Invicta Watches Hitch a Ride on a Weather Ballon: The Public Reacts

December 9, 2012

IN a marketing move that seems to have fallen flat, the Invicta Watch Company created a rig with cameras to be slung under a weather ballon and launched it. The result: they could have achieved the same result at the local, Hollywood Florida Olan Mills.

I’m not sure exactly what the expectation was other than attempting, all be it way too belatedly, to ride the coat tails of the Felix Baumgartner record breaking jump that occurred back in October.

Details are lacking on the Invicta news page which is interesting because one would think Invicta would be milking this for all that it’s worth, I mean as much as sending watches up on a weather ballon can be milked. Of the 36 timepieces sent up, only pictures of three have been released by Eyal Lalo. Might the others be suffering from failing movements? Might hands be falling off on the edge of space as they appear to do here on Earth? Surely if the images and the high speed video that is promised do not show up, the conspiracy theories will follow.

One suspects that these timepieces will probably be sold at a premium with an official certificate of authenticity that they have been on the edge of space, along with t-shirts and other products.

The public is speaking and not very favorably:


7 Responses to “Invicta Watches Hitch a Ride on a Weather Ballon: The Public Reacts”

  1. TickleMePrickle Says:

    Well well well well well, if this isn’t just the icing on the yellow cake. 🙂

    What’s next, attaching Noma’s to whales at sea?

    Oh oh I got it, harpoon a Russian Diver to a giant squid.

    Better yet how bout Lalo sneak aboard a Lupah on the next shuttle.

    Too bad, so many people think way too high of themselves and what their convoluted purpose is in their shallow lives.


  2. krane11367 Says:

    This all reminds me of the great, old line about the Invicta Pro Diver series: “Really nice dive watch … just don’t spit on it.”

    I love this topic. But when you think about it, has any single Invicta marketing strategy – from “For Those Who Know Best” to the videos on their website to the tie-ins with washed-up football players to their claims on home shopping networks to “Invicta Puppy” to “Invicta Ryan” – ever made even the sligtest bit of sense? Did Imperious? Does S.Coifman? Does the laugh-inducing Sea Spider, or the even more guffaw-inducing Michael Davis?

    Clueless buffoons, clowish watches, and the biggest collection of dolt nimrod fans (see Invicta Addicts on Facebook if you want a huge laugh for hours) since the 1966 Batman craze.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Didn’t Granny Lalo take on the team of Astronauts from Apollo 1?

  4. Lieutenant Lupah Says:

    S. Coifman you say?, with the flame fusion? lol!!

    Nothing beats the look on Lalo’s face while he’s on air peddling his junk, people can actually brainwash themselves into thinking their offering quality.

    After they signed the declaration of independence, all the presidents men gave granny Lalo Bukkake.

    If I owned a watch company, there’s nobody better that I can think of representing it than Davis, Ryan, or the upstanding Anderson, it just makes good business sense.

    I heard through the grapevine that Invicta will be welcoming OJ to their esteemed team of professionals.

    Gearhead, Jailbreak? what schmuck thought of those dumb ideas? Anybody know? lmfao

  5. krane11367 Says:

    There’s no question in my mind that Jailbreak and Gearhead are the brainchillds (well, brain dead, actually) of former Invicta shill/opportunist Jim Skelton, now selling $49 Magico quartz watches on

  6. Lieutenant Lupah Says:

    Yes Krane 11367 I knew that lol!

    I was trying to be funny cause everybody knows Skelly’s brain fart Imperious, those watch designs were shit and if anything make a good gift to any knucklhead who loves Acorn TV and with a propensity to get laughed at.

    However you just said it best, “opportunist”. I think that one word is a gem as far as your description for worldofwatches top salesman.

    Anybody remember Potgier Pietri? And the Volcano story ha-ha!

    Larry? Acorn Tv has the best guests if your reading this, I’m only kidding, I’d rather watch a bullfrog take it in the ass from a cricket than your show, well at least your show is better quality than your watches.

    Is that the Fozzy? or the ozzie?

  7. The Collector Says:


    Stop all this chatting dangit!!

    Your interrupting live from the Invicta tea & biscuit lounge cafe grotto poolside gazebo 5 day marathon-a-palooza

    Don’t you guys know that I need to pay attention for when they say the words collectible, limited, hurry, call now, a must have, you want this, limited production, can only get this color dive box on every other third Thursday, I own several and so should you, omg, the hotness, 7 subaqua’s for the price of 1, rare movement, low allocation of movements, Dubois Depraz, Valjoux’s for $600, adjusted to 3 positions at the factory, go to, we basically own Selitta, real wooden dial, puppy, sold out last time in 3 1/2 seconds, an insane deal, whatta deal, we’ve never had this price before ohhhh my, quality construction, are we done yet?

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