Invicta to Acquire Renato?

February 2, 2012

DANIEL Mink has be lying lower than the Chi as it goes on 9 months with the undelivered Tourbillon that turned into an advanced order. Mink has stalled on a big announcement and has outright ignored complaints and threats from disgruntled customer on their ignored Facebook page.

Michael Davis, Invicta Watch Company’s Technical Brand Manager, just this morning posted on his Facebook that a big announcement will be made tonight on Larry Megan’s web show. Now “Big Announcements” from Invicta are a dime a dozen, but interestingly enough, Koi from the watchlords forum has a source who has told him that Renato has been sold and that Invicta bought up the Tourbillons that Mink couldn’t afford.

UPDATE 11:20 PM: So the big announcement is actually that Michael Davis is getting his own webs how? Jesus, these Home Shopping TV guys are like the rap moguls that run their labels out of the parents basement. Move over Skelton – Davis After Dark is here to challenge you on LiveStream. Watch the throne!

I still wonder if an Invicta takeover of Renato is eminent. I hope so – I wanna buy Renatos at JC Penny and Costco.

May that big announcement be that Renato has ‘joined’ the Invicta Watch Group?

4 Responses to “Invicta to Acquire Renato?”

  1. Big Jim Says:

    Honor among thieves is heart warming

  2. jr Says:

    Renato fits in perfect with the Rolex of monster truck rallies, Invicta. I can’t believe they have a watch called “Buzo Extreme”

  3. koimaster Says:

    You mean Bozo Extreame don’t you…..At this point except for the amusement portion of this fiasco, who really cares anymore?

    09-03-2008, 09:24 PM

    WatchGeeks Owner
    Super Geek Join Date: Feb 2008
    Posts: 2,043

    Re: Ok, looks like Invicta is our official sponsor

    First of all, I am almost relieved that Eyal has agreed to the deal. With his acceptance of the Renato sub-forum, he seems to be a lot more reasonable than I expected. The raffle would have been a little tacky no matter how we handled it.


    As to Michael’s questions, well…they are GOOD ONES!

    Is Eyal going to be willing to continue the watch give-a-ways along with the funding? As far as arranging direct payment to the Host, I am sure they can work something out.

    I am free tonight so call if you like.

    Time is too precious to mark its passage on cheap watches!

  4. Koimaster Says:

    the above are the new owners of Renato and I have direct from Daniel Mink.

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