Jim Skelton is Coming Back – On Ustream

August 29, 2011

AFTER much talk of “changing the game” and a big countdown on his Public Figure Facebook page, Jim Skelton made the announcement that Betterskills had speculated on months ago; that he would join Lior’s fledgling World of Watches TV that is streamed live on Ustream and on the satillite infomercial channel. Jim will be sharing Ustream bandwidth with such esteemed internet shows as Two Bored Guys, Chanchaka Charmy and Alison Rosen is Your Best Friend.

This move isn’t much different than the Stickam Couch Tour that I suggested he take.

WoW – how far the “mighty” have fallen. It will be interesting to see if Skelton continues his behavior that seemed to put him into a bad light with ShopNBC brass and ultimately lead to his dismissal at the number three net. Will he take on forum owners and this blog as he has done in the past? Will he troll forums?

Or has he learned his lesson?


18 Responses to “Jim Skelton is Coming Back – On Ustream”

  1. Big Jim Says:

    A straight commission sales gig…Good for Jimmy. He and Charla are a perfect fit.
    I am a little surprised that WOW would take him in after his hateful Anti-semitic comments to Jill while he was on ShopNBC…

  2. betterskills Says:

    Just like when he sold cigars – but on Ustream!

  3. krane11367 Says:

    Uh…who’s Jim Skelton?

    In all seriousness? True, how the mighty have fallen. But things have changed in one regard – nobody with an ounce of gray matter gives a flying shit, and if anything, that transparent egoist will start turning off customers the same way he did on ShopNBC.

    Is this a worthy news story to anyone who appreciates actual watches? Not on your life. But for those who enjoy watching sociopaths get big egos while sucking royally, this is the stuff of comedy gold.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I am not very computer savy & had no idea of what Ustream is/was, but I will be curious to check the Sociopath out on his new gig. Please keep posted on when this breaks as I will do my best to bust his Balls.

  5. betterskills Says:

    It’s a service that enables you to stream live video to the Internet. It seems to have eclipsed Stickam but both services are used primarily by people in their basements doing Internet radio shows.

  6. PT Says:

    Good Luck To JIM Skelton

  7. PT Says:

    Tune in to channel 227 DTV

  8. PT Says:

    6 to 9 eastern time 3to 6 west coast time

  9. PT Says:

    Enjoy the Shows

  10. Wow a Ustream superstar! Whopdie do! What’s next, stickam? YouTube? I have no respect for Lie-or at this point.

  11. paso8 Says:

    I believe in giving people a break, if this Jim is going to move to another site great, if you do not like this guy don`t watch this world of watches program, go find something that you like, if that is possible, sounds like some of you are lonely sad folks,go to work find a hobby, get happy!

  12. betterskills Says:

    Follow your own advice, Paso. Why come and read these blogs if they run counter to what you believe. And why go a step further to comment as well? When Jim Skelton fucks up, the betterskills team will be there.

  13. PT Says:


  14. betterskills Says:

    That’s the best you’ve got? Another dumb ass Skelton Army piece of shit; or possibly even Jimblo himself. “Hate! Hate! Hate!” you “Watchgeeks” are serious pussies. Put those giant fucking wrist shits next to your wife’s little shoe and Beanie Baby collections.

  15. PT Says:

    You really need to seek Helop

  16. betterskills Says:

    You’re the one that needs “helop” – you cannot stay away.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I really don’t think anyone would comment much less give 2 shits about Skelton period, if it wasn’t for his much conceited manor. Why he is conceited, well we still can’t figure that one out. Is it the rented apartment? Maybe the IRS lien? oh well, whatever it is, keep on buying Jimblo, someones gotta keep the economy going.

  18. CHEEPS Says:

    I am a Oompa Lupah,Double Corona , Skelton hater since he was a moderator on WUS, hence his original contact with Eyal Lalo. His sociopathic ways were uncovered by me from his reign of terror time at Watch Family. He simply cannot stop lying in his desperate attempt at fortune and fame. He has told so many lies, scrolled so many forums and used so many names I doubt he can remember them all. ANY attempt to hide this mans dubious past is futile and to defend him is to simply not know him. He has FAR exceeded his qualities and worth, courtesy of Lalo securing him his job at SlopNBC, that he may have outwitted all of us. He went to MN. broke and destitute and left with a truckload of his favorite commodity….”stuff” !

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