If At First You Don’t Succeed, Fail, Fail Again

October 11, 2012

AFTER the miserable failure of Jim Skelton’s last watch designs manufactured by Invicta – Imperious – he’s just announced another attempt at a watch brand.

His first release will be a tool diver; which is perfect because he’s the biggest tool in the world of TV horology.

We can expect Swiss automatics with Super Lume and sapphire crystals, as well as the all important link screws instead of pressure pins – the mark of quality and a point of pride for TV watch brands.

He’s stated that Lior is not involved so I suspect the new parent of Renato is likely the source for these, probably, Chinese cased watches. They’ll also be limited production and limited edition – as limited as a GMC limited edition, and another important selling point for TV horology aficionados.

No word on the packaging, which is also very important to any rumdum who’ll sport a Skelton original on their wrist.


6 Responses to “If At First You Don’t Succeed, Fail, Fail Again”

  1. trayvonobama Says:

    I want to see the spyder edition. Those fucking spyders are so fucking cool Jimbo.

  2. Voice Over Says:

    Really, does the world need another watch brand? I suspect that people will see this for what it is, buy a few in an already watered down marketplace and move on. I’ll save my money for the good stuff, thank you very much.

  3. krane11367 Says:

    Welcome back, betterskills. And isn’t amazing how irrelevant JS has become so quickly? SWI is taking a real change hitching its wagon to a personality so obviously toxic; recently on WOW, he’s already begun bitching about camera angles and microphones, the same unprofessional nonsense he started to pull on ShopNBC. He’s a tasteless buffoon, and he’s only a success to the dwindling coterie of shut-ins and mental deficients that buy his home shopping malarkey. Can’t wait to see his new “designs”; no doubt they’ll be 85mm and have lots of cool stuff like spiders, vipers, and gears. Dolt.

  4. Koimaster Says:

    Gee, you cannot keep corona Gorda away from the light. Just like an insect. Will he ever pay back the people he conned on the cigar forums or the people in Portland Oregon he ripped off?

  5. Quietus Says:

    He’s also ending sentences on-air with “meow”. Is that a secret code or another symptom of Asbergers ?

  6. Tipsey Ruffles Says:

    I think it will be an Impervious Imperial Icy Inane Inching Jamal Juiced Jazzy Jeff Gamborie 0===8

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