Jim Skelton Concedes: Betterskills, you were right!

January 24, 2012

EVEN though Jim Skelton has been reduced to “hosting” a Ustream show, he still feels the need to lash out at Tim Temple. Posted on Watchgeeks was a thread entitled Presentation Skills Advice for All TV Hosts wherein the poster questions the behavior of TV presenters that fawn all over the product as disingenuous.

Moby Dickweed surfaces to add his two cents to the discussion. And what he states is revealing on several levels:

You can ask Michael.. I kiss no one’s butt, and I’ll be brutally honest about the products that I am asked to sell. If I lose the inter-office battle to air an item (again.. I no longer have to battle about this these days), I have been known to even go as far as to mock the product on the show. Of course that is an EXTREME case (remember the faux chrono?? Remember when they tried to slip one single Stauer into my show???).

Skelton seems to be stating that he was trying to exercise more control over what product aired. This was reportedly the same mistake that Temple supposedly made which ultimately led to his dismissal. This would seemingly contradict Skelton’s initial statements that the breakup was mutual – something that anyone with a brain in their head knows was not true. But one has to wonder if his behavior on WG and taking of fights to the SNBC airwaves; his alleged misuse of personal information and his other on air antics and statements didn’t lea to his demise. Maybe it all came down to arguing over product.

His next statement of “have(ing) been known to even go as far as to mock the product on the show” probably didn’t put him in the good graces of management. It also seems to suggest that if he was bold enough to “mock the product” that when news of Temple’s return to SNBC became public that his erratic behavior that I detailed and was attacked for was surely his “mocking” of the network brass.

I am also surprised that Michael Davis would allow Skelton to dismiss Stauer considering Invicta shares airtime with the brand. It’s funny, I don’t disagree that Stauer is a real stretch, yet Skelton ignoring the fact that he was there to sell seem to be what got him tossed out. Temple gets it and that’s why he has his job back.

And it’s why Skelton is on Ustream.


5 Responses to “Jim Skelton Concedes: Betterskills, you were right!”

  1. eddiea Says:

    As always, BS’s right on …. me thinking Mongo Davis is processing all these geeks posted statements, as this come to light ( hist critical thinking is a tad slow, so let’s cut him some slack here) and frantically asking Lalo, if is OK to ban Jimmy, now a pesky problem.

  2. betterskills Says:

    Now that would be funny!

  3. koimaster Says:

    Skelton likes to revise history. It is a habit with him. Do a google search for corona gorda aka jim skelton and look into his cigar forum past. He revises his name at a car forum from Bandit to Tiger Blood when people caught on to the sham of a man.

    Lurked at knife forums and got run out, then claimed he never happened, even going as far as to try to edit his posts.

  4. krane11367 Says:

    Even the mod at WG pretty much in print told JS he was full of it before locking down that recent thread. The frost is off the pumpkin, Jim. In the words of Randy Newman in his song about an aging rock musician, you’re dead but you don’t know it. So you convinced a few softies to buy shit. Nice job. Now go away.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Skelton is no longer relevant to even kick the shit out of anymore. I’d actually almost forgotten about him until I saw this blog piece. So long Jimmy, you were entertaining and gave us all a lot to work with.

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