Invicta Now Trademarking Physical Locations?

October 12, 2012

WHILE attempting to figure out who will be producing Jim Skelton’s yet to be launched watch brand, I can across some brand new Invicta trademarks.

As if the Sea Hunter, Sea Spider, Sea Thunder, Sea Excursion and Sea Wizard wasn’t enough ocean inspired insipidness, welcome yet another dive inspired fashion watch family: the Sea Bird. As this is only a name in that same, tired serif font, there are no designs to yet share.

Might I suggest the Sea Men as the next in this fine lineage?

I wonder if Eyal actually pays for someone to come up with this shit or if it gives his wife something to do? I mean whose bright idea is “JT FOR INVICTA, TOWER OF STRENGTH” – what does that even represent? They apparently plan to make key chains, jewelry, watch boxes and cases with this branding.

WE also can see that Invicta appears to be diversifying with an interesting application for the trademark PowerPatch which covers a range of potential products that including battery packs for handheld electronics,I’d assume smart phones, stands and cases. This move sort of makes sense as they’ll now be able to sell all of their most rabid fans phone cases that match their favorite watches. Okay, that sounded a lot better when it was just a thought rolling around in my head. Reading it out loud and it sounds pretty goddamned dumb – but hey Invictard reality is not like mine so what do I know.

BUT what I find really intriguing is the trademarking of two different sets of map coordinates. So I pasted them into Google Maps.

The first, 47.1070N, 6.8246E, resolves to an apparent paper street and set of stairs near a Swiss address, Rue de Beauregard 7, 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.


I have been unable to determine what is at the address in question but I wonder if this might be an office of the company.

THE second trademark is 26.0280N, 80.1698W. This resolves to Invicta World Headquarters in Hollywood Florida:


Why in the world would Invicta trademark map locations?


6 Responses to “Invicta Now Trademarking Physical Locations?”

  1. koimaster Says:

    The Swiaa one is easy, “we really do have a swiss factory” which is probably the location where granny lalo came up with the russian diver while going down on some russian private

  2. koimaster Says:

    Vocat et Sgobba is at that address and they are a tile and mason company. They can rent the basement and call it a factory.

  3. krane11367 Says:

    My guess is that JT FOR INVICTA, TOWER OF STRENGTH is all about their new line of watches and “fashion items” that will feature NFL player Jason Taylor. The front of the website tells all about it – and it appears IWG has done a big re-do on their main website as well. The amazing thing about all this is that I know their stuff is crap, you know their stuff is crap, every jeweler worth his or her loupe knows it’s crap, but they obviously are selling that drizzling rancid crap by the bushel basket full. Somewhere, P.T. Barnum is enjoying a corn dog.

  4. jasper42 Says:

    We all make fun of this outfit, and rightly so, but it amazes me as to how much their hosts must be paid. I noticed that Michael Davis is sporting designer shirts and custom suits, likewise for Tim Temple. While Tim always dressed nice, Michael dressed more like an ex-con. How much are these guys making hawking this product. And I noticed that they’re very big on location promotions at their World HQ’s. How much profit are in those watches?

  5. Colossal Cock Says:

    Jim Skelton is gonna have his own watch line?

    Here’s some Jim Dandy company names, pun intended…lol!

    “White Lines Watches”

    “Coke n Bloke Timepieces”

    “Jaw Swaying and Teeth Grinding Horology”

    “J.S. Slime Wear”

    I can only imagine the names of the watches, this guy actually thinks he’s a celebrity, him and Rick Kalina should go into business together and call it “Jim Marcel”

    I heard that Rick Kalina diamond lapped and polished Skelton’s sausage roll.

    Thank you.

  6. Manny Odors Says:




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