Suprise, Suprise!

January 22, 2012

HELLO! After a long hiatus attributed to both a lack of inspiration and the demands of work, I’ve stumbled on something that just reaffirms my loss of interest in contemporary Horology.

I purchased the Swiss Army Convoy Chronograph a few years ago at my local TJ Maxx. I had looked at it and was impressed by the overall heft and feel of the steel as well as the finish. I also liked the lines and overall scale of the piece the case looked very modern. What I wasn’t impressed with was the ‘look’ of screw down pushers that were not actually functional but a design element to replicated the design of the crown. I’d expect function over style with a brand like Victorinox. I also am not a mineral glass fan, especially on a quartz watch. And while i appreciated that the piece was swiss made the price at $250 was a no go. Not for a quartz. It was one to keep an eye on for the inevitable price drop if it didn’t move and it lasted long enough to reach my price.

Weeks passed and it made its way to the clearance case and the game began. $250 to $239. With each passing week, $10 to $15 dollars would drop off the price as the stack of orange tags grew thicker.

Weeks went by and all of the other watches in the case were churning while the Convoy remained. Eventually, I asked to see it again and immediately looked at the price. It was now appropriately priced (for me anyways) at $115.99 so I pulled the trigger.

The battery started to go back in September as it was losing about five minutes a day. Into its box it went to have the battery replaced at some point in the near future.

Thursday of last week became the past and the revelation of opening the case was a let down.


While both the face and exposed case back are labeled “SWISS MADE” the inside of the case back reveals the actual origin of the case:


NOW there has been a lot of exposure of Invicta Watch Company engaging in murky behavior with “Swiss” watches originating in China, as well as talk of the Swiss Federation investigating some of Invicta’s claims of Swiss Made. But when asked for comment, the FH have refused. Maybe because whoever is manufacturing “Swiss Made” timepieces for Invicta is also manufacturing them for companies like Victornoix. I know, I know; Swiss Made by the legal definition really only pertains to the movement, finishing and assembly. I expected an all Swiss product from a Swiss based company. Maybe I’m being unrealistic with that expectation in today’s modern world of Asian near slave labor wages. But it makes me think there is no investigation. That, more than likely, the Swiss are badmouthing Asian opportunists because they’re not their opportunists. Maybe shining a light on even one small aspect of this name game, like the one Invicta is playing, would actually expose the entire Swiss watch industry as breaking its own rules to maintain profits on lies.


3 Responses to “Suprise, Suprise!”

  1. meh Says:

    Common knowledge amongst WIS that many Swiss watch Mfgs use Chinese made cases and bracelets for their lower end offerings. No surprises here. Nice try though.

  2. betterskills Says:

    What’s most surprising to me is how overt it is. Considering it’s a stamp, they could have wiped it clean.

  3. Badgeek Says:

    This is a perfect example of why I dont get all worked up about the “Swiss Made” on the dial anymore. Swiss Made dosent mean what It use to…It actually means very little to me now. That being said…I still like to see those two little words @ the six.;)

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