Daddy Wrong Legs

January 24, 2012

THERE is no possible way I could not share this immediately. I mean, I thought about saving it for later in the week but if it’s real, and with Invicta you just never know, then it’s just too goddamn funny to sit on.

I received a mail from someone claiming to be an “insider” of a sourcing firm that works with Invicta on their various apparel items.

The belt fuckel below is supposedly a piece for a yet unnamed collection that will also including chain wallets. And chain belts.

For men.


It measures a whopping 17 centimeters across. No details on the weight, other than “hefty”. I attempted to get more answers and pics of more funny ass designs. My request has gone unanswered.

ACCORDING to the source, this thing will possibly see the light of day in the third or fourth quarter of this year.

Merry Christmas minions!


5 Responses to “Daddy Wrong Legs”

  1. Badgeek Says:

    Another gaudy piece of shit from Invicta. The spyder thing is so fucking lame, but Invicta knows there customers..and the minions will rejoice.

    I was going to order one of there leather and cabon fiber bracelets…It actually looked pretty cool. But I just couldnt…comming from Invicta…God only knows where it was made. Not italy….thats for sure..

    Good to see you posting again BS

  2. koimaster Says:

    If true, hopefully it will bite them in the ass. Reminds me of the Rd that JS claimed to have designed for Invicta. It tanked like a lead sled in 3000 meters of crap.

  3. bigedsurf Says:

    must be from the new impukeious collection………..

  4. kevco Says:

    The eyes won’t quit followin’ me..make it go away.

  5. Mark1 Says:

    Good to see another blog from BS. Chain wallets and belts hit the Invicter demographic dead in the nuts. You fuckers got no Spidey sense. Queef 86 needs to straighten your sorry asses out.

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