s due.


  2. Lies All Lies!!! Says:

    I’m not sure how to feel about this. How far is too far? Granted he is a douche who is complicit in one of the greatest scams in all of home shopping. But this is really personal stuff here. This kind of stuff getting out can effect his personal life and his professional life. It was a quarter of a century ago and he paid his debt to society. Michael is guilty today of being a douche alright, but banning people on a forum is one thing, digging up criminal records of long ago and putting them out for everyone to see is another. Beyond that he is guilty for towing the company line of a shady business who fucks people, but he does what he has to to collect his check.

  3. Chief86 Says:

    I just wonder if he got raped in prison .I think about that a lot .

    Chjef OUT !

  4. badgeek Says:

    So Michael ( jailhouse hooch was a very good year) Davis Is a convicted felon? no surprises really. What’s funny is that he gives convicted felons a bad name. Im glad Koi discoverd the truth about mongo,just another nail In a well nailed coffen. Im just wondering If Ismell knew this when he hired the asshole. I guess he probably did,most likely a requirement for employment.

  5. Kelly Says:

    Bird’s of a feather….Davis, Skelton…. Ya know the more I listen to Eyal the more obnoxious his soggy watch sales rap becomes. How many times will he repackage the same quartz mov’t & pass it off as new or different!!!! I am sick of their mass produced quartz watches being pushed as Swiss hand assembled or hand finished. Invictas best cust. are people new to the watch game . Anyone with 1/2 a brain as they learn more about watches begin to see behind the curtin. By the way where has the self annointed ‘King of watch media ‘ been peddleing his lies ??/

  6. Chris Says:

    I just wonder by what means and lies this material was gotten….since…

    The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation rehabilitation and Correction has removed the names, photos and records of all former prison inmates from its Web site as a response to complaints fielded by the department, spokesperson Andrea Dean said. The department removed information on an estimated 300,000 people, dating to the late 1970s.

    Corrections Director Reginald Wilkinson decided to remove the names after hearing objections for years from former inmates and their families, Dean said. They were saying how hard it was getting employment.” Dean explained. “Having their pictures on the Web was a barrier to them moving forward.”

    “Whenever prisoners have difficulty getting their lives back together, all of us suffer,” added David Singleton, executive director of the Cincinnati-based Prison Reform Advocacy Center.

    The corrections department has posted information about former inmates online since 1998. “The purpose of the offender search wasn’t for people to see if their neighbor was an ex-offender,” Dean said. “The purpose was so that victims could see when their offenders would have a parole hearing, or when they would be released.” People can continue to obtain information from the Web site about current inmates and those under community supervision. But residents now must call the department to get information about former inmates.

    Source: The Plain Dealer

    Since the information was not available online….someone had to have a reason to obtain the information….

    So….what lies were told to obtain it..if it is real. And yes…I’ve checked. The person who signed the document is a real person…that was her job. And even if he did the offense, he has served his time. How many of you care to have a microscope put to your past??? Huh…would your family be proud of what you did in 1984???? I doubt it.

    Don’t you think a company would run a criminal background check…even Invicta???? I work in retail….we run criminal background checks on everyone…from a janitor to the CEO. What gets an employee fired is not disclosing their past….not the fact that they have a past. We all do!!! It isn’t against the law to hire an ex-felon….look to the NFL for that….You cheer for many of them every week.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Apparently he tried to have his records sealed – no go because he is/was a repeat offender. His claims of his college degree also appear to be a sham, along with his claims of being a Navy Seal and his martial arts accomplishments fabricated.

    I, for one, do not believe this has gone too far. What is being brought up is public record and “his” claims of accomplishments, degrees earned, military service being validated – in this case proven to be lies.

    Karma is a mean bitch.

  8. Chris Says:

    @ Anonymous….and you know all of this how??? No facts..all opinion….

    Post some actual proof of your claim…otherwise….nothing you say means anything.

  9. betterskills Says:

    The mugshot is clearly Michael “fuckin” Davis. If you don’t see that obvious proof – you’re a fucking retard.

  10. Innocent Bystander Says:


    The information was obtained by a group committed to outing those who demean those who serve. Those who attempt to falsely portray themselves as U.S. Navy SEALs, as Michael Davis did. He was reported to the group and investigated.

    At that time, the records you are questioning were legally obtained and posted for all to see.

    Davis has a long history of conning people, be it as a fake SEAL, a fake martial arts champion, a fake college graduate, and a fake “Technical Brand Manager” for a fake watch company.

    The only illegal acts that have been committed here, are by Davis, and his rancid cohorts, Jim Skelton and Eyal Lalo.

  11. Chris Says:

    @Betterskills…never said anything about the picture not being him….now did I. All I did was question the method of how it obtained. If it was legally obtained…fine.

    @ Innocent Bystander…..You may not like MD…thats fine…I don’t like a lot of people either. Again…if they, the documents were legally obtained….fine. I gather you don’t like Invicta….again…fine…to each his own. Since Jim Skelton is no longer at Shopnbc….why are you so worried about him??? As for Eyoir Laylow…his watches may not be what they claim to be….but if he is breaking any laws….I tend to leave that up to the Law Enforcement officals of the US. And last time I checked…Invicta isn’t a fake watch company….I’m sure Eyoir’s bank account isn’t full of fake money.

    I just think there are more productive things to worry about…I mean…what about all the people losing their homes to flooding, tornado’s, and our government that sends billions of our dollars to countries that hide terroists in their country, all the while claiming they are actively looking for said terroist. Don’t you think those billions of dollars could be helping our own people rebuild their homes??? The Corp of Engineers could be using some of the money to build larger dikes to keep the rivers within their banks. No…instead we send it to places that hate us and they just laugh at the US…all the while taking billions and billions of our money. That’s something to get mad about….not a freeking watch company.

  12. betterskills Says:

    @Chris – I agree with your points; I’ve written about government and other travesties and nobody cares. People love Invicta, Skelton and ShopNBC and it’s fun to write about it.

    You could always start a blog about those topics.

    And let’s be real – you’re here reading this shit and adding multiple comments. You love it too.

  13. Innocent Bystander Says:

    Criminals don’t steal fake money, so your argument about Eyal’s bank account misses the mark. Invicta most certainly sells fake watches; fake Russian divers made in China with so-called Swiss movements (also made in China). It is a violation of US Customs laws to improperly label Chinese-made watches as Swiss, and there are purportedly investigations into this practice.

    The current iteration of Invicta is most certainly fake, and bears no relationship whatsoever to the original company. It neither produces nor innovates, it contributes nothing to the horological world. It is a genuine marketing company, and a genuine, if inexpert design house. But Invicta does not make any watches at all, despite their claims to the contrary. So, it is indeed a fake watch company.

    You are correct – I do not like any of the clowns associated with Invicta, but I am not worried about any of them (particularly Jim Skelton) as you incorrectly imply. I am enjoying every moment of their exposure by the likes of betterskills, Koimaster, et al.

    I also enjoy reading whinging rants such as yours, so please keep it up for my entertainment.

  14. Chris Says:

    @Betterskills…I enjoy reading blogs…Yours just seems to be different. Frankly I understand calling someone out for lying about their past. Especially a public figure. Only thing I would say is learn to listen to your readers. Some might have different views about a subject, or want more proof than what is being offered. I didn\’t read anything about MD falsely saying he was in the military or whatever else Innocent Bystander was talking about….it wasn\’t part of your post. Even the most ardent Invicta fanatic would be interested in this post. I know I did.

  15. betterskills Says:

    There is a lot of other content – look through the archives. I’m actually in the process of adding additional bloggers to diversify the content. The Invicta/ShopNBC thing became a passion because Jim Skelton started shit with me. I don’t like dildos who take fashion cues from Guy Fieri and when someone wants to go to war with me, I’ll take it to the next level. When I busted Skelton posting stuff from the same IP that he issued his “official” response to my “Is Skelton Out At ShopNBC blog, it was on. But even in light of that, i never contacted ShopNBC because I believe that what he does on his time is his business. He did talk himself out of his job at ShopNBC because he thinks he’s so smart and above reproach.

    Davis and Lalo both took on the air shots at me so they are fair game.

    As to the other claims regarding Davis, take note that I have not posted anything because I don’t have proof. Others apparently do and are putting it out there.

    I also believe that Davis served his time and his nearly 25 year ago troubles stand as a testament of his moving on. But if he lied to get hired, that’s his problem. It’s like the chicks who show their tits on Girls Gone Wild videos and then want to take it back. You can’t.

    As for Invicta, they have been busted lying numerous times. When they do get busted with facts, and even their own admissions; like “Swina Gate”, Sandstone dials, the Great DD Dibacle and “Field Tested” they use watchgeeks to ridicule the messenger and continue lying about other products. So they make their bed with every new lie.

  16. Kelly Says:

    betterskills, well put… My issue w/ Skelton was very similiar. I do not wish anything on him but by the same token I refuse to condone any of his offensive behavior by looking the other way. Punks like him need to be brought out into the light of day. I find this blog theraputic( spelling ?)

  17. krane11367 Says:

    Innocent, you’re right on the money. My father was a Navy man. He fought, and so many others have died in wars. Don’t mess with their service and actual courage by claiming to be something you’re not. There’s no excuse. None. Ain’t no minor infraction in my world.

    But claiming to be something it’s not is the Invicta way, from the 8926 through their on-air “experts”. I’m so sick of a company that repeatedly gives the watch world a black eye. There are those who are screaming “too much” about the Davis revelations. I’m sure nobody is saying “too much,” though, for all the ripped-off, lied-to watch customers that IWG had bilked. Nobody give’s a rat’s ass about the little guy, as always. I’d never steal from my fellow man, but if you do it in “legal” ways these days, people actually applaud it and try to emulate it. I say fuck these charlatans, and fuck you to those who continue to say “it’s only watches.” Having actual standards and integrity are rare attributes these days; people can justify anything. Well, justify this: Anyone who even remotely considers himself a “WatchGeek” and still stands up for people like this deserves whatever lame-ass crap watches they’re sold. Who needs to look out for the best interests of people without enough common sense to even know when they’re being conned? It’s been beyond obvious from day one!

  18. Chief86 Says:

    Attention Maggots !

    Chief86 here .

    Well I just got done with a little chat with Big Mike.Actually,he did all the talking,because – “don,t talk with your mouth full,chiefy-poo”,,,he says too me.

    After he finished,he cleared the air about all this nonsense that has been permeayting the web and made to things clear:
    1.He did not do any prison time, and
    2.If there was any prison rape going on,he was doing the raping !

    He then drove that point home again,,,

    If ever a power mod needed large purple fonts,this is that time .

    As yo were magots .

    Chief OUT !

  19. Watch Lords Says:

    I guess I well direct this at Chris since he is in a huff about his hero.
    “So….what lies were told to obtain it..If it is real. And yes…I’ve checked”.

    Liz Logan, awarded the Distinguished Service Award for her work on the UDT/SEAL museum database, a member of VeriSeal and a former private Investigator wrote a letter and obtained the records legally.
    “And even if he did the offense, he has served his time. How many of you care to have a microscope put to your past???”
    Well, let me put this to you this way, what would you think if Michael Davis and Jim Skelton stalked you and through a third party sent out your private information to over 7000 people via email, The email included the address of your daughter, your son and grandchildren. How would you feel if white trash members of watchgeek desecrated the memorial web site of your late wife? A woman not one watchgeek is worthy of being around, dead or alive. Or your ID stolen, or your vehicle broken onto and your daughters’ home tagged with crap like “kill the koi”. Lucky for the people involved I did not live there or it would have been the last things they would have done in their miserable white trash lives.
    “ Huh…would your family be proud of what you did in 1984???? I doubt it.”
    In 1984 I spent 3 weeks at my wife’s’ bedside while she near death. Yes, I think my family is proud of that. I also watched my son graduate from high school and go on to college. I know my family is proud that I stood by him when he needed his father.

    I could go on but why bother anymore. Skel is gone and Davis gasping after both were hit by a wet fish.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Chris is a moron. His man crush on MD and Jimbloat are blinding him from the truth.

  21. DB Says:

    TiTime to grow up boys get a lifeme to get a lfe boys grow

  22. betterskills Says:

    Personally, I find it pretty amusing when someone tells me to “grow up” and is completely incapable of spelling. Just sayin’

  23. DB Says:

    How many of you Heros have served in the milatary not many I would Guess and if you havent you need to shut up I served USMC 6 years of my life So you can tell me to shutup and call me your stupid little names you are showing what a small minded person,s you are.

  24. betterskills Says:

    What does military service have to do with any of this? There is no way you were in the military – you couldn’t pass the ASVAB. So I’ll continue to say whatever I feel like saying an you’ll continue to Shane your children with your cheap cigars and even cheaper Invicta Chinese watches.

  25. DB Says:

    Vets see the respect from this fool I served 1967 to 1974 when did you serve

  26. betterskills Says:

    Why would I give anyone respect that comes on my blog and starts talking smack? I don’t believe in blind respect. You’re way to incoherent to have actually been accepted into the military. Not buying it.

  27. DB Cooper Says:

    Please be aware the DB in the previous comments is not me…DB Cooper of Watchlords fame ):->

  28. DB Says:

    And you Sir are A Joke

  29. betterskills Says:

    DB/ Bichondaddy I should have searched your IP with your first comment. There’s only one idiot from Kingman, AZ that creeps around here and that would be you Larry. You new to get off your big fat ass and away from the computer. Pretending you’re someone else is so high school and you’re in your 50s! I think you need to grow up there fatboy!

  30. Oceanaut Says:

    Grow up DB or Larry. Stop being the troll that you are.

  31. Fred Phephner Says:

    So my boy betterskills busted that couch hugging fat bastard Larry Holmack for trolling his blog?


    I’m guessing the only ‘service’ Holmack ever performed was teabagging his bestest friend ever, Michael ‘R129903’ Davis

  32. krane11367 Says:

    Wow, how they never learn, either in their taste in cheap Chinese watches, or in any usable social skills for that matter; our new/old pal “DB” rears his head once again with more nonsensical drivel that has no basis in fact, sense, or reality – in other words, the perfect Invicta mark, honed in on by the smiling mugs on his cable TV box. One can only wonder how these people get up in the morning, dress themselves, or earn a living.

    Of late, there’s been an orgy of goofs crying foul at various watch sites; from TT on WLs to a whole bunch of overweight rubes on Facebook’s “Invicta Addicts,” which just this week has run afoul of FB’s TOS by spamming. Yeah, you guessed it: The tasteless ass clown who runs “Invicta Addicts” now is offering a bunch of Cafe Press-style Zazzle t-shirts and trucker and baseball hats featuring various Invicta slogans and colors. In terms of actual watch acumen, these people have the knowledge and discerning ability of a 10-foot above-ground pool cover.

    On at least four occasions on various watch site and blogs, these types of walking wounded, socially thwarted 400-pounders – who, when photographed, appear to eat four times their body weights in every meal – like, seemingly, “DB” will make a troll post, only to be hooted literally off the site by other members who want to do something other than extoll the virtues of yellow-boxed IWG garbage. After getting their asses handed to them with logic, these slobs usually spittle out something like “I’m disabled, how dare you!” or “I’m a war veteran!,” as if disagreeing with some morbidly overweight, doomed-to-life sucker that loves his Sub Aqua Noma IV even more than he loves Burger King’s Enormous Omelet Sandwich makes the forum members akin to kicking someone in a wheelchair down a flight of stairs, or burning the flag.


    A troll jerkoff is a troll jerkoff, and a convicted felon is an ex-con regardless of whether he now wears a tie or not. All that blog buffoons like “DB” and old spinster house fraus on FB or timepiece hoarders on WGs prove is that Invicta is a “prestigious watch brand’ the same way that, say, a Radio Flyer two-wheeler is the same as a Harley Davidson. Invicta is watch collecting for the sub-common, the TV watchers who are easily led, remarkably simple, and otherwise clueless; if the man on the TV tells me to do something, I do it, even at the expense of every other fact and figure that hundreds of other people show me. Based on who posts on WG, FB, and blogs like this, photos of the next “Watch Geeks Get Together,” scheduled for September, is going to look like a government cheese giveaway.

    So, “DB,” call yourself a veteran, or use some other lame excuse to justify your insane gurgle and posted upchuck. The truth is that the “Addicts” that Invicta has assembled are the giant wet black stain on the drawers of the watch business. That’s why jewelers run like hell from the Velcro-sneakered dopes when scads of unfixable, broken yellow-boxed Chinese crap are trotted into their actual respected places of business (of course, when a real jeweler won’t touch an Invicta junk piece, he’s later labeled as “jealous” or a “hater” on some website by the butt shank that walked it in).

    So what exactly are you defending, “DB” – felonies? Car dealers? HUH?!?? Oh, never mind; if it wasn’t Invicta watches, it would be Elmo or Batman or “American Idol” or Ronco Rotisseries or whatever. Maybe Forest Gump was right.

  33. badgeek Says:

    @Krane.WTF .. Velcro sneakers are just plain bad ass,I rock those bad bouys with my nomas and 60mm Invecters, and shit.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Mike was on Watch Geeks bragging about seeing Horse Tracks Value Pay infirmation on ShopNBC. I would think Shop would be freaked out that a convicted criminal would have access to their customers financial information. I would further think that the customers would freak if they knew a convicted criminal had access to their financial information.

  35. kevin b. Says:

    Who cares what Mike Davis did 20 plus ago.We all are different people after 20 years.The guy clearly knows his watches and that helps ME and OTHERS out. Thanks Mike!

  36. betterskills Says:

    I agree that going from felon to TV sales is a remarkable turn around, and that’s not what is at issue. Trying to cover up questionable business practices by your employer on the other hand is worthy of calling him out.

    I’m assuming you know how to use Google so you could know just as much as Michael “fuckin” Davis.

  37. Frankie Foreskin Says:

    My gosh what an amazing revelation, you mean you can actually Google this information and sound like you know what the heck your talking about so the naive and beginner collector thinks your a god???

    My gosh! Impressive

  38. Pimply Wimply Googly Goo Says:

    Shopnbc is by far the #1 watched “watch” program in the nation, the competition is worldofwatches.tv and once in a while JTV with their Akribos junkafied junk.

    Shopnbc will say they have so many new customers and they are the best ( at losing customers for various reasons) in the business and their sales go through the roof.

    Well……….if that’s the case then why does the so called #1 watch network broadcast in caveman SD????????

    Another thing, look at how utterly transparent these hosts are, my god, Allison Wagner is like some crack whore on the Invicta dick, Daniel Green says brilliant more times than a Rodeo Drive Jeweler, Michael Davis….well I ain’t got all day on that one, Invicta Ryan looks like he sits on a sausage in the green room in between shows, Skip Connelly looks like he’s hiding Frodo in his moustache and he also looks like an old pirate from the Errol Flynn days, Kendy would flip out if she was selling lint, Mellissa Miner is a Waterford Crystal hooker.

    The electronics hosts are just as bad, they go from a lunatic in Elliot ( it’s a butterfly horse) Smith, to this hobbit named Sahsa and he loves to position his bulge for the tv audience, and then they got this British dude selling 32″ LCD’s by GPX with a 8 millisecond response time with a side loading DVD player like it’s the latest technology.

    How about Tim ( turtle face) Temple, my goodness, nobody (aside from Davis) uses that dreadful word “collectible” more than he does……..take a breath Timmie……….breeeeeaaathhh!!!

    Don’t ya love going off topic!


  39. I have been taking part in a thread on Forumotion a Free forum host. There is a forum owner and admin who has a respectable watch forum hosted on Forumotion and Forumotion are threatening to delete her forum simply because she posted a thread about the above person in your post. Forumotion say she has defamatory content but that is rubbish because every word is true. I think it is absolutely wrong that Forumotion want to delete her forum over this. That’s why I posted this comment here in the hope that someone can talk some sense into Forumotion and that poor lady won’t loose the forum she worked so hard to create. See link to thread on Forumotion support Forums.
    Although I have never been a member of this persons forum I think it’s disgusting that Formotion are now going to delete or ban this admins forum.
    Andrea Borman.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Michael Davis was a felon,and served five plus years in prison. But all the sales ladies on shop nbc acted like they loved him. How the hell does a convict get a job with Alho Lallo, I can’t help but wonder who Lallo hires to build his junk watches.

  41. darth mauled Says:

    MD is a con artist, mostly conning himself. I’m glad he is not a politician. there are enough liars in the world already without adding one more POS to the heap!

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