ShopNBC Q2 Results Are In: The Post Skelton Era is a Sucess!

August 24, 2011

ValueVision Media quietly reported their 2nd Quarter results a little over a week ago an it seems that the apparent firing of Jim Skelton did not impact watch sales as ShopNBC brass noted that they improved.

“The Watch category benefitted from a more diverse product mix and achieved improved productivity per minute with attractive margins, as part of a strategically planned reduction in air-time.”

FANS of Skelton may point out that since he left, a lot of watches have been offered on 6 Value Pays. I’d agree that this helps sales but do not think the move is to entice Skelton’s fan base or as a response to a purchasing drop off by those most ardent of fans, something he suggested on his Facebook page. Rather, it is a response to the continued malaise that is the Not So Great Depression.

Even if you’re not a fan of the mostly Chinese made watches featured on ShopNBC, the network have made a point of expanding their offerings and most of these are within the 38 mm to 47 mm size range as opposed to the caricatures that have marked Invicta designs over the past few years. These new brands are also selling out while Invicta doesn’t seem to anymore. So it’s possible that the core consumer has changed.

With the reported return of Daniel Mink and Renato, it will be interesting to count the sell outs and compare them to the same, tired Invicta rehashed designs. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in Shop’s green room when he shares it with Invicta’s Technical Brand Manager and convicted felon, Michael “fuckin” Davis.

You’ll remember he used to famously call into question the shady sales exercise of the Renato Tourbillon, suggesting that people cancel their orders, which conveniently coincided with Invicta Watch Company’s hinting around at their coming Chinese Tourby offering.

Maybe it’s just me, but Invicta’s continuing slide in quality of both workmanship and materials, coupled with tired and boring designs is reminiscent of Detroit in the late 70’s. Can the brand continue to be the Shop’s cash cow or will one of these new brands claim the crown?

12 Responses to “ShopNBC Q2 Results Are In: The Post Skelton Era is a Sucess!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Your research & market breakdown are once again a peak behind the curtain that I believe most of us had suspected. What a breath of fresh air the figure on watch size sales is to us that want wearable watches. Please keep up the reporting as I know that it pains “skelton” with every news release!!!!……………… Hey jimmy, hows tricks, you Creep….I know your watching ! betterskills keep up the great work

  2. krane11367 Says:

    Reports like this just re-emphasize the smoke and mirrors of ShopNBC and its watch “brands.” However, virtually every word of that statement by VVM must be poison in the eyes of Lalo and his company, as phrases like “diverse product mix” and “strategically planned reduction in air-time” can’t logically be mistaken for “Invicta kicked ass this quarter.”

    As someone who has been in retailing, I’ll say it again: It seems obvious that IWG products lead any league in crappy quality, and that means returns – and returns plus bad margins equals the suits in the front office not being thrilled. Add to that the recent bad pub (thanks to about Michael Davis’ stellar past, and one can only assume changes are coming fast and furious. better, you were right on the money about Skelton, even if it took a while; the frost is DEFINITELY off the pumpkin when it comes to fans’ opinions of ShopNBC and Invicta. Even the biggest rube dweebs are tired of the deceptions, bad quality, horrid QC, and on and on; even the rah-rah boobs say they have to buy two IWG watches to get one good one. Eventually, even brainwashing wears off. And even if one peruses other assemblages of unwashed cretins such as “Invicta Addicts” on Facebook, it’s just the same four or five yahoos screaming “haters” and proudly posting photos of their corpulent, pasty wrists sporting their 55mm toys in the first place. That’s certainly nothing to base a business model on – in fact, if that was my PeopleOfWalmart-ish “customer base,” I’d get out ASAP. One wonders if that’s how ShopNBC feels right now.

  3. Oceanaut Says:

    Good stuff betterskills. Think that Renato won’t be going to SlopNBC ,Mink doesn’t have the quantity to do a show or the money to build that many.Unless Shop pays for it as I belive they did the first time renato was on shop.

  4. Watch geek and proud Says:

    What a bunch of negative Bullshit this “Post” and all of the replies afterwords. I have many Invicta’s and Renato’s that are awesome watches and never had a single problem with them. I never knew anything about watches until I came across Jim Shelton’s shows and became a fan. I’m sure there are lots of better watches if someone wants to be a snob, but I sure don’t have the money to buy multi-thousand dollar watches made entirely in Switzerland, or Germany. I suppose if you really need to find people and companies to put down so that you can feel superior and bond together in your self-righteousness you could find reasons to do so on any topic. Do you feel superior to me because you are so much more knowledgeable, sophisticated and morally exceptional? Let’s try focusing on something that is really important, besides how many negative angles you can preach and gossip you can spread.

  5. betterskills Says:

    Read all of the blogs as opposed to assuming anything. Your response goes a long way to expose just how incapable you are of understanding what you’ve read and ignoring the facts you don’t like; I bet you’re a diehard Fox or MSNBC viewer. You need someone to “tell” you how it is because it’s too hard to think on your own. I own a few Invictas and like them and I like the Bolt – so the “hater” and “snob” thing is just you regurgitating the WG line and not looking at the facts, like Swiss marked Chinese watches, manmade sandstone dials sold as natural, the DD debacle, etc. Know the facts and look at the product in that light.

    That’s great that you’ve never had a problem – I haven’t either but there are plenty of people that have. You’ve only started collecting in the last 5 years – I’ve been at it for over 30, so I feel like I’m coming from a place of knowledge and you’re knowledge has all been gleaned from salespeople – you’re pretty fucking awesome dude.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    guys enough already these watches are about the movements 316l steel is 316l steels I have 20,000 watches from swiss and have 800dollars watches from invicta ,android I get more compliments on those 800 dollars watches including my panerai,corum and more name brands. My point is if it looks good I wear it the movement ok 7750 or 6497 ,2492-2 or eta a07valgranges go for it.I repeat if look good wear it,shopnbc give real collectors great deals,but you pay for rolex panerai hublot corum advertistments there some of there use some the movements they just call them or labels with other numbers hublot uses 7750 movements u paying for there ads actors.

  7. ken key Says:

    hublot,panerai,rolex all u paying for is there ads on t.v. there high price spokeperson these watchesdo not cost that much to built 316l steel is 316l steel,I have 20000 dollars I have 800 dollars watches from etcs.I get more compliments from 800dollars. shopnbc give real collectors a chance to add good pcs. to there watch collection without paying for ads spokepeople,go to the factory for self I know what it cost to make 10000 or20000dollars watch.u will be suprise guys get a life. be smart.

  8. S U Cohen Says:

    If you really want to know about some of these so-called watch companies, just return an item even for an exchange and “watch” what happens. I bought a Swiss Legend from Jim Skelton’s new gig, Swiss Watch International, who also are in Hollywood, FL, my city of residence. The unit was defective and I returned it next day,for an exchange; (not a refund)heard nothing so I tried to call them. Not only do they not answer their#800 cust. service lines, believe it or not they do not even answer their local 954AC lines. Before you spend a red cent with these folks, a word of warning, let the buyer beware.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    @betterskills: what a douche. You have no conception of what being a skilled moderator is, or how to speak to people without being a condescending prick. Grow up.

  10. betterskills Says:

    You have no “conception” of English. What’s a “skilled moderator” when in the context of a first person blog? Definitely a barley literate Watchgeek.


  11. S U Cohen Says:

    These HOST’S are simply Hucksters, hustlers no more no less; with a product to hook your $$$ . When you put them on your TV you are inviting theses people into your most private of places your home(your sanctuary). You have opened the door and said come in to sideing and encyclopedia sales folk, and they are gon’na get’cha. Me? Sure eye watch, even buy sumpin’; now and then. If I get had, well mostly my eye’s were wide open. One other thought, I can’t watch Tim Temple murmur&yammer morte than 5 minutes with out as zanax.

  12. Limp Cock Says:

    What a major success it has been for both JS and SHQ, and even if the economy wasn’t in the shit these dickheads would still buy their uninspired designed ripped off mass produced gaudy wrist junk!

    My friend Keith was at my barbecue last week and he was the only person wearing a 64mm RD, he looked like such a loser I felt so bad for him, yet I know he doesn’t read these posts I am using his poor choice of wristwatch he wore.

    He also wears a BZ, and I almost died laughing as he was passionately describing the twisted cable to someone like it was a major achievement in the watch industry, poor fellow.

    Back to this old article, I looked up “skilled moderator” in the dictionary and it told me to go fuck myself, LOL.

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